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12 Responses

  1. Dagna says:


    You gave our land to the arabs and now you make us to beg from Arabs?
    Why you are shaming Us?


    • Tesfalehulum says:

      And just before a week Weyane’s mouthpiece, Redwan Hussen, said famine hits more than 4.5 million people that a government can not handle the disaster without massive foreign aid. I call the above article, just a cheap propaganda. Ewnetena negat…eyader yeteral yelal yehagere sew!!

  2. Dagna says:


    Ethiopia to receive Eid meals

    ADDIS ABABA: The UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa has completed its preparations for the distribution of sacrificial meat which has been donated by a number of UAE institutions and charities such as the Emirates Red Crescent, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian Foundation, Al Rahmah Charity and Al Maktoum Charity Foundation.

    The distribution will be carried out on the morning of Eid al-Adha and the number of poor and needy beneficiaries is expected to reach 1,360.

    You gave our land to the arabs and now you make us to beg from Arabs?
    Why you are shaming Us?


  3. Bruk says:

    CNBC is (part of NBC) another Zionist/Jews owned media created for money, power and influence. It is operating for the hell of the world. So, no one cares what they say about us or the world in general because of their evil nature is known worldwide but wondering how the Blacks brain is working witnessing them continuing not only watching, listening and believing what the evil Jews corporate money making machine medias are playing them but also those so called Ethiopian Journalists that are doing a kind of journalism work about Ethiopia by copy and paste what the evil Zionists/foreigners are talking about Ethiopia which is their own country and they have to be the ones telling and showing others about Ethiopia.

    Don’t we have our own brain and understanding about our own things within and the relation with the outside that makes us doing our things by ourselves in our ways based on the truth and facts on the ground rather than sitting and waiting to get what others are talking about us with full of lies, misinformation, distorting facts, bad, negatives and all sorts of illnesses based on the Zionist agenda and plan in our country, region and the world? They are the cause of every illness the world is facing and suffering from including the ME and North Africa. Money making corporate Medias are the best weapons they are using for these purposes.

    Everyone can copy and paste from the internet. But the real Journalists are doing the real journalism work serving the nation doing the things by themselves as competent journalists do and when it is necessary they can copy and paste things that are right, useful and true coming from Ethiopians and those good to Ethiopians like Chinese, Russians, Even Iranians and so on. But not the Jews/Zionists that are the hell of the world and the biggest fret and trouble makers to Ethiopia particularly starting from in the near coming future if we are not stopping them right now before it is too late.

    Ethiopian journalists must not engage with copy and paste journalism activities what other journalists, writers, authors and whatever are doing about us especially the Zionists and their slave servants including some white people from the west and brainless monkeys from Africa and elsewhere. Instead they must engage with the real journalism work including wisely responding what the Zionists/Jews corporate Medias are doing against Ethiopia confronting them with facts, realities and the truth about us that are on the ground.

    The Ethiopian journalists must act like the Ethiopian solders are doing with foreign enemies protecting the nation from the war stile media attacks and occupation by the Zionists/ Jews from England, USA, South Africa, France and so on. These sick people have no what so ever natural or legal right to say or do about the country and people they have nothing to do with. What they are doing is pure criminal and it needs to be dealt appropriately using any means necessary until they stop doing so. No one needs and accepts anymore their shit and criminal activities about us in the name of media and journalism. The whole world know what all about is.

  4. Bruk says:

    Not the Jews money making machine Corporate medias from New York, DC, Chicago, Florida, LA, London, Paris, South Africa and so on do deserve even to visit being around for a second let alone taking time and having reasons to read, watch and listen and believe them, but other medias from friendly nations that are genuine with their approaches towards Ethiopia including with their international media coverage.

    The Jews lead English speaking Medias are functioning in Africa/Ethiopia by face and name renting the black female so called journalists that are really ugly looking like belong to the Chimpanzee families. They have nothing in common with Ethiopians including with behaviors. They are the brainwashed and sold-out ugly female Negros serving their masters for their agenda and plan in Africa/Ethiopia.

    Guardian & Mail from South Africa that is part of the Guardian and Mail medias from London is using the ugly and none human look like including females so called journalist like Christie— from Kenya just because of for her ugly face and none African name with their plan and agenda in Africa particularly Ethiopia thinking this kind approach would make their story as if it comes and done by Africans while we know it is always never been the case and it will never been in teh future too.

    After all who cares about these ugly female Negros. Just look at them including that hairless app from Kenya.

    BBC is doing the same in Addis Ababa with a Negro female. Thabile Manala is a South African female. Other western so called Medias are also
    doing the same hiring only Negros females the same way so called agencies, NGO and so on are doing including in Ethiopia with Ethiopians females rather than males and females based on the Merits.
    The reason why they are using only these none Ethiopia ugly Negron females in Ethiopia is clear and known. They are feeling inferiority and intimidated by black men and they also cannot use/manipulate Black men against Africa the way they are doing with these ugly Negro females most of them are from Kenya, West Africa and so on.
    Of course Black men in USA, UK, South Africa and so on are filling the prisons there and became the money making object in the privately owned corporate prison system. We also know who owns those prisons. They are the same people working together with the corporate media owners that are pure criminal billionaires making money just spreading none stop propaganda stories with lies after lies about others and causing so many hardships against millions all over the world. .


    Dear Dawit,

    In my opinion the following article about Ethiopia deserves to be copied and paste not anything coming from the Jews owned and controlled western medias that are there operating towards Ethiopia for hell of the nation.

    “Ethiopia To Build Africa’s First Railway Academy

    ADDIS ABABA, Sept 18 — Ethiopia is to build Africa’s first railway academy in order to produce the qualified manpower needed to operate the major railway projects being undertaken in the country during the Second growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-2) period which is just underway.

    The Economic Affairs Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, Dr. Arkebe Equbay, said here Thursday that agreement had been reached with the Chinese government for the construction of the training centre with aid totalling more than 250 million Yuan (about US$39.3 million ) secured from Beijing.

    He said construction of the Mojo-Hawassa railway line would be launched at the beginning of the current GTP period along with the Mojo Industrial Park which was already under construction.

    Preparations were also underway to construct the railway line to link Tadjourah Port in neighbouring Djibouti with Bahir Dar, via Asaita-Weldiya, during the GTP-2 period, Arkebe said.

    The Sebeta-Addis Ababa-Jimma-Bedele, and Hawassa-Shashamane-Arbaminch lines are also part of the railway projects to be built under GTP-2, he added.

    The special adviser stated that contractors for the mega projects were being sought and Chinese companies which had track records in executing railway projects successfully would also be invited to take part in the bidding.

    Dr Arkebe noted that the country needed a railway training institute to produce qualified personnel for the big railway projects it would undertake.

    He said Ethiopia has so far been sending students for such training overseas, and the railway academy would save hard currency and empower citizens. The railway academy will also serve as a centre for other African countries”.

  5. Guest says:

    Ancient Ethiopia that has thousands years of continues statehood, government and administration without any foreign interference but foreign relationship and cooperation based on respect, understanding and mutual benefit, doesn’t need some evil and greedy individuals or criminal racist groups from England, USA, South Africa or wherever they are to tell her how she is poor or rich, good or bad, weak or strong , right or wrong, healthy or sick, dirty or clean, home owner or homeless or anything else they are busy with based on their own evil agenda and plan in our country against our people. No one but us who know everything about us exactly as it is happening in our country.

    It is not easy to see the reasons why and understand the goal to achieve behind the thinking of a Think Tank from London, USA or elsewhere over there when it is about us. It is not about the truth, facts and realities on the ground but personal agendas and plans.

    The English speaking corporate western so called medias, outlets, Think Tanks, Institutions, Organizations and whatever name they are having are criminals, racists and evils doing or saying nothing based on the truth, right or good but based on their interest, agenda and plan including in other countries. We all know they are the enemies Ethiopia is facing them for decades including since recently from our own continent in South Africa using among the others the evil western Medias such as Guardian & Mail intended to work for the west interest in Africa from the African soil using those brainwashed slaves and their masters acting as Africans by birth but not heart and mind.

    Ethiopia needs first and always no one but herself. When after she is good enough and confident to be herself being self reliance achieving anything she needs starting from basic needs that are easy to get them in Ethiopia (a country highly gifted with natural wealth such as abandoned fresh water, huge farm land, fertile soil and nice weather throughout the year), she can seek having good foreign relations based on respect, understanding and mutual benefits. When the relationship becomes like between Slave and master, weak and strong, poor and rich and so on felling inferior or superior, then the benefits are one sided as the relationship itself is one sided decided by the strong, rich, master and so on.

    Therefore, Ethiopia must avoid completely that kind relationship with any foreign nation in individual, groups or government levels as it is not the nature of the Ethiopians throughout their long history. Allowing ourselves to be dominated or affected by others based on injustice and an acceptable ways is not the Ethiopians way in anywhere let alone in their own country. This is the reason way we remained the only independent African nation( as Liberia was under USA rule using her to return the slaves to west Africa where they originally came from) and one of the few ancient nations in the world having continues statehood and administration by ourselves in our ways for more than 3000 years recorded history. .

    If they know we are good enough for us and them too, they will come by themselves keeping in mind we are in charge in our own country and they have to respect the law and rule of the nations. Begging or allowing them to come in anytime (they want pretending differently than the reason why they are there the first place) during the time they see us as weak, poor, ignorant, backward and so on with no respect at all to us and our ways as some western so called journalists are doing right now, is the biggest mistake we are making. By using our weaknesses, shortages and stupidities as best opportunities, they can do anything they want against us plying dirty games based on their preplanned plans through corruption, manipulation, lies and so on as they are known with and capable of doing so. When things are happening this way, we are not talking about them as real and legal foreign investors, tourists, aid agencies, so called volunteers and whatever name they are having but another form of slavery, colonization and the destruction of the society they are known and good at doing so.

    What ancient and big Ethiopia need is herself and then continuing having good and workable long term relationship with reliable, generous, respectful, good and useful nations like china and hoping soon Russia and others. The number of Chinese consumers are bigger than the Entire Europe, Russia, North America including Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and other nations in combined. China and other East Asian nations including Korea and Japan are ancient like Ethiopia do have their own languages, alphabets, culture, tradition and so on as Ethiopia is being the only African nation to be this way.

    If Ethiopia sees, watches, reads, listens, learns, understands and uses everything good, important and useful what China is having based on her own internal situations that would be more than enough Ethiopia is looking to get from abroad. The Chinese school system, students and teachers, scientists, engineers, experts, workers, government and politics, policies and so on are giving Ethiopia the biggest lessons and benefits if she knows how to copy and paste them in Ethiopia based on the Ethiopian situation.

    China is the source and reason for the better situation in Ethiopia. China is part of the whole situation what is going on in Ethiopia. We will never forget what china is doing. It is a historical activity will live on forever. Yet, the biggest jobs and close relationship between china and Ethiopia still not happening. This will happen starting from now on in the future for very long, long time ahead together not only in Ethiopia but also in China, too. The Ethiopians behavior, culture, tradition and history are very close related to the Chinese and other Asian nations than anybody else. Meaning there is a big reason and ground the two people can come closer and work together for mutual benefits based on respect and understanding.

    Ethiopians goods and products will/can get more than enough markets and consumers in China knowing there are 1.4 billion people Ethiopians can offer the best quality coffee, flowers, fruits, grains, cereals, shoes, cloth, the best landscape and safety tourist destination, air transport and so on Ethiopia is having currently and in the future will expand and develop them working together with china. China also can get huge and new markets in Ethiopia knowing 90 million Ethiopians will need wash machines, refrigerators, TV, cars … projects and so on coming from china as the nation is transforming rapidly to become part of the modern world. Ethiopia is also in close reach to many African and ME nations including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, North Africa.

    The Chinese people situation few years back including in terms of poverty, under development and the government effort and way of solving the issues was almost identical what Ethiopia is today. As Chinese do understand the current Ethiopian situation because of few years back their own situation was look like the same, they are and can be the best foreign nations that can deliver the best solution and workable knowledge and activities in Ethiopia working together with us. They also know how to develop without losing ourselves to the greedy, bad and evil criminals that are coming from abroad in different names and reasons pretending as innocents, genuine and useful but are liars and very dangerous including affecting and infecting the society with inhuman behaviors we know they are trying in Ethiopia against the youth, females and children, as well.

    Instead of suffering from the 19th and 20th century brainwashed mentalities, acting as trusted and always there good servant slaves, showing weaknesses with fear they would do something bad against or will not help when we need them including basic things that are easily achievable within months if we know how to work hard and goo in order to create results, continuing being the examples of dumb humans with no progress with own efforts or relaying on others including those are the root causes and main reasons for the bad and negatives situations for so long,

    ancient and naturally gifted Ethiopia needs to move on quickly and completely from that passed away bad ideas and so called relationship. There are plenty useful nations in the 21-century starting from china, Russia, Germany, Italy and so on. Ethiopia needs to have a close and workable relationship with Sudan, Egypt, Algeria and ME nations she is having a historical, natural and practical relationship than anybody else. Countries like Saudi Arabia and gulf, Algeria, Egypt and so on are buying leather products including shoes from far away nations including Brazil while the Ethiopian highland animals are known with the best quality animal skins and meat if they are well taking care of.

    So, don’t even care what the known criminal greedy western so called medias, Think Tanks, organizations, institutions and evil journalists including from south Africa are talking about Ethiopia knowing anything they do including when they are pretending doing for good reason, it is all about them and their secret or open plans and agendas about us in our country. Don’t care about them. But build and rebuild the best relationship with useful, respectful, trustworthy, hard working, best ally, true friend and not dangerous nations like china.

    Chinese are not coming in our country to impose the Chinese ways on us and telling us to be like them in our country as we are accustomed from the west. Chinese are not becoming dangers to our society and the nation in any time including in the long run. Instead they will assimilate and become the very useful part of the society. But not those coming from the west mainly England and USA. They are working to implement and demanding us to become them in our own country which is always in their mind as it was the case during slavery and colonization era, too.

  6. Keflu says:

    The Arabs are the nearest continent in the world they have a lot to offer
    If you know how to take .

    They have the wealth they have the resource they are more than happy
    To visit and invest in Ethiopia than any country in the world.
    They know habesha very well we not strange either to them.

    We have vast fertile land even you can not reach it by your own for the years to come it’s all give and take.

    Today refuge become the next back bone of Europe and America
    Integrating in a society that not even share the same culture and religion
    We are at least so many relation with them compare to others.

    Let’s take what’s develope us change as a nation to the better future.

  7. Itiye says:

    During colonial Africa the economic growth of the rest of African nations were almost 10 times higher than Ethiopia. The fact that Europeans took out all natural resources made most Africans think their country was developing. Through time they found out they were mistaken. The one thing our Ethiopians forefathers knew that the current generation seem to be missing is if a country looses it’s fruit to foreigners regardless how much the economy grows the natives are left worst off. Ethiopians were living better with such a low economy compared to Africans that were loosing money to foreigners. Ethiopia has lost close to 24 billion dollars illegally taken out of Ethiopia since TPLF got to power. 24 billion dollars means four Abay reneissance dams worth and some change. This number is estimated to be close to be 4-6 billion dollars each year for the next five years unless some major change is done quickly. To see the country being so looted by foreigners after 100 years was not why our forefathers sacrificed themselves defending their country from colonialism. Colonialism is real in Ethiopia. Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is known to be directly involved in the mass murders of colored children in the world. India is sueing the foundation for killing 50,000 children. many African countries kicked the foundation out of their country after they suffered the consequences. Ethiopia is still waiting to see it happens to our children. Both the future and the past generations of Ethiopia will remember this generation the decay of all Ethiopian generations for what is taking place in Ethiopia right now.

  8. Yohanes says:

    Keflu or should i say Ali or Mohamed which i guess is your real name. The Arabs are our real enemies and everyone knows this for centuries. Even today they rape and kill our daughters which are working as housemaids. We have more in common with our jewish brothers and sisters than with you. You are the one who beheaded our brothers. Never trust a muslim. If they are in minority they do nothing. But one time the mayority they start to kill all which are different. Thats islam.

  9. BAHTA says:

    It is well known that the sectors which work secretly is the one who is perfect what i meant is that someone cann’t approve and declare himself as a hero let others talk and witness about u EPRDF is describing him self as hero it is opposite it is exaggerations , they knew that the ppl in ethiopia will never stand together but the danger is from outside that is why they concentrate more foreign relations rather that there own ppl. unfortunately one day that day the anger will break out and no one could stop the ppl of great ethiopia indeed we r poor but when we come and waked up no stop.

  10. Guest says:

    Over 300 firms at Ethiopia Trade & Investment Forum

    This is what Ethiopia needs and has to do which is looking towards, having close contacts and working together with countries like Italy, Germany and so on from Europe selecting the good and useful companies, experts and skilful and peaceful individuals that are engaging in the physical productions, # creating and producing the real economies. Ethiopia must not allow any foreign so called investor because of he/she has the toilet look like so called hard currency money to invest but those have abilities and willingness creating physical values engaging in the real economy sectors such as production activities in the agriculture, food processing, manufactory, industry, construction and so on.

    Ethiopia needs to hire skilful and peaceful foreign experts in the service sectors for knowledge transfer; not handing over the nation service sectors that are very profitable without doing hard works because of the foreign criminal so called inventors are having only money. They must not allowed to buy and own our nation lucrative service sectors and huge consumers including in the Banking, Telecom, Transport, Insurance, and other financial and none financial sectors because of the criminals are having just dirty cash they are getting just like that engaging with criminal activities all over the world in the name of privatization, investment and Globalization-Trade.

    Ethiopia must avoid completely the Wall Street and city of London types of so called financial institutions and investors that are engaging with manipulations and propaganda wars against the markets, companies, consumers and so on always looking the huge profit they are getting sitting in offices at the expense of the mass. They are criminals engaging with massive criminal activities earning billions without doing any real job that is creating real values.

    Hedge funds, private equity funds, financial trades, Banks, Wall Street, Stock exchanges and so on in the west mainly in New York and London are the worst criminal organizations/groups engaging with the very bad human activities in human history operating freely and openly supported and protected by the law.

    The question is who are these criminals? The answer is known. They are the same people like those controlling the international weapon of mass destruction Medias and all of them are working together for the same goal. The US, England and so on types of so called investors are pure criminals engaging in the sectors that are allowing them to commit crimes including against the environment using medias as propaganda machines playing with the world consumers brain.

    Laying, distorting facts; creating divisions, hostilities and conflicts amongst the societies as they are doing in USA and the like between races, class and so on, undermining those doing better than them for their people, attacking those trying to protect themselves and the nation by exposing and challenging them and in general being hostile against those standing on their ways defending their nation and people when they are committing open and widespread crimes against the world in the name of trade, investment, delivering services and so on.

    Europe becoming a nationalist and patriotic again like it was short before and during the second world war this time triggered by the influx of tens of millions of refugees from the ME, Asia and Africa caused by USA, UK and Zionist, can save Europe, Africa and the rest of the world from these criminals from wall street, the city in London, Paris, South Africa and so on that are controlling the world criminal medias, finance, trade and all economic activities causing very bad situations against everyone including the native Europeans.

    Europe becoming nationalist and patriotic is the only solution left not only to Europeans but also Africans like Ethiopia to learning from and making the citizens stay at home and doing the jobs including standing for their rights in their own country not only confronting but also completely stopping the Jews/Zionist coming from USA, England, France, South Africa, Canada, Australia and so on committing crimes and causing none stop attacks against the country for decades using medias as WMD against the nation.

    The Jews/Zionist so called journalists, scholars, Think Tanks, institutions, organizations, Lobby groups (the biggest factory and institutions of corruption in the highest standard operating freely and openly supported and protected by the law), so called right groups (Hahanah), financial experts, bankers, Investors and the likes from England, US, France, Canada, South Africa, Australia and so on are the greatest fret and worst situation any nation could face and Ethiopia is facing them very, very badly. They must be stopped.

    Europe becoming nationalist and patriotic standing for the native Europeans could help Africa including Ethiopia defeating these criminals that are the main if not the only cause of all human tragedy for the last 500 years including slavery, occupations and colonization, World wars, neo colonization, Globalization and privatization including the land which is natural belongs to all living and none living things that are all the nature creations including humans, animals and plants.

    “Over 300 firms at Ethiopia Trade & Investment Forum

    Milan, Sept 21 – Over 300 Italian firms crowded Milan’s Stelline Conference Centre on Monday to attend the Ethiopia Trade and Investment Forum. The event was organised by the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation during celebrations for Ethiopia’s National day at the Milano Expo 2015. The Forum, which included a presentation on Ethiopia and the trade and investment opportunities that the country can offer to Italian companies, was attended by Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom, who headed a large delegation of officials and businessmen, and by Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni. The Forum was opened by ICE president Riccardo Monti, who emphasised the Agency’s interest in the Ethiopian market. He said: “Today Ethiopia represents one of our three main targets in Sub-Saharan Africa; we have recently opened an ICE office in Addis Ababa and we are ready to invest sizable resources to help our companies settle in this important market, also through the insurance and financial instruments made available by Italy’s SIMEST and SACE.” At the end of the Forum, a large number of Italian companies were given the opportunity to meet with Ethiopian firms representing the country’s main economic sectors including infrastructures, the agro-food industry, the textile and leather industries, the pharmaceutical industry and the construction sector.”

  11. Hailu says:

    Close your website or update it regularly.

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