Can Ethiopia’s railway bring peace to Somalia?


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7 Responses

  1. us for us with us says:

    Mary Harper

    she is a BBC foreign policy agent in the region. In Somalia she is doing what the Somali women are doing including with dressing codes. In Ethiopia she is totally a different person as all of them do telling us to be like them in our own country which is the reason they are there the first place to change or destroy us in the way they would be in charge in our place being on the top and deciding about everything.

    Few weeks ago she said, “Ethiopian government is open for criticism.” yes, it is true only for Ethiopian medias; but not for the savage and liar foreign medias and so called journalists that have nothing to do in our country and don’t belong to our society but they are there for own government agendas and policies against us. The 21-cenury digital society doesn’t need any foreign so called journalist, writer or traveler to film, write or talk about another nation/society they don’t belong and are not part of it but each and every nation is totally equipped and capable of doing by itself when it is necessary for foreign consumptions.

    The ideas and activities of foreign Medias and journalists being in another country for media coverage or whatever reasons related to information/propaganda-fear of influence is gone forever. The world is suffering from the huge and none stop load of news and information coming from the owner of the story the same times when it is happening. These foreign Medias and so called journalists mainly from UK and USA are foreigners have nothing to do with our nation stories, news and happenings.

    However, Medias like CCTV, RT (Russia Today) and so on are needed in order to exchange ideas with them for good reasons based on facts and realities on the ground. Death to BBC, CNN, CNBC, Reuters, Mail and Guardian (Apartheid ownership from South Africa) and so many others in the west. They are evils and pure criminals doing propaganda wars for the sake of their own agendas and plans in someone’s country.

    BBC is going to spend 130 million dollar or 85 million extra pound on the BBC world service which is the English foreign policy propaganda machine causing so many troubles in the countries that are allowed them to be in and behave as they wish which is for the implementation of their agenda and plan against our society and people.

    The so called drought in Ethiopia in 2015 is giving them the feeling of God is blessing them while the biggest Satan is fulfilling their satanic dreams easily and quickly they are having against us. It is like 1984 is coming back again for their advantage to use it as that evil Thatcher did against our country. The current UK conservative party members are not only most of them Jews including the PM but also the biggest admires and students of that evil Thatcher that was/is very much hated by millions British people including the Scottish people that are very nice people and victims of the English as the Irish have been for centuries.

    The Tiny UK is the most indebted nation on earth. They are borrowing more than 650 million Dollars every day for 365 days a year. Their national debt is more than 2.62 Trillion dollar so far and it is growing by thousands every second.
    Yet, few weeks ago they used the Ethiopian Medias (they are already infiltrated and indirectly owned them to spread their propagandas on the Ethiopians Medias against the Ethiopian people) a total disrespectful blatant propaganda attack coming from their mischief and tricky behavior against us saying “we are pledging this …..amount of money for drought”. However the money they are using as propaganda war machine is not their own money but they are borrowing massively.

    The question is why they are saying they are giving us so called aid – mentioning with well intended approaches for propaganda reasons calling a fake big number while the money they are using as the best pretending/cheating tool is borrowed money? We also know they are cutting salaries, subsidies, projects, supports, jobs and so on every day in their own country making millions of lives living in misery where thousands are dying as a result including committing suicides. Checks it out by yourself the effects caused by income support cuts and so on.

    The answers are many and it is all about them not us. Attacking and destroying the nation in peaceful ways pretending they are there to help using some cash to corrupt the officials and individuals to work for them is the cheapest, easiest, quickest and best ways they are always preferring. USA has spent more than 2 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan wars alone so far. England spends hundreds of Billions in the same wars. They have lost thousands solders in the wars they are having their own agenda in someone’s countries.

    However, they get nothing in return from. In fact the Afghans and Iraqis became too hostile against them making them unable to live or walk around the natives. They are living only in big cities like Baghdad and Kabul very much protected and isolated always in fear. English, USA and western women in these and other Muslim nations are behaving the same way the local women are including with dress code. Women and the citizens in general became more radicals and hostiles against them. There is a computation there between politicians, officials and even among the citizens to show who hates England and USA (as they call them the Jews/Zionist) the most in order to be elected and trusted by the people. Someone being associated with USA and UK is treated as a traitor and criminal there. But when someone is associated with and being called a Jew, that means he is finished. It is the same in many other nations towards them mainly Muslim nations including Sudan.

    Therefore, creating an artificial drought and exacerbating it by magnifying and multiplying million times, talking repeatedly and widely about as if it is happening only in Ethiopia and the worst thing happen to the nation and making the officials and people to believe and feel the fear giving them wrong signals they are not able to solve it by themselves but they need foreign help including those look like enemies and looking always bad things to happen in order to attack, is part of the foreign policy games always coming from England and USA where most of them are the Jews behind all these. They will use the borrowed money as a profitable lucrative investment spending on their foreign policy agenda against our country in the name of aid and whatever name they are using for decades but delivered no solution at all as it is not designed to bring the solutions but worsening the existing problems and creating the new ones for the sake of their plan and agenda in our own country.

    A tiny UK is borrowing more than 650 million dollar everyday to use it including affecting our country in the name of aid. If Big Ethiopia (5 times bigger that UK or 9 times bigger than England) with lots of potentials in the future borrows by herself what that Tiny UK is borrowing in two days, 1.3 billion dollar will solve all the problems caused by drought using the money and resources wisely, effectively and on time using own experts and workers based on the situation only they are understanding to the very detail intimately. Ethiopians must take full responsibilities which are taking care of the country and society mainly when things are getting tough knowing the enemy will cause damages during that time by coming in different names and using different approaches but for the same goals which is affecting our society.

    BBC is the mother of all evil English speaking Medias. BBC world service is the English foreign policy propaganda shit mouth savage media operating under the foreign ministry where embassies, foreign spy agents like MI6, so called agencies, NGOs, charities, Institutions and so on are part of it. It is part of the colonial empire including during the worst time since the 1940s, 50s and 60s independent struggle used by the empire against the victims i.e. all Africans and Asians, too.

    BBC world service is a savage propaganda shit old media needs to go to hell for burial. This woman is part of it. No one is sitting and waiting to listen, watch or read what this savage BBC is doing but totally ignoring and abandoning it knowing it is a kind of weapons of mass destruction serving for the empire policy and agenda in our own country.

    The reason for learning foreign languages is communicating with them in their country while in our country; they must communicate with us in our ways using our language. Students’ uses foreign languages to learn not the language itself but get the knowledge in order to use it for own nation benefits translating in own ways and languages. This is the time Ethiopians don’t need foreign languages like English at all but lots of foreign knowledge that need less foreign language skills such as science, engineering, math, Technique, ICT and farming. To get them, we don’t need the English language for theoretical reasons anymore but Mandarin, Germans, Russians, Japanese, Koreans, Italians and so on for practical benefits.

    Wake up, see the dramatic change in the 21-century world, be wise and brave, turn your face and attention towards those are respectful and important to you, be close to them and work together. Tiny England is nothing but the greatest fret, obstacle and trouble maker acting as a tiny bully thing working for none stop propaganda lies engaging with gossips and creating divisions and conflicts among the societies and nations using aid money which is they are borrowing as the only weapons and power they have left in order to affect weak and poor nations making them to feel that way despite that Tiny England is the weakest leak of all.

    As long as they are there relaying on USA while acting like the tiny aid viruses, be sure, the damage they are causing in many ways against the nation will continue. Avoid them starting from their propaganda weapon savage BBC. It has nothing to deliver but causing lots of damages. We must protect ourselves from that far away tiny evil nation with no humanity in her left but causing so many damages in the world including against the millions of natives in N. America, Australia and New Zealand. It seems they are looking to repeat it this time including in Ethiopia which is a big joke making us ahhahahaha. We are saying them “fuck off and stay away in that tiny and cursed island caused so many damages against the world for centuries”.

    This is the final time the Ethiopian government, scholars, farmers and the citizens in general giving the biggest attention and paying the needed sacrifices for the agriculture sector in order to transform it towards the 21-century modern framings levels and demands using local, national and foreign knowledge, skills and experts. Work together with Germans, Japans, Dutch, Chinese, Italians, Indians and so on farming scientists, experts, farmers and scholars for knowledge transfer and win win benefits working together. Ethiopia is the perfect place for agriculture sectors. We have to develop and use it fully up to its huge potentials has the abilities to benefit hundreds of millions beyond Ethiopia, too.

    Nature is not the problem but we are the problem not doing the human jobs on the naturally gifted country we are having. Avoid the English kind of aid or whatever names they are having to be there together any involvement, interference and influence they are doing purposely imposing on our society. Avoid them if really you are human capable of understanding the issues and doing the jobs for own benefits including working together with useful, trustworthy, respectful and hard working nations such as mentioned above.

  2. Visitor says:

    ጎበዝ ሰው ችግርን ቀድሞ ያባርራል
    ጉዳት ሳያደርስ ጠርጎ ያጠፋዋል
    ጥቅምና ጉዳት ሁለት ገፅታዎች
    ለጥቅም የማይሆኑ ናቸው ተጎጅዎች
    ለችግር መንስኤ ድክመቱ ከራስ ላይ
    ከመሬት ቁጭ ብለው መመልከት ከሰማይ
    የማይነኩት ሰማይ ዳር ድንበር የሌለው
    አያይም፡ አይሰማም፡ አይሰጥም ….
    ማንም ምንም ቢለው፡
    እግዚአብሄር በሰማይ፡ ከዚያ ሲሉ ገነት
    ሲኦል ነው የሚስፋፋ ከአረንጓዴ መሬት

    መጥፎ፡ በጣም መጥፎ፡ እጅግ በጣም መጥፎ
    የትኛው ይሻላል ከዝንብ፡ ከተርብ ቀፎ
    ጥሩ፡ በጣም ጥሩ፡ እጅግ በጣም ጥሩ
    ሁሉም ደረጃ አለው ሲታዎቅ ምስጢሩ፡
    መስረቅ፡ መለመን፡ ወይስ ተስፋ መቁርጥ
    መበደር፡ መስራት፡ ለመፍትሄ መሮጥ
    ለችግር መፍትሄ የትኛው ይሻላል
    መበደር እያለ መች ሰው ይለምናል

    የኢትዮጰያ መንግስት ይሁን እንደመንግስት
    ልመናን በእርዳታ በውሸት አይረዱት
    መለመን በራሱ የከፋ ነው ውርደት
    በእርዳታ ስም መጉጃ አይሁነው ለጠላት
    ለችግር መፍትሄ፡ ለነገ መሻሻል
    በወለድ መበደር ጎበዝ ሰው ይመርጣል፡
    ራስን አጋልጦ በችግር ተራቁቶ
    አቅም የለሽ መስሎ በራፍን ሁሉ ከፍቶ
    ለጠላት ሲታዩት ሆነው እንደ እንስሳት
    ይጠቀምበታል እርዳታን ለመጉዳት

    ችግራችን የኛ፡ መፍትሄውም በኛ
    የግብ ማስቆጠሪያ አንሁን ለደመኛ
    በራሳችን አቅም፡ በራሳችን ጥረት
    የኛ ሀገር በኛ አቅም መገንባት አለባት
    ሰው ሲቸግረው ነው ብድር የሚበደር
    ድርቅ ያመጣውም መዘዝ በዚህ መልክ ይባረር
    ከእንግሊዝ አይነቱ እርዳታ መጠበቅ
    ለስጋ ጥቅም ሲሉ ጨርሶ ነው መውደቅ

    ገንዘብ እንበደር፡ ለጥቅም እናውለው
    የሚጠቅመን መንገድ አማራጩ ይህ ነው
    እንኳን የውጭ ባዕዳ የሆነ ዘረኛ
    ለድሀ፡ ለለማኝ ዘመድ ነው ጠበኛ
    ከውጭ አንለምን ራስን አናዋርድ
    ምክንያት አንስጠው በኛ ለመቀለድ
    አረንጓዴ መሬት፡ ህዝቡ ሰራተኛ
    ራስ ለራስ መሆን መልስ ነው ብቸኛ፡፡

  3. fox tiger says:

    I heard that the so called vice prime pm Demeke Mekonnen his family displaced from Wollo and moved to Gojam because of famine, he must be the first to take action to help the people who need food, but he is the one to hide the famine witch is killing many Ethiopians now.

  4. Zera says:

    El Nino is not a onetime phenomenon or happening only in some or one part of the world but happening periodically as a cycle all over the world. USA, Brazil, Indonesia and the likes are the worst victims this time where the last four and five years USA is badly affected from California to Texas and all over the country. Not only drought but also flood, storm, heavy snow and so on are affecting nations all over the world regularly.

    However, the problem becomes as news only when it is happening in Africa even with its easiest and shortest forms. The reason is because of the dark Africans are so stupid and backward unable to prepare and defeat the difficulties caused by weather the same ways the rest are doing including USA, Europe, Asia and the Americans.

    Africa mainly Ethiopia is the oldest farming nation for sure in Africa and have the best natural ingredients for agriculture sector making able to produce anything that grows throughout the year with less efforts and low costs including energy because of the best weather that needs no cooling or warming but naturally balanced throughout the year.

    This has to be the final and last time Ethiopia kneeling down to the El Niño. She must decide now, well prepared and equipped in order to guarantee food securities for citizens and animals in any time. This is the time Ethiopia abolishes the rotten and looking like the foreign agents Command centre (USA and UK where the Zionists are all over visible or invisible including behind the shadow) so called foreign ministry and strength other sectors started from the agriculture one.

    One thing is clear since it was started decades ago and that is the so called aid coming in the name of USAID, UKAID, UN or EU while the so called aid agencies coming with it are the English and/or USA citizens, the whole issues is no longer about delivering aids and bringing the short as well as long term solutions but worsening the existing problems and making difficult for long term solutions. They are using it for their own advantages against the nation and people facing with difficulties caused by nature.

    God is watching silently before it harshly strikes and severely punished again as it did happen many time in the past against the Jews/Zionists that are all over Ethiopia camouflaging behind anything starting from the embassies in the name of USA, UK, South Africa, France, Canada, Australia and so on working together with the English establishment.
    Almost all bad publications, films, writings, stories and you name it about Ethiopia selecting and targeting her with aim intentionally damaging her image and undermining her citizens is done by them sheltering, grouping, hiding or appearing in many names, forms and shapes.



    “What is El Niño and how often does it occur?

    El Niño is a warming of the central to eastern tropical Pacific that occurs, on average, every two to seven years. During an El Niño event, sea surface temperatures across the Pacific can warm by 1–3°F or more for anything between a few months to a year or two. El Niño impacts weather systems around the globe so that some places receive more rain while others receive none at all, more extremes becoming the norm.

    Why is everyone so concerned this year?

    There were super El Niños in 1972-73, 1982-83 and in 1997-98, the latter bringing record global temperatures alongside droughts, floods and forest fires. The majority of climate models suggest the 2015/2016 El Niño will be of similar strength to 1997/1998, with El Niño gaining strength towards the end of 2015 and into 2016. This comes on top of already volatile and erratic weather patterns linked to climate change – 2014 and 2015 were already the hottest years on record with the Pacific Ocean already warming up to an unprecedented degree.

    What is the humanitarian impact of El Niño?

    Millions of people will be impacted by El Niño this year and next though an exact number is hard to pinpoint. Climate forecasters predict East Africa, Southern Africa, the Pacific Islands, South East Asia and Central America are most at risk of extreme weather, including below-normal rains and flooding. The humanitarian fallout in certain areas will include increased food insecurity due to low crop yields and rising prices; higher malnutrition rates; devastated livelihoods; and forced displacement.

    What will be the impact on food prices?

    Globally, cereal production in 2015 should not be much down on 2014’s record levels according to the World Food Programme (WFP) so in theory, production shortfalls should be balanced by increased production elsewhere. However, given production will be significantly down in specific countries, some will experience localised problems while grain-producing countries will experience more volatile prices says WFP. Maize production shortfalls in Malawi are likely to lead to a surge in prices in Southern Africa for instance (a 3.4 million MT maize shortfall is predicted in Tanzania and Zimbabwe), as well as in Central America. The food security effects will be worse for regions like the Horn of Africa, which are already suffering cumulative effects of past poor growing seasons. In highly import-dependent regions such as West Africa, consumers will face food insecurity due to increased rice prices.

    What’s being done about El Niño?

    National governments, the UN and NGOs are monitoring conditions on the ground and raising the alarm in countries at risk. OCHA has produced analyses on the current and projected humanitarian impact of El Niño in Asia, the Pacific, Southern Africa, Latin America and Eastern Africa. Humanitarian Country Teams are working closely with governments and developing preparedness and response plans in countries at risk or affected already, with a focus on responding early to the humanitarian needs that are emerging. The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) plans to allocate more than $85 million to aid agencies to respond to drought, drought-like situations and floods linked to El Niño.

    But many plans face severe funding gaps and more robust support to these efforts is urgently needed to mitigate the effects of El Niño before it turns into a global humanitarian emergency. Early action is critical to help reduce vulnerability and the need for humanitarian assistance. El Niño will continue over the coming months and the investments made now will have an enormous return, both in terms of alleviating suffering and avoiding soaring costs. NGO Oxfam strikes a cautionary note, pointing to the impact of the slow international response to early warning of looming famine in the Horn of Africa in 2011, when millions of people suffered and 260,000 died. “We need to act now… The same must not happen in 2016.”

    What next?

    Evidence is emerging that climate change will increase the odds of a strong El Niño taking place, with warming seas – and shifting wind systems – increasing the frequency of the most powerful El Niños.”

  5. Zera says:

    Colin Cosier is an Australian Jew. What is he doing in Ethiopia? Who gave him the right to paint his dirty mind about the country? Why don’t we stop them? What is the benefit him and his like are delivering to our country other than the known things? Stop the smooth criminals like him that are operating peacefully against our country while they are in the country.

    He is saying a freelance living in Addis Ababa. What does it mean free-lance? Is he asked by the Ethiopians to be there? Why is he there the first place? Death to all the western Medias and journalists including this one from Australia. He needs to talk about the Australian history and the Aboriginals instead of Ethiopia.

  6. hagos says:

    Dawit don’t forget to report this….for December 1 -2015….Prof.Berhanu Nega arrives in Brussels to testify at the Eurpean Parlament………about ”Famine and Drought in Ethiopia……..hahahahhaha oh i forgot AG7 and Eurpean parlam a terrorist !!!!

  7. Zera says:

    “for December 1 -2015….Prof.Berhanu Nega arrives in Brussels to testify at the European Parliament………about”Famine and Drought in Ethiopia……..”

    For how many times are we talking about particularly since the second war officially started deep in the country by BBC few weeks ago about their main intention and goal to achieve in the name of aid using the drought as God given opportunity and best advantage for them?

    This is not the EU intention or work but 100% UK and USA. It is among the others the CIA and MI6 job thinking they can achieve what they are busy with for years this time using the drought in 2015 as they did in 1984/85.

    Who was present and actively all over Ethiopia in the name of drought in 1984? Not Germans, Italians, native French and so on but the English, USA and Canada(Jews/Zionists) working together for their goals and that was eliminating the government as the Secret deal document revealed done by the racist and evil Thatcher in 1985.

    This time also they are here camouflaging behind EU. The Jews/Zionists and English establishments that are controlling USA, UK, France and so on are savagely looking to get the Ethiopian economy and consumers in the name of privatization, investment and Globalization blood thirstily focusing on the banks, telecom, Insurance and other sectors where the money is in order to loot the nation without delivering any benefit in return engaging only so called service sectors.

    We have seen days ago another Jews organization called CPJ rewarding so called bloggers that are the little head backward brainwashed and trained animals by them to do the dirty jobs against their country for the Zionists agenda in our country. As long as the US and UK embassies behavior and activities are not limited based on the embassy jobs and activities, be sure, they are there to affect us badly. What are the Ethiopian foreign ministry, interior ministry and securities doing about it?

    The so called aid agencies, peace core, NGO, charities and whatever names they are having is how they are playing the games to be there and get free accesses as they wish. Don’t forget, 40% UK spy agent members are females. Do you think they are coming in the country telling they are spy doing their government agenda and plan in our country as Thatcher had? No. They are coming associating with the so called agencies, organizations and so on to do the jobs they are doing secretly against our society.

    When we are weak, ignorant, poor, dependent, divided and in troubles including with reasons caused by nature as it is going on this time, they are feeling it is the best time to attack and best opportunity to achieve their goals and that are too bad against us and our country.

    Look the US and UK embassies activities. Are they really doing the embassy jobs or are they getting too busy for their main goals that are secret in our country operating peacefully? You know who rules the US and UK embassies in our country being on the top. They are the same people from both countries done intentionally to make them working together for the same goal both are looking to achieve.

    However, this is not 1984, 1994 or 2004 but 2015 and soon 2016. Any bad move they are making against our country is giving us determinations decisively to stand against them while strengthening and widening our relations with useful, trustworthy, respectful, genuine, hard working and honest nations like the Great China, Russia, Japan, Korea and the rest. UK and USA need to know better how things are for real right now not only in Ethiopia but also the whole world. Ethiopia has the right to have her own political direction and economic policies and making any relationship with any nation based on her benefits in the short and mainly long term benefits including with China.

    As some from USA corrupted political systems are often and openly saying, “our biggest fret and long term challenge is china, not Russia”. But that was before the great Russia surprised the world and makes their mouth shut forever with the highest military power she is acquire and capable with while actively and victoriously defending Syria from the terrorists created by them. Chinese and Russians are good friends and allies will be always there mainly during bad times to defend and die for as Russia is doing for Syria. There is no doubt China will stand always with her best friend which is Ethiopia particularly during bad times such as caused by bad human(always by the west-USA and UK) or nature as it is going on right now.

    This is becoming clear they are busy with creating and organizing terrorists against Ethiopia as they did against the ME. Birhanu is a terrorist. However, they gave him not only shelter and all sorts of supports but also fake title called him professor to make him important rewarding before days they send him to the terrorism action from the base in Eritrea. However, Birhanu being as a professor makes him the first ever terrorist with so called professor title he got from USA for free with exchange they are free to use him for their agenda and plan against our country as they did in many other nations in order to turn them the ways they did to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine and so on.

    How is possible a terrorist like him sheltering in Eritrea and never been in Ethiopia for many years but always looking to cause damages against the nation as a terrorist serving the Zionists/Jews agenda in our country is invited by EU to talk about anything in Ethiopia including the drought? This shows they are already started the war operating openly and we have to defend ourselves openly and decisively started from those in the country including the embassies and those spy agents pretending differently.

    Remember: The Zionists including G. Soros, Herman Cohen and so on are behind all these. USA and UK foreign policies, Medias and economic activities are controlled and run by them.

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