The dramatic Progress of Clean Drinking-Water Coverage in Ethiopia’s SNNPR (+Video)


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4 Responses

  1. us for us with us says:

    Good job. The next step will be tape water and other facilities in everyone’s home. No nation is built easily and quickly within a short period of time but step by step with improvements. Ethiopia has fundamental resources like water and nice weather in abundance. But because of we are not selling like oil and Gas, yet, the lack of foreign currency is becoming the greatest obstacle keeping us behind despite we have lots of potentials to improve the situation quickly and widely.

    However, we have enough time and reasons to be patient and get always busy using our own capacities in order to develop with own efforts. Step forwards for the better is always the good thing knowing there are nations heading backward and down to the ground.

    • muleta says:

      is that why you Eritreans..jump in the sea/lampadussa – like a fish one after the other..?…just wondering…when you people gone learn..jumping in the middle of the sea would kill you…I admire your courage are a brave people..instead of facing your problem on your own miserable take a suicide on other country to get sympathy won’t get will be remember forever miserable fags suicidal people !!!

  2. Tatek says:

    Thank you Awramba Times as usual for updating me about my home country and thank you SNNPS water bureau for your excellent job . Good to hear that our country is registering all round achievements in all sectors.
    Tatek Lisanu
    North Carolina

  3. Kesete says:

    I would like to congratulate ato Samuel Tamiru and his entire team at the water Bureau for serving their their citizens. It’s not an easy task to achieve all this in less than two decades as 663 million people – 1 in 10 are in need of clean drinking water

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