ANDM to Celebrate 35th Anniversary (Video)


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9 Responses

  1. us for us with us says:

    Just put aside how, why and based on what reason is Kilil created 20 years ago and by whom. We just put aside whether it was right or wrong, legal or illegal having kilil in Ethiopia the way it is. We have to see its creation based on the economic benefits meaning it is an Economic administration within Ethiopia. And Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians with no kilil or whatever boundaries to decide or limit their presence or activities within their country all over the country.

    When we come to the Ethiopian economic administrations or Kilils, the Amhara Kilil is the richest with abandoned fresh water/ rain falls, fertile soil mixed with different types of minerals, nice weather throughout the year and breathtaking landscape. There is no a single centimeter size desert or worthless territory to be found there. Even high mountains that look like the untouchables and worthless are the most valuable natural gifts because of they are the source rains, mineral rich soil, good weather and best landscape.

    The region has clearly three types of zones based on the sea levels namely; Dega, Woeina Dega and Qolla. This means it is the best place to grow anything can grow because of each zone has own soil type and quality, weather pattern and water availability/rain falls. This means it is the best place for modern agriculture as it has been the main farming region for thousands years.

    This Economic administration is also rich and suitable for new types of development activities i.e. industry. Industry or modern society without energy (clean) is like life without the air to breath and water to drink or use it for existence. Ethiopia has 45-60.000MW hydro energy potential. More than 75% of it is located or the water comes from this region. Even most of the Tekeze river water comes from wollo, Gonder and Simeien Mountain. The region also has different types of minerals and expensive stones like Gold, diamond, iron, copper and so on that are still buried under the hills and mountains.

    When it comes to the land or territory size matters nothing but the quality of it based on the natural gifts including the weather. The Amhara region is naturally gifted with different kinds of best circumstances to work day and night throughout the year and produce quality with variety products where agriculture is and has to be always the core of development.

    It is bigger than England, Wales and North Ireland in combined. Its population is about 20 million while England, Wales and North Ireland in combined have about 60 million despite they are less than the size of the amhara region that has no desert or snow at all but the best weather and working and living conditions than them. The amount of fresh water on Lake Tana alone is more than the entire fresh water England has including rivers, lakes and rain falls.

    The point is this and these so called leaders have to get it. They must stop sitting too long and talking too much nonsense but standing up as long as it takes and getting busy day and night to make things done using the region best natural gifts including the people. . They must stop talking about having foreign investors while they are sitting but organizing their own efforts together with the citizens in order to do the jobs by themselves. Having coca cola as foreign investor is not really a kind of job or policy coming from anyone says he is a leader but dumb and criminals have no brain and commitment at all fulfilling the responsibilities they are caring.

    Having, hiring or working together with Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Russians, German, Italians, Indians and the likes experts and scholars is the best way and million times safer and better than having the kind of investors or whatever names they are having that are coming for their own agenda and plan including making money while engaging with products that are affecting the public health and damaging the environment. Death to coca cola before it killing the environment including the rivers and lakes and damaging the pubic health.

    This region has currently 4.5 million Hectare farming land in use. Its potential for traditional agriculture products i.e. cereals and grains is more than ten million hectare. That means if they be able to increase the output per hectare at least 30 quintals before reaching 50 or more in the long run, the current output has to be more than 135 million quintals only in one season. If they use irrigation and better methods, the output can reach more than 200 million quintals only from the existing amount of farming land.

    One person needs an average of 4 quintals a year. That means this region can produce for the nations more than 120 million quintal cereals and grains above its own consumption. If they increase the farming land; using marsh lands/valleys and healing the degraded lands along sides with productivities using better seeds and methods and intensity (producing more times a year on the same plot of land), the region has the potential of producing up to 500 million quintal cereals and grains a year.

    It is also the best place for cash crops including for quality coffee, different types of spies, flowers, animal husbandry mainly sheep, cattle and goats thanks to the hills and mountains that are the source of rain and good weather.

    What these leaders have to do is stop talking too much nonsense but always acting doing the jobs by themselves organizing the citizens the best ways. They must stop thinking too much about foreign investment and investors coming to do the jobs they have to do by themselves being as normal and equal human beings to anyone including those coming from abroad to do jobs in our country after finishing their jobs at home.

    The region is the best place for agriculture that is no longer feeding only the living including the population but industry, too. They must develop their agriculture capacities and capabilities with new and the 21-century vision working together with foreign experts like Japanese, Chinese, Germans, Italians, Indians and so on relaying and fully using own graduates in order to feed not only the nation population but also the nation manufactories and industries.

    Size matters nothing as we know how big is the empty and hostile Sahara or Antarctic/northern Europe but the quality of the land/region based on the amount of water/rainfall it is having, fertile soil, weather and landscape that is deciding the kind of zones i.e. cold, warm or hot where this region have all three close to each other from top to down based on the sea levels.

    This celebration has to be the best preparation and 100% determination for the future in order to build the country/region with own efforts rather than talking too much about something happened 35 years ago.
    However, you deserve to get the Congratulation wishes for the good things you have done in the past knowing today will be Yesterday or history when it is taken over by tomorrow.

  2. Tesfalehulum says:

    ANDM is weyane’s mercenary and loyal puppy. ANDM plays a pivotal role in the massacre of Amharas from Arba Gugu, Bedeno, Asasa, Ambo, to Benishagul. The top leadership of ANDM is known for degrading and demonizing Amharas calling the 40+ million people “Legagam.” To add more to the insult, 80% of the top ANDM leadership are not Amharas. Under ANDM the land of Amhara people is forcefully overtaken and part of it is given for Sudan as a thank you for supporting for decades weyane’s notorious agenda of dismantling Ethiopia’s unity.
    Justice will be served soon or later…..until then keep the looting spree and the insult…….
    God bless Ethiopia!

    • ethoash says:


      i thoght u were preaching none ethnic Ethiopian-ism what happened u r accusing ANDM not being an Amhara i thought u believe in Ethiopian-ism so why ask the leader ethnic … otherwise u cant blame the oromo when they organized themselves using their own ethnic

  3. real says:

    Bereket is a member of TPLF? or ANDM? I saw him in the foundation anverssary of TPLF in Dedebit. Instead of February or Aregawi. And now in ANDM in Bahardar. Or for both. Is that dual membership or citizenship?

  4. real says:

    Instead of Gebru or Aregawi

  5. በለው ! says:

    >>> ታላቁ መሪ አቶ መለስ ምን አሉ..አማራ ስለጠፋ አማራ ሚባልን ቡድን በአመለካካት እንዲወክሉ ብለን…ተፋራ ዋልዋን ከከፋ…ደጉ አንዳርጋቸውን ከቅይጥ…ደመቀ መኮንን ከወሎ አሮሞ ጫፍ…አዲሱ ለገሠ ከሀሪና በረከት ስምዖን የጎንደር ኤርትራዊ…ዓለምው መኮንን ከአገው ጡምራ…..በህወአት ማኒፌስቶ ተጠመቁ ዓማራ ሆኑ!! ታማኝ ታጋይ.. አታጋይ ገዳይ…እነሱ አማራን እየለበለቡ ትግሬ ጠበሰው ይላሉ!? ውሸት!!!!
    ..ያ የፈረደበት መስፍን ወልደማርያም “አማራ የለም ቢኖር ህወአት፣ ኦንግና ኦብነግ አድርባይ ደቡቦዎች እየተቀባበሉ አይፈጁትም፣ ሲሞት፣ ሲደድ፣ ሲፈናቀል፣ ዘሩ ሲባክን ሲመክን ዝም አይልም ነበር።”
    *** ዛሬም እንደደርግ ዘመን ጎንደርን መላኩ ተፈራ የወላድ መካን እንዳደረገው ብአዴን “በውክልና ውክልና” አማርኛ ተናጋሪ እንደቅጠል እየረገፈ የበይ ተመልካች ለመሆኑ ጥንት ለለውጥ ብለው ጉልበታቸውን፣ ንብረታቸውን፣ደርግን ለማስወገድ ሴት ወንድ አፈር ቅሞ ባሩድ አሽትቶ፣ ሴት ልጆቻቸውን ሳይቀር ለነፃ አውጭ የገበሩ ገበሬዎች ዛሬ የሚበላ የሚጠጣ እንደሌላቸው በአይጋ ፎረም ላይ ይናገራሉ።ነፃ አውጭዎቻቸው በህንፃ ላይ እንጣ ልጆቻቸው ውጭ ሀገር ይማራሉ፣ ይኖራሉ፣ዘመዶቻቸው ገበያውን በሞኖፖሊ ይዘው በአፓርታይድ መንደር ለመኖራቸው የትግራይ ሕዝብም ተናግሯል። ለመሆኑ ፱ሚሊየን ሕዝብ የዓለም እጅ እየለመነ ፣መንግስት ስንዴ ለመግዛት ከሀገር ሀገር ሲሮጥ..፲፬ ሚሊየን ቋሚ ተመፅዋች እያለ…. ፵፭ ከመቶ ሥራ አጥ የተሸከመ የወሮ በላ ቡድን ፳፭ዓመት የድንቁርና መጯጯህ ጭፈራና ቀረርቶ ዳግማዊ ደርግ….!!
    ለህዝባችን ክብር! ሠላም! በቀን ሶስት ተመጣጣኝ ምግብ! ለተራቡ ቅድሚያ የነፍስ ማዳን፣ ዘመኑ እየለመኑ የጉራ ችርቸራ አላስፈላጊ የሕዝብ ንብረት ፮፻፷፭ ቀን ማናፋት ማቆም አለበት።” በቡሃ ላይ ቆረቆር ።”

  6. Visitor says:

    ላሊበላ ከታች ፋሲለደስ ከላይ
    አንደኛው ከመሬት ሌላኛው ከሰማይ
    ለስጋና ለነፍስ የሠሩበት ቦታ
    ጀግንነት በጠላት ከወዳጅ ጨዋታ፡
    መሬቱ ከመሬት ከፍ ያለ ተፈጥሮው
    ጋራ፡ ሸንተረሩ፡ ሸለቆ፡ ተራራው
    ምንጭ፡ ወንዝ፡ ሀይቁ፡ ነጎድጓድ ወዠቦው
    አረንጓዴ መሬት ገነት ልምላሜው

    የዚህ አይነት ቦታ መልካም ታሪክ ያለው
    የሺህ ዘመን ሥራ ምልክት የሆነው
    ባለው እያከሉ ሲገባው መበልፀግ
    አርደው የሚበሉት ይመስላል እንደ በግ፡
    ፋሲለደስ ህንፃ እድሜው አራት መቶ
    የጎንደር ኮንደምኔም ሲፈርስ፡ ሲሸት ገምቶ
    ምንድን ይጠበቃል ከዚህ አይነት ትውልድ
    ሊያፈርስ ከሚሰራ ከሚያሰኝ እግዚኦ፡ ጉድ

    ተፈጥሮ በብለጫ የሰጠውን ቦታ
    ለጥቅም መገልገል መስራት ጠዋት ማታ
    በራስ ላይ በማመን ራስ መሆን ለራስ
    ስራን ሁሉ መስራት የሚያስመስል ቅዱስ፡
    ይህ ሆኖ እያለ መንገዱ ብቸኛው
    መሪ ነን ለሚሉት የመምራት ስራቸው
    በኢንቨስተር ስም ሀገርን ለውጭ ሲያስረክቡ
    ለሁሉም ባለመብት ታላቅ ይመስላሉ

    የሀገርን ስራ ትንሹን፡ ትልቁን
    እንደ ቀልድ እያየን ለውጮች ከሰጠን
    የኛነት ሰውነት ዜግነት የት ላይ ነው
    የመኖር ትርጉምን የሚሰጥ ምንድን ነው
    እኛ ከሱ ሳንችል የውጭ አይቻል ከኛ
    የውጭ ግንኙነት አይሁነን ደመኛ
    እኛ እንሁን ለኛ የሀገርን ስራ እንስራ
    በውጭ ሰው አንጨልም በኛ ስራ እንብራ

    የስራችን ጥራት፡ አይነት፤ ብዛትና ውጤት
    መለኪያ ይሁኑን ለኛነት ሰውነት
    በእንግሊዝ፡ ይሁዳ፡ አሜሪካ አይነቱ
    ሀገር አትሁን እርኩስ፡ ህዝብ አይክፋ ህይወቱ፡፡

  7. Tatek says:

    As the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) readies to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of its founding, it is time to dispatch ‘’Happy Anniversary’’ cards, as any birth day is always special. That being said, one could literally sense so many points that beg solid explanations both from the ANDM leadership and those who claim to possess something far more important in store for the Amhara people than the ANDM. One basic argument that is constantly made in the media is that because there was no such thing as an Amhara people, the notion that the Amhara people need a political organization in their name was irrelevant. Well if this were the case, what was all the fuss and the volcanic fire about that followed the 1991 Peace Conference by politicians like Prof Indiriyas Eshete and Hailu Shawel, who argued the mushrooming of political parties in the skirt of ethnic Nationalism necessitated a counter-balancing Amhara voice on the table — lest any Amhara interest would be thrown into the back seat of the national political agenda. This motion led to the formation of the All Amhara Peoples Organization (AAPO) which was brought into life to counter the deadly threat of OLF and TPLF and their satanic agenda to break the country into pieces. Frankly, OLF and TPLF were two bulls who were not ready to share a cow’s shed and the dangers they posed to our nation’s very existence was undeniable. But I wondered how forming a parallel ethnic organization could counter the threat of another ethnic nationalism in any way. The rules of politics were transparently clear that no political sickness could be cured from the same perspectives that caused it in the first place. Most of the people who argue that ANDM was a creature of TPLF and didn’t represent the Amhara people had been the same ones who had been die-hard supporters of the AAPO — before AAPO lost any influence and discarded itself to the dust bin of history. Both the ANDM and AAPO were ethnic organizations and there couldn’t be any substantive and rational argument against this. If politics were about substance, that Bahir Dar doesn’t dance with anyone who plays an ethnic card simply wouldn’t hold any juice for the same reasons stated above. If the issue was about who really wields the mantle of leadership of the ethnic party in question rather than the ethnic party itself, it might make sense that an Oromo in Hailu Shawel who was born in Shewa and is at least inches away from Bahir Dar is far better suitable than Adisu Legessie, another Oromo born in Harrar which is way far from Bahir Dar. But this purely argues in favor of the fact that those who keep accusing the OLF, TPLF and perhaps the late Colonel Meles Zenawi of erecting a politics of ethnicity, hatred, division and narrow-nationalism are nothing more than hypocrites who themselves belonged in the same bottle. These are cynical hypocrites who thought in terms of Amhara grandeur and great power politics that had an expansionist disdain for the democratic aspirations of the people of Ethiopia. Issues of longer term national importance don’t appeal much to Ethiopian politicians whose touchstone is the short term dispensing of political patronage; and as such, the union between the TPLF and ANDM is one of ‘’Marriage of Convenience’’, in which either party pursues its own class interests that doesn’t necessarily upholds any public good. Ethnic Nationalism is not something exclusively confined to Ethiopia; it is rather something that is inherent to so many countries. The ethnic concept of nationalism incorporates a collectivistic identity defined by descent rather than choice. In full variance to the notion of a Liberal Democracy where a nation State is not so much a land and a people as it is a way of life that embodies a great idea — the idea of individual freedom, ethnic Nationalism is based on a bond that is blood rather than law.

    There is no denying that whether it is ANDM or AAPO, an ethnic political party plays into the hands of those who preach division, extremism, self-rule and even an absolute break up; and as such, what the country needed was a unifying political argument that would transcend ethnic, regional, religious or class loyalties. It is apparently clear that participation in the ANDM — as was the case with its sister ethnic parties, had placed ANDM politicians squarely in the crosshairs of the ire of the Unity forces for what the latter regarded as ‘’traitorous collaboration’’, but ‘’the Unitarists’ ’’ public snubbing of ANDM would only create a crack in the nation’s unity that could become a full-fledged fracture which could cripple not just the ANDM but its sister parties , thereby handing the separatist forces victory by default.

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