Hailemariam Desalegn Re-elected as Prime Minister of Ethiopia (+Video)


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5 Responses

  1. Viva the great China, Russia, ... says:

    Congratulation to PM Hailemariam Desalegn.

    This has to be the beginning of having once again the best government in the country that will operate confidently and independently with determination and commitment relaying 100% on itself by itself for itself without any bad and negative influences, interferences or anything that is affecting us for years coming from abroad and conducted by bad foreigners that are there to implement their government and evil individuals damaging agenda and plan on us.

    Ato Hailemariam needs to have his own 21-century leadership long term vision that is 100 Ethiopians working for Ethiopia with 100% guarantee the citizens will benefit from and the country safety and security are 100% protected. Ethiopians must totally and fully relaying on themselves understanding all human made things are also can be created and achieved by Ethiopians own brain, hands and efforts. The new Government must stop allowing bad foreigners continuing playing their damaging games against our society coming in the country in the name of aid, NGO, Right groups, institutions, Peace core and whatever name they are having. No nation will be built and becomes in its own ways as long as these damaging forces are around and getting space and freedom to reach the places and operate as they wish.

    The first job the new government has to do should be accessing, identifying, analyzing and deciding about the nation foreign relationship future with nations and people including those having influence of fear, interference in internal matters and coming in the name of aid, NGO, peace core and whatever name they are having. The new government needs to stop completely all evil English speaking weapons of mass destruction western corporate Medias and inhuman and cruel terrorist journalists. These evils are the greatest enemies Ethiopia is facing them for decades including being in the country and from the African bases in Kenya and South Africa.

    The new government needs to have a new and working 21-century foreign policy and relationship. We believe even the Ethiopian farmers that are still living primitively as the Chinese farmers were 30 years ago know how china is important to Ethiopia and all Ethiopians, Africa and the world at large. Without china, the current Ethiopian situation would be that of worse than during the time when the country was declared dead; killed by the west (England and USA while the rest were there acting like scavengers doing anything they want against Ethiopia as if she was there rotten as meat and empty skeleton having no own citizen to stand for her or to be respected).

    Ethiopians must wake up and stop being stupid and ignorant. They must know they are the ones having 100% rights and responsibilities towards their God given naturally rich and suitable country. They must stop serving their own country enemies that are there to destroy and stop the nation from doing her things by herself for her benefits. There has been no a single nation or society ever benefited from the Anglo-American types of aid, NGO or whatever involvement they are doing pretending they are there to help and for good intention which is the trick of the game. The nations start to develop and become themselves, when they become free from them. Look at Latin America and Asia.

    We also know what would happen when china is around and Russia too if she was left alone instead of making eth situation difficult causing wars during the cold war. There are tens of thousands of Ethiopians got education from Russia for free.

    The Jews owned, controlled and running western mass destruction weapons of corporate Medias and the evil journalists are the number one and worst enemies a nation like Ethiopia must not allow them in the country even for a second. The new government must once and for all solve the Jews lead English speaking mass destruction Medias and terrorist journalists issue being against Ethiopia. They are the ones intentionally damaging the country image and undermining the citizens using different types of Medias including on internet spreading lies after lies and misinformation with the titles look like nuclear weapons coming from their deep hate and racist feeling towards us with no respect at all.

    Those having base in Kenya and South Africa to affect Africa and Ethiopia issues also must be solved on the IGAD/AU levels. The era of foreign Medias and journalists is over. They have no what so ever leverage except being worse than the real terrorists affecting the nation using the mass destruction media weapons.

    The western corporate Medias homogeny and unchallenged era was over 20 years ago. They have no place in the rest of the world. That is why; they are concentrating on Africa to be against Africa targeting the nations like Ethiopia that are totally independent and doing their things by themselves without any influence coming from the nations these evils are associating with.

    Kenya and South Africa need to be independent from the century old colonization and humiliation. UK colonial military base since 1907 is still in Kenya. The best Kenyan lands are still in the hands of the colonizers. Kenyan wealth is not in the Kenyans hand. The medias are controlled by those were part of the colonizers came from Pakistan. These the same group are controlling the Ugandan, Tanzanian and to some extent Rwandan and Burundi medias treating them as if they are still under colony. These groups from Kenya are working with the Jews/apartheids from South Africa and other Jews including females coming from England, France, USA, Australia, Canada and …..

    Therefore, the new government must get nicely and rightfully from the beginning busy targeting the issues from the head and all the time reaching deeply in the centre leaving nothing untouchable in order to solve them the right ways on time rather than dancing around and pretending they are doing something while they know they are not. Facts of the ground and results the people are getting are the only testimonies telling the truth about.

    The bad foreign influence and interference must be totally stopped. No nation develops on its way and gets benefits while the Anglo-Americans types are around in the name of ……. (We know who they are all of them). They are there doing their secret things while pretending differently. Destroying the society by targeting the youth and females are one of the main weapons they are using to achieve their damaging goals. The western so called Medias and journalists must be seen as the worst enemies by all the citizens as they are really the worst enemies we are facing them for decades. Don’t forget, most of them are the Jews getting services by few others including slaves from Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and other enslaved, colonized and brainwashed dark Africans.

    As they are saying themselves, USA has at least 16 different securities including CIA and NSA. NSA has more than 30.000 workers and operating its secret service including by phone taping and digitally all over the world including my computer this point of time. It has 10 billion budgets a year. It is the same with UK having secret agents including MI6 and GCHQ. Almost 40% UK secret agents are females including in MI5.

    So, do we think all of them are at home doing their secret jobs or coming in foreign countries like Ethiopia telling the truth who really they are? Don’t think those telling who they are and coming in the country in the name of something like aid agencies, NGO, Journalists, Scholar, volunteers, Peace Core and so on are really who they are. You need to wake up, use your human brain and act the ways the real and normal human do for themselves at least being sure and certain in own country.

    We are witnessing and benefiting what china means to Ethiopia. China has to be the centre of the Ethiopian foreign relation for decades and centuries to come. They are coming to Ethiopia based on win win principles engaging with basic development activities and fundamental economic foundations thinking and working better than us in our own country. Chinese are in Ethiopia always trying their best to behave and communicate in the Ethiopian ways. The English-USA including those “peace core “(hahahaha) and the likes are coming to Ethiopia to make us to be like them in our country which is abandoning who we are and lost forever because of we cannot be like them in a million year how much we do try to be and they we not accept even if we do our best.

    Look the blacks’ situation in the west despite they have lost themselves and remained only with empty black skin and outlook filled with their slave masters, colonizers and oppressors things to serve them. They are also looking to make us that way in our own country with goal they would become masters and owners while we become nothing but empty blacks soon would become instincts leaving the place for them as it is the case in Australia and the Americans. 200 years ago, there was no a single no aboriginal living in Australia. The aboriginals were living there for more than 30.000 years speaking more than 375 years during the Time when the English arrived there 200 years ago. Look at Australia today. This is the kind of situation some of them are thinking could happen in Africa/Ethiopia too and they are getting busy to achieve that on us in our own country. However, that would never happen no matter how evil they are getting and savagely they are doing their things on us.

    If Ethiopia gets smart and becomes cleaver as much as it is needed with her relationship with foreign nations, she can find and get everything from china she needs from abroad. If we know how to work with them and act like them mentally and doing things physically/practically, what we are witnessing in China can be seen tomorrow in Ethiopia, too. China is not only helping Ethiopia the right and best ways without affecting the society, but also serving the nation being as an example how to grow with own efforts and commitments without affected by bad foreign powers/individuals that are there using weaknesses and ignorance as opportunities to affect the innocents and backwards citizens.

    30 years ago China was the most part like today’s Ethiopia. In 1988, Chinese foreign reserve was 7 billion while today it is in trillions. Chinese know and deeply understand our situation because of they have been there not long ago. They also have the best key in hands with lots of experiences how to defeat poverty, backwardness, laziness, corruption, criminality, foreign interference and everything Ethiopia is suffering from and looking to solve them.

    Trusting each other, becoming closer, working together in all fields including securities being the strongest and having, unshakable and reliable long term allies between Ethiopia and china must be the biggest priority the new government has to give and make it sure it is getting the solid foundations. The relationship with another very important nation which is Russia must get the biggest priority, too. Having good relations with other nations in Asia, Africa, ME and the selective good nations in Europe has to be the priority, too.

    But stopping each and every bad foreign involvement coming in the form of media and journalism from England, USA, France… and in Africa Kenya and South Africa must be the biggest and first priority. We know, most of them behind these are the Jews from the above mentioned and other nations in the west. They are targeting Ethiopia like the killer wild animal targeting the weak, sick and defenseless grass eaters in the savannah. They are selectively targeting us for decades and making the living out of it. What we have done to them? Or is that because of we are stupid, ignorant and weak unable to stop them including using any means necessary while we know they are the enemies? We have to answer and solve it by ourselves for our benefits. They have nothing to offer but they are pure evils and criminals against us operating behind media and journalism.

    Chinese did spend more than 103 billion dollar in 2014 in foreign countries as tourists. Russians are second with 96 billion while japans, Germans and other from Asia are among the top travelers as tourists. So, Ethiopians must know who is who when they are talking about developing their tourism industry which is the most sensitive and dangerous business if you don’t know how to handle and get benefits from. Ethiopians need to learn everything about tourism related issues from china, Russia, Japan, Germany and so on as these people are the biggest tourist nations and could become the biggest numbers with tourists in Ethiopia. You will learn nothing good and gets no benefits but destroying your nation in the name of tourism if you are operating with tourism or other knowledge coming from England, others in the regions and USA that is not known with traveling as pure tourists but using tourism for different reasons as some western do as well.

    Again. Congratulation to Ato Hailemariam for his re election as PM and Ethiopia for having a new government without any incident including during the election process despite the enemies were preparing for years to create chaos in the country using Ethiopians(among the others so called Semawawi party and activists/bloggers) against Ethiopians and Ethiopia. This has to be the new dawn the new government starting to have a new and workable foreign policy and relations concentrating with useful and trustworthy nations like china, Russia, Germany, Japan and the likes in Asia.

    Stopping the kind of agreement that is allowing coming the so called peace core and others that are in the country for their own things against us while pretending differently must be the must issue to stop it completely as soon as possible. Ethiopia needs foreigners those are working in the sectors that are producing products while causing no what so ever problems intentionally and behaving the Ethiopian ways in Ethiopia as they are demanding us to be their ways in their countries.

    Foreigners being in the country doing anything with talks including in the name of businesses, investment or Medias using their languages and approaches in our own place instead of ours must be stopped and never allowed long times ago. Ethiopia has millions tongs that can talk lots and communicate easily and quickly in the Ethiopians ways. So, there is no need foreigners come in the country to talk and communicate with us in foreign languages and approaches. Ethiopia needs foreigners that are better than them creating useful and practical products engaging in the real economic sectors and creating real values as the Chinese and others are doing.

    Good luck Ato Hailemariam. This is our century and we are the ones making or breaking it. We have lots of reasons and abilities to make it working the best ways for us working together with useful and trustworthy nations like China and others while avoiding the bad ones (that are trying to keep us down, weak and independent including for basic things) starting from the western Medias and Journalists.

    God bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    Hopefuly the next election Ethiopa should Eritrean free country. Atleast A.A. for Medrek also Tigray for Arena. To kick them out the Shaebia agents from these area for security. H M is sarounded by Eritreans. Simon. Sibhat . Niway. Sand his wife.. like Arkebe .Mesfin. Girma wives are eritresns too.Viva Meles and Sibhat effert. Think for security of the country. You don’t know what’s going on. Don’t trust EPRDF according Eritrea

  3. abel says:

    The Tigray fascist leads from the back side. Hailemariam is a symbolic leader who has no say in Ethiopian politics. The gun rules in Ethiopian politics! which is true in any autocratic dictatorship government system! the gun is in the hand of Tigray war lords. All military and security apparatus are controlled by the minority leaders from Tigray. What we have in Ethiopia is minority fascism, what I call it “Tigray fascism”. They are good at picking servile puppets from other society, if they don’t serve what the Tigray fascist says, they have a dire consequences.

    Most Ethiopian knows it, and still striving to abolish this system and replace it with emerging democratic system. The People suffered more than enough under subsequent military dictatorship and the current Tigray hegemony. I think at some point the citizen will find a way to burry the Tigray fascism. Till then, let them kill, rape, jail, and loot whatever they want!


  4. D says:

    First of all, congratulation pm hd. In your new term I hope and pray you’ll reverse the historical mistake that is done by Ato meles and restore Ethiopian’s port back to where it belongs.

  5. Semir says:

    icon. Mr. Hailemariyam. I wish you the best for you and Ethiopia. Please make corrup

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