CPJ officials meet Bereket Simon


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3 Responses

  1. medin says:

    Bereket simon like his master zenawi is a perrenial liar who appears decent and innocent when sitting face to face with white men /women. As soon as Bereket ends his interview he is back persecuting journalists on fabricated charges and.
    This liar has been saying the same thing to foreigners like a parrott for as long as he has been a ‘minister of communication’. the fact is that TPLF are always making laws and finding excuses to silence journalists, to harrass them, to force them into exile and to shut down their businesses, and to imprison them. It is getting worse day by day.

    He has not even allowed these foreign visitors to see the jailed journalists, simply because his cruelty will be exposed.

  2. botina says:

    Bereket simon/zenawi’s policy is simple:

    1.when you sit for interview with a westerner, white man/woman talk in their language. say that you love democracy, you have a constitution that respects human rights, that you encourage people to speak.

    2.Deny that there are any political prisoners in Ethiopia, only terrorists.

    3. To make your lie believable, explode bomb in the town centre and say that G7, olf, onlf did it.

  3. sam says:

    21 years in power minority regime 1 man show how many people killed they are mafias enjoy life at the expense of ethiopians 99.6 controlled the parilament seat every one is a terrorist if u critisize the government but the gov is terorizing the ppl

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