Ethiopia: Sub-Saharan Africa’s first light rail system starts operations


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  1. Guest says:

    This is what you get in reality and working perfectly delivering services and practical benefits when Chinese are around and smart leaders and hard working people are having good working relationship with them based on respect, understanding and win win approaches based on for long term strong and reliable relationship and friendship.

    This is what you get in reality and working perfectly delivering services and practical benefits when Chinese are around and smart leaders and hard working people are having good working relationship with them based on respect, understanding and win win approaches with vision for long term strong and reliable relationship and friendship.

    This is just the beginning and one of the many remarkable relationships results and jobs Ethiopia and china are doing together in Ethiopia today and elsewhere tomorrow doing also together.


    Copy and paste from M&G Africa (from the still apartheid South Africa) while doing journalism work about Ethiopia which is own country?

    This is one of the truth about M&G today despite in May 2015 one of their article was titled:

    “An open and aggressive war against Ethiopia is started’

    which is them using the media war against Ethiopia we are witnessing them so far doing so together with their backers and cousins from USA, England and so on using the sold out slaves from Kenya and southern Africa including Zimbabwe.

    The truth is:

    Mail & Guardian crippled by cash crunch


    “Bad business decisions at the cash-strapped Mail & Guardian have led to the newspaper’s biggest round of retrenchments yet, leaving the future of one of South Africa’s oldest independent newspapers in the balance.
    Tomorrow the company is expected to close its voluntary severance process. Initial plans were to cut 16 editorial staff and nine people from other divisions.”

  2. Guest says:

    M&G Africa deserve nothing at all let alone copying anything coming from it.

    Learn more and know exactly what it is all about before ….

    This is one of the many M&C Africa stories painted and plans having about Ethiopia.


    “The international community must challenge Ethiopia’s oppressive regime by funding local human rights and democracy groups

    Daniel Calingaert and Kellen McClure

    Saturday 23 May 2015

    For most Ethiopians, the elections are a non-events.

    *(more than 95% Electorate turnout in Ethiopian elections are nothing to these little evil greedy racist criminals. In their countries including England and USA the election turn outs are straggling to reach even 50% while the leaders are elected with less than 30 and 25% of the electorate. But when it comes to them nothing is wrong) *

    A new generation of human rights defenders is slowly emerging. The Zone 9 bloggers represented this new generation, using new technologies to educate fellow Ethiopians on exercising and defending their rights. (We know the Jews lead English establishments are behind all these).

    The human rights and democracy groups that remain are finding creative ways to conduct their work. This includes working with traditional development organisations, which the government generally tolerates, or focusing on seemingly apolitical issues

    Donors could take concrete action right now. First, supporting off-shore programming allows activists to travel outside Ethiopia to get technical and strategic advice. Second, donors’ strategies for Ethiopia should include funds specifically dedicated to strengthening independent media outlets and journalists; the EU intends to take this step after the election.

    Also, donors can find ways around foreign funding restrictions by pushing for the creation of funding pools considered local under Ethiopian law. The EU did this in 2011, when it created the Civil Society Fund, providing assistance to local human rights and democracy groups. The US should use its economic and diplomatic leverage to do likewise, a move that would provide a much-needed lifeline for these groups.”


    Apartheid South Africa is Expanding into the African continent 20th Apr 2015

    a number of South African media owners want to grow by extending their reach across the continent. They are all following different strategies to carve a space for themselves in Africa’s emerging markets.

    (Who controls and owns the South African corporate media as it is the same with South African lands, Mining, banks and all Economic and wealth activities?)

    The Mail & Guardian in May 2014 launched Mail & Guardian Africa, a pan-African, digital news and information portal led by editor Charles Onyango-Obbo from Nairobi, Kenya. (Kenyan….?)

    M&G Africa has faced two challenges in telling stories for an African audience. The first is that people respond differently to political stories about their country in local, Western and pan-African media. “They actually make more demands from fellow Africans than from other international media. (But not like this corrupt and sold out slave coming from Kenya as usual)

    We are beginning to think differently about what constitutes national and regional news across the continent. This might mean, for example, if you are doing a ranking story, you are more effective ranking Lagos against Johannesburg, Nairobi and Addis Ababa, than ranking Nigeria against South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia,” says Onyango-Obbo. ”


    Did you see how this slave Negro Kenyan is talking about and doing using his dumb ass slave brain that is brainwashed and gone taking his humanity away making him an empty negro body with his maters thinking and idea to use his as a slave?
    Comparing the colonization creation and still is under colonization Kenya with the all time free and independent big Ethiopia must be the greatest joke this slave is thinking.

    The Mail Guardian is a South African weekly newspaper published by M G Media in Johannesburg South Africa.

    Ethiopians must stop having anything to do with this kind shit coming from slaves and its masters doing for their shit goals in Ethiopia. We have to make our own news while following news coming from China; Russia and so on including RT not these backward slaves became human 50 years ago and continuing serving their masters.

    Learn more about M&C Africa before having anything to do with it and fight it back till it stops having anything to do with our country knowing they are here for bad reasons against us and our country implementing the plans and agendas coming from the jaws and English establishments from USA, England, South Africa and so on. .

    Down to M&C Africa. Africa needs totally Africans that are free from slavery and their masters domination and involvement. Ethiopia needs no any shit so called media like this one. Go to hell.

  3. tazabi says:

    WE have been taleing to whom it may concern several time even stile before its to late
    if you see from entoto or other part gulele,or shegole or asko we need to prevent erossion by planting keeping the soil from getting into the city center

    Mr Hailemariam desalegn let me say on the way i would give some tips to ethiopiafirst rgarding calling Pm ante call him please antu he is ethiopian Prime minster thank you, And he said people keep throwing rubbish into drain,

    first of have we get proper drain if it so it should’t be blocked,
    if you look kelebet menged there are lots of them blocked becouse as i said we have to stop
    soil from getting into the city,we not the first to do there have been in so many country and its working well.

    secondly there are in every local area officials unabel to take responsiblity talk to the people how to sort out this problem if one went to do the water way infront of his roads the other guy complying no you can not do that its for every ones benefit there are people pain in the neck
    corapted official ignoring peoples voice they can not respond whats going on!!!some one have the will to do your bloody neigbour is a freind of official .

    I nderg era i hate to say but its true in every local the lorry go around and pic rubbish this days
    very few do not tale me population grow.

    the other thing is we need again and again luckly we have kebena river ,we have river which cross the city like menalesh tera merkato river ,the point is the are no proper drain system.
    toilets most have no drain system they only sucked when its full if there were big drain system
    the only thing you can do is connecting every toilets to the drain system .

    watch google pic british sewage system.
    you can have some information what am trying to explain.

    we need big drain system like gorgis underground train subway thats how big should be the drain
    to acomedate all water system in the city befoer it join kebena river.

    if we dig that sort in every area that will give a big breath to future problem.
    let it take five years we have seen the tunnel in hedas Dam thats what we need
    in the city today we can use it as cave aswel in danger time million people can take undercover.

    For God sake do not give excuses for addis roads flood.
    this all some thing to do plan .

    its not to late the population is four million there are million house is gone be demolition
    before any condeminum please finish the drain system first..

    last time when i watched he road work around mexico area how they dig deep i thought wow
    this should be perfect drain for all addis rubbish but not:

    chinese they have all the idea or european.
    we only need expert thats it we can pay the money if the goverment willing to do it.

  4. tazabi says:

    Let the officials go around and look how the city well located regarding rivers around addis.
    Lets strat from ,asko area river that joins down to back of colfe then went dawn fetno derash,
    then there is wingate loliba deldey that joins kolfe deldiy that big river,

    you see another one soste kuter mazoria ,going down lebu thats disaster the land is falling apart every single day, cos of the river,

    go again gihon hotel where alamudi building thas one day will fall,
    Rwanda embassy thats big river again,which come from north russia embassy,
    and it joins kebena,

    the city is surounded by absolut perfect rivers for drain system the only problem is
    how to divert all the toilet west into the river then recycling abasamuel reservouer

    that will sort all the problem

  5. chane says:

    In ethiopia this days people are killed its not becouse of any bad road work but becouse of
    sourcery or tenkola the Law must take some genuin action against this practice.
    we can have this sort of Law lets read it..

    This Regulation makes the following offences:
    (i) practising or pretending to practise sorcery;
    (ii) threatening any person with sorcery;
    (iii) making somebody else do sorcery;
    (iv) possession of implements or charms used in sorcery;
    (v) payment for sorcery.

    If a person commits these offences, he can be fined up to K50.00 or ordered to do community work for up to 4 weeks. If the person does not pay the fine or do the community work, he can be sent to prison for up to 5 weeks.

    Another way in which the Village Courts have power over sorcery is in hearing claims for compensation. Where an act of sorcery has caused death then the village court can order any amount of compensation. In cases where no death is caused, the court can order up to K300 worth of compensation. Again, a person may be made to do community work or sent to prison if compensation is not paid. The maximum prison sentence is calculated by counting 1 week for every K10. This can mean for example that in a case where K4,000 compensation is ordered and not paid for a death caused by sorcery, a person can be sent to jail for 8 years. A Village Court decision may be reviewed by the District Court Magistrate or the Supreme Court.

    A Village Court or a Village Peace Officer may also order a person not to make any sorcery and thereby keep the peace. The Village Courts thus have wide powers on sorcery. The rules for showing that sorcery has been done are simpler for the Village Courts, as it is up to the Village Courts themselves to decide how sorcery is to be proved. It is harder to prove sorcery in the Local, District and National Courts, which often follow strict rules of evidence and procedure.

    The National Judicial System

    The present law against sorcery as applied by the Local, District and National Courts is found mainly in the Sorcery Act 1971. This law recognizes that sorcery such as witchcraft, magic, enchantment, ‘puri puri’, ‘mura mura’, ‘dikana’, ‘vada’, ‘mea mea’, ‘sanguma’ or ‘malira’ exist, and concern the supernatural or natural things of human behaviour.

    The Sorcery Act says that some of these types of sorcery are very bad because they kill or harm people, and are forbidden under the Law. The Act also says that there is good and innocent sorcery. This is the sort of sorcery which helps people, for example to cure sickness, to chase out evil spirits or to make rain or grow gardens. These types of sorcery are not against the law. If something is good sorcery, people may continue to practise it. However, the Act does not admit that the powers of sorcery have the effect that they are believed by many people to have. In other words, the Sorcery Act says, if sorcery does have effect , then the sorcerers would be punished. It does not say that sorcery does in fact have effect and those who practice evil sorcery should be punished.


    A number of offences relating to evil sorcery are created by this Act. These can be dealt with in the Local, District or National Courts. The maximum penalty which can be given by the Local Court is 6 months imprisonment. The maximum penalties which may be given by the District or National Court are given below:

    1. Anyone who pretends or holds himself out to be a sorcerer is guilty of an offence (S. 10 (1)).

    Penalty: District Court, l year in prison.
    National Court, 2 years in prison.

    2. Any-one who uses sorcery or the threat of sorcery to influence another person in a bad way is guilty of an offence (S.lO(2)).

    Penalty: District Court, 1 year in prison.
    National Court, 2 years in prison.

    3. Anyone who does anything that is in fact evil sorcery or helps another person make evil sorcery is guilty of an offence (S. 11).

    Penalty: District Court, l year.
    National Court, 5 years.

    4. Anyone who gives to another person anything (sorcerous substance) which is designed t o make evil sorcery is guilty of an offence. (S. 13).

    Penalty: 8 years in prison.

    5. Anyone who has in his possession tools or equipment for, making evil sorcery is guilty of an offence (S.15).

    Penalty: 1 year in prison.

    6. Anyone who tries to commit a crime by sorcery can be punished for attempting to commit that crime, whether this attempt is successful or not. (S. 12).

    Penalty: Depends on the crime he is trying t o commit.

    In addition to the Sorcery Act, the Criminal Code also has an offence dealing with sorcery:

    7. Anyone who pretends to exercise witchcraft or tells fortunes is guilty of an offence (S.421)

    Penalty: 1 year in prison.

    Most of these offences punish sorcerers or persons performing acts of sorcery. The Sorcery Act also recognizes that people can use the law to accuse their enemies falsely of being evil sorcerers. Thus, while it is not an offence to accuse somebody of being a sorcerer in the courts if one has good reason for doing so, it is an offence to make d deliberately false accusations against anyone. The Act says:

    8. Anyone who blames another person falsely of making evil sorcery on another person is guilty of an offence.
    Penalty: 1 year in prison.


    A court has power to order compensation to be paid by the sorcerer to any victim of sorcery. (S. 18).

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