Ethiopian ‘Demera’ Colorfully Celebrated by followers of the Orthodox Church (+Video)


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6 Responses

  1. Eastern sunshine says:

    Happy Meskel.

    This is the way we Ethiopians are spreading light, love, the truth, respect, togetherness, peace, genuinity and humanity to the world in the name of God and nature we all are part of it.

    To see Ethiopian patriarch and Egypt’s Pope together celebrating this remarkable event in front of millions is what we have been dreaming for so long and the best thing to happen. Ethiopia and Egypt are the oldest and ancient brothers and sisters connected by nature that is life by itself which is the Nile. They are not enemies the ways the enemies of both nations have been waging intentionally making propaganda wars in order to make them affecting each other.

    For sure that bad and negative era and approach between them orchestrated by the common enemies are gone forever. From now on the two ancient people are going to do together only the things benefiting both of them by avoiding anything bad and negative including the smallest ones becoming between the two to affect the one or the other. Talking to solve issues is the biggest weapon and only way created naturally than any human made force or weapon to kill and destroy before the issue is solved as usual through talks and agreements.

    We also are very much wishing our brothers and sisters in Eritrea to see them being part of this unique Ethiopian meskel celebration they are always have been part of it ever since it started. However, foreign conspiracy is continuing hunting them down making them the ways they are becoming and it looks like the worst has to come, yet.


    200.000.000 Euro goes to…..! Issayas Afewrki of Eritrea.

    EU is handing over 200 Million Euro (230 million USD) as reward to issayas for his deed in Eritrea and the region that is affecting millions.

    Why is EU giving Issayas this amount of money this time?

    1. It is a moral, financial, material and political support assuring him EU is behind him and he has to continue the ways he is doing and if possible getting nastier within Eritrea and the region including sheltering more terrorists to affect Ethiopia.

    2. EU knows issayas has never been isolated, weakened and in desperate situation throughout his terrorism era including as a president than what is going on today because of Ethiopia, IGAD, AU and UN pressures in order to save the Eritrean population from this savage and restore peace and security in the region. So, EU has to be there openly this time as they have been doing secretly for so long in the past in order to keep him there for their plans and agendas in the region through wars and conflicts using any force they are coming up including the terrorists as they are doing all over the world including the Middle East with the Satanic Sunni Islamic terrorists.

    3. This shows EU and those associating with EU don’t want to see issayas gone and peace comes in Eritrea and the region as a whole but looking to use him destroying Eritrea and affecting the region particularly Ethiopia knowing this is one of the many tactics they are playing in order to stop development in Ethiopia and continuing they being the only influential and players in the region and Africa as a whole; rejecting others including china that is the best medicine for the African sickness infected by the west, the best solution for the African problems again caused by the west and right answers for the African questions again caused by the west.

    The whole world knows who issayas is and what is he doing for decades against Eritreans and the region. yet, EU is handing over to him 230 million Dollar in order to strength him materially, financially and morally that would make him mad and bad continuing affecting Eritreans and the region which is becoming clear it was/is EU agendas, too.


    English empire/conservative party government is sending military force in to Somalia.

    Why now? What is the main reason? Is this really about to fight terrorism in Somalia that is already getting defeated by AU forces and the Somalians forces and people are taking in charge in their own country?

    Is AU going to allow this knowing it is not about Somalia, fighting terrorism or whatever somalians, the region and AU is doing and wanting to achieve but the English own agenda in Somalia and the region as a whole related to their overall agenda in the whole of Africa.

    AU asked/requested for years only material and some military supports and less direct involvement from UN, EU and others but never asked human power knowing AU force is more than good enough to defeat Al shabab and it is happening. But those don’t want to see Al shababa is defeated and the region becoming peaceful including Somalia are now trying to save the terrorists ass coming in pretending they are there to fight terrorism.

    The English are saying they are sending more than 300 military forces to Somalia and south Sudan. In Somalia they are sending military forces to do the transportation activities.

    What are they going to transport? Weapon and terrorists (AU forces have own transport)? From where to where? What kind role they are going to play against the securities within Somalia and the neighboring nations including Ethiopia, Somaliland, Puntland and so on camouflaging behind this trick so called anti terrorism mission?

    AU must not allow this to happen but have to fight it back knowing it is not about to fight terrorism and supporting the AU efforts in Somalia or……. The Somalia issues against terrorism is an AU project and they are winning delivering benefits to the Somalian population. Any none AU force coming to Somalia is not to fight terrorism but to support the terrorists and affect the region, too. There are none African forces and also influential individuals don’t want to see peace in Somalia and the region fearing that would affect their benefits they are getting or looking in the future from the wars and conflicts in Somalia and the region as a whole.

    If the English empire conservative Government wants to help in any form or way, they can give the resources to AU forces including vehicles and cash they are planning to use them sending their people to the danger zone. But they will not do that because it is the right thing to do and it will deliver results that are benefiting Somalia and the region as a whole.

    No one but African under AU forces will get the credits and rewards for defeating al shabab in Somalia paying lots of sacrifices during the time when USA, England, NATO and so on together unable to make any progress in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and every places they have been and still are despite they are invested/-ing more than 8 trillion dollars since 2001/9/11/; only USA did spend 6 trillion in Afghanistan and Iraq so far. Thousands of their young soldiers killed and many more injured.

    AU must get serious about and needs to do its job by rejecting anyone that is not benefiting but coming for own agenda at the cost of the Africans. Ethiopia and others in the region must take very seriously what EU is doing in Eritrea and what is England Planning to do in Somalia. They are coming there just to make sure conflicts, wars, destructions, migrations and sufferings are continuing in the countries thinking this would affect the whole region in the ways they would benefits lots as usual from the Africans huge losses.

    Ethiopia which is bordering with Eritrea, Somalia and South Sudan must aware about the EU and English Empire conservative government plans and activities there in the ways to prolong the conflicts and worsen the existing problems that would directly affect Ethiopia, too which could be their main and only goal after all.

    This is the time demanding more than ever to be smart, clever, brave, determine, confident and decisive knowing precisely who is who in details and having good relations with useful, reliable, respectful and strong nations like China, Russia and they are many more in the 21-century.

  2. Mesgana says:

    Happy Meskel to the Russians, too.

    Putin’s speech at UN general assembly is the best. It is all about based on the truth, facts and realities what is going on in today’s world. He is one of the leaders standing for humanity and earth challenging those demons and devils that are engaging with destructions, chaos, wars, killings, lies and all satanic behaviors and activities against the world.

    RT (Russian TV including in Russian, English, Arabic, Spanish…) is the best media channel normal human beings need to tune regularly avoiding the western propaganda corporate so called medias. CCTV is also the other one need to be followed.

    Only the dumps and brainwashed are having anything to do with any western English language medias including TV, radio, newspapers or in any form they are coming spreading lies, misinformation, distorting facts and most of the times are busy with fictional stories keeping in mind to hurt/affect others.

    You need to follow the western media only to know more about them in order to keep them away and protect the nations but not to learn from and use it.

    Go to YouTube:

    RT: ‘Do you realise what you’ve done?’ Putin addresses UNGA 2015 (FULL SPEECH)”

    Ethiopians need to watch this educative and assurance Putin’s speech and the Ethiopian journalists need to translate it in Amharic in order as far as including the students to learn from. This is a master piece telling how things are getting out of hands in the world because of the west and how Russia is important in today’s world including China particularly to the countries like Ethiopia that are becoming the main targets to the savages, manipulators, cheaters and liar killers and destroyers.

  3. Be ewnetu says:

    I wonder of some Muslim my friends said ‘እንካን ለመሥቀሉ አደረስህ’, look how Ethiopians are humble. Defferent than other nation.
    GOD bless Ethiopia.

  4. Mohamed says:

    What was happen in Iraq war during invasion or Afghanistan. They went there
    How many British solider killed dirty tricks lastly they only get away
    Saying friendly fire .

    Behedubet cheger mefter how many African Union they gone die .

    If they want to help let them help technical support today African paid heavy
    Price for what is today Somalia we gone loose it at the closing point.

    Ashebarioch they will get thousend of weapon very soon and very support they need ahun kayachu bebezat Somalia west eyeseferu yalut pakistanoch
    Ethiopia westem alu afganistanen selam endayagen kemiyaregut andua nech
    Lemen taliban endigeza selemifelgeu enesu sere eyesededu new Somalia west
    Beseme eslam englizem emihedut abro lemsrat new.

    Africa union tenkara ermeja mewesed alebet when they get there it only take
    Ticket weratoch le asere haya amet merze teklew yemihedut.

    Ye Somalia mengest end meri koster belo action mewsed alebet
    Yasfelgenal ayasfelgunem.

    Ke hulet asert ametate buhala lenredachu new.
    Melese zenawi yalew ahun yalew yemikesetew
    Pakistanoche west we stun ke British gar and egrachew Somalia west and egrachew Ethiopia west eyaregu new yalut.

    Yehe breading ground keseru medrek alebet.

    Ye Ethiopia selam ye Eritrea selam new.
    Full stop .
    Be ethiopia kewes Eritrea katerefech engedi beselamachinem yehonuten

    No war no peace .RIP’!!!!!

  5. Mohamed says:

    Erdata lemstet sayhone erasachewen bedem kachemaleku buhala
    Erdata lemteyeke awropa ena America. Deresulegn lemalet yemaykome torenet
    Mesretachew djibouti lay yalut yetore hayle lemtekem zegeju nachew

    Yehe ebdet baschokay ye British tore saygeba Mekong alebet.

  6. Viva the great China, Russia.... says:

    Bloomberg, AFP, Reuters, The Economists, Guardian, Mail, M&G and M&G Africa

    are some of the mass destruction media weapons the Jews are using to destabilize nations and destroy the society in the name of social fabrics targeting the nations like Ethiopia that are remained themselves and trying to do things by themselves, in their ways, for their interests working together with important and trustworthy nations like China, Russia and the likes.

    -Bloomberg is from New York-USA owned by a Jew Ballooner as private media weapon using it for own economic and other damaging interests in USA and particularly in Africa and mainly in Ethiopia. It is working based on the USA/Jews agenda.

    -AFP is from Paris – France controlled and run by the Jews as private media working for the worldwide Jews agenda.

    -Reuters is from Canada owned by a bilinear Jew as private property using it for own economic and other interests in the world working together with the Jews and their greedy and racist some white people alliance from the west mainly USA, England, France, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

    -The Economists and almost all financial and economic related Medias in the west are owned, controlled and run by the Jews. They are using them for their own agenda and interest all over the world working very closely with Wall Street, the city in London and all financial activities and politics in the west as it is the same with TVs such as BBC, Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, WSJ and so on.

    Guardian, Mail, and others are from London-England and the most part are controlled by the Jews and almost all the so called journalists particularly those coming to Africa/Ethiopia behind these criminal Medias are the Jews.

    -M&G-Mail & Guardian is from South Africa owned by the Jews from South Africa working together with the Guardian and Mail in London.
    -M&G Africa is a Joke created by the Jews tricks in order to cheat the Africans adding the name Africa and engaging the dumb slaves servants from Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and elsewhere from the enslaved and colonized Africa after brainwashing and trained them to behave the way like Animals do in the circus. These dumb Africans that are serving the known African enemies including the Apartheids Children and the system which is still there in South Africa, need to wake up, get their total freedom and independency and start their own media jobs in Africa which is their continent and nations no one out of Africa has the right to use or dictate them about the things and issues matters to Africa.

    However, they are too dumb and trained animals lost totally their normal human brain and are happily serving the enemies that have been destroying the continent for more than 500 years and still are because of some dark Africans are continuing serving them against the continent as it was the case during slavery and colonization.

    Africans must have their own African born medias and have to do the media works for the benefit of Africa without any involvement and interference from the none Africans particularly the Jews that are controlling the entire African medias directly or indirectly including CNN.

    They are the root causes of the African bad situations started from slavery where they were the biggest and most notorious slave traders and slave masters in plantations in South America and Caribbean mainly in Brazil. They are the once came up with the idea of colonizing the continent and organized the scramble of Africa in Berlin within two years after slavery was abolished in 1882 as Brazil was the last nation to do so. The Jews were controlling anything has to do with slavery in Brazil. Learn from History written by the true historians, not the fake, misinformation, distorting facts and full of lies so called history books written and lecturing by them

    they are here again to do the same thing with different approaches but for the same results which is making the Africans strangers and none existent in their own continent and countries. This is the time not to serve them in Africa including their criminal Medias but stopping them. They have lots of jobs to do elsewhere including the Palestinian issues and the restoration of the South African situation back to the time before they came in and did the things they had done and still are living from that legacy. They must stop affecting the nations in Africa that are doing well and are totally independent from anyone like them.
    As we see the Medias they are representing, they are coming from USA, France, Canada, England and South Africa operating in Africa using some dark sinned and dumb brain individuals from the colonized and enslave Africa such as Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe and so on. Africans must wake up and act as humans do. They must stop serving the known enemies against the Africans including in Africa. Instead they have to open their eyes and look the treatment blacks are facing in their own country in USA, Canada, and Australia and also in England, France and so on. They are doing anything bad they want in any time and place against blacks including imprisoning them with millions (more than 3 million prisoners only in USA where the vast majorities are blacks), they are free to kill them including the police, they are disfranchising them from the economy and anything good. yet, they are coming in Africa acting as if they do like the Africans which is the known tricks playing with the dark skinned negro dumb brain to serve them for the sake of their agenda in Africa which is always bad and damaging.

    The Kenyan and South African Medias together with Uganda and the most part in Tanzania and southern African nations are totally controlled and owned by the colonizers and Apartheids. A Pakistani Khan is running the entire Kenyan Medias and also in Uganda and Tanzania after it started in 1954 when these nations were under colonization including Kenya suffering under brutal and savage racists none African and thousands were massacred including during the maw maw uprisings. Yet, that colonized era media created and owned by those were part of the colonizers are still controlling the entire Kenyan Medias and causing troubles all over east and horn of Africa from the base in Kenya. Dumb Africans are serving these types of Medias with evil history against their parents and grandparents.

    The so called the M&G Africa faked so called editor in Chief was born in Uganda during the colonization era and had no a nationality right. He was not seen as a human being with citizenship rights but as animal serving the colonizers in his own country. Yet, that dumb Negro is happily serving those took away his human rights in his own country from the time he was born. This is how looks like when a human being is totally brainwashed and lost his humanity but becomes like trained animals in the circus or services.

    Stop serving these criminals at least in Africa. In their countries or places, they will not hire you even to p clean their offices or allow you to live or associate belongs to them. You can see it even in South Africa still going on as well. You have to see the situation that way before jumping like monkeys do for the sake of rotten fruits doing for dirty cash serving the enemies that are there for their own agenda and interest against the agenda and interest of Africans in Africa targeting nations that are doing well and are in the position to challenge them at least protecting their nation interest, safeties and securities.

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