“We want to see thousands of companies go into operation in a very short time” Arkebe Oqubay (PhD)


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7 Responses

  1. Erta says:

    He can do it. I have a full confidence in him. He can become prominent mogul in the long run

  2. D says:

    I wish he also have an ambition plans to eliminate poverty in Ethiopia. 8 million people starving under his party’s watch is unacceptable. How about using his energy and resources to make more irrigation so we don’t have to see anymore starving???? Park is not what we need right now…..get your priorities straight and make irrigation instead.

  3. Hailu says:

    Park is essential to make shift our people from farmer to factory worker so it is very important for economy structure change.Of course irrigation is also important.So we have to do both parallely

  4. us for us with us says:

    “We want to see thousands of companies go into operation in a very short time” Arkebe Oqubay

    This is the right idea and best thing to do. However, it is easy to say than getting done based on the country long term multi dimensional and sustainable development strategy and benefit. The one knows his weaknesses and admits he cannot solve them by himself but needs help/cooperation from someone else always has to look towards the right direction and find the right one that is able to deliver the expectations without causing bad consequences affecting in many ways.

    We have to be sure that we are solving the issues that are making us lagging behind and affecting the majority particularly materially and physically without creating other problems that could affect us mentally, spiritually and morally which is worse than being affected by any material shortage or absent.

    The Ethiopian development plan and strategy need to relay first on themselves with own citizens and the country huge but untapped natural wealth including abandoned water, fertile land and best weather while working together with foreigners that are delivering practical results on time being like the best medicines without causing bad and negative consequences.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need any western propaganda corporate media to talk about her. She has been the worst and longest victim and main target to the western evil propaganda corporate Medias mainly those speaking English. Ethiopia doesn’t need any western so called Journalist/media, NGOs, aid agencies, Volunteers, Peace core, Institutions and the likes that are there for their government and those sending them agenda and plan to implement on us. These are the talking groups don’t create products that are creating real economy and use values the people are needing the most before anything else.

    As some of them exposed in North Korea including those in the name of Evangelic or other Christian religion (that are already invading Ethiopia to make the ancient orthodox Christians to become like them in Ethiopia which is part of the plan creating chaos and division in the country they have nothing to do), those coming from USA, UK and the likes in the name of the above mentioned names are government spays or agents to those racists and greedy imperialists to affect our society and create divisions and chaos in the country. Just watch RT or Google and you will know more about it.

    The current Indian government first job was expelling more than 3000 of them including the one Rockefeller was behind. Hillary Clinton tried to intimidate India including fear mongering for protecting eth nation from foreign evils that were there to affect the citizens. But the Indian government and people told her and her government fu*ck off.

    Therefore; it is important to know first exactly who is who before allowing being in the country in the name of anything including investment. Ethiopia must be fully in the Ethiopian hands and the benefits have to be first and for most for Ethiopians. Ethiopians that are still suffering from the western…. started in schools from the early age, need to heal first themselves from their head and become wise, intelligent and brave to say no or back off those have been the root cause of our bad and negative situation including when they are saying they are there to help and pretending friendly and innocents which is part of the game they are playing and good at.

    Becoming closer, treating each other as trustworthy and useful best friends, Working and benefiting together with china and others in the East is the best way Ethiopia has to follow and always walk on it. China is the root cause and reason why Ethiopia is becoming the way she is. If china was not there for Ethiopia, Tekeze Dam would never been there. That means Beles, Gilgel Gibe 2 and 3 would never been there. We would never even think to build the Hedase Dam, either. The Bole highway, the Adama High way, the rail ways including the light rail in Addis Ababa which is the first in Africa and of course the AU headquarter building and even the office itself would never been there.

    Gaddafi tried all his satanic deed to take away OAU from Ethiopia in order to build AU in Sirte-Libya which is his birth place. His main weapon was he was able to build the best headquarter with his own money. Some corrupted Negroes including the Senegal ones were bought by him and joined him to take away the headquarter from Addis.

    But thanks to China and Meles’s best speech, the headquarter remains in the place it was created the first place. if china was not there to build the AU headquarter for free, there is no doubt the office was moved from Ethiopia and right now AU as an organization would be gone under in Libya as the country itself is not there anymore.

    So, as long as Ethiopia is continuing taking the right decision relaying on herself and working together with the best nations like China, Russia (the best country for Ethiopia in science, engineering, technology and political reasons, too), Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy and the likes that are engaging with production activities including manufacturing, industry, agriculture, construction and so on, the country will achieve anything she is looking for in her term.

    But handing over the nation consumers and money making sectors like it happened with the nation 90 million consumers breweries to the known foreigners that are engaging with fear of influence, manipulation, economic propaganda, corrupting officials to get the best deal and known with many other bad behaviors in the name of foreign investment in the service sectors, is something we are doing an eminent national suicide. Ethiopia doesn’t need these kind foreigners to come in the name of investment in the service sectors that are easy to be done by Ethiopians and the best sectors making huge money for the nation benefits.

    No matter what, Ethiopia must keep the nation land, bank, telecom, Hydro energy, railway, insurance, Ethiopian airway and so on in the Ethiopian government and people hands and ownership. We know the money hunters that are looking to own as private property these kind lucrative and fundamental national sectors together with tens of millions of consumers are continuously trying using lots of tactics openly and particularly secretly including manipulating and corrupting the officials to handover them. They are trying to make fake friends from the top targeting those weak and easily to be manipulated and corrupted.

    Those getting training, education degree (god knows someone them how they got it) and have had any connection with them are seen by them as their trusty and agents can influence the government policy in order to get lucrative deal in the sectors that are not demanding high tech technology or lots of efforts but the money making machines based on market speculation and consumer manipulation.

    And we know who they are these foreigners. As long as we are not surrendering our nation and consumers to these money minded and criminal cartel groups working together with their embassies and governments, Ethiopia will have the best future having everything under the control of its own government and citizens. Relaying on our own efforts and determination while working together with the trustworthy and useful nation like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy and so on in the real economy which is producing goods in the State capitalism system, we will be always okay. Agriculture in Ethiopia is and always will be the core and epic centre of our nation over all achievements and guarantee.

    Criminalize and avoid those coming in the country in the name of journalism, media, NGO, Charity, Volunteers while working closely with their embassies, peace core (no one but USA within needs peace first), religion, Think tanks, institutions and so on. work closely and learn everything good that is working for Ethiopia from china, Russia, Japan and so on how to deal with these kind foreigners most of them are spy agents as they have been exposed recently including in North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and elsewhere.

  5. Samora says:

    You can do it!!!

  6. Rolf Gautschi says:

    “Ethiopians should expect no less than a miracle” said Arkebe Oqubay (PhD), special advisor to the Prime Minister with ministerial rank affirming The Mengistu Hailenariam’s

    times type of nightmare is repeating in

    Ethiopia right now. That is why many investors from Germany and other investors are tired of sending their aid and/or investing in Ethiopia
    through so many

    channels only to see the money benefiting the few elites while
    the needy majority of Ethiopians continue

    to suffer more and more . I am a German citizen who is based in Ethiopia. I
    managed to secure a farm land in

    Ethiopia about a decade ago partnering with my former employee
    that helped me

    and my former bosses to maintain and sell many farm
    machineries across Ethiopia

    for decades. The land was supposed to be bringing the much
    awaited agricultural

    revolution but the new Prime Minster killed it. After the
    death of Meles Zenawi

    the new Prime Minster confiscated our farm with all the
    equipments found on the

    property to sell it to some khat farmers . If you sit and
    wait Germany to save

    you I say you are definitely going to suffer the worst. The
    solution would have

    been for democracy , equality , freedom and respect for the
    law without these no one can do anything

    to end the famines in Ethiopia. The Automotives and
    Machineries Importers &

    Assembly Sectoral Association is very disappointed with the
    actions of the

    current Prime Minster which is making the mechanization
    processes of the Ethiopian

    agricultural sector impossible.

  7. surafiel says:

    Wow I do i like all over yous activity . I respect you for ever.b/c, we Ethiopians have full of trust over you only & only.which I mean no one can have effort just like you. We proud of you .please keep it.

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