Ambassador Girma Birru holds bilateral talks with his Egyptian counterpart at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington


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  1. us for us with us says:

    The current and particularly the future Egyptian generations are and will be different than that of from the past. The Nasser generation was progressive/socialist, none Islamic, anti colonization particularly against the English and west in general and (Arab) nationalist. These groups of Egyptian society were always the majorities and against the English colonization allying with the King including in the 1920s.

    When the Tiny English colony became under fret by the Egyptians people together with the Kings establishment, the English created the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. Then, the Egyptians started to fight against each other while all of them remained suffering and humiliated under colonization. Not only that, when the people became more united and strong able to destroy the Muslim Brothers created by the English based on the divide and conquer doctrine they are still exercising elsewhere, they came with another idea and this time they managed to create divisions and hostilities between the progressive Egyptians and the king both of them were united against the colonizers. This time, Egyptians were divided at least in three major groups; namely the progressives that were the Egyptian people, Muslim brothers and the king establishment.

    However, the progressive where Nasser did belong, became victorious after eliminated the Muslim brothers and abolished the Kings rule in the 1952 military coup. England forced to leave Egypt after the 1959 humiliated war and did lost the colonial grips in Egypt including the ownership right to the Suez Canal. That was one of the biggest cases for the declining and finally disappearance of the English empire that was finalized after the loss of the last colony in Africa in 1980 in Zimbabwe.

    However, they are still continuing behaving the same way but differently against the continent by having the colonial types of power and rights in Kenya, South Africa and since few years, Sierra Leone.

    Nasser was a progressive and people’s leader allied with the Soviet and china. He was one of the best African leaders having good relation with Atse Hailesellasse. When North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa divided in two camps and the creation of OAU became impossible because of disagreements about the location of the headquarter, Nasser was among the leaders chosen Ethiopia to become the peace maker and centre of the continent meeting place to all Africans including the North and sub Saharans. Even Nasser was heard saying about Ethiopians being the true representative of all Africans from the North and sub Saharan African with their natural looks, culture and history alongside being the symbol of freedom and heroism to the continent.

    However, the unexpected and unimaginable problem started between Egypt and Ethiopia because of Atse Hailesellasse was closer to the west while Egypt and some North Africans and Arabs including Syria and Iraq were with the east. Then the proxy war against Ethiopia started by Egypt, its allies in the region and later on the west joined them using its full scale merciless damaging multidimensional activities including using Eritrea as a proxy base and get way for trouble maker. Ethiopia did suffer greatly as a result and it became the darkest and most painful era in the country history.

    After Nasser’s death (others are saying he was killed after the humiliated defeat against that Tiny Israel), Sadat took power. He signed peace agreement with Israel in Camp David and the same times Egypt’s relation with the west had begun. The Russian huge investment and free donation with huge cash, material and skilled human powers including building the Aswan dam were rejected and forgotten after that agreement with Israel. Sadat was bribed to do so for more cash and support from USA/west that is going on for 35 years now. Egypt is getting at least 1.5 billion free cash every year only from USA for 35 years.

    After Sadat assassination by the Muslim Brotherhood member because of his peace treaty with Israel and closeness with the west, Mubarak took power in 1981 and ruled Egypt being the worst dictator on the Egyptian soil since the Pharaohs. He became the most trusted and yes master puppet leader to the west. They praised him too often and too much which is the known tactics and games they are doing towards the dumb so called leaders, officials, individuals or anyone that is serving their interest in Africa including today’s Ethiopia by selecting and approaching some brainwashed, corrupted, weak and easily manipulated officials and individuals.

    However, the situation in Egypt became from bad to worse despite the billions of so called aid coming from USA, Europe and the oil and gas breathing Arab dictators that are throwing away billions and billions for nothing but to cause troubles against the poor, weak and innocents in other countries. The country political system became too corrupt and western influenced away from the Egyptian realities and facts on the ground. Myths and fantasies became the main administrative and talking tools about the good of Egypt while facts on the ground were very different. 20% Egyptians became the owner of 80% Egypt’s wealth while 80% Egyptians forced to scramble only 20% of the country resources.

    When the society in the country with the same citizens ship rights becomes too far away from each other and too divided to this levels, then lying, cheating, corruption, incompetency, bribes, crimes, divisions, conflicts, chaos, imprisonments and killings would become the only alternatives the ways how the society have to function while heading towards the endless chaos, misery and total collapsing.

    In the end, Mubarak was forced to leave office with humiliated fashion. His bunch of cronies and associates including the then vice president and others also gone. Egypt entered in to term oil since 2011. Brave, energetic and smart Egyptian youth tried to change their country for the better. Muslim brotherhood that was created by the English in 1928 against the progressive Egyptians managed to take power by allied with the wahabbists supported by the wahabbi gulf regimes. As a result, Egypt entered to another term oil and this time was the worst possible if it was allowed to continue that way. The Egyptians society and youth managed to get Egypt back from the Muslim Brothers and salafists.

    Then, El SISI became president. There are signs and lots of hopes he is going to be different than that of Mubarak, and Sadat era but closer to Nasser except the idea of proxy wars against fellow African nations particularly Ethiopia and Arab nationalism which is a makeup fictional story has nothing to do with the realities within the Egyptian societies and others in the whole of North Africa and in the ME. He is from the old school but hoping he is going to function with new ideas and approaches working for the benefits to both sides in this case Ethiopia and Egypt.

    EL SISI can be seen by Ethiopians as a hopeful president able to see the facts and realities on the ground not only from the Egyptian sides but also the Ethiopians too. Disagreements between nations are not solved with certainty and continuity through waging conflicts or wars but endless talks and agreements with commitments. No matter what others are saying lots of inflammatory lies for the benefits of wishful thinking in order to create hostilities and conflicts between Ethiopia and Egypt, the two oldest and great nation in Africa must not fallen in to the both nations enemies tricks.

    We Ethiopians know what Egypt’s main concern is and how important is the Nile water to them. That is why, we are building the dam in the area there is no irrigate able farmland and close to the border in order to let as much as more water to Egypt throughout the year. Egypt also must understand that the dam in Ethiopia is the long term solution and guarantee for the flow of the Nile with enough water. Ethiopian development based on agro-industry development activities must be seen the best solution not only for Ethiopia but also the region and particularly Egypt.

    Ethiopians will use less farmland when they managed to get huge yield from the limited ones. Development activities including energy and human capacities are the main factors to make them engaging with modern and productive framings. When they achieved that, for sure the overall situation in the country will play the role of increasing and guarantee the flow of the Nile water from Ethiopia to Egypt. Recovering degraded lands and greening the Ethiopian highland is crucial in order to increase rain falls, lengthening the season and guarantee the amount of the Nile water.

    Therefore, Egyptians need to be supportive in many ways and forms as much as they can the development efforts Ethiopia is doing knowing the benefits will not be only to her but the region including Egypt. We Ethiopians are very much supportive and happy when we see the Good, better and best in Egypt while saddened and unhappy when we see the bad and ugly including the unrests and terrorist attacks.

    The point is that Egypt’s new and future generation must not behave the same way that of the past ones particularly the Sadat and Mubarak era. They need to stop being servants and proxy trouble makers against Africa particularly Ethiopia. They must know this is not only another century but also millennia where things at home and worldwide are very much changed and continuing changing. Respecting each other, trusting one another, relaying on each other on some important issues including securities and foreign relations, working together, being peaceful and interested from both sides must be the main behaviors and activities between Ethiopians and Egyptians including in the people to people levels where the officials like these to gentlemen are doing must continue taking the leads and be the best examples.

    What Egyptians and Ethiopians must aware is that the existence of the common enemies that are secretly or openly around them looking to see the two great and ancient nations fighting for reasons that can be solved only through talks, agreements and commitments. There are secret enemies acting as friends looking to see Egypt in chaos, weaker and divided because of her position in the region. The same thing is also happening against Ethiopia because of her polices that are designed by herself in order to benefit her own citizens while working with useful and trustworthy nations like China instead of destroying herself with neo liberal agendas and imposed foreign evil policies where the benefits have to go to them in the form of investment and privatization based on the modern colonization system seems is happening by choice while designed and systematically imposed by them.

    Long live the oldest and ancient Ethiopian and Egyptian people by respecting each other, trusting one another and working together for common benefits. This is the only and best choice both of them have to do and abide for.

  2. Yirgu Wolde, New jersey USA says:




  3. us for us with us says:


    There is a big possibility drought will continue affecting for few years to come. The California drought took more than 4 years. We know what kind problems and damages it caused. If they were with the same situations Ethiopians are which is depending on small scale farming from hand to mouth life style, by know, there would be no human being and life there at all. We also have seen the drought in Brazil where lakes as deep as 8 meters dried out. It has been the same in Indonesia where millions of hectares rice farms became like the Sahara desert dry sand covering them. Some part of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Poland, Central American nations and other places are affected with the same situation including this year. The entire Southern African nations including South Africa are facing the worst drought.

    Drought is not the only one causing famine but also flood that is damaging crops and causing more damages than drought including destroying homes, infrastructure, businesses and other properties. A tiny country with huge population like Bangladesh and India, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, China, USA, Caribbean and many other nations are suffering from floods and storms on yearly basis.

    However, unlike Ethiopians others are managing to deal with the situations caused by nature including flood or drought. They are having good national policies, leaders and informed citizens taking full responsibilities on individuals levels for own situation and together for the nation.

    Ethiopia could be the least affected nation with drought or flooding if the citizens are good enough to deal with them. The government she is having particularly some members are crap, weak and ignorant while at work too much thinking how to beg and get foreign aids spending for nothing the valuable time and energy that would make them free from any bad and unhelpful so called foreign aid and interferences if they use their abilities to work and create values by themselves.

    This is the harvest time to the English foreign policy, corporate Medias, so called aid agencies, and so on almost all of them are the Jews to get what they are looking in Ethiopia using drought as an opportunity they are waiting and praying about its coming for years. Because of many nations including Arabic and Islamic ones are not allowing them to be there in any form or reason including being as ambassadors or even tourists, Ethiopia is becoming the only nomads land for them using her for many reasons including for their foreign relation training ground, experiment, project, investment, work and so on.

    The Most hateful racist Thatcher was elected in 1979. In 1984 which is she was being 5 year on power, they used famine in Ethiopia as best weapon and opportunity to behave the way they did and caused the damages we have been through and the world have been receiving and watching for long, long time till today.

    The current conservative government is elected in 2010. After 5 years in power in 2015, they are back again to Ethiopia for the same reason using drought as best weapon and opportunity to humiliate the country and get what they are looking for such as easily, quickly and the best ways for them implementing the agendas and plans that had been talked including in the Ethiopians embassy meeting in London few weeks ago.

    The difference what was during the evil Thatcher and now Cameron era is big when it comes to the overall situation in England. This time England is too much weaker and has no place in international arena. They are suffering from the worst national identity crisis having no idea who they are and where is their place in the 21-century world. They are still living in the past nightmare against others while they are feeling better and acting powerful despite their past history was full of horrible crimes against humanity, civilization (destroying and looting treasures) and nature.

    But in Ethiopia all of them have the same plan and agenda. What they are doing in weak and poor countries like Ethiopia is reminding how is behaving the demoralized, defeated and weakened once powerful predator like a naturally killer lion and scavengers like Vultures flaying above looking the sick, weak and dead bodies.

    The majority officials in current UK government are the Jews including the PM Cameron, FM, Finance minister, Home secretary, labor secretary and so on. There is no wonder way they closed doors to immigrants and refugees during the time when the rest of the world including Ethiopia are hosting hundreds of thousands of them. They are causing problems in the countries while they are closing doors to refugees and immigrants coming from those nations.

    Back then, the USA government was representing the people although it was conservative having sides with the few as it was the case in UK with Thatcher. But this time it is a democratic government by name which is different than in UK. However, both the down street and white house are occupied and run by the people having the same interest, plan and agenda for themselves and towards the world. Look at who is around Obama and the things he is doing including his entire foreign relation and those serving in that department.

    USA, UK, France and to some extent Australia, South Africa and others including Benelux and so on are ruled by the same people that are the Zionists/Jews. The entire main stream Medias owned and run by them including BBC indirectly. BBC is a state owned evil and old media causing so many damages for 72 years against the world targeting nations that are targeted by the establishment from the down streets.

    BBC world serve is under UK foreign ministry. UK embassies, MI6 and other spy agencies, aid agencies, NGOs, development assistance and so on are under the foreign ministry. Therefore, what BBC is doing comes from the foreign ministry down to the embassy and operating in action working closely/together with the so called aid agencies but could be spy agents including as we know 40% UK spay agents are females.


    Ethiopians must stand up and act as humans fighting back and solve their problems by themselves including situations caused by drought or flood. They must get free from the Anglo- USA tricks in the name of aid and whatever games they are playing with aim to keep us weak as worst as possible and dependent as long as it takes which is the best for them to do anything they want in the country without check and balance, objection or rejection.

    Ethiopia must be free from the Jews involvement/invasion knowing they are the causes for everything while the solutions for nothing. There must be lots of very nasty and damaging reasons why they have been expelled from all Arabic/Islamic and 109 other countries including England between 1290-1665 which is almost for 375 years were not allowed entering to England. They paid money to come back since 1665 and the English allowed them in order to benefit from them knowing the Jews were the biggest slave traders and slave ship owners that made them active in international trades and businesses and became rich. The English needed them to work together and they are doing ever since in other countries including very actively in Ethiopia as we speak.

    The average borrowing UK is making per month is about 12 billion pound or 18 billion dollar. Its debt grew by 100% since 2008. Ethiopia is 5 times bigger than UK or 9 times England and naturally rich if the people know how to use it. Ethiopian population is 1.4 times of UK or 1.7 or England.

    So, instead of being totally naked, exposed and humiliated by the Jews lead some English and USA citizens in the name of getting aid that is about 500 million dollar, the Ethiopian government needs to approach respectful and understandable nations like China and others to borrow that money in order to finance and give assistance by own efforts to own citizens. UK debt is 1.4 trillion pound or about 2.5 billion dollar. The reason they are borrowing is because of they needed the money but they cannot earn that money from export. Ethiopian total debt is less than what UK is making in two months.
    USA is the worst indebted nation on earth and it is growing by millions every minute as we speak. That means we are looking aids from them the money they are borrowing.

    Therefore; borrow the money and use it wisely while doing the long term solution caused by the drought which is improving the agriculture sector starting from the farmers themselves. Continue expanding and improving domestic as well as export oriented products working together with useful nations from eth east and others. The same time avoid the UK, USA and other English speaking nations’ damaging involvements using drought or other weaknesses as best opportunities to get what they are looking in our country targeting the nation policy in order to make the nation without guards, doors and boarders.

    The total involvement and domination in the name of free market, privatization, hedge and equity funds and bad investments in the service sectors are what they are looking to get. To get in the bank, telecom and other financial and lucrative sectors are the ones these evils are looking and the end game all about. We know that. As long as the Zionists/Jews multidimensional involvement in our country and society in the name of USA, UK, France and so on is not stopped, be sure, the situation in Ethiopia will get worse and worse by day for long times to come. Avoid them. Learn from Egypt and others how to do things the right ways including feeding itself with own efforts while getting closer and working together with honest, understandable and respectful nations like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, Italy and others.


    In 1290, King Edward I issued an edict expelling all Jews from England. Between the expulsion of Jews in 1290 and their formal return in 1655, there is no official trace of Jews as such on English soil

    • Yirgu Wolde, New jersey USA says:

      I disagree with us for us with us above comment totally

      us for us with us said “They are having good national policies, leaders and informed citizens taking full responsibilities on individuals levels for own situation and together for the nation.”

      The only thing the TPLF bandits that stole the food aid the scandal known as ” BAND AID / BOB GEDEOF DEATH OF ETHIOPIA’S FAMINE 1984 CAUSED BY REBELS ” to sell it to Sudan in 1984 are trying to do now is to steal more food aid to sell it to other El_Nino affected countries in the region.
      TPLF stole food sent from international donors to the 1984 Ethiopian famine victims making the TPLF the number one responsible party for the death of millions in 1984 . TPLF are doing the same right now by blocking food aid so they can get more victims. The more victims the more the food aid they get to steal.

      Gondar is a good example how TPLF is trying to plant the legacy of Ethiopia of constant begging to all districts. My friend who works at Gonder University Hospital as a physician told me that several children and adults with severe injuries have been arriving at the hospital over the past few days. Many of the injuries were caused by bullets.

      Currently there is a civil unrest among the people of Gondar and Woyanne has sent the notorious Federal Police to crack down by indiscriminately beating and shooting everyone in sight, including children, women, and the elderly.

  4. us for us with us says:

    Death to BBC and other English language corporate Medias together with that old and criminal establishment. They really still are in a continuing war against Ethiopia taking place for more than 30 years.

    Prize, admire and respect those behaving normally and acting effectively with pure and clean agenda and plan which is solving the situations the best ways before causing damages. The people below are part of the solution having the best approaches..


    “….A well-coordinated response is already underway and expanding rapidly, although the scale of the developing emergency exceeds resources available to-date.
    “The leadership and commitment of the government in driving this response has been exceptional” said Mr. Paul Handley, UNOCHA’s Head of Office. “It has already allocated more than US$200 million of its own funds to procure relief items and conduct emergency livestock and water interventions.”
    International donors have also been mobilizing resources to fill critical funding gaps and support Government response efforts. Since 30 September alone, new donor commitments to this emergency exceed US$120 million. This is impressive, however, much more is urgently needed.
    “One thing is certain” according to Mr.Samir Wanmali, Acting Country Director for the UN’s World Food Programme, “Ethiopia today is far different from the Ethiopia of the past. Ethiopia has a robust disaster risk management system in place to respond to the needs of its people. With the Government’s leadership and support from the international community, we will mitigate the worst of El Nino’s effect. We need to ensure that this natural disaster does not affect the remarkable progress that Ethiopia has made over the past decade.”
    Given lead times necessary for the procurement of relief items, the Government and its international partners have called for early action to this slow onset natural disaster.
    For further information, please contact:
    Malda Nadew, National Information Officer, UN-OCHA email:, Tel.: +251.115.444.059 Mob.: +251.929.03.43.46
    Stephanie Savariaud, Communications Officer, WFP email: Tel.: +, Mob.: +251.911.201.976
    Alexandra Westerbeek, Chief Media and External Relations Officer, UNICEF email: Tel.: + Mob: +251.911.255.109

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