Ethiopia appeals for food aid following Poor Harvests


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15 Responses

  1. wechewgud says:

    Is this the result of the past 10 years double digit growth? how embarrassing it is.

    • Beza says:

      There are so many countries which are affected by Alninnio. So what is a big deal. The government is doing great to save it’s people. What did you do in your part? You guys even don’t know the difference between famine and drought. You don’t see the television screens in America, there are so many hungry people on the streets of America.

      • Ermi says:

        Lol. Repeating the same logic your fifth graders bosses use to justify the the famine.
        In simple terms, famine is when people are dying of starvation and drought is when there is not enough rain. Drought doesn’t always cause famine – like in Americas, Djibouti, Or Ghana. They can easily buy all the food they need cause they are economically grown by 11%, kkkkkkk. On the other hand, famine always occurs in a country like Ethiopia where 5the graders rule with a false claims of 11% economic growth with false claims of record harvest just announced by the fake prime minister few weeks ago.

        Anyways, keep begging you beggars. That is your destiny.

        Peace to all but woyanes!


  2. D says:

    What’s the point a having double digits growing, if it doesn’t trickle down to the average people?

  3. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    “Climate shocks are common in Ethiopia and often cause poor or failed harvests that lead to acute food shortages.”

    This is not only misleading but a lie. Ethiopia is the least affected nation with climate shocks than any nation particularly in Africa. How many rivers does she have? How many lakes are there? How much ground water does she have? How many of them are in use for irrigation, drinking and….?

    The problem is not the climate but the so called people in the 21-century that are still totally dependent on nature like the animals in the wild do. When there is enough rains, animals in the wild do eat enough grass/leaves, drinks water and feel good about life and themselves, too. .But when there is no enough rain, they starve and die. This is a natural phenomenon what is going on with Animals and plants.

    But when people in the 21-century behaves the same way the animals do, then we have to say they are not humans but backward and primitive animals dependent on others including nature rather than being humans and do the human things/activities by themselves with efforts as much as it takes.

    How much rainfall gets other African countries?
    Except the democratic R. Congo, all of them are getting much less than Ethiopia does.
    Which African nation does have the best climate to work, get huge results and make the best living than Ethiopia? None.

    Ethiopia is the best place to live and make the best living thanks to the highland that is 73% of the entire African highlands is in Ethiopia. Highland particularly in the tropic like Ethiopia is serving the living being like a natural air condition making the warm summer cooler and it is the source of rain. Highland is created because of the outburst of the earth from inside out. Meaning it is fertile and mineral reach. Ethiopian highland in the tropic which is the best part of earth is like the coldest and biggest mountain in Europe and North America covered with snow and ice in the winter.

    So, don’t blame the climate in Ethiopia causing anything bad or negative. The problem is human made. The people including those so called leaders and officials are still silly, weak, brainwashed, backward and primitive. Palaces that had been built 400 years ago in Gonder are still standing. But the buildings that are built less than a year ago in Gonder are crumbling. Who is the cause here? Is that nature/the climate? Those responsible are still free continuing doing what they are good at doing criminal activities instead of hunting them down and pay the consequences as the great, patriotic and smart Chinese are doing starting from the top to down till not a single criminal is left engaging with these kind cheap and dangerous activities.

    The so called Mayer of Gonder was asked about the very poor and dangerous quality of so called buildings in residential areas. You know what he said “it is the Kilil responsibilities, not mine”. He said openly and it was to see from his ugly face too that he even don’t care when the city he is responsible as Mayer badly affected that way. If he was someone with brain and carries the responsibilities, he would get mad about and take the lead in order to hunt down all the responsible including those the talk groups and doing nothing lazy and criminals so called officials sheltering in offices in Bahir Dar instead of working in fields and sits that are creating jobs, real values and economies.

    How much rain falls Egypt is getting per year? Almost nothing.
    95% Egypt’s territory is worthless desert, nothing grows there naturally. 97% Ethiopian territory which is about 1.1 million KM2 or 110 million hectare land is fertile and suitable to grow anything naturally and with modern agriculture human activities. Egypt’s populations is the same as Ethiopian population about 90 million.

    But they are not asking any food aid because of they don’t get rain. Instead, they are demanding and warning Ethiopians not to use their rivers for the sake of Egypt and instead they have to continue living in poverty, get weak, ask food aid, starve or die. The so called our some officials are agreeing with Egypt plan and proposals and they are continuing begging food from abroad while their country is the best place for farming and agriculture if there are humans there doing the humans jobs behaving as humans in the 21-century do.

    Our so called leaders and officials are busy thinking about and happily kneeling down and worshiping others in order to get aid from those are not willing to help them for real but keeping them the way they are as long as it takes if not worst rather than cleaning their dirty brain, weak mentality, backward behavior and laziness in order to create and make by themselves the things the population need.

    Look at them. They are just talking too much and sitting in offices making damaging policies instead of taking the lead and organizing the population to work effectively and efficiently 365 days a year including using irrigation and growing food items that are ready to be eaten within 2 and three months period after plantation including potatoes. .

    But they don’t do that. Because it is not only the right thing to but also the easiest. Instead they are thinking too much about and working hard how to beg others. Fuck all of them except the PM, Debretsion, Redwan, Defense Minister and the agriculture minister that is trying his best.

    This is the best day to those from USA, UK and those none stop praying to Satan in order to see Ethiopia facing the situation as she is today. This is the harvest and feast moment to the evil and demon USA and English so called…. agencies and journalists most of them if not all of them are the Jews and spy agents. Just closely watch them what they are going to do against our country and the society using this situation as best opportunity for their plan and agenda in Ethiopia.

    The government is also there to facilitate them instead of confronting the situation the best ways by itself working with useful and important nations like China in order to solve not only what is going on this time but in the long run to defeat it forever. Meaning minimizing being dependent on nature and making the farmers producing with quality, quantity and variety throughout the year. It is also very important having the best relationship and connections between producers/farmers and consumers.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

  4. Tesfalehulum says:

    Appealing for food aid?….hahahahaha…..where’s the “double digit” development?…where is the food sufficiency 24/7 deafening brag and propaganda from Hailemariam to the mini cadres?
    Thank you for Ethiopians around the globe for exposing the devastating famine and the scope that weyane and its mecienries trired to cover up for a long time.

    Time proves weyane’s “millinum transformation” and “double digit development” is hollow and cheap propaganda.

    May God’s mercy be upon Ethiopia and Ethiopians!

    • Solomon says:

      Bands shabia telalaki Tesfalhulme ,l am sure you and bands bosses essays happy to see,
      But I want Ethiopian government to solve the this prabelme as fast passibel.
      Not like banda Hali Selassie to feed lions meat when people is hungri.

  5. muleta says:

    wedet hijea lsaq…mesaq amaregn….kkkkkkkkk…bedgami…kkkkkkkkk……

  6. Slick says:

    The worest thing about this famine is the demography. It used to be Tigrai and wollo and part of north east Ethiopia . In year 2015 after 23 years of looting woyane has managed to take Tigrai out of famine zone. Instead the most fertile land of south and south western Ethiopia has become famine zone.

    • Solomon says:

      Mr Slick, you are hatefully human bing .it doesn’t matter where the Hanger is. they all ethiopian.
      To you only it matters where the hangers are.
      Dadabe naftagna (ahaya).

  7. Agazit Woman says:

    Many so called returnees from Diaspora Ethiopians are being found responsible for the fueling of illegal corruption and money laundering from Ethiopia leaving most Ethiopians in poverty eventhough the country’s economy is experiencing record level economic growth.

    Diasporas are urged to report any suspected illegal activities by calling the telephone number for the federal commission at Tips-off +251115527781 / +251115527774 / +251115529100(Ex 232) or reporting online by going to the the link below

    Eventhough the economy is growing the majority of Ethiopians are loosing their financial security to corrupt diaspora businessmen. Diaspora returnee busineemen are responsible for the looting the human labor force for little to nothing compensation with undafe work environment lotting other natural resources for little to no prices only to benefit their profits in foreign bank accounts .that is why the Commission urges official to prevent corruption

    (FEACC, Addis Ababa)- The Commissioner of the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission of Ethiopia (FEACC) on 18 September 2015 urged government officials to effectively prevent and combat corruption and improprieties in their respective offices.

    Speaking in press conference on the annual performance of the commission in his office, the commissioner stressed the need for preventing corruption in each and every public office through the active participation of the employees and the leadership of the officials.

    According to the commissioner, raising public awareness on the threats of corruption was vitally important. The commissioner said that the FEACC offered Ethical and Anti-corruption education for thouthends of Ethiopians in budget year.

    The commission also reviewed 83 working procedures in different public offices and enterprises and put forward corrective measures. By doing so, the commission managed to protect 645,015,929 Birr from being stolen through corruption.

    The commission also mentioned that the FEACC registered the assets of more than 95,000 elected persons, appointees and civil servants.

    The commission also received 3038 reports of corruption from whistleblowers. The FEACC pressed charges against 434 suspects and 374 of them were convicted, raising the convicted rate to 86.2%.

  8. Hailu Shawel says:

    More and more sons of farmer parents are being disobedient to their parents in Ethiopia which is making the Ethio-Eritrea boarder problem worse than it already is. Many sons are leaving their elderly parents to starve while they go in exile with no form of communication from their destination. Family councilors need to engage fully in dialogue between fathers and sons to stop this epidemic of communication break down within families of farmers in Ethiopia . Lack of communication between farmers and their children is fueling the severity of the drought. Many children are stopping any form of communication with their farmer parents which is leading to many societal , economical and political problems among Ethiopians. Sons of farmers within Ethiopia need to be heard to adrress the issue why the children of mostly farming families choose not to communicate with their own birth parents? Counciling and compromising is the only solution to reverse the severity of the problem within the the farming community which is almost the whole population of Ethiopia. The negative effect of the family break down is being exhibited heavily among Ethiopian society everyday.

  9. wedinakfa says:

    Let them eat cake is back yes Addis has grown looking ramshackle and the country side is left to dry out, good job woy-ane boys, what did the chuwawa said “in 15 years time Ethiopians will have 3 meals a day” now let along 1 or 3 meals a day they are going to bed empty stomach as ever hands stretching surrounded by flies’ well done Chu, wish you where here instead of you are in HELL, perhaps you deserve!!!

    Amba stop shading tears to this dead man mêlées but cry for your mum and papa and the child who is going empty bells, who never new full belly!!

    Amba lets see your humanity and question your consciousness if any at all!!!

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