የነፍስ ወይንስ የስጋ ፈውስ (ከ”ባህታዊ” ገብረመስቀል እስከ መምህር ግርማ ወንድሙ)


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4 Responses

  1. Visitor says:

    ነፍስና ስጋ እኩል አብረው የሚኖሩ
    ህይዎት በሞት ሲያልፍ ጠፍተው የሚቀሩ
    አንደኛው ከሌለ አይኖርም ሌላኛው
    ተረተኛው ሳይሆን ያሰረዳል ሀቀኛው
    ነፍሴ ነፍሴ ቢሉት ቢሰግዱለት ፀሎት
    በስራ ካልሆነ አያመጣም ውጤት
    ሀገር የምትፈልግ ህዝብን የሚጠቅመው
    በምርት መትረፍረፍ ነው በስራ በርትተው

    ከውቂያኖስ ባሻገር ከአሜሪካ፡ እንግሊዝ
    በእምነት ስም አይምጣ ህዝባችን አይደንዝዝ
    ዲያቢሎስ የሆነ አኗኗር ባህሪው
    በእምነት ስም ወጣቱን ሲኦል አያስገባው
    ሀገር የምትፈልግ ህዝብን ያስቸገረው
    የስጋ ጥቅም እጥረት መታረዝ፡ ማጣት ነው
    የውጩ ነው ሰይጣን ተላላኪ ሰላይ
    እኛ ለኛ እንሁን በሀገራችን ሰማይ

    እውነተኛ አማኝ ተግባሩ ምስክር
    ጥቅም የሚያመጣ መስራት የሚያስተምር
    ተቀምጠህ ፀልይ ስራ አትስራ የሚል
    የሰው ተንኮል እንጂ አይደለም የእምነት ቃል
    መኖሪያ የሆነው ስጋ ለነፍስ ቤቱ
    ይህንን ያጣ እለት ያበቃል ህይዎቱ
    አቅጣጫው አንድ ነው እውነትና ቃሉ
    ታታሪዎች ሲሰሩ አውሪዎች ዝም ሲሉ፡
    ነፍስን የሚቀጣ ሲኦል የሚባለው
    በሩ የሚከፈት ለሰነፍ፡ ለአውሪ ነው

    በተለይ በተለይ ይወገድ የውጩ
    በእሱ እምነት አያጉራ ዜጎች አይንጫጩ
    የአሜሪካ፡ እንግሊዝ ሽማግሌ፡ ወጣት
    በነፍስ የማያምን ስጋው ብቻ ህይዎት
    የራሱ የሆነን ይህን አይነት ፍጡር
    ከአምላክ የተጣላ ሰይጣን የሚያፈቅር
    በእምነት ስም በሌላም መርዳት የማይችለው
    የኛን ህዝብ በውሸት….
    አያሳስት፡ አያውር የስክ አሁኑ ይብቃው፡

    ከከተማ አልፎ ገጠር ደርሷል በየቦታው
    ከሰይጣን የሆነ ተስፋፍቷል በሽታው
    ከውጭ የሚፈልግ ህዝባችን ነው እውቀት
    ዘረኞች በእምነት ስም ራሱን አያጥፉት፡
    አማኞች አይደሉም አማኝ የሚመስሉት
    ለማታለያ ነው የሚጫወቱበት
    ጥቁር በሀገራቸው በስቃይ የሚኖር
    ከኛ የሚሆኑት አንዱም የለው ፍቅር፡፡

  2. us for us with us says:

    Religion is personal. No one has the right to impose any kind religion on any one else in the name of faith or believing on something that is not there. Religion is something some one believes within coming from inside that makes him/her to be the right, busy, hard working, focused, determine and achievable person without affecting anyone else but being part of the solution for others’ benefits too.

    Those doing wrong and bad including lying, manipulating, stealing, creating divisions, inflaming conflicts, engaging with wars, killings and destructions in the name of religion are evil creatures; not believers. These kind creatures are Satans with the human beings look causing so many the crimes humanity is facing for so long.

    Look at the conflicts between Israelis and Arabs. It is mainly caused by religion. Look at the evil Sunni Islamic terrorists’ evil behaviors and barbaric killings and destructions they are committing for so long. When they are committing un presented and gruesome crimes and destructions in the name of religion, they are feeling happy about and getting closer to their God; fulfilling the duties for their so called faith. Look at the absolute dictators and the society at large in the oil created Gulf how they are treating females/women and the poor including domestic workers in the name of religion.

    Look at the Evangelists and others in the west particularly in USA behavior towards money and their involvement in other nations’ internal affairs including Ethiopia in the name of religion. Look at the Jehovah witnesses and the likes that are none stop walking on the streets to trap the ignorant in their tricks and knocking peoples home in the name of religion instead of being at work and creating the real benefits for themselves and the poor people they are trying to stop them from working and defeating poverty. They are telling them to gather, sit and pray for money, job, wealth, health and power while falsely directing about its coming from the endless sky. It is the same with Hinduism, too.

    If I’m forced to choose any religion, I always would keep the original and first Christian religion which is orthodox where its first followers including Jesus never committed any crime in the name of religion against the innocents or Buddhism that is making the followers more peaceful, active and smart instead of being demagogue, criminals and terrorists as some so called religions are making their stupid, ignorant and evil followers.

    Look at what is going on in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mali, Central Africa, Cameroun, Somalia, Kenya, Libya, Saudi Arabia and all the Arab nations and others in the name of religion against each other and the rest of the world that has nothing to do with them. It is much worthy and the right thing to do not having the kind of religion these people are having than joining them and keeping quiet or being part of the horrible and gruesome things they are doing in the name of religion. The things they are doing in the name of religion against others give the fact finding testimony that Satan is nowhere but within human beings or no one but human being him/herself that behaves the same ways as they are.

    I myself believe in something when I see its power and effect in me, humanity and nature in general. To me the sun is the living God to all our solar system planets including the earth. The earth is none stop rotating on herself and moving around the sun because of the sun is making/created her to be that way for the sake of the earth itself and everything on earth including humans and all living things. The sun is the living and most powerful common and only God to all human beings and other living things as well including to be able to alive.

    Night and day are happening because of the results of the sun. Cold, warm or hot weathers are the result of the sun. Seasons are the result of the sun. Rain with flood or dry with famine are the result of the sun. Life and death including animals and plants are the result of the sun. If there is no sun, there would be no earth. If there is no earth, there would be nothing what is on earth including human beings. The sun caused drought or flooding. The sun causes Storms, Tornados and many of the natural disasters.

    On the other hand the sun is the only source of existence for life on earth. Soon, the sun will be the primary, unlimited and cheapest source of energy coming from electricity including using Solar. The wind blows because of the sun that is shaping the earth environment. The rain is there because of evaporation from the ground that creates cloud and then cloud comes down in the form of rain.

    So, if I have to believe in something other than myself and the power of human beings achieving results when it is doing things the right ways, I always believe the Sun is the only God to our Solar systems including the earth. The sun is the true and brightest light, warmth and heat in the livings life. When there is no sun, darkness, cold and bad situations are taking their places. Therefore, instead of believing in something that is not there or believing on someone while treating him as the kind of Prophet, it is important using the Sun God as the biggest and only powerful means to achieve results on earth through hard and good work getting always busy and having good manners.

    Remember: Jesus never committed any crime in the name of anything including religion. So looking him as an example is not a bad thing but a big motivation in order to become as complete person with own efforts and supports from the right person on the right time and place. Only good knowledge and using that knowledge the right ways by getting busy till our energy is off and having good manners, make the biggest changes in personal as well as comminutes and citizens lives. Praying to someone that is not there while sitting brings nothing especially when the message of that pray is about to hate, kill and destroy others in the name of religion as we see what is going on in the Middle East and those associating with them in the name of religion.

    The evangelists from USA are becoming the worst demons against Christians all over the world including Ethiopia using poverty, backwardness and good hospitalities as big opportunities. Stop them. Ethiopia needs no any foreign religion but active, good and honest intellectuals, scholars, engineers, scientists, and investors that are creating practical use values without affecting the environment, exploiting the citizens including workers and consumers and looting the nation.

    The horrible story is there and here all the time how those foreign so called religion men are doing to the children including boys in eth west and other places. The children; both boys and girls in Ethiopia must be protected from these demons that are coming in the country in the name of religion or whatever name they are having. Parents and the communities must aware about and have to protect the children from e getting molested and rapped by them that are the worst pedophiles and sex addicted.

    Let them marry with each other or do whatever they are doing legally the inhuman things in their own countries and regions but not in ours. That could be their nature but not ours as we are naturally look like different one another. The things they are doing or behaviors they are having are not really from any normal human beings let alone from those associated with religion saying a God religion. Because God is good.

    They are not really what they are preaching about, looking like or openly behaving. But deep inside, they are dangerous and demons suffering from darkness and evilness with multiple personalities look like imposed on them by Satan or Satan is in them or they are Satans in persons including some females.

  3. Sema says:

    Targeting Christians (orthodox) in Ethiopia in many ways and shapes with different approaches is the Zionist/Jews plan and agenda coming from USA, England, France, South Africa, Australia, canada and other countries they are living in and officially happening at least for the last 10 years in the name of UN, USAID, agencies, Media, development assistances, health care, women and girls, Family planning and so on where almost all of them are the Jews including those females from New York and London.

    They are making a historical mistakes this way feeling they are fully in charge in Ethiopia including through their embassies run by them. This is who they are and the jobs they are doing in today’s Ethiopia.

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