Ethiopian troops abandon some Somali towns, allowing al-Shabab to return; 2 men beheaded


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6 Responses

  1. Demeke Taye says:

    Ethiopia has been in and outof Somalia for some time now.I do not not see the logic of this back and forth. It is possible to say that it increases the hatred Somalis have against Ethiopia. What Ethiopia should do is to build its foces on the border and economically develop the area, and leave the Somalis do what they want to do intheir areas

    But Melles is doing not what is good for Ethiopia but what Ameria wants him to do. What Melles is doing is to drive Moslem countries to come to aid of Somalia, and America will not be ther to help Ethiopia in time of need.

  2. Negerew says:

    Why the Ethiopian troops abandon those strategic towns is very simple, because narrow ethinc’s leader of Melese did not get the money he expected from USA and the centeral Europeans governement…so he does not wants to finsh the war or the treat of al shabab that way he can seeks out the western leaders financial and diplomatical support for his ill and poor human rights record in his own country…very simple stratege..he done it over and over…He wants to lick the as much support like Pakistan and afganistan.

  3. borena says:

    woayne is using somalia as a meal ticket to receive their handout from USA and EU, THE GUY SHOWN ON THE PHOTO SEEMS TO BE WEARING tplf BADGE ON HIS SHOULDER

  4. Abraham says:

    Prime Minster Meles is using the conflict in Somalia to garner cash from the west in the name of fighting terrorism…Therefore if the Shabab is defeated the cash flow and diplomatic support Meles receives from the west could significantly cool. For this reason I could see why Ethiopian troops were ordered to back down, perhaps to allow Shabab some room, therefore extending the conflict longer and extending the contract form the west farther…. Remember Meles is a master manipulator…..

  5. abraham says:

    Also the war against Shabab in Somalia is used a cover by the Ethiopian regime to repress genuine dissent in South Eastern Ethiopia….The human rights violations committed by this government in Somali region of Ethiopia is a crime against humanity….Without this war on shabab this campaign of terror in the Ogaden could not be sustained, therefore I will bet that Meles and company do not want shabab to be defeated completely, which is what the west wants to achieve……..I think the U.S state department needs to realize this…..

  6. chumchu says:

    It is a public secret why woyane abandon the occupied towns of somalia is that Johnny carson refused to pay money for melese as his mercenary force is not within Amsom .So wanted to prove how capable the woyane military is in challenging and destroying Alkyda better than Amisom.However the reckless and deliberate decision of the woyane will defintly,in the long and short run , back fire against the woyane and makes the Ethiopian people pay heavy price in terms of nurturing animosity between two innocent people of Ethiopia and Somali..

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