Ethiopia, China Adopt Mutual Visa Exemption Agreement


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6 Responses

  1. Bereket Kinfe Gebremedhin says:

    Capital flight had been heading to China from Ethiopia for the last twenty plus years free and clear ever since the Meles (Legesse) Zenawi mercinaries systematically got rid off all those TPLF members that complained about the rising culture of hiding money in foreign countries. The TPLF officials send their children and significant others to China with luggages full of foreign currency on a daily basis. Many of the family members claim to be Ethiopian diplomats to escape customs investigation as they travel to and from China, some are known to be smuggling Khat and other illegal substances all throughout the world including to china with the Ethiopian Federal and Anti-corruption Commission continues to be under the smugglers choke hold.

  2. tariku says:

    its the right time to have such visa good so its no need to run to zimbabewe
    now its to china all corrupted officials time to run before the angery and hungery
    the revolution before they eats you alive.

    for the chinese its not adviceablem to allaw their citizence becouse the worest will happen.

  3. us for us with us says:

    This is it.

    Good friend always contributes a lot you be able to have good live and nice future.
    The bad one affects you badly in many ways and makes you loosing directions, becoming unsafe, unhappy, dangerous to you and others and worthless.

    China is the most important best friend Ethiopia has and the two ancient nations have many things in common including being two of among the world few oldest, independent and self preserved nations. If Ethiopia knows how to treat the best and very important friend like china working together for common destination in Africa, Asia and the world, there is no doubt about the enormous benefits she is going to get none stop in many forms and shapes for many years to come. This is also the same to china. Ethiopia can benefit her in many ways for the sake of her place in Africa, ME and the world.

    There is no doubt the decision came after it became clear how the two nations need each other and the nature/behavior of the two nations people was studied, analyzed and concluded that citizens living in both sides would not be dangerous against each other if they allowed to come in with less control and restrictions but helping each other and benefiting together. Ethiopians are the most civilized and proud people they are not engaging with criminal activities or any kind that is causing intentionally troubles against the host nation(s)/natives when they are reaching there. Most Ethiopians and Chinese and at that mater Eastern and south eastern Asians people do have the same kind of behaviors far from criminal and inhuman activities when they are coming in other countries.

    Therefore, we are saying this is a good deal for both sides. We also want to see happen in the near future between Ethiopia and Japan as well as Ethiopia and Russia if the Russian agree after efforts made by the Ethiopian embassy knowing Russia is one of the very important nations Ethiopia must have good relation with for many reasons.

    If the English empire/establishment was not there, Ethiopia would never suffer the countless sufferings and setbacks she has been through for 150 years officially started in 1868 after the death of Atse Theodros, and the looting and destruction of Mekdella. If that evil empire from that far away tiny Island was no there, there would be no the name Eritrea today in the region dividing the same Habesha people and blocking Ethiopia from her millennia old sea coast ownerships and rights putting Eritrea as a fence parallel between Ethiopia and the sea which is more than 1200 km long and few km wide.

    If the Zionist were not there; the humiliations, misinformation, lies, propaganda wars and all attacks intentionally to affect her in many ways she has been through for so long and still is going on including from our own soil, none of it would never happen. They together with the English establishment are the greatest enemies and fret we are facing them for long, long times.

    On the other hand if China was not there, there would be no Tekeze Dam, Beles Dam, Gilgel Gibe II and III, Hedase Dam and others. There would be no wind energy farms, No light train which is the first in sub Saharan Africa, No modern trains including from Addis to Djibouti line, No industrial zones, no highways, no best roads and in general there would be none among the many things we are having and benefiting from because of china.

    If china was not there, there would be no the African union today if it was taken by Gadaafi to his birth place Sirte that is under the IS today thanks to the west. But China step in as best friend and generous nation agreed with Ethiopian request to build the African headquarter for free in order to keep it in Addis Ababa because of Gaddaffi was decided to take it and build with his own money coming from oil.

    That is why we are saying this is the best move and the right thing to do in order to strength the relationships between Ethiopia and chine in many levels and maximize the benefits both sides are getting from working together in the government, scholar, media, people to people and in general in all levels.

    • Mek1 says:

      The best move ? You are making a deal with a country with a population of 1.3 billion and they are looking for every appotunities to send their people any where and every where, they have money you don’t, unless countries dealing with China are not care full it is a mater of time to see African born Chinese leaders in Africa, and africans will start war to free themselves from Chinese colony. Look around you in a very short time they strated to have kids born from Ethiopians they speake the language, they have a mission, the best way is to do business with them from a safe distance.

  4. Visitor says:

    ቻይና የላት ዘይት፡ ጋዝ ወይም ሌላ
    ሳይሰሩ፡ ሳይደክሙ በነፃ የሚያበላ
    ያላት ሁሉም የሷ የጎበዝ ሰው ስራ
    ቆሻሻ የሚያፀዳ ጨለማ የሚያበራ፡
    ከሁሉም ጥሬ ሀብት ወርቅ፡ አልማዝ ጨምሮ
    የሰው ሀብትን የሚያክል የለም በተፈጥሮ
    የቻይና ትልቅ ሀብት ከዚህ ያደረሳት
    ታላቅ አስተሳሰብ የዜጎች መበርታት

    ብዙ እንማራለን፡ እንጠቀማለን
    አንደኛ ምሳሌ ካደረግን ቻይናን
    የጭንቅላት ብልጠት የጉልበት መጠንከር
    ሰራተኛው መስራት ተማሪውም መማር
    ከጎጅ ባህሪ ከልክስክስ ነገር
    ራስን መጠበቅ መያዝ መልካም መስመር
    ሌላውም ሌላውም ከሆነ በሚሆን
    ከግብ እንዳንደርስ የለም የሚያግደን

    የኢትዮጰያ መንግስት በትክክል ይምራን
    እንደ ጎበዝ እንጅ እንደ ምንም አይሁን
    በስም ብቻ ሳይሆን ይታየን በተግባር
    እንደ ቻይና ሙሉ ትሁን የኛም ሀገር
    ሁሉም የሀገር ህዝብ ከትንሽ እስከ ትልቅ
    የሰው ከማይመስል ባህሪ ይላቀቅ
    በየስራ ድርሻው ይበርታ ለውጤት
    ቻይና ምሳሌ ነች ታላቅ ትምህርት ቤት

    በሀገሮች መካከል የሚታይ ልዩነት
    በተፈጥሮ ሳይሆን የሰው ስራ ውጤት
    በሚጠቅመን ከሆን ተላቀን ከጉዳት
    ሁሉን አንችላለን በስራችን ውጤት
    ቻይና ነች ምሳሌ ለህዝብ ታላቅነት
    መሪዎች ሲመሩ ህዝቦች ሲከተሉት
    ኢሀአዴግም ይሁን ተናዳፊ እንደ ንብ
    ደፋር፡ ብልጥ፡ ቆራጥ፡ ሰራተኛ፡ … ወሳኝ መሪ ይወዳል የኛ ህዝብ፡፡

  5. us for us with us says:

    “When I was a child 35 years ago, my father was harvesting less than 7 quintals of rice. Because of the Chinese government best policy and 100% commitment modernizing the agriculture sector starting from the farmers thinking and abilities to work, using best seeds, harvest and consuming wisely alongside building from farmers to consumers distribution infrastructures and the development of the agro/food processing, I now produce more than 30 quintals of rice at one time from the same plots of land which is 1/4 of a hectare. However, in money wise I do earn twice as much using irrigation and harvesting at least twice a year.”

    This was the story came from a Chinese famer a year ago. He is producing more than 30 quintals of rice from 0.25 hectare of land which means 120 quintal rice from a hectare. This also shows how Chinese farmers and the farming sector is developed in a way Ethiopia can learn lots from and get supports in the agriculture sectors from china including with knowledge transfer. Agriculture without scientific researches and skills using modern seeds, methods and technologies is nothing but the primitive one has no place in the 21-century.

    The Ethiopian government must awake by now with no sleeping back again realizing how important is developing the agriculture sector before anything else in the country like Ethiopia which is the best place for agriculture. The process that is given to develop the agriculture sector gives lots of directions and possibilities to develop almost all sectors in the country the same times.

    In order to develop the agriculture sector, the country needs industries and companies that are procuring tractors, combiners, seeds, fertilizer, dams, water pumps, roads, bridges, railways, air ports, storage magazines, agro and food processing companies, water managements, soil conservations, forestry, bee keepings, animal husbandry, fish farming, super markets and many others. Agriculture feeds not only humans and animals but also industries. Most manufacturing companies’ raw materials come from agriculture including cotton, leather and so on.

    Therefore, the Ethiopian government must give the biggest priorities to modernize the agriculture sector starting from the farmers’ primitive way of thinking, working, living and consuming. Ethiopia has one of the biggest potash reserves on earth. Yet, she is still buying fertilizer from broad in Norway. That same company is keeping the Ethiopian potash under its control in the name of investment in order to prevent Ethiopia or other investors to produce the fertilizer at home that would stop the import from that company.

    Many nations in Africa, ME, Europe and so on are massively importing their food items for decades including cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables. Egypt alone imports more than 100 million quintals of wheat every year. Yemen imports 95% its food items as the rest of the ME nations are. It is the same with Nigeria and all nations in North Africa. European nations are importing rice, wheat, Fruits, vegetables and so on.

    Therefore, Ethiopia importing for emergency case about 20 million quintal (which is 1/5 of Egypt’s import in one year) this time in order to feed her citizens because of the drought caused by El Nino is not a big test but a very small thing to handle by the country with 90 million. This time the government and citizens need to be brave, smart and hard working in order to facilitate a quick and effective aid delivering shame by themselves avoiding those coming from the west (UK, USA, Canada and Australia) in the name of aid and whatever name they are having. Ethiopians need to do this by themselves because of it is their situation and also in order to get experiences how to deal with natural disasters like this one by themselves while getting supports from the right people when we need any.

    What the Ethiopian government and people must understand is about the nature of today’s world. Today’s world never been this way in its history even before or during the so called the two world wars started by Europeans in Europe. There are wars, conflicts, millions of refuges, destructions, killings, chaos, divisions, and so many problems everywhere in today’s world. No one cares about the el Niño effect in Africa including Ethiopia while there are wars all over with the big power direct involvements creating tens of millions refuges all over the world totally dependent on assistances including accommodations in desert areas like Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and the likes. Ethiopia alone is hosting more than 750.000 refuges came from the neighboring and far away nations including Yemen.

    This is not the time in Ethiopia waiting for foreign assistances and being relaying on them while we know there will be nothing delivered on time and as it is pledged except with false promises mentioning the amount with big numbers. The so called west is in deep, deep troubles within and beyond that is making the elites and establishments free rides and being on the top of the pyramid at home and internationally in jeopardy making them to desperate about than none of them worrying about supporting Ethiopia the right ways.

    What they are having in mind and are busy doing is the things that are intended to affect Ethiopia in many ways including toppling the government and creating chaos in the country as they are doing in many nations including Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Georgia, and trying to do the same in Syria in order to transfer the nation to the IS, Al Qaida and other wahabbi savage terrorists.

    The Zionists/Jews are getting to busy these days more than ever doing by themselves and also supporting anything and anyone that is playing roles being used against Ethiopia. Ethiopia has more than 90 million Ethiopians in Ethiopia. These are the real and rightful Ethiopians. Yet, they are trying to use the worthless and dumb few run away hooligans and rebels in abroad to demonstrate and spread propagandas against the government and country supporting them in many ways.

    BBC, Al jazera (that fat Jew/Zionist is getting busy these days talking all shits and covering all bad images about Ethiopia using Al jazera which is the English and USA/CIA and MI6 created and run criminal media in the name of a tiny Qatar), VOA, and all the English speaking language medias that are directly or indirectly owned, controlled and run by the Zionist/Jews are not getting a day free without doing anything bad against Ethiopia. The reason is known and that is because of Ethiopia is not accepting and following their neo liberal and NWO agenda that is already in trouble and getting rejected by many including china, Russia, Iran and so on.

    Ethiopia having the best relation with china makes her being their main target thinking stopping Ethiopia is also stopping other African nations not follow her having own choices and decisions within herself and other nations based on her own interests and benefits other than them. They are still thinking they can implement a one world order they have to be on the top of the Pyramids despite they even couldn’t win a war against Taliban in Afghanistan despite it costs them the biggest in money wise and thousands human lives in the longest war they ever engaged with any nation including in Vietnam.

    Instead Taliban transform in to IS in Afghanistan with their watch and presence there. Do really they think they can get their ways in Ethiopia at our material and emotional expenses? That will never happen even in a million year no matter how many rebels and hooligans they are creating and supporting and how the Jews/Zionists propaganda media is waging none stop wars against the country intentionally tarnishing the country image and undermining the citizens the same ways they are doing for decades.

    However, the anti Zionists/Jews international wave is already started not only in the nations that are known with before the second WW but also among the citizens in UK, France, Northern, eastern and central Europe accusing them as the main cause about what is going on in today’s world political chaos, economic crisis, wide spread conflicts and refugees. Those attacking Ethiopia in the name of HRW, right groups, Journalism, media and whatever name they are having are almost all of them the Zionists/Jews and they also are indirectly financing and advising others to cause problems in Ethiopia including some dark Africans from their base in Kenya. .

    The point is that the Ethiopian government must understand about the dramatic change and the biggest difficulty the world is facing right now mainly the west that had the homogeny of the earth and humanity for centuries but not anymore thanks to the change in the world including the rise of the mighty China and Russia. Many nations are borrowing to finance the citizens’ needs. Income support in the developed nations is another form of food aid in poor nations. Many nations including UK are borrowing billions to finance income supports. So, Ethiopia also must borrow to finance the food aid she needs to feed her people that are badly affected by El Niño.

    The same time, the government and citizens must work hard and more than ever the farmers remain in the place they are and working on the farm well preparing for the coming season. This is the best time to change the farmers’ backward attitudes and silly approaches towards farming. They must not abandoned their farms but have to remain there and do whatever it takes in order to make useful their farms including building soil protections and digging underground water sources. Difficult time needs difficult decision and choices. Tough time needs tough people starting from the government and officials in order to win against the difficulties.

    We know the Ethiopian government is good enough to take care of these people using own resources and supports coming from generous and useful friends and allies like china. China has the longest and best experience dealing with natural disasters. Therefore, instead of still keeping the so called western aid agencies, NGO, Charities, religion relief, missionaries/mercenaries or whatever fucking they are, the Chinese experience must replace them and they need to leave our country for good. They are there for years doing nothing else but to make sure the situation remains the same if not getting worst and this way they can keep their job with lucrative salary and best treatments they even cannot dream to get when they get back in their cold and shit home counties with full of crimes.

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