Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot of Mekelle University wins the Africa Education Leadership Awards


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26 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    Ethiopia’s prominent and the oldest universities, like Addis Ababa University, Jimma University, and Gonder University are langushing in a low standard and financial shortage, the newly built and TPLF’s looting machine, EFFORT, financed Mekele university is ascending to the sky.
    Weyane fired many scholars through years, especially from Addis Ababa university, because of their political view and filled the posts with “pseudo Ph.D.” holders that severely undermines the academic excellence and quality. On the other hand, the regime heavily finance those institutions that are deemed politically and economically crucial in implementing the core TPLF’s manifesto, like Mekele University.

    • tsigab says:

      is it the way u respond….poorly minded

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        What’s your point?…is there anything false from what I wrote ?…42 professors were fired from AAU not Mekele university. ?..can you imagine the impact?….and the posts are filled by pseudo Ph.D. holders like Costantinos Berhe…Come with a valid argument and challenge my points…mehayem!

        • Beza says:

          Tesfabis Shimagle EPRP, One of them was Ato Fekade Shewakena your friend. Is he a professor? Would u mention one? Zerihun Teshome was also one of them, but he understands the stand was taken at that time. They all were rebels inside the university. If those individuals were there Ethiopia wouldn’t achieve the development which it enjoying right now.

          You Moron try to develop your area instead of being jealous about their achievement. KITA RAS shimagle.

        • Dagemwe Ras Alula says:

          R they really professors? Atakabed. My question for u, why r u get jealous cuz Mekele Uni achieved so much. Don’t forget it will benefit the whole country. After all we work hard for it, Dankoro.

          • Tesfalehulum says:

            What achievement ?….kkkkkk…other than modernizing it by the looted money (funneled by EFFORT)…..would you tell me any patent form there ?….or would you tell me any internationally recognized research publication from your Mekele university ?….modernizing it by the looted blood money can not make brains….and who cares about the never heard Africa blah blah award ???….jealous ??….hahahahaha……may be I could be jealous of U.S. educated and distinguishEd professors like Birhanu Nega…..warka tefto …arem warka yehonebet zemen…..dengai ras cadre!

    • Dagemwe RAs Alula says:

      To the looser Tesfalehulum, Brain + hard work = Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Denkoro cadre ..kkkkk….what’s the brain you’re talking about ?….would you cite any outstanding research or publication by your Dr. kinderya?….damn loser….by the way, the so called “awards” are available every where for whomever pay high….do not forget that you were spreading a white lie that Arkebe received the highest award when receiving his Ph.D….actually according to the recent information from Ermias, Arkebe literally compiled a research done by low level cadres….so, it’s a blatant plagiarism ……Weyane = Leba + pathological liar…..LOSERS!

    • Hagos says:

      Unnecessary to respond, but this idea comes from an insane person!

    • bb says:

      Jealousy will put you down!

    • Solomon says:

      Inferior Tesflhulem ,
      Because you (Tesflhulem )know you Banda shabia Telalake Neftgna inferior to weyan Tigray .
      Banda’s Banda shabia Telalake Tesflhulem ,are you joules of evey thing Tigray Ethiopia ?because Tgray is Ethiopian and Ethiopia is Tgray .
      Now every bady knows there is no Ethiopian with out tigry ,

  2. Solomon says:

    Banda shaibiay’s banda and telalaki Tesflhulem ,
    This one is for you.
    You and shabia couldnt sleep because hate and joules killing you of heroic tigray
    Tigray the beginning of Ethiopia.
    Go and kill yourself Tesflhulem banda shabia telalaki.
    Your boss essays will die soon what are you going to do.

    • G/smlsk says:

      congratulations Dr.Kindeya G/hiwot. you do a lot for your country. Your contribution is un forgettable for the nation.

  3. us for us with us says:

    He deserves congratulation for the efforts he is making. But where is the money on the menu i.e. the Ethiopian scholars (not necessarily Dr Kindie as an Individual) practical solutions and workable activities in the country dealing with the situations the country is facing caused naturally within and by humans mostly coming from abroad?

    Let’s see the following and then understand our situations and positions that are badly influenced and closely and continuesly affected by foreign enemies while we are still living there and saying we are humans and scholars, too.


    The oldest and very much known Black on Black crime operations conducted by BBC (English establishment mass destruction propaganda mouth shit weapon) in Africa particularly Ethiopia is since recently started using the domesticated and brainwashed chimpanzees look likes in front of the camera serving those behind the camera planning, organizing and executing their private evil agendas and goals disrespectfully, mercilessly, hatefully and savagely against our country that is going on for decades.

    This is another trick they are trying to play with our consciousness, ability and humanity thinking they can cheat us as usual this time too in the mass destruction media war happening against us including from our own home in our watch for decades. Back then they were using the never trusted Jews while right now the brainwashed, ugly, manipulated, desperate, hopeless and domesticated negroes faces in front of the camera while they are behind the camera telling them what to say or do. Why now not before?

    Back then, almost all of them were the Jews whether they were/are from England, USA, France, South Africa, Canada and so on or not. It is like they have been demoted to be behind the camera or the rule of the game is changed because of the situation in Africa and at home is also changed. unwillingly but cheaply hiring the ugly salves faces just to be in front of the racists and hateful greedy imperialists owned cameras in order to spread the poisons stories and ideas about Blacks and Africa seems is becoming the new way of the mass media attacks against Africa and Ethiopia as well.

    Brainwashed and sold out Blacks talking about Africa and blacks behaving like trained Chimpanzee in the circus in front of their masters cameras are just the new tactics in the games against all blacks and Africa. After all, they are good at and known with divide and rule and this is the worst weakness Africans are making affecting themselves the ways they have been through for centuries fallen to the enemy tricks including these days with the Jews/English establishment owned and controlled mass media tricks designed against all of them.

    How many blacks are behind the camera in the western mass destruction Medias such as BBC, CNN, CNBC, ABC, AFT, AP, FT, Economists, Reuters, Guardians, those in South Africa and many more including on the top positions? The answer is none even being as cleaners but just they need their ugly face for show and dead brain to lie as they have been told in front of the camera thinking the 21-century blacks including Ethiopians are the same as they have been let’s say 31 years ago when BBC and other criminal English language medias started officially none stop wars against Ethiopians and their country.

    They are happily and proudly admitting and presenting it as the living testimony the 31 years continuous recorded criminal documents by BBC against our country in the name of famine. The reason why they are doing this for 31 years is not new or secret but intentionally, continuously and repeatedly tarnishing the country image and undermining the citizens. If it was about bringing the solution, they would never tolerate their own behavior or get any reason to cover the story for so long as worst as possible as they are happily saying these days “BBC is covering famine in Ethiopia for 31 years and eth show is continuing as long as it takes because of we are making sure the ways how it goes and works.”

    Was there famine in Ethiopia for 31 years? If it is true, what was the reason them to cover that kind tragedy for 31 years? Is it about bringing the solution or making possible the situation to continue the ways they are wishing in any black country particularly those are not defeated and destroyed by them as Ethiopia is the only African nation is not?

    Instead of happily and proudly announcing the 31 years of badly and savagely continuously recorded so called famine in Ethiopia, why don’t they say about the horrible crimes against humanity, nature and civilization the criminal establishment from that little island (England) did to the hundreds of millions of natives all over the world including the native Americans, Australians, New Zealand, Africans and all over the world they have been there only to wage wars, massacre, destruction, looting and occupation.

    They even managed 12% of the Chinese population to be fallen in to Addiction with drugs they were producing in India using slave labors and openly selling in China. 12% Chinese population today means 160 million people. When the Chinese refused to buy and use the drugs and instead thrown it away to the sea, the ugly Victorian Empire declared war against china giving the reason a trade war. You see, refusing to buy and using the English mass exported drugs was seen as trade war. As a result the English went to China, reached Beijing and looted and destroyed the city while the king and all Chinese abandoned Beijing and other places to save their life. This happened not long ago as it was the case against Ethiopia in 1868 against Aste Theodros and the aboriginals in Australia since 200 years ago.

    But they are not saying all the horrible, evil and merciless crimes they have committed against the world for the last 500 years. What the Americans, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia and the rest have been through because the criminal establishment from that Tiny Island is the worst had happened on earth in human history. However, that establishment is still here acting as if it is innocent. BBC is part of it since it is created 72 years ago. Back then it was used to keep the colonies colonized as long as it takes and blacks were called inhuman and ugly Negroes including Mandela. Mandela was called a Negro terrorist including by Thatcher in that chaotic and the birth place of evilness parliament.

    BBC covering 31 years of so called famine is clearly telling to anyone that Ethiopia has no normal citizen at all to deal with these racist, hateful and merciless criminals to stop them using any means necessary including the hard way. The English so called medias are worse than the mass destruction weapons in any form while the so called journalists/spay agents are worse than any Islamic terrorist including IS, Al Qaida or whatever name they are having. It is the same with those are in our country in the name of aid agencies, NGO, Volunteer while working closely with their embassies, peace Core and so on.

    If Ethiopia has real leaders and worthy citizens, before anything else they would fight and clean the country from these evils that are worse than any enemy she is facing. The Ethiopian military fighting terrorists in Somalia is a joke while the worst terrorists like these including BBC are freely, easily, openly, widely and none stop doing the worst criminal attacks against our people being in the country intended to destroy the whole nation engaging with internationally image damaging and undermining the people as worst as possible.

    31 years BBC famine covering slogan story about Ethiopia is the 31 years none stop crimes against the nation. When Mengistu was announcing the world for 17 years calling Regan blood sucker imperialist, Thatcher the worst racist and evil and Israel; Apartheid Zionist, it was making them mad and bad because of the truth hurts when it reaches them. That is why, they used the 1984 so called famine as the best, best and best weapon of mass destruction weapon against the nation totally conducted by CIA, MI6 and others using as tools including the so called singers in order to spread the message quickly, widely, easily and internationally to be kept and remembered for long times to come.

    As they are admitted the famine was happened about 100 days. As they also admitted per day had died between 10-15 people while Ethiopians said 5-10. So, even if we take their lies figure with the maximum of 15, then the total death from that famine had to be the maximum of 1500 which is still too much. Yet, we know the figure they are announcing to the world including these days in order to make the situation million times worse than it was in reality. Korem and the surrounding was the centre of the famine relief. The people living in Korem back then were 5 thousands while in the surrounding less than 100.000. So, from where did come the figure they are still talking about the number of the death during that time?

    Not only that. The conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia was also another laying joke from them. They are still saying the number of dead soldiers from both sides as if it was 125.000 or 100.000. The figure varies by as much as 25.000 human beings as they wish based on how they fill at that time and what kind plan and agenda they have to achieve behind the figure. When it comes to blacks, 25000. 250000, 2 million or 20million makes no difference; all is the same and worthless. They are the ones worth every valuable thing and the right human beings have all rights in the hands as private property making them feel to do anything they want for them and against others as they wish.

    Just take their number as 125.000 dead. How many soldiers were wounded when 125.000 had died? That has to be at least 1.25 million wounded. USA deployed about 100.000 soldiers in Iraq. From this figure had died about 5000 despite all the fighting was almost face to face in cities, villages, coverless sands and took years using the most damaging weapons including bombs killing and damaging with in hundreds meters radiation in one attack. This kind fight increases the number of dead or wounded comparing with the fighting in the boarders, bush or mountains as it was happened between Ethiopia and Eritrea. If the wounded were 1.25 million, then the total number of active deployed solders had to be at least 11.5 million which means from every 10 deployed solders one had to be wounded or killed.

    However, the total number solders actively participated in both sides were less than 300.000. Yet, the English propaganda shit mouths including Medias and so called scholars are painting their sick and racist shit brain about it with full of lies and misinforming figures. It is the same with the famine victims figure in 1984 or anything when it comes about bad and negative in our country. They are multiplying the figure, dramatizing the situation, presenting it as horror film and repeating it as long as it takes including the 31 years long famine joke story happening still after 31 years.

    However, no one blames them but us. Even the tiny insects are fighting back or finding solution when they are facing the enemies. But we are allowing these worldwide long time known racists and criminals to affect us for so long. The so called Ethiopian journalists and scholars even have no brain and competency to do the nation’s jobs including recording and covering the nations situations and events as they are happening based on facts and realities on the ground including the 1984 famine situation and victims figure as well as the death and wounded figure from the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea that was happened only for weeks with active fighting.

    If Ethiopia has a foreign ministry working for her, securities, journalists, scholars, patriotic citizens and so on, they would stop long times ago the Jews lead English, USA and their allies mainly South Africa, Kenya, France, Canada and Australia none stop media wars against our country and people. As long as these evils are around in any form including in the name of aid, NGO, Volunteer and so on, the situation will get worse than better.

    They are the enemies number one needed to be dealt with them including using the Ethiopian military forces before sending them abroad to protect others from the real terrorists. The merciless, racist and hateful foreign terrorists and their domesticated and brainwashed chimpanzee look like servants are the worst hidden terrorists in our country and they must be stopped long times ago using any means necessary. They have no respect towards us. Therefore, we must not have any respect or merci towards them. They are in our country to affect us. Therefore; we have to protect us and our nations dealing with them the hard ways as they are hard core evils against us. They have no what so ever respect or feeling towards us but being evils and demons against us as worst and long as possible.

    Death to BBC. BBC stands for BLACK on BLACK CRIME. It is doing that ever since it is created for this reason serving the worst criminal establishment ever existed in human history. Yet, it is still here acting as if it was/is innocent. Hahahaha.

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This is how it is happening in reality in the 21-century humanity, too. So, you know where to look and what to get when you are directing towards the east.

  4. Dagemwe RAs Alula says:

    Is Abeba Domaw gonna tell us that Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot achievement is being bought form somewhere?

    To the looser Tesfalehulum, Brain + hard work = Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot.

  5. Observer says:

    ‘ ኣባቱዋን ኣታውቅ ኣያታዋን ናፈቀች’ አንዲሉ ኣንጋፋው ኣዲስ ኣበባ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ኣሁን በኣመራር ያሉትን የመንግስትና የፓርቲ ኣመራሮችን ፣መለስ ዜናዊን ጭምሮ ያፈራን ተቁዋም ምን ላይ ነው ያለው ብሎ የሚጠይቅ ጠፋ አሳ ? ምን ይሉታል ዉለታ ቢስነት ወይስ ሌላ ?ባለስልጣኖች ምን ትላላችሁ?

  6. Visitor says:

    ያባብሳል እንጂ ችግር ያቀጣጥል
    የእንግሊዝ አይነቱ አይሆንም ቢያስመስል
    ይሁዳ ያለበት ከውስጥ፡ ከፊት፡ ከላይ
    መሬት ነች ሲኦሉ አይደለም ከሰማይ፡
    የሀገር ልብስ ገፎ በራቁት ሲታዩት
    ችግር ያባብሳል ይቀብራል በህይዎት
    እባብ ጭንቅላቱ፡ ድርጊቱ ዲያብሎስ
    የሚጠቅም መስሎ ሀገርን አያርክስ

    የራስ ጉዳይ በራስ ትንሽ እስከ ትልቅ
    ለኛ እኛ ስንሆን ነው በእድገት የምንልቅ
    ሲሰራ ይደገፍ፡ ሲፈጥር ይሸለም
    ለኛ ሰው ከኛ ውጭ የሚቀርበው የለም

    የኛ ችግራችን አንገብጋቢው ጉዳይ
    መሰረታዊ ነው ያለ ከመሬት ላይ
    በራሳችን አቅም ልምድ ባካበትንበት
    የመስራት፡ የማምረት ዘዴ፡ እውቀት ባለበት
    በርትተን ብንሰራ ውጤት በሚጨምር
    ለሌላም በሆነ እንኳን ለራስ ሀገር፡
    የሀገር ተቋማት ሳይንስ፡ ቴክኖሎጂ
    በራስ አቅም ፈጣሪ፡ ይሁኑ ከውጭ ቀጂ
    ዘመናዊ እውቀት ዘዴና መሳሪያ
    አንገብጋቢ ናቸው ወሳኝ ለኢትዮጰያ

    የገበሬን ችግር የማረስ፡ የማምረት
    የፋብሪካን ችግር የመስራት በጥራት
    የተማሪን ችግር ሳይበቃ መመረቅ
    የአንዳንዶችን ወንጀል የህዝብ ንብረት መስረቅ
    ሌላውን፡ ሌላውን የማህበረሰብ ችግር
    መፍታት ይገባዋል የሀገር መዋቅር፡
    በዚህም አንደኛ ዋናው ትምህርት ተቋም
    ለፈጠራ ይስራ፡ ሲፈጥር ይሸለም፡፡

  7. us for us with us says:

    Ethiopians are the only ones do have the natural connections, deep feelings and unconditional relationships with their country and the citizens. Others mainly those known with crimes including conducting slavery for more than 300 years, colonization, wars, occupation, lootings and all sorts of crimes by being in others places, are around just to do the same thing in the name of investment, tourism, work, and whatever names they are using to be there and pretending innocent in order to do the damaging activities they are there the first place.

    We know how some Israeli so called business people, investors or others are doing in Ethiopia including the one accused with more than 43 million birr fraud case corrupting three Auditors.



    Israeli man charged with stealing KPLC cables, released on Sh1 million bail –

    An Israeli electrical engineer was on Wednesday charged with theft of Kenya Power property.
    Pinchas Lewenstein, a manager at Carnation Plants Company in Enkasiti area of Kitengela, was accused with others not in court of stealing items worth Sh1.8 million or about August 27.
    The suspects allegedly stole 11 wooden poles of 32 feet each, 2,000 metres of 100mm aluminum cables and 50 metres of 15mm underground cables from KPLC’s Kitengela yard.
    Lewenstein was also charged with fraudulently hooking power from a 40 kva power line belonging to Kenya Power.
    He was arrested from the firm on Tuesday afternoon by Kitengela police officers after allegedly obstructing Kenya Power employees who went to disconnect the illegal power connection.
    Lewenstein denied both counts when he appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Stephen Mbungi and was released on a cash bail of Sh1 million and a surety of the same amount from a Kenya national.
    He was also required to deposit his passport with the court.
    The case will be heard on December 7.”


    The answer to the Ethiopian issues are only Ethiopians being smart, wise, educated, hard working and everything the nation needs from any human being that has to be totally dominated by Ethiopians taking the leadership and responsibility issues 100% under their total control.

  8. Sol says:

    Congra Dr. Kindeya , your hard work is bearing fruit. We can see it from in and out from those Ethiopian educated individuals on Voa how far we have come on freedom of speech and leadership, so please keep going with your hardworking . Tesfalehulum is shame as African in General and East African in particular !!

  9. us for us with us says:

    Tom Malinowski to Travel to Ethiopia

    “In Ethiopia, he will follow up on conversations in Addis Ababa this past July between President Obama and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn about how to best advance democracy and human rights priorities in Ethiopia and find common ground on issues such as media and press freedom and civil society space. The Assistant Secretary will meet with government officials, human rights activists, think tanks, and journalists, and bloggers who have been released from prison in recent months. He will also deliver remarks and engage in a dialogue with students at Addis Ababa Law School.”

    Does Ethiopia need at this time anyone from Abroad telling her about the above mentioned nightmare stories that are USA policies to be implemented in Ethiopia during the time the nation main priority is lifting the citizens from poverty and being totally free from dependent on nature as it is badly affecting us this time because of the bad weather pattern?

    Particularly the USA and UK governments are behaving these days like killer wild animals in the lawless wild when they see weak, sick or defenseless grass eater animals alone in the nomads land. They are getting busy none stop marching towards Ethiopia flying like vultures do feeling the sky is clear and defenseless while weak animals or the barren ground are desperately looking anyone to give them water or food in return they giving up in themselves to the known scavengers to destroy them.

    Since El Niño badly attacked Ethiopia, the damage is became known to them and announced by Ethiopia, USA and UK government officials and their collaborators/messengers are feeling they can do anything they want against the nation fooling the government and people as usual with the aid myths story using it as the best weapon to attack and destroy any nation based on their agenda and plan.

    UK and USA are sending almost every day so called officials, organizations, institutions and so on together with evil medias including BBC thinking the government is getting weak, stupid and hopeless seems is already gave up about the nation having own vision and running own maters based on own ways but foreign imposed with the exchange of so called aid. We know there are few officials from the highest offices within corrupted and hired by foreign power like these two in order to work for the implementation of their agenda in our country. We also know who is who among those seem are foreign agents while sitting in public offices and working in institutions.

    Tom Malinowski is another Jew as many of those coming to Ethiopia and interfering in our matters from USA, UK, to some extent France, Canada, South Africa and Australia are. How come he is working in the USA government while he was the head of a private company wrongly called a HRW? We all know what kind private/group organization is HRW and what it has done to Ethiopia in all those criminal years. Yet, the whole world knows the Human right issues in USA and its activities in abroad.

    Why is he coming this time to Ethiopia? Does Ethiopia really need from abroad this time to be told and lectured about the USA and UK personal projects in our country in order to destroy our nation and society the same way they are doing in any country they have been? Is there any nation benefiting and becomes the nation of all its citizens when it is influenced and lectured by USA and UK where almost all of them are the Jews?

    Look at USA and UK within. . Who owns, controls and runs the corporate Medias there? Who controls and decides about the flow of the news and information? Are there human rights in USA and UK within and is their relationships with other nations are having true human right benefits? USA is leading the world by big margin with the number of prisoners which is more than 3 million citizens. UK which is a tiny island is leading Europe with the number of prisoners. Who is inside? What kind crimes are being committed often there? Who is controlling the Justice system? USA and UK prison system is no longer to punish criminals and teach them to become the free and peaceful citizens but a corporate business empire institute owned by individuals and groups as private property.

    In USA, if someone is convicted for any crime including with very minor ones and finished its sentences after learning from, he/she will not have full citizenship rights till he/she dies. While in some European nations prisoners are allowed to vote from jail and do have many rights even the free citizens in USA and UK are not having them. Those convicted for any crime do not have the rights for many things including the right to vote, get employment, take high positions and so on. There are millions of USA citizens many of them blacks don’t have the right to vote because of they have had criminal records despite they finished the punishment and are now part of the peaceful and productive society. Prisons in USA are not serving the nation being like the schools to teach criminals in order to become peaceful and normal citizens but the life time punishments institutions and money making corporate companies.

    Who owns USA economy, land, power, media and you name it? It is the same in UK and France, too. Few elites mainly the Jews are running USA, UK and France. Because of Muslim nations are not allowed them even to be in the country, they are all over Ethiopia to implement the agenda and plan they are having and that is known in any country they are or have been. 99% all those coming to Ethiopia for their own agenda, plan and project including in the name of officials, aid, media, NGO, investment, Volunteer, activist, UN and so on are the Jews. They are the ones running the white house, USA foreign policy, Justice system, Lobby groups, Think Thanks, Institutions, so called right groups, NGO’s, wall street, banks, All financial activities, medias, Hollywood and you name it.

    USA citizens are arming themselves as if they are preparing for war within while living in a kind of war for decades. There are about 300 million guns in the citizens’ hands and the gun market is free, open and legal growing every day. There are about 33 thousands USA citizens killed with Gun violence every year or about 90 every day. Look the gap between those few have everything and the rest have nothing.

    Yet, Jews controlled USA and UK governments and their collaborators/servants are all over Ethiopia these days intensifying and getting bold ever since the El Niño effect is known and Ethiopia announced for help. They know how to destroy a nation and when a nation faces some difficulties caused by nature or human made, that is the best time them to act and attack in order to destroy and kill that nation forcing the government to walk and the society to follow based on their imposed agenda and plan in that country.

    Does Ethiopia need this time a Jew like him to lecture her about anything other than how to defeat poverty which is creating jobs and working hard engaging in the production and research activities? We know the reason why they are around is to cause troubles thinking the people will rise up against the government because of the drought and they are there to support that as they did including in Iraq, Libya,, Egypt, Yemen and continuing in Syria creating criminal groups working for them in order to create the environment that able them to implement their agenda and plan in those nations. And we know what kind plan and agenda they had and are now at work in those nations. There is no doubt about having similar plans and agendas in Ethiopia using some foolish and brainwashed Ethiopians as fighting and anarchy forces as they are doing in other nations, too.

    The reasons for him being in Ethiopia are “media and press freedom and civil society space. The Assistant Secretary will meet with government officials, human rights activists, think tanks, and journalists, and bloggers who have been released from prison in recent months. He will also deliver remarks and engage in a dialogue with students at Addis Ababa Law School.”

    Are those things working the best ways in USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia and South Africa they are in control? Who controls the Medias there and what kind behavior are having towards the mass? Are they free? No, they are free to do anything in order to sell them worth billions. CNN, Fox, Reuters, Bloomberg, the economist, FT and many others that are owned, controlled and run by the Jews do worth hundreds of billion dollars.

    So, they are not free Medias but criminal media companies operating illegally and wrongly making money while engaging with lies, gossip, propagandas and all illnesses against the whole world. Medias like these are the worst criminal companies working legally and reaching all over the world causing troubles based on their government agendas and plans on those nations and the world at large thinking they are the leaders of eth world which is hahahaha. They must be stopped long times ago knowing they are evils and trouble makers while earning billion from.

    What kind freedom the USA citizens are having in the country that is jailing more than 3 million people this time and the convicts do not have the rights even to vote after finishing their punishments? What kind human right are they talking about in my Ethiopia while in USA; the few are controlling the nation wealth and everything good? What kind human rights are they talking about in my place when USA citizens mainly blacks are getting killed every day by the police for no reason but they don’t like them?

    He is also talking about Journalists, bloggers and so on Ethiopia. Is this about benefiting Ethiopia or using them to destroy the country as they are engaging destroying the nations that are doing well for their citizens including back then were Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and all the nations they destroyed them using different reasons and methods including coup? They destroyed Egypt using the idea of so called free media, Bloggers, activist, right groups, NGO and aid agencies. He is also going to talk about law in Ethiopia. How looks like the law in USA?

    Ethiopians including the government must not get stupid and allowed themselves to be fooled by these known racists and greedy criminals including against own citizens. Before anything else look at the vast majority USA and UK citizens overall situations where these few groups of people from both sides are controlling everything. Any nation that is approached by them for any reason including sounding with the good ones (because of they are using dirty trash paper dollar as aid) always end its journey fallen to hell where human values, norms, culture and so on are gone. Just go back to Germany in the 1920s. The future of USA is already fallen in to their hands and we will see what is going to happen there in the coming 20 years.

    So, never trust these groups of people know with the satanic behaviors against the good. We must not allow them to get planted their hell agendas in Ethiopia in order to bury us there using aid as a nuclear weapon. This is the time to know more about them who really they are and keep them in the distance while continuing having closer and good workable relationships in the economic and development fields with countries that are delivering those things like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, India and many more. What the Ethiopian people need the most is being remained itself and defeated poverty and shortages that are making every one’s life difficult. The things this so called assistance secretary from USA stands for and preparing to lecture us to accept them are far behind from what the Ethiopian people want to have, get and achieve right now and in the near future.

    He needs to do those things first in USA including towards the horrible and long time standing situations the blacks are suffering from. Lecturing others what to do in their own country and behaving as if he is the right person is not really something to buy and get accepted while they are jailing more than 3 million of own citizens where the vast majorities are blacks.

    The Jews involvement in Ethiopia is becoming too much never happen to any nation before in this magnitude and intensity. And we know what is going to be the result when they are around and get their ways. Is USA the nation of all races and citizens or for the few that are controlling everything making the 330 million citizens life and future in jeopardy? Always ask and answer who are those few controlling USA from the Top where the politics, money and influences are? USA policy is their own policy not the citizens’ policy as it is the same in UK, too. The same people are running the show in both nations.
    Never trust them for anything. Never accept anything coming from them knowing it all about them while destroying us using us against us with divide and destroy crime activities they are known with and good at.

    The vast majority of citizens in all nations are nice people including USA, UK, France, Canada and Australia that are entirely controlled by the few by controlling the resources, politics, Medias and institutions. We need to have good relation with the people and those are part of the people not the Jews that are in the mission to destroy our nation and the society coming in the country in the name of USA, UK, France, UN, IMF, WB, WTO and other places and reasons they are controlling those nations, organizations, and institutions one way or another.

    The drought Ethiopia is facing need to be seen as a catalyst for the long term best solution Ethiopians must organize themselves and use everything they have and can in order to defeat the dependency on nature. Working with useful, generous, honest, friendly, respectful and genuine nations like China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy and many more must be the way how we are working and giving priorities with foreign nations for long term guaranty and benefits. This is the time giving all attentions and resources in the agriculture sector to develop it the ways how it should be in the country that is the best for agriculture.

    Is this the time the Jews in the name of USA and UK targeting and attacking us because of they see us we are in troubles and weak unable to defend ourselves? They seems are happy to see drought in Ethiopia thinking this is the time to act actively and attack savagely the nation based on their agenda and plan in the country taking advantages from the situation caused by nature. This is how evil individuals and governments are mainly from USA and UK behaving against other nations when they see those nations are getting in some troubles that would allow them to be deep inside in the name of aid. When they see that nation is in trouble and needs help, then they start attacking with an all out war stile to bury the citizens which is making them lose themselves while pretending they are there to help.

    The Jew involvement is getting too much and becoming a very dangerous situation against our country and society. USA and UK are leading this from the embassies in Addis. We have no problem with them as long they leave as alone. if not, we will continue defending ourselves including working with international communities that is already having enough with them and the anger towards them is getting bigger and worst by hour from all corners of the world.

    As black people, Ethiopia is the only safe and unconditional place giving us full rights and feelings. Because it is known how blacks are living and getting treatments beyond Africa including in USA(despite it is the nation of immigrants as all of them are except the naive Americans) where this few are controlling everything.

    Therefore, we will continue defending our nation against any one that is trying to affect us in our own country thinking this time the drought will force the government to allow them doing anything they want against our society as they are trying for decades and didn’t succeed so far and they will never despite they will continue trying.

  10. Robel Gebreselassie says:

    Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot has always been a hard worker. He is what I call a Dream Maker. He has the amazing ability to envision something and then pursue it until he receives it.

  11. Borkena says:

    Who cares ?I don’t give a rat ass !

  12. Tsegai B. says:

    Congratulations Dr. Kindeya!!! You made us proud. Ofcourse, we expect more achivement from you. Keep the hard work.

  13. teklit says:

    My Warm Congratulations goes to Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, President of Mekelle University on the Virtue of his Winning the Africa Education Leadership Awards of 2015!!

  14. nigus teka says:

    Congratulations Dr kindeya G/hiwot!!! He has alwayes been ahard worker & one of the desition maker so keep it up.

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