Ethiopian Airlines receives CAPA Airline of the Year Award


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  1. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    Big love to the Ethiopian airline and lots of respects and admirations to the airline workers.

    The Time has passed demanding the Ethiopian airlines to calm down, take a deep breath and have another critical and smart looks about the long term strategy and future of the international aviation sector. The eminent coming of the new types and quality of air planes from other part of the world like China and others also must be seen as an issue challenging the current behavior that is continuing buying new planes from USA and Europe.

    This kind decision will get the airlines down soon rather than letter if it is continuing buying new planes with the hard currency huge debts and high interest rates while having only very limited long term vision. Hope remains only with hope if it is not conducted effectively and efficiently getting always busy based on facts and realities on the ground. The future of the airlines aviation markets/routes must be always in the certain long term reach before having new planes for that purpose.

    USA economy might be the biggest in the world. However, in reality it is not a net USA economy but a debt economy it has to be paid back with billions of interests every month. It is the same with other western economies like UK, too. The biggest problem to Greek and other struggling and bailed nations is having an economy based on unacceptable debts.

    Therefore, the Ethiopian airlines needs to hold on for a while from buying new airplanes because of they are getting them with lending money that requires huge interest returns. Instead they have to use the existing airplanes effectively and efficiently while restudying again and again the future aviations situation in Africa and the world at large knowing the so called budget airlines from Europe are looking to control the African airlines in Africa with goal to destroy the native African airlines by having basses in the two always remained colonized nations such as Kenya and South Africa.

    Directing and re-directing the Ethiopian airlines visions for the next 25 years is a must. Asia as far as to the Far East and Africa will be the only viable market for Ethiopian airlines. Forget about Europe. They are looking to control the African aviations including its route with the rest of the world including Asia. They are suffering very dearly being concentrating only in Europe, USA and also because of fierce computations coming from the tiny nations in the Gulf such as Emirates, Qatar airlines and Etihad. It is the same with USA Airlines that are plenty in numbers and looking markets beyond USA, Canada, Europe and so on. Africa is a target to them, too.

    The Gulf airlines are run by the English and west. There is no reason to believe Qatar that has less than 300.000 native citizens and UAE that has less than 1.5 million natives be able to have the air lines they are having and making them working by themselves. But the entire activities the airlines from these nations are running by the English and other western Europeans that are getting busy to control the African aviation with goal to destroy the continent native aviations.

    What do we expect from the English and their types from Europe other than this when it comes to Africa and its people? They are corrupting and buying the brainless and monkey look like officials in order to get the nations aviations under the none African aviations control.

    Ethiopian airlines need to have another looks including introducing a kind of budget airlines at least in Ethiopia, Africa and ME. China is producing new planes. That means the new airplanes markets have to be no more only from USA and Europe.

    Don’t be blind and also get exciting when you are getting more planes with huge debt and high interest returns. This kind approach will take the airlines down soon rather than later. Think about it before it is too late.

    After all what makes the difference and the decisive factors are not only having lots of air planes but how to use them effectively and efficiently by having the best strategy to win the aviation computation in international levels mainly in our continent and its relationship with Asia and may be South America in the future and also trying not to be defeated in North America with its route to Africa.

    Keeping always warm and alive the Ethiopian Airlines deep rooted relationship with Ethiopians and happy feeling with Africans is very essential. This has to get more attention with the airlines involvements such as with sponsoring and doing PR effectively and often when it requires.

    Thank You the great and brave Russia for saving the Syrians from the savage monsters and standing for the world peace, security and humanity. Thank you for totally naked exposing the true nature of the west mainly USA and England. #Watch RT (Russian TV).

    Stop having anything to do with all western Medias mainly those using English language. They are full of lies and propaganda shits controlled, owned and run by the Jews. BBC is the mother of all among the western evil Medias that are all of them and their criminal journalists/spy agents are the barbaric enemies of nations, citizens and humanity mainly in Africa.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

  2. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    “Ethiopian Airlines hires several Chinese hostesses”

    This is it. Wise thinking, brilliant idea and smart move. Ethiopian airlines operating with Ethiopians and Chinese hostesses working together as one team for the same goal worth more than getting one or more Boeing 787 dream liners for free. The reason why Ethiopian airlines having airplanes is making them working the best ways and make the airlines one of the best in the world. The best market for Ethiopian airlines is and particularly in the future will be the aviation roots between Africa and Asia as far as to Japan. China is the epic centre and heart of the whole issues including other development sectors. Russia also will be the best market in the long run.

    The Ethiopian tourism industry and others must follow this remarkable move done by the Ethiopian airlines. Speaking mandarin, having Chinese ways/best hospitalities, Chinese cosines, and other useful things from china together with what Ethiopia has and making them working in the Ethiopian ways can serve Ethiopia to be the best tourist destination for Chinese, Asians and others too including Russians that are doing only tourism when they are coming as tourists unlike others that are using tourism for bad, negative and criminal activities.

    Make sure, our Chinese sisters and brothers getting the best welcome treatments that make them the unified parts among Ethiopian colleagues. Facilitate and motivate them to learn Amharic and adopt with the Ethiopians culture while keeping alive theirs as Ethiopians have to do in China too. This is the way how to develop the people to people relationship without any bad feeling against one another and lead to the solid foundation for the long term relationship between the two ancient, friendly and beautiful nations.

    Instead of having any one in the name of peace core, journalism, volunteer attached with the embassy, NGO, Charities, Institutions, bad investment and whatever name they are using when they are coming from the west mainly USA and England, having this kind open, workable and Ethiopian initiated relationship with China and others is what Ethiopia needs and officials have to do including the foreign ministry that is responsible about every relationship Ethiopia is doing beyond her boarders.

    English language must be one of the many foreign languages in Ethiopia in the 21-century. 70 years ago that is before the fascist aggression against Ethiopia, no one was speaking English but French was the visible foreign language in Ethiopia. The 21-century Ethiopian generation needs to love, respect, use and develop everything what Ethiopian is and has while learning very important foreign languages in the 21-century such as Mandarin, Russian, Arabic( a Semitic language like Amharic) and other important languages must be in the school curriculum starting from the elementary schools.

    languages like English must be seen as imported products belongs to foreigners that have no what so ever respect to us but the root cause of all troubles and setbacks we have been through since 1868. Because of them we have lost many things including ancient Ethiopia that is known with sea and ocean coasts became land locked. The BBC lead English speaking medias and journalists crimes against Ethiopia is enormous and long standing including intentionally, continuously and repeatedly damaging the nation image and undermining the citizens.

    Don’t learn English to use it to speak but to get knowledge written in English and use them in the Ethiopians way using Ethiopian languages. The best schools and knowledge including books are in Asia. Ethiopia needs not a foreign language like English to use it as a communication tool but knowledge in science, math, engineering, technology and so on to use them in Ethiopians ways communicating in Ethiopian home born and made Tongs.

    BBC must not allowed to be in Ethiopia doing what we know they are doing which is delivering nothing good to Ethiopia but it is here for the establishment interest and agenda imposing on us. We know it is there for reasons to affect our society and destroy what we Ethiopians have for our own. Let BBC leave Ethiopia and go to hell. We don’t need it for anything but it is there by itself to affect us in many ways which is the reason they are there the first place.

    So, move on and be free from the known enemies that are still there pretending as if they are for good reasons but we know who they are and what they are doing for real. They are there for their own secret plans and agenda be implemented on us. We know that. This is the time to say them good bye and let them know the lines they cannot cross and their place in our country as they blatantly show us our places in their countries down to hell where garbage and trashes are. Ethiopia needs like Chinese, Japanese and so on those are coming to Ethiopia to be part of the society adopting the nation’s culture, traditions and learning the African born common language; Amharic. Russians are also coming for good reasons not to spy or impose their things on us with goal to damage the scarcity targeting women, girls and youth by corrupting the officials to allow them as those the known ones with these kind behaviors are doing always.

    The English speaking ones are coming to teach us learning English in our own country and telling us not to speak ours but theirs that is not representing any black person anywhere let alone in Africa/Ethiopia. They are there for years, but they even don’t try to adopt our ways. When someone goes to their place, the first things they are demanding is to learn and speak their languages. But they are not even trying learning others languages when they are coming in other countries including Ethiopia.

    Lets the brave and hardworking Chinese brothers and sisters continuing coming to Ethiopia with skills, good manners and respect and effectively and efficiently work together with Ethiopians feeling both of them as one citizen whether they are in Ethiopia or china. Let other sectors learn from this and bring the active and smart Chinese workers to work together with Ethiopians for work ethnics and relationship knowledge transfer. Chine became the way she is, is not by nature or abandoned raw materials like having oil, gas or other materials but because of the citizens smartness, bravery and determination achieving anything in each and every direction they are involving with starting from the young age at school. Ethiopians must and can learn lots from Chinese students, workers and others that are knowledgeable, experienced, skilful and useful individuals.

    They are loving, respecting and relaying on what is theirs and on themselves; not on those the known slave masters, colonizers, looters, discriminatory, criminals engaging with so many crimes including having inhuman behaviors and trying to infect with others too, as the dumb Africans including Ethiopians are doing for years despite they know it is working very much against them and making their situations the ways they are for centuries. Ethiopians must love, respect, use and develop what is Ethiopian while copying and learning the good ones from abroad particularly from China and others from the east that are having the normal human norms, values and life.

    Ethiopians do have lots in common with Asians particularly Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and so on including with behaviors, characters and also being ancient people too. Ethiopians also have lots in common with Russian including both are following the orthodox religion where Russian is the biggest while Ethiopia is the second biggest Orthodox nations.

    The Ethiopian tourism, media including EBC, News papers, Bloggers; schools, universities and so on need to learn from the Ethiopian airlines best move and they need to hire brave and smart Chinese engineers, scientists, workers and scholars for knowledge transfer, work ethics and other important issues that are deciding the nations achievements in all sectors and aspects.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need for real those coming in the country organized by foreign governments and working closely with their embassies such as what the peace core, volunteers, NGO, aid agencies, charities, journalists and whatever name they are having are doing. They are there for their own agenda and plan in our country to implement on us while the Chinese are coming in Ethiopia with Ethiopian request and they are doing things based on the Ethiopian plan, wish and total control.

    Best move by the Ethiopian airlines. Try to make them feel at home and part of the Ethiopian society including by motivating and facilitating to get culture and languages lessons. That would make them really part of the society knowing Chinese are not coming to impose their things on us like those…. are. Instead of only English they need to learn Amharic, too knowing they are not always on the sky but living among Ethiopians by being part of the Ethiopian society. Chinese and many Asians are not speaking English and are not interested at all in the 21-century. They are proud and wise people always using their own things that make them themselves and gives them the best facilities including using their own languages in their own countries.

    Them learning English must be seen as serving them to communicate with African and other travelers but not to use it as a communication tool with Ethiopian in Ethiopia. The future communication between chins and Ethiopian must be conducted in mandarin and/or Amharic. This will/can be achieved within few years’ strong commitment and 100% efforts from both sides. Ethiopians that are speaking mandarin and Chinese that are speaking Amharic will be the chosen ones and the best individuals to hire them in China or Ethiopia. Ethiopian students must know this and have to prepare for it at school learning mandarin while improving their Amharic skills in the highest levels.
    Learning Russian language at school levels must be seen learning one of the best useful foreign languages alongside with mandarin knowing Ethiopians and Russians have lots in common and the future is bright for both of them coming closer and working together including with people to people relationship.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

  3. i want to ethiopian airline hostess

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