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  1. Visitor says:

    These are USA, England and the Zionist rebels/terrorists designed to use them against Ethiopian and the whole of the Horn of Africa as they did with the countless Sunni Islamic terrorists for the total destruction of the Middle East and North Africa.

    Obama is the Jews project designed to use him to destroy the entire Middle East and North Africa. His first visit was Egypt, then Turkey and then Saudi Arabia. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and even Tunisia are gone forever. Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and Algeria are on the menu before the door is freely and widely open against the rest of Africa started from the Horn including Sudan which is already going on for more than a decade in Darfur and Kordofan, Blue Nile and so on supported by them including Israel.

    The answer is one and very important which is having a strong, well trained, disciplined and equipped military force alongside having strong and close relationship with trustworthy, useful and strong nations like China, Russia and so on. If you think USA and England-Both of them are ruled by the Zionist , will stop creating fictional reasons together with rebels and arming them to wage terrorist stile wars against Ethiopia as they are doing against many nations including Ukraine, then you must be fool.

    Never ever believe them about anything they are saying/talking, never trust them for anything, never relay on them knowing they are the source of troubles any nation faces caused by foreign forces and never ever think they will add any positive or good contribution in the country and society when they are coming by themselves pretending they are there to help. It is about them and implementing their secret and racist plan and agenda against the society by imposing their preplanned damaging things and infecting the people with inhuman behaviors they are having and doing as legal and normal on daily basis in the open.

  2. Kahsay Berhe says:

    Welcome back Genenew, eagerly waiting the other remaining parts of your commentary

  3. Asmamaw says:

    Dear Genenew, as usual, thanks for your insightful analysis. Keep teaching those retarded “politicians” of Washington DC

  4. Fekade Shewakena says:

    It is possible to write the message on this article in less than a page instead of 17. It is even possible to put it in one phrase – “ESAT bad EPRDF good” or ” Diaspora bad, non diaspora good”. Or “Shabia bad EPRDF good”. I mean why ransack the English dictionary looking for bombastic words to express a simple view point.

    • Mekdes says:

      Fikade Shewkena, u r one of hate monger. You r fired from the University because of your incompetence by EPRDF. As we saw in 2001, that you were trying to surrender to EPRDF, by the name of “AND ETHIOPIA” But EPRDF didn’t need you. A person who has hatred in his heart , does not surprise me if he wrote such kind of arrogant comment. Genenew is the best of best.

    • D says:

      Mr. Shewakena, why don’t you say the same thing about Prof. Al’s length articles? Basically, every week he tell us the same thing over and over again, which is tplf is bad….

    • Almaz says:

      Sheba akenahu,
      Next time gene wil text you a short text in your taxi . If you prefer amharic just ask. Any way gash Birhanu did not give you a ride to asmara. Herd your working on the geo map of arat kilo palace for g7 hope it’s going good.

  5. Tibebe Samuel Ferenji says:

    What else can you expect from the likes of Genenew Assefa? He has no principle. The only way he can survive in the WOYANE camp is if he continues to debunk the “Diaspora.” He sold his soul to the devil long ago. He acts like he is more Christian than the Pope because that is the only way he can please his brute masters. Obama’s praise of Dictators may make Genenew and his likes feel good; but that does not change the fact that we have a Fascist regime in Ethiopia. America’s stand with murderous and despots is not knew. Pinochet, Mubarak, Mobutu, Ben Ali, Even Sadam Hussein were under the wings of America; when the time came, America did not save them. What we care about is what the people of Ethiopia say and feel about “our rulers.” America cares about its interest, it cares about sending Ethiopian children to its proxy war. No more no less. To his credit, Genenew is capable of painting rosy pictures with his skilled writings; no matter how beautifully he writes, he could not cover the ugly face of the regime. It is no wonder, Genenew hides himself in a bottle of Whisky and pockets of cigarettes daily. No matter how much he lies for the regime, at least I know he has no peace of mind for he knows that he has betrayed his conscious and his country. This is the type of person who is considered as someone who “died without living.” RIP my former friend.

    • Almaz says:

      Samuel you are toxic olf+shabia +old goon eprp can you beleve this combination of toxcicity. Ti ebebe woyaney these days have a wheelchair factory. If you behave yourself I will get you one for free. Relax man life is short be happy don’t die before learning how to smile brake from your hatful habits read gandi, zen books. Forget Stupid germans like Marks and old boss eyasu they closet shabia

  6. Abu Selam says:

    Both Fekade Shewakena and Tibebe Samuel have brilliant comments. Years ago, Tibebe wrote a wonderful piece lambasting Genebew for becoming a staunch defender of the dictator, Meles. He had no shame to respond to that pieces by saying that he is for the “republic’ not for the individual dictator. He was actually angry that someone speak ill of Meles. This time, he has become an individual servant of Redwan Hussien. Dagim Diriba is his pen name. By the way , I would love if anyone of you write back at him and ask Dawit Kebede to post it. I bet you Dawit will do it, and Genenew will reply back and then we will know how low he put himsel in shame

    • Mekdes says:

      Tibebe, I heard u r one of disgruntled EPRP, who can not change for centuries. I know you grow up, in my mom’s house at beg tera. Being oromo and Eritrean should make you an opposition of EPRDF. You can not match with Genenew, he has changed for good. U just drive your cab and shut up. Moron.

      • Tibebe Samuel Ferenji says:

        @mekdes:Obviously, you know nothing about me but you act like you do. This is a typical characteristic of dummies. Please, before you embarrass yourself publicly first process in your brain (if you have any) what you are about to say. Although I don’t drive a cab, I have a great deal of respect for the people who do. It is an honest living; cab drivers don’t have to lie to please our rulers; nor do they loot the country’s wealth like the people you defend. You wrote: “Being Oromo and Eritrean make you an opposition of EPRDF” Really? This what they teach you when they recruit you to be a member? No wonder our country is in such despair? It is clear you are clueless. I know I cannot much with Genenew because I am a man of principle and he is not; I say the truth, he has betrayed the truth; I don’t have to please any one just to survive; he has to please his masters. Yes Genenew has changed, but not for good; he is changed to be a subservient of brutes.

        • Mekdes says:

          Tibebe, u r right I don’t know you. I know that your dad was renting my mom’s house until Derg confiscate it, that is what I know. I will tell you that. If u r the son of Samuel Ferenj.

          For your information I am not Tigre or the member of EPRDF. But, I believe that, they are taking the country in the right path, destroying poverty. I have read one Article on the Internet that, you were applauding GENENEW ASSEFA, I don’t what happened between you and him. Now you are lambasting him because of his beliefs. I saw you on YouTube defending Moron getnet, other than that I don’t know you physically nor I have intent to know u. You better change in this age. The only thing I know about you is your dad was renting my mom’s 1000 kare meter at Kera/Beg Tera. You said you are not cabbie what about the house your family was renting? You are a cabbie too. May be you are claiming the house belongs to you. I don’t have intention to go back and live there but if I go there thrust me I will find out the truth. Wushetam.

          • Della Reta says:

            Mekdes, Thank you for shutting this old man for good. I thought you don’t know him, when he said that, “you know nothing about me”. As I always, I admire your upto the point comments. By the way I like Beza too. I am so interested to read your comments, but I don’t see your comments like before. Thank you ma Sister.

          • Tibebe Samuel Ferenji says:

            Sometimes we have to sink to the levels of people like Mekdes and Almaz to make them understand in the language they speak. Their behaviors reflect the behavior of the ruling junta. They know no civility and their ignorance is reflected in the way they think. For them an Oromo who reflects an opposing view is OLF, an Eritrean who is against the brutal EPRDF is SHABIYA. This morons use the term “taxi driver, cab driver, parking lot attendant, etc” as if this jobs define people who they are. The ignorance Almaz should know Fekade works for one of respected institutions in the world. Intelligent individuals like Fekade are forced to leave their country, while our country is left to hoodlums like Almaz and Mekdes who spend their days gossiping and chewing Chat. I know it is painful for them to understand complex issues; hence they view issues only with a prism of ethnicity. The regime and its supporters resort to imprisoning and killing patriot Ethiopians inside the country when they challenge the stupidity and moronic mentality of the regime. To silence those of us who challenge their hired guns, the EPRDF deploys its third rated cadres in addition to its professional imbeciles to resort to character assassinations and insult. What this third rated cadres like Mekdes and Almaz, and hired guns “professional imbeciles” don’t get is that we have a higher purpose in this struggle. To respond to them is to honor their stupidity; however, it is sometimes necessary to use their language and make them understand that ignorance is not wisdom, and stupidity is not courage. As the author of “Illuminating” Habeeb Akande said “People with the smallest minds often have the biggest mouths.” You can see how ignorance is celebrated when your read Della’s comment. He breaks to his happy dance because he thinks that a third rated cadre silenced a critic of a brutal regime and its hired guns.

          • Yared says:

            I am very disappointed by the personal attack against Tibebe, and some of the statements made. Some of the commentators made a statement as if driving a taxi is a crime. I am a taxi driver in Washington, DC, and have been for the last 25 years. I was a Lab Specialist in Ethiopia. We all have to do what we need to do to survive. By the way, I am a supporter of the TPLF; does driving a taxi cab makes me less human? Do you know how many government supporters drive a Taxi Cab in America? My cousin Asmelash owned a taxi in Ethiopia. He left his taxi and joined the TPLF in 1980. He was wounded during the war, and lost his left arm and his right leg. Is he less human because he was a Taxi owner? Please think before you say something senseless. A person named Mekdes claimed that Ato Samuel Ferenji, Tibebe’s father, lived around Beg-Tera, at her mother’s house. What is the relevance of this point? Is she trying to tell us she is a daughter of a rich person? Ato Samuel was not an ordinary person. He is well known. I knew of him, he lived in Gullelle, where I lived not around Beg-Terra as Mekdes claim. Both Gennenew and I worked for Tibebe when he gave us a translation work in 1990s. I am certain Tibebe knows Genenew better than those who are defending him. Before making an effort to “belittle people”, it is easy to google and learn who they are. Tibebe owns and operates a successful CPA firm, Ato Fikade works for National Institute of Health, the best Institute in the world. Whether these individuals drive a taxi cab, or work in their respective profession does not make them less or more humans. Let us talk about the messages instead of the messengers.

          • Akalu says:

            Both Genenew and the guy using the alias Mekdes are the hodam sellouts barking to defend the TPLF fascists and racists. Geremew is the well known sellout/hodam and barking dog of the TPLF.

  7. Tibebe Samuel Ferenji says:

    እቲ ብጣዕሚ ዘህዝን ነገር፤ እቲ ተጋደልቲ ደሞም ዝዋህጅሉ ሕዝባዊ ስርዓት፤ ብኻልአይ ፋሽስታዊ ስርዓት ምትክኡን፤ ድኽሪ ፪፬ ዓመታት ናይ ወያኔ “ንግስና”፤ እቲ በሔራዊ ጭቆና ዝገደደ መዃኑ እዩ። ንፍትሕን ንናጽነት ዝፈሰሰ ደም መንእሰያት፤ ከንቱ ምዃኑ፤ እዩ ልብና ዝህመና።

    • Haile Abebe says:

      eritreans you have no any business at all. just waste your time on other business while your eritrean people are suffering. the stupidty of Hamasen people has no a limit

  8. Aman says:

    What is AU/Ethiopia doing in Somalia when the Somali forces and government are not committed for their own matters?

    —-Reported “African soldiers” in Yemen maycome from Yemen’s war-torn neighbor, Somalia.
    In April, Somali Foreign Minister Abdisalan Omar Hadliye announced that his country would allow the GCC-led forces to use his country’s air, land and sea for operations in Yemen. Two months later, in early June, the Emirati foreign minister paid a rare visit to Somalia, where he met with the Somali president and other senior officials. Days afterward, military aid consisting of “armored vehicles, Toyota Land Cruiser-type vehicles and other equipment such as tank trailers” arrived from the UAE.
    In early September, only days before the Houthi attack that claimed the lives of 45 UAE soldiers, an unnamed Somali diplomat reportedly accused Somali President Hassan Mahamoud of “allowing the UAE to train the country’s soldiers to go to war in Yemen, instead of fighting al-Shabab.” The unnamed diplomat alleged that while African Union troops were battling Somali insurgents, “Somali soldiers will be fighting in Yemen, and the whole world has to know.” The diplomat further charged that there could be more than 500 Somali troops receiving training to fight alongside Emirati forces, and that the Somali president “is doing this in order to get funding from UAE to defend a motion against him currently in parliament.”

    Separately, on Sept. 9, another report quoted Dahabo Abdi Farah, the chairman of the Somali refugee community in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, as “confirming the presence of the [United Arab] Emirates’ trained Somalis marching with the Arab forces.” Yemen’s Somali refugee community, which has fled war in their homeland, has been caught in the crossfire between rival Yemeni factions and now GCC-led airstrikes. Indeed, Abdi Farah is quoted as saying, “We are so scared because of these Somali forces. Their presence could pave way for the discriminate attack on the Somalis here [in Sanaa].”

    Regardless of the veracity of the UAE’s Somali connection in Yemen, it appears that the GCC-led Operation Restoring Hope is set to become increasingly African.

  9. wedinakfa says:

    What else can you say your mercenary government is puking and you have to tow the line to feel your hungry belly wit kitfo not quenti, lol

  10. Tatek says:

    Genenew’s long commentary looks like a carefully worded Govt statement aimed at counterbalancing, if not reversing, the gear of Ethiopian public opinion that is exponentially shifting the opposition’s way, mainly in the diaspora. He had labored shuttling between North and South, East and West and to any possible extreme on earth in attempting to reconcile the irreconcilable and defending the indefensible. Leaving Eritrea and the so called ‘’Ethiopian terrorists’’ alone for now, the writer’s bogus claim that Ethiopia was a Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy where all its citizens, including EPRDF nightmares, OLF and AG-7, could exercise their heaven given rights is a naked lie that couldn’t be defended by any stretch of human imagination. While Parliamentary Democracy celebrates diversity and dissent and seeks to exclude no one from the benefits and protections of citizenship, EPRDF’s Ethiopia that Genenew attempts to shower with praises as a ‘’beacon of hope and democracy’’ is nothing more than an Authoritarian Dictatorship kept intact only by its security machinery that is remote-controlled by the EPRDF and funded by Ethiopian taxpayers. If anything, Ethiopia’s democracy was a ‘’guided democracy’’, whose reaches were confined deep inside a Communist thinking of a paranoid ‘’Revolutionary Democracy’’, which was meant to seal forever the gate of those it enslaved, break the ties that unite the free —to exploit it for its own greater power —-all forces of change in the country, particularly the needs of the hungry and the hopes of the oppressed. And to this end, Genenew’s Masters had erected a nation in their own image whose very subjects were nothing more than poodles like the writer himself who often honor swagger and bluster and the wielders of force, and moreover, so willing to build their own fortunes on the shattered dreams of their fellow citizens. The writer’s attempt to try to win Ethiopian public opinion by stirring a fear that OLF’s mission was to break up our country, roll back any fruit gained under the EPRDF and pay back the Eritreans for their help in ousting the EPRDF is the same old argument we had heard again and again from the mouth of his Super Master, the late Colonel Meles Zenawi, who even had the gut to bomb Tigray hotel as a magnificent political drama to blame the OLF as a culprit of the crime and a ‘’blood enemy of Tigray’’. The bomb happened to have come out of Govt Ware house, which implies the Govt had a clear complicity, if not outright participation, in the bombing drama as later exposed by Wiki leaks. We all hate to see the country broken up along any lines, but it was next to impossible to win Oromo public opinion that lies in a box that ‘’the OLF strives to create a true Federal structure in which a lower tier of Govt would have a truly protected sphere where the upper tier couldn’t intervene; this actually supported by a heavily configured devolutionary system, where the upper tier devolves to the lower tier powers that are absolutely impossible to take back’’ under a new OLF Govt. The writer also argues, at times his arguments absolutely contradicting each other, that the OLF was a spent force and the AG-7’s threat to the gallant EPRDF war machine was if anything, negligible, not to mention the two sister forces’ visions of separation and Unity very likely far more repelling than attracting each other. If the OLF were really a spent force as argued by Genenew, who was it that inflicted heavy losses on the Kenyan border against his Govt troops and public property, necessitating the incursion of Ethiopian Forces into Kenyan soil for which Genenew’s Master, Hailemariam Desalegn, was forced to publicly apologize to the Kenyan Govt? Does this really reflect the image portrayed by Genenew that Ethiopia currently appears as a law abiding innocent nation standing tall within the norms of the International Community? Why are the writer’s own Masters, ordered by non-other than EPRDF Foreign Minister, Tedros Adhanom, keep shuttling between Washington Dc and Minneapolis in a desperate attempt ‘’to do all it takes’’ to detach the Oromo Community in Minnesota, the largest Oromo masses outside Oromia, from AG-7? Why would his Master in non-other than ‘Wedi Adhanom’ take to the dance floor dancing with Oromo legend, Ali Birra, when Ali’s own former Comrades in the diaspora are crossing the border to kill his own brothers in Tigray? It is apparently clear that the writer and his masters, not to mention all other stakeholders of the EPRDF, have a compelling interest in doing whatever it takes to ridicule, dismiss, lambaste and/or nullify any argument coming from ESAT, Eritrea and the Ethiopian Diaspora for clearly understandable reasons. But if ESAT were the most hate mongering media outlet the world had ever seen as portrayed by the writer, what are EBC, Walta Information Center, Tigray Online, Reporter and TVO which are nothing more than EPRDF propaganda mouthpieces? Genenew understands the regime he serves had lost a media war, and the fact that his Masters could only collect a very micro sum of just $30 Million over five years for a project that was envisioned by the ‘’Great Leader’’ from the Diaspora, who injected $10.2 Billion last year alone into the Ethiopian Economy meant that the ‘’Eritrean backed terrorists’’ very much own the skies in the Diaspora; and for reasons that even if his Masters’ local public opinion were sky high at the moment as reported by the Ethiopian Communist Media, and because public opinion is usually so fickle, a slight political miscalculation reminiscent to the regime’s heavy-handed assault we saw last year in Ambo would quickly overtake the glow of a ‘’100% Election victory’’, where EPRDF was both a player and a referee.

    Whatever interest the Eritrean regime might have in Ethiopia that makes it a die-hard supporter of the so called ‘’Ethiopian terrorists’’ remains something over which the EPRDF had its own fingerprints all over, and any argument that ‘’the terrorists’’ were sleeping with Asmara to kill our ‘’beloved Ethiopia’’ would only harden Eritrean public support to Asmara and push moderate Oromos deep into the OLF camp, and if anything, Genenew is only whipping his Masters and denying them any chances that could be pursued to help slow the bleeding of Oromo support; and who knows, he could be doing this as a payback to his Masters if they told him that he wouldn’t be the likely EPRDF Consul-General to Minneapolis should the EPRDF be successful in winning over the ‘’Oromo extremists’’ there and open a diplomatic post to monitor ‘’the extremists’’ heartbeat.

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