BBC seeks Ethiopia and Eritrea service


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  1. Visitor says:

    This is the well designed and taught 21-century Imperialism and empire revival agenda. Will this succeed?
    For sure not in Russia and Korea but in Ethiopia and Eritrea with the kind of foreign ministry and Medias we have —?

    O’God, save us from these evil known racist slave masters, colonizers, looters and the cause of all sufferings black people and Africa have been through for the last 500 years. They are language, culture, tradition and humanity killers if they are allowed to get their ways in someone’s country against the citizens they are racist against them with deep hate and disrespecting feelings in the very lowest levels.

    This is a new wave of imperialistic and empire war on the making fully conducted by the Jews and criminal English empire establishment (that still is here despite the horrible crimes it has committed against the world) together to destroy the nations that are having their own languages, culture, tradition and way of life like Russia, Ethiopia, Iran, Korea and Eritrea do.

    If Ethiopia has normal and competent citizens at least few including in the foreign ministry and media, they can destroy the BBC new kind wave of wars to destroy black people languages, culture, tradition and the society infecting with the inhuman behaviors they are known with and very dangerous against humanity. Ethiopian medias and journalists must counter attack the lies, manipulation and misinformation propaganda BBC and other English medias are going to wage against the nation expecting from Kenya by telling and teaching the people about the Evil nature and History of that little England empire for the last 500 years including wiping out hundreds of millions natives in North America including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia and so on.

    They are going to target universities and schools telling the teacher to teach and students to learn about England including Shakespeare (a white man has nothing in common with the teachers and students in Africa or elsewhere beyond Europe) which is a 500 years old myths they are still using this name to spread their imperial and colonial agenda by targeting and killing what the natives have with lies, misinformation, fictional and fake stories. the idea of Shakespeare is totally associated and part of their imperial and colonial crimes against the world from the start using to impose their values, norms, culture, tradition and anything on others by destroying the natives.

    They are also planning to use the British museum that is filled with looted and stolen items from all over the world to teach how the English are good selection only their good sides and magnifying and repeating with lies in the propaganda wars style. However, others must expose the English museum crimes including for the looting millions of treasuries all over the world. The English empire including in Benin, Kenya and so on was worst than what is ISIS today against the citizens and treasures. Learn how they destroyed the Benin Kingdom 100 years ago and looted the treasures and other crimes in Africa and all over the world. British museum and royal families are responsible about this too as they are for many other crimes.

    They also will continue using the Ethiopian medias, domestic NGOs, individuals and so on working for them for bribe against their own citizens as the Ethiopian embassy in London is working for them as PR and agent associating with the old and their grandchildren-new breads with imperialist agenda- telling us about his meeting with the MPs. England which is a very tiny nation has the second biggest members of parliament in the world after China. Half of them are appointee aristocrats and imperialists very corrupted and suffering from different inhuman behaviors including molesting young children and very corrupted. Some of them are convicted about and others are on the court process. The one who is a Jew committed corruption in war torn Somalia in the name of oil company called soma… is also convicted about it. Learn more about.

    The Ethiopian Medias must act like the brave Ethiopian defense forces are doing against the foreign enemy forces protecting the nation from inside and foreign attacks and damages coming in different shapes and forms. What BBC is planning is worse than any foreign enemy force is trying to do including invading and causing war crimes against the nation.

    Their goal is to destroy what Ethiopians have and proud of which are for their own creations and belongings including their languages and alphabet which are Ethiopians, Africans and all blacks can identify with. But not with anything the English has coming from far away and is none African and black people. English language belongs to a racist, slave master and colonial empire that has committed so many crimes against all blacks and others. It is not African. It is not representing any black person anywhere let alone in Africa. Arabic, mandarin and the likes are closer to African than a far away imperialist English does to black people anywhere and anytime let alone in Africa and the 21-century where everyone is equal only individuals are making the difference.

    Ethiopia needs to have a workable foreign ministry including the embassies in order to challenge the foreign enemies that are coming in different names, forms and shapes for the same reason which is destroying us for their plan and agenda in our country. Ethiopian Medias and Journalists need to become as normal humans with brain and need to free themselves from the Anglo-American/Jews brainwashing conspiracy against the world including doing Journalism the way they are doing for their advantage.

    Instead the Ethiopian medias and journalists need to serve the nation acting as wise and competent servants and media solders the same time confronting publicly and espousing quickly those damaging the nation in any way among the others what BBC is going to do will be the worst to happen if we are not countering and attacking them till no damage is happening knowing they are the worst enemies Africa and black people ever faced including more than 500 years of slavery, brutal colonization and Neo colonization.

    The English medias, Journalists and so called NGOs, aid agencies, Peace Core and so on where most of them are the Jews from England, USA, France, Australia, Canada, South Africa and so on, are the worst enemies against our society operating freely and reaching all over the country for the last 10 and particularly 5 years since the conservative party in England is started ruling acting being the 21-century empire in the making with bulling, lies, misinformation and propaganda wars.

    The rest of Europe is dealing with the refuge crisis created by England and USA while England is getting busy implementing the causes that are creating divisions, conflicts, wars and destruction in other countries using media and the evil so called Journalists serving the foreign ministry, secret agents so called development agencies and embassies including the one in Ethiopia who is a Jew.

    Since he took over the embassy, they are becoming too much and all over in our country. He could be part of the original plan the new generations of the conservative party members that are the children of the known colonizers and imperialists children and Jews are having in Africa including Ethiopia. The PM himself is a Jew his Grandfather has a very nasty history associating with banks and drugs money during colonization in India, Burma, Thailand, china and so on in the region. His father is also a banker and we know how bankers in London and New York are operating.

    Ethiopian foreign ministry, embassies and most importantly the Ethiopian medias and scholars at school and everywhere the citizens must aware about the new English imperial agenda and together as one force they must fight it back exposing the English history in Ethiopia started with the death of atse Theodros in 1868 and destruction of meqdella after looting all the treasures that are thousands years old, what they have done in Africa, Asia, natives in the occupied continents and so on.

    Slavery and colonization must be in the school curriculum in the whole of Africa based on its true evil history and the damages caused against the continent and black people in general. AU needs to take the lead about if not the individual nations.

    Be sure, the BBC thing is designed for the very nasty plan and agenda against our society and country itself. They are whishing and too happy to see our country the way they (England and USA that are ruled by the Jews) have done to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen(playing the main games from behind) , Afghanistan and so on. We must not let them go against us while we know what is going to be the final destination when they are around in any society and nation with the involvement they are doing in Ethiopia and the worst is already on the way with BBC and other evil English Medias running by the Jews. BBC is the English Royal family/establishment propaganda mouth shit synonym with the English empire crimes done against humanity.

    ***We are saying “leave us alone”. They are the ones continencely attacking and affecting us for years. Defending Ethiopia and us is in our blood and we have to defend ourselves till they stop being nasty racists against us in any form or shape coming in our own place. They are too far away from us and they must stay away. We don’t need them for anything during the Time the great China, Russia and many others are together ruling the world with respect, responsibilities and win win approaches. We are not going to their place to affect them but they are coming in our place to destroy anything good we are having for ourselves created and owned by us including our own administration/political system that is perfectly working for us.

  2. Asena says:

    Typical Imperialistic and racists plans and agendas against the far away societies have nothing to do with them.

    “Hall, the son of a bank manager. He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics, graduating with the degree of MA. On 22 March 2010 and took his seat in the House of Lords as a crossbench member

    Between 2010 and 2011 Hall’s salary increased from £165,000 to £205,000, making him the highest-paid Chief Executive of all UK charities. His emoluments for management of the Royal Opera House exceeded £390,000 ($600.000) per annum in the years ending 29 August 2010 and 2011 respectively.

    His 90-page proposal document argues that a number of the new initiatives unveiled on Monday might come to replace existing services.

    The proposals include moving towards a streaming news service to keep pace with the shift to mobile consumption, which could grow to replace services such as the BBC News channel; creating an on-demand service for children’s content called iPlay;

    —-launching the Ideas Service, an open online platform featuring material from institutions including galleries, museums, universities and the BBC.

    Hall is plotting a major expansion of the BBC World Service into non-democratic parts of the world, including potentially a satellite TV service for Russian speakers and a daily radio news programme for North Korea.

    The BBC world service is under the ministry of foreign affairs where the foreign intelligence services, embassies, the office of foreign (development) aid and anything has related to the British foreign relations including aid agencies, NGO and so on.


    “For the next 10 years we will need to ride two horses,” he said. “Serving those who have adopted the internet and mobile media, while at the same time making sure that those who want to carry on watching and listening to traditional channels continue to be properly served too. This is where the idea of an open BBC for the internet age comes from.”

  3. Bruk says:

    Why don’t they leave us alone?

  4. Fiorina Worku says:

    Hello visitor,

    It is nice, well thought and written piece. Inspiring indeed!. You should get this published in the mainstream medias to reach as many as possible and for a better impact. yes their mission in the Mideast is completed with success even beyond their expectation i think. Now Mideast needs another century to be strong nation states again. Now we became the top in their agenda. The harsh reality is that they have a fertile ground for their agenda. Sadly, most if not all so called “elites” in Ethiopian want their children to think, speak and eat in English. The whole point of identity issue is forgotten and parents are so proud to see their children communication in English and so are the schools. It is even a selling point for most private schools. A well-designed and politically motivated globalization pioneered by the aggressive internet and communication technologists is worsening the situation for developing world to stay as strong nation states. Surely something strategic and long term needs to be done to prevent this or minimize the impact.

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