Ethiopia praises the Neighboring Sudan for repatriating Ethiopian rebels


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15 Responses

  1. bb says:

    This is the first phase! And others will follow for sure. What about Berhanu Nega? The looser oppostion who happened to be president for his followers diaspora never accomplished in anyway you name it since 1997-until now never go an inches forward other than collecting money from 18st and using it for his own. Well what do you think next will happen? We will see

  2. Hailu says:

    Many people who work with Doctor Birhanu said he is a lier.Leditu Ayalew in one of his interview(exist in YouTube) said Doctor Birhanu is a big lier. The same thing said by Engineer Hailu Shawel.Today Mola Asegedom in his press conference at Gihon Hotel said,”I hate to say but he is a lier”

  3. yeabay says:

    shem on you .don’t destort the source,

  4. Samora says:

    Awrambatimes, where have you been? Re u serious just reporting this news? Well….well….Thank to Ben is keeping us for the most updated info by far.

  5. Sam says:

    Why the Eritrean army went after the rebels who chose not to fight the government of Ethiopia? The president of Eritrea seems to believe they are his leverage against the Ethiopian government. That very perception of his whether true or not should compel those who fight the EPDRF having a base of operation in Eritrea to ask the basic question: Have we been taken for a fool? It seems to me it is vey wrong for the TPDM rebels to be chased by the government of Eritrea because they chose not to fight. That in true sense means the Eritrean president believes they are fighting his cause. Is he delusional for him to believe that? I believe him to be delusional, but not in his political calculation to destabilize Ethiopia.

  6. ትግስቱ says:

    በመጀመሪያ ለውጥን ከመሻት እና መፈለግ ጥሩ ነገር ቢሆንም በምን መንገድ ብሎ ማሰቡ ካንድ በሳል ሰው የሚጠብቅ ነው በብዙ አገር ታሪኮቸንና ባለፍነበት ዘመኖች ሁሉ በጦረነት ሳቢያ ከኑሮ መፈናቀል፣ ሰደት፣ ረሃብ፣ እርዛት … የመሳሰሉትን ሁሉ የሚያስከተል ትልቁ የተፈጥሮ አውዳሚ ነገር ቢኖር ጦረነት ነው ። በአብዛኛውም ጊዜ በጦርነት የሚፈታ ችግር ይዳፈናል እንጂ ሙሉለሙሉ መፍትሄ ሊገኝበት አይቸለም ። ከሆነም ተሸናፊው ክፍል መሸነፉን አውቆ ሲቀበል (Surrender ) ሲያደርግ ብቻ ነው ጦርነት አበቃ የምንለው ለዚህም በሁለተኛው አለም ጦርነት ጃፓን መሽነፏን መቀበሏ ለአገሪቱ ሰላምና መረጋጋት ትልቅ አስተዋጥጽዎ አድርጓል በተቃራኒው በጦርነት እናስተካክላለን የተባሉት ኢራንና አፍጋኒስታን ጦርነቱንም ካበቃ በኋላ የተዘፈቁበት ችግርና ነከራ ይህ ነው አይባለም ። ምንስ ሩቅ መሄድ አስፈለገና በእራሳችኑ አገር ባለፉት ገዚያቶች ለስደት፣ ለመከራ የዳረገን ይህው ጦርነት አለነበረምን? ታዲያ ከዚያ መን ያተረፍነው ነገር አለ ። ትውልድ በሰቆቃ ሲኖር መኖሩን ሲጠላ ፣ የቤተስብ ማገሩ ሲናጋ፣ ተማሪው መማር ሳይቸል፣ ሰራተኛው መስራት ሳይችል ፣ ወጣቱ አምራች ዜጋና ፈጣሪ መሆን ሲችል ሕይወቱን ለጦርነት ስንፍርድበት ፣ ተስፋውን ስናጨልመበት ፣ …….ወ.ዘ.ተ. ታዲያ የቆምነው አይናችንን ላወረው ስሜታችን ነው ወይስ የሚያስከተለውን ብዙ ጣጣ አይተን ነው በሌላው ሕይወት የምንፈርደው ? ብዙ ግዜ የምንሳሳተው በተለይ በኛ አገር የስውን ማንነት የምንለካው በሀብቱ ፣ በጫነው ዲግሪ መሆን አይገባውም ለሌላው በሚያሳየው ቅንነትን ፣ተአማኝነት ፣ ግልጽነት፣ አርቆ አሳቢነት እንጂ አለበለዚያ ድግሪውም ሆነ ሀብቱ የእንቧይ ካብ የእንቧይ ካብ ሆኖ ቁጭ ነው።
    አገራቸን ከታዳጊ አገሮች ተርታ ስለምትመደብ በአጠቃላይ ሌላው ታዳጊ አገር እንዳለው ችግር ሁሉ እኛም አገር ብዙ ውስብስብ ችገሮች አሉን መፍትሄ ሊሆን የሚችለው ግን በገዚውም ሆነ በተቃራኒው ግልጽነት፣ ለራስ ታማኝነት፣ ለህዝብና ላሀገር ሲቆሙና በመቻቻል መፍትሄ ሲፈልጉ ብውቻ ነው። የውስጡን ጥልቄ ባላውቅም አቶ ሞላ አስገዶም የውስዱትን እርምጃ እንደ ጸረጦርነት አቋሜ የሚደገፍ ነው
    Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding
    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር !!!

  7. ትግስቱ says:

    ኢራን የሚለው ቃል በስሕተት ስለሆነ ኢራቅ በሚለው ይታረምልኝ።

  8. ደስታ says:

    ድሮስ መች ነበረ አሁንስ መች አለ
    ከጠላት የሚያብር ኢትዮጰያ እያለ
    ሄዶ፡ ሄዶ ገደል ወጥቶ፡ ወጥቶ ውድቀት
    ይህ ነው መጨረሻው የኢትዮጰያ ጠላት

    ደሮ ብርሀኑ አይይይ…. ፐሮፌሰር
    አንተ የጀመርኸው በጅምር የሚቀር
    ስንት ፓርቲ፡ ግንባር መሰረትህ ጥምር
    ትርፉ ለአንተ ሆነ ብዙሀን ሲከስር

    ብቻ በለው፡ ብላው ማንሰ ለሱ ያዝናል
    እሳት ነኝ እያለ አመድ ተከናንቧል
    እጅ፡ እግሩ ተሳስሮ ሺህ ወሬ ቢያወራ
    ውጤቱ ግን ያው ነው ማብቃት በኪሳራ

    እነ ሞላ አስገዶም ሌሎችም፡ ሌሎችም
    ከሀገር ገብተዋል በቀኑ ሳይጨልም
    እንደ አሁኑ ክስረት ሻቢያ አልከሰረም
    በቅርብ መወገዱ ሀቅ ነው አይቀርም

    በኢትዮጰያ ስም የኢትዮጰያ ጠላት
    ለፍልፎ፡ ለፍልፎ ልማዱ ነው መጥፋት
    ከአሜሪካ፡ እንግሊዝ፡ አውሮፓ ላይ ሆኖ
    ምን ቁም ነገር ሊሆን ከውጭ ተበትኖ፡፡

  9. Guest says:

    The first biggest win Issayas/Shabia ever achieved was having an overall saying about Ethiopia between 1991-1998.
    The first and worst ever defeat and loss happened to the Eritrean people was the 1993 so called independent election based on lies and fraud and Eritrea separated from Ethiopia despite the two together can benefit lots.
    The worst and biggest defeat issayas/Shabia ever got for the last 41 years since 1971 he became an EPLF leader is the rejection and abandoning by the TPDM. TPDM has been serving Issayas being as the only organized, ally and trustworthy force since 2001. He has been working hard, losing materials and emotion investing everything he had on TPDM for the sake of his goal to destabilize Ethiopia and for protection within Eritrea form his own forces and people.

    The last 14 years of issayas’s effort with TPDM and otehrs so called Ethiopian rebels that are there only by name for propaganda reasons was up to the final test and decisive victory in 2015/2016. That is why the trash and brainless Birhanu and his sheep dog animals went there to be used as propaganda show for issayas pretending as if Ethiopians are there while only TPDM was there with force to fight the fight Issayas was planning.

    This is the best day to all Eritreans knowing Ethiopia was always good enough and well prepared to defeat anything coming from abroad including small Eritrea. TPDM was used by Issayas and shabia for propaganda reasons in Eritrea including against the Eritrean Military telling them Eritrea will win a war against Ethiopia. Issayas was trusting and relaying on TPDM members than any Eritrean force for his safety and security. He has been using TPDM as propaganda tools telling Eritrean forces and the people “don’t try to be against me because of I have my own force and it will destroy you”.

    Issayas is now feeling very defeated, hopeless and helpless, alone and very, very weak than he ever been. On the other hand Eritrean forces and the people are feeling free and powerful to topple the terrorist issayss knowing no one will defend him when once the fight against him is started.
    It is going to be a very interesting year in Eritrea in 2015. The Eritrean people must stand up and free themselves from this life time terrorist knows nothing but the rule of the jungle from the presidential palace.

  10. lema says:

    What is issayas going to do with Birhanu?

    Is he continue paying thousands of nakfa every day including for protection, feeding and housing while he already know Birhanu has no what so ever value anymore?

    Or is Birhanu already run away to USA, England or other embassies with fear Issayas is going to badly hurt him?

  11. Guest says:

    The war within Eritrea is started since early morning on September 16, 2015. It is the heaviest since Ethiopia entered Eritrea in 2000 reached deep in the country beyond Barentu and many towns and cities in Eritrea.

    It is not clear who is fighting. However it is easy to predict who could be and why.

    it could be between Eritrean forces against each other following the dissertation of TPDM the shabia regime and Issayas very much were relaying on and have been used it for propaganda reasons within Eritrea, Ethiopia and beyond including in the west.

    It also could be Eritrean rebels that have been waiting for so long and now they got the time and reason to eliminate the Terrorist Issayas and his shabia dogs knowing TPDM has abandoned them leaving Issayas and Shabia naked and defenseless. Issayas has no more reason to lie, misinform or manipulate Eritreans telling them he would defeat Ethiopia using Ethiopian forces such as TPDM. That kind lie for 13 years is gone.

    There is no need to talk about knowing the Ethiopian regime, forces and people are too smart and brave always doing the rights things on the right time and place for the sake of the best out comes. This time also Ethiopia would do what is necessary against Shabia knowing it is no longer only a wounded and isolated criminals club but a naked, fallen, toothless, defenseless and desperate club needs only the wind to push and thrown it away from Eritrea and the region.

    Ethiopia must use this right time and act wisely and quickly being ready to pay anything to eliminate this terrorist group from Eritrea knowing this time will be the less costly, easily to be achieved and solved the long standing situation caused by Shabia.

    The International community that is hugely busy with the refuge crisis including the mass Eritrean refuges have no time and reason to see, listen or react what is going on between Ethiopia and Eritrea if Ethiopia takes the smart and quick move together with Eritrean rebels but it will be happy if Issayas is gone

    Remember: not only Issayas and Shabia but also the Eritrean forces that have had long standing relationship with TPDM are in desperate, confused and helpless situation ever since TPDM came back to motherland Ethiopia. There is no doubt each and every shabia member, dog servant and Military personnel are suffering from fear what is going to happen to each of them and looking the ways to get out in order to save their own lives and interests. The One man long standing show based on lies, fear, manipulation and iron feast in Eritrea is naked exposed causing desperation among the Shabia dogs and within the military.

    We are going to see lots of drams and changes in Eritrea from now on until the job is done and that is the total elimination of issayas and his shabia dogs. This is what is going to happen, soon. Just wait to see it.

  12. Bruk says:

    The Jews media wars and mischief behaviors are worse than anything we are facing and we have to fight them back using any means necessary until they are completely stopped at least from our own soil being around us.

    The only meaningful rebel group supported by the little and worthless foreign enemies like Eritrea was TPDM. It is gone and there will be no more fret coming from Eritrea or elsewhere against Ethiopia although TPDM was not even a fret at all.

    The greatest and fierce enemy Ethiopia is facing for decades and it is getting worst and sophisticated by day is the very well organized, merciless, evil, racist and pure criminal English speaking so called journalists and medias particularly from England, USA, France and South Africa.

    Almost all so called journalists that are at war against Ethiopia in the name of western Medias are the Jews from England, USA, France, South Africa and so on. Except BBC and some part of Guardian and so on, those evil western English speaking Medias that are against Ethiopia are owned by the Jews. BBC=English empire=slavery and colonization= the propaganda mouth shit of the English establishment where BBC world service is under the foreign ministry working together with embassies, foreign secret agents like MI6, NGOs, aid agencies and so on.

    There are about 80.000 Jews in South Africa living as rich and powerful in the poverty stricken majority black native south Africans being in all major and lucrative source of income, power, influence and so on. They were the main part of the apartheid regime as Israel was. They are today controlling south Africa including being the owners, decision makers and deciders about anything worth something such as banks, financial institutions and of course the media.

    South African media is controlled, owned and run by them including so called Guardian & mail that is run from London together with the apartheid and colonizer children from South Africa and Zimbabwe with goal to be against the native Africans targeting the nations that are doing well and becoming the good examples of Africa and black people as Ethiopia was, is and will be they like it or not. They will not stop that how mad they are getting and how nasty and stinky they are becoming against her.

    The propaganda war with lies after lies against Ethiopia they are busy with for years in organized and coordinated manners that is becoming worse than any foreign enemy force having weapons to kill and destroy, will not stop Ethiopia to be/remain herself in her own place doing her things by herself in her ways for her benefits working together with the trustworthy, respectful, genuine, useful, true friend, ally and hard working nations like China, Russia, Germany and so on.

    Guardian & mail which is a Guardian and mail part from London and the Jews from all over the world are owning and particularly running it is waging propaganda wars with lies, misinformation and distorting facts against Ethiopia renting the ugly slave Kenyans and other Africans faces in order to play blacks against blacks games for their evil agenda and benefit in Africa. They are using the ugly and brainwashed sold out African so called journalists names as authors names for the topics/articles they are dirty painting about Ethiopia knowing we are against them and they know it they are wrong doing criminal activities against Ethiopia.

    The biggest and worst foreign enemy Ethiopia is facing is no one but the Jews owned and run English speaking Medias. The so called journalists (spy agents) Most of them are the Jews if not all of them are the worst enemies against Ethiopia than any Sunni terrorist group including IS, Al Qaida and so on against the world. the Jews from USA, England, France, South Africa and elsewhere they are in the west are the ones spreading lies after lies for decades against Ethiopia including being in the BBC in order to damage the country image and undermine the citizens.
    When UN has something to do with Ethiopia, they are there and coming to Ethiopia in UN’s name.
    When EU has something to do with Ethiopia the English are always taking the game on their hands and they are coming in Ethiopia in the name of EU despite they are the trouble maker members of EU and Germany and France are contributing lots of money and emotion in the EU than little England that is still swimming deep during the empire time they were enjoying at the huge cost of millions they were enslaving, occupying and colonizing.
    When that little with very bad weather England which is 1/9th of the Ethiopian territory has something to do with Ethiopia including politics, Economy, NGO, so called aid and so on, those coming to Ethiopia are by far the Jews.
    When USA has something to do with Ethiopia including with politics, Economic or anything, including USAID and peace core (spy agents), NGO, aid agencies and so on, those coming in Ethiopia are by far the Jews. It is the same with South Africa, France and others, too. They are the ones controlling and deciding what is going on at IMF, WB, WTO and so on. However, IMF, WB, WTO and so on are from the past and are not needed or relevant in the 21-century world. They are everywhere and known with countless tricks, distortions and all satanic behaviors including making the easy things complicated, the working ones not working and twisting everything and manipulating for the sake of their agenda, plan and benefit they are getting with billions in the world that naturally and legally belongs to all humanity equally.
    It is known worldwide how the Jews owned, controlled and running the money making machine world Medias and the damages they are causing. They are the ones coming to Ethiopia by themselves for bad and negative reasons in the name of English language Medias and journalism to continue causing the damages they are known with and good at worldwide. Including those females Jews from USA, England, France and so on are getting busy these days doing what they are good at and that is talking about others’ weaknesses, bad situations, shortages and so on while they are the ones the very much known evil creatures the earth is facing as curses and the root cause of problems humanity is facing for so long.

    What Ethiopians have to do is dealing with the terrorist Jews so called Journalists and writers including females that are coming in the country just for bad and negative reasons against us using the media war that is under their control and making them ballooners like the evil Murdoch, T. Warner, Reuters, Bloomberg, and all other main stream medias in USA, England, South Africa, France, Canada, Australia and so on,

    Ethiopians must see, understand and mark the Jews medias and so called journalists that are against Ethiopia as the biggest fret and worst enemies the country is ever facing. They are the worst evil, greedy, racists, liars and merciless terrorist foreign forces operating freely and reaching any place they want without any confrontation to stop them. They must be stopped by using any means necessary including those evil females from USA, England, France and those from South Africa that are primarily causing all sorts of crimes and troubles against the native South Africans. All of them are working together for the same goal and results against all blacks in Africa by attacking the nations that are doing well and self confidence doing things by themselves in their ways for their benefits without having the slave masters and colonizers around knowing they are the root cause of the sufferings Africans have been through for the last 500 years ever since they touched the African soil.

    The Jews were the main slave traders and the ones came up with the idea to colonize Africa within two years after the legally abolishing of slavery in 1882. They organized the scrambled of Africa in Berlin in 1884 as they were controlling Germany that time to the very detail the same way they are doing right now in USA, England, France and to some extent South Africa, Australia and Canada. People are blaming countries like the Netherlands and others with slavery and colonization. But those responsible were the Jews living in those nations as Amsterdam was the main financial centre of the world during that time when the huge and illegal Jews wealth came from slavery they were engaging worldwide including having the international slave trade market net works, roots and owning most of the ships transporting the salves.

    First they need to give back the wealth and property including land, mining, banks and other financial sources to the natives in south Africa before having anything to do with the rest of Africa as Guardian & mail from South Africa (that is owned and run by the Jews using Negros slave names and faces as it was the case during slavery and colonization blacks against blacks which is the rule of the game they are doing against blacks including in USA) is doing.

    We are saying leave us alone. If not we will continue defending ourselves from your merciless, greedy, racists and evil motivated behaviors against. Your behavior is exposing your evil nature in front of our people. Soon, the people will fully and openly join the region including ME, North Africa with aim dealing together the fret, evil situations and damages you are causing. Ethiopia was, is and always will be the closet part of the ME and North Africa than any nation. Countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, North Africa and ME will become closer and working together that would make them win the main common enemies we know who they are and from where they are coming. No blame anymore against the native Europeans and white people in general knowing they are not the players but others are playing the devastating games in their names from their places.

    The world knows the vast majority Europeans/white people including from the establishment England are innocent, genuine, responsible, not racists at all, inclusive, hard working, clean hands and mind and in general with normal and respectful human behavior like the new labor leader in UK Jeremy Corbyn is. However, the Evil and criminal Jews journalists and medias that are controlling the UK, USA, France and so on media outlets are started waging wars against the innocent man like Jeremy knowing he is working for the common English people interest and world peace which is against their agenda and system they are having and always working for them at the very huge loss of the rest.

    Just follow them with their evil war against Jeremy corbyn and his shadow cabinet members that are the true and native English citizens. The Zionist Jew Murdoch who is the worst evil human creature living on earth is controlling 47% of the entire UK Medias outlets including number of news papers and TV. He is doing the same thing in USA including having a film corporation and Fox TV channel that is waging race wars between whites and none whites which is the known Jews tactics making others fight for their benefits. Read, watch and ask the other side of Hitler true story the world knows nothing about but only the one side story based on…..

    ***We are asking them to leave us alone. Or else we will not let them continuing playing their dirty and criminal games against us in front of the world for the sake of money, influence and power they are always too hungry and deeply attached with.

  13. fox tiger says:

    The defection of Molla is not surprising,if we look back the hestiry of Ethiopia those who have tplf blood they always betray the Ethiopian people,we saw this during the Italy invasion, they fight on the side of Italy. Recently we saw dawit Kebede defect from the opostiopn and become the mouthpiece of tplf

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