AfDB Chief Warns Resource Curse May Lead to Civil Wars


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  1. T.Goshu says:

    Are the AFDB officials telling us about “their new findinings” or the very hard fact which the innocent people of Africa are facing in their day-to- day lives? Hunderds and millions of ordinary Africans do not only konw very well that they are being victimized by the very ill-guided policies of dysfunctional, if not tyrannical regimes of their countries; but most imoprtantly they are the ones who miserably hit hard by the unprecedented general crisis (political,socio-econmic, rule of law,moral or ethical,…. after 60 years of independence ). Simply put,the people of Africa are sick and tired of empty words, toothless paper works, extremely boring rhetorics and so many other “professional” jargons thrpugh out their political history ;and sadly enough, in this 21st century. What is so non-sensical is that officials of institutions which claim representing the interests of the people of Africa such as the AFDB are not courageous enough to call the spade spade; that is to say that they always go around the bush instead of telling the very truth that the root causes of an endless sufferings are the ill-guided policies and programs which are designed and implemented by the dictatorial regimes. Folks, those officials talks about : 1) the importance of private sector 2) small and medium enterprises 3) agriculural transformation ( a very abused concept) 4)unemployement rate ( which is highly vulnerable to the very unscientific data collection) 5) a very outrageous lip service about the role of African youth as if it is a new finding while in reality those officials know that the youth is considred less useful than the natural resources because its role is taken over by so-called foriegn investors 6) The official (AFDB) in his adress talked about the exploration ,discovery and extraction of oil in countries such Angola, Equatorial Ginuea , Gabon, Chad,Sudan, Ghana, South Sudan , uganda, kenya and even Ethiopia. The most challenging question is not a matter of enumerating lists of countries and simple figures which of course have become the ABC oF elementary geography or study of planet earth. The critical question is who are the beneficiaries of this and other natural resources ,and why??? Mr. president Kaberuka, why you are not couragous and honest enough to tell us about the living status of millions of innocent and hard working people of the countries you mentioned ?? I do not know how the very lives of African people would change for the better while the institutions you represent could not be able or willing to go beyond making piles and piles of paper works and very monotenous reports,speeches and highly jargonized rhetorics . It is extremely unfortunate and sad not to hear from you or your counter-parts telling about the major obstacle for the real development of African people ,the ansence of good govenonace . Believe or not, it is not only the dysfunctional and dictatorial ruling circles but also people like youreslf are responsible for the continuation ,if not the worseing of the sufferings of the innocent African people.

    with all due respect!

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