UNESCO Inscribes Fitche-Chambalala as World Intangible Cultural Heritage on its list (+Video)


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2 Responses

  1. us for us with us says:

    Warm Congratulation to Fitche-Chambalala for achieving its wish.

    However, UNESCO is no longer relevant as UN itself is becoming. It is becoming a kind of private institution or company department at UN where the few are using it for own interests and agenda at home and mainly worldwide in UN’s name.

    When we see how USESCO operates in some part of the world and analyses the things registered on its list, we can come in the conclusion that it is not working fairly and rightfully based on the rules serving everybody equally for the sake of humanity and nature.

    Some sights, heritages, natural wonders and so on that are registered on the UNESCO list from some part of the world are really not reflecting its principles written on paper. If Ethiopia gets the same treatments as those few are getting or doing by themselves based on regional or friendly political principles, the country would have hundreds of USESCO recognized/registered …… including Timket, the great Nile valley Gorge, Dallol, the stone sights in Gurage zone, Dorze and so on.

    What is important is what we are feeling and doing with our heritages, natural gifts and so on and how we are enjoying from, not they are registered by someone in somewhere. Just enjoy together the unity within diversity Ethiopians are good at and known doing things together peacefully with respect and understanding as one big family living happily in one great home which is Ethiopia.

  2. lekinaw says:

    it is very good festival

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