PM Hailemariam Desalegn Inaugurates Modjo-Meki Expressway


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9 Responses

  1. Orio says:

    Tplf is trying to divert victims from protesting this will be end at the final.

    • Beza says:

      Yeesat bandaw orio you got sick by seeing this kind of development in Ethiopia. ESAT and you are the ones, who are Instigating this violence by propagating with The retired old man Merara Gudina. You have to call your families in Ethiopia and hear what’s happening in Ethiopia. The chaos you are talking about is diminishing the perpetrators, who are paid animals will face court soon. If you have gut go to Eritrea instead of propagating and collecting money from Derg soldiers and put the youngsters in danger.

      • Chala says:

        Beza, still talking derg shit after 25 years. BTW, almost all of the protesters do know much about the derg you talk about; even if they knew it was just bunch of Ethiopian who happened to be on one side of a civil war. There is some thing called “relative deprivation”, but I guess that is too complex for an idiot like to understand and I don’t have the time to explain. You can pay me, though!

  2. Solomon says:

    Banda Orio what is wrong with your head .May be it is not working.
    You don’t see the picture .if you think Tplf is the government .
    I think tplf is building wonderful high way.
    You so blinded with hate you couldn’t comprehend between right and wrong.
    Even though there is a lot of problems in Ethiopia .
    But Mr Banda shabia Telalake to get credibility you need to learn when to criticize and when to give credit when any body deserve credit.

  3. Wissam Abdella Kassim says:

    Modjo is a key location which TPLF tried to have full control of as far back as since Tamrat Layne was the Prime Minster of Ethiopia. The previous Prime Minster Tamrat Layne admitted in many occasions that TPLF would sacrifice anything to make Modjo under their full control since they think the continuation of TPLF’s booming economic activities is guaranteed if Modjo’s authorities work for them.

  4. us for us with us says:

    This is how the best government is doing working together with the citizens. No one will stop us from building and developing our country in our ways while working together with useful and reliable allies like china and make the citizens life better. Infrastructure is the basic and the very begging towards sustainable development and creation of modern society. Roads and railways, Energy, Telecom, domestic media owned and run by Ethiopians, water and sanitations and so on with the sate bold and wide involvements and influence based on the State owned capitalism principles are very essential for the Ethiopian present and mainly future development and securities issues.

    Chinese, Russians and the likes State owned companies are playing crucial and decisive roles not only in domestic huge projects but also internationally including in Ethiopia. Ethiopia must follow them for the sake of all her citizens’ benefits and long term strategies.

    Ethiopia is the nation of almost 100 million. some unrests caused by very few here and there are nothing but part of the today’s world the Zionists and English establishment lead west is looking to destroy nations and citizens that are doing better and have the best future as Ethiopia is. We are witnessing mass demonstrations after demonstrations, violence and imprisonments in UK and USA every day throughout the year. The USA and UK politicians , elites and their imperialists institutions including banks and medias are the most alienated, hated, distrusted and disrespected than any nation is happening.

    Ethiopia is not like the desert Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on they managed to destroy them by creating, instigating and supporting violence including using activists, bloggers, journalists and terrorists. They are saying too often using it as best example (wishing to happen in other countries including Ethiopia) how easily, simply and quickly the Tunisia unrest was started and spread after the death of a desperate individual. Is the situation in Tunisia including to all the citizens were better back then or today? Today’s Tunisia is the worst example of a failed state and the hot beds of unrests and terrorists. Do really they think nations like Ethiopia would allow these kind damages and disasters happening to her in the name of so called western democracy they are talking about using the Zionists propaganda corporate medias and wahabbi terrorists?

    Tunisians, Libyans, Syrians, Egyptians, Iraqis, Yemenis and so on that are destroyed in the name of western democracy making the citizens fighting and killing against each other are badly wishing to have their past situation while struggling to get back there than having anything to do with the western so called democracy that is not even exist in the west except they are using it with propaganda words to monopolize the wealth, financial sources, power and influence in its name against the mass mainly in USA and UK.

    The Zionists/Jews and English establishment unity and centuries old working together against others for their sake and benefits is getting to desperate to stop china’s and Russian’s influence in the world where the weak and easily manipulated Africa is their main focus and target. There is no doubt they are looking and preparing to do anything worst possible against Ethiopia in order to stop having the best relationship and co operation the two ancient nations are having for common benefits which is working perfectly.

    As they are known throughout history, the Zionists/Jews and English establishment owned and controlled western Medias, agencies, organizations, missionaries/mercenaries, institutions, so called right groups and so on are getting too busy and sophisticated in order to discredit or deny the Ethiopian government, its policies and achievements including by creating violence in the country based on Ethnicities and religions as they are behind all Islamic terrorists that are destroying the ME, North Africa and terrorizing the world.

    Bloody racists like them are acting as if they do care about some Ethnic groups in the country which is the main tool they are busy with thinking this way they can make Ethiopia the way they are doing to North Africa, ME, Ukraine and so on in the name of democracy using the citizens against each other and their own country that would lead ultimately all of them will be the worst losers.

    The Ethiopian government and securities must get tough and decisive here taking quickly any measure necessary before things are getting out of hands because of some foreigners are secretly instigating and supporting from behind. Watch out those foreigners that are in the country in the name of religion, volunteer, education, aids, media, journalism, tourism and whatever name they have to be there while their main agenda and goal could be creating chaos and conflicts in the country as they did to Egypt coming from USA, UK, Canada and Australia camouflaging behind those names.

    USA and UK lead western nations are known creating divisions, conflicts, chaos, destructions and finally failed states being secretly the main brains behind some evil groups like the terrorists and rebels. They are the ones created mujahidin in the 1980s that became the mother of all terrorist groups including al Qaida and IS. We also know what they are doing to Libya, Syria, Yemen and so on using the terrorists. When we come to Ethiopia they would get even nastier than they are against others knowing how racists and evils they are against all blacks using the blacks against blacks.

    They are saying they are Christians or none believers. But they are creating and supporting Islamic terrorists against the Christians including in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and so on. These are evils with no normal human behaviors but pure monsters living for money, wealth, influence and power engaging with crimes against humanity and earth.

    The answers to all the expected crimes they are planning or secretly busy with to affect against Ethiopia are in the Ethiopians hands which are stopping them using any means necessary. They are coming to affect the nation pretending they are there to contribute something. We must protect our nation stopping them completely. Confronting the situation before it is becoming bigger and out of hands is what the brave government and its security forces are doing than doing what is the Syrians, Yemenis, Libyans, Egyptians, Tunisians and so on leaders and securities are trying to restore peace and unity after things escaped away from their hands and total control.

    The Ethiopian government and securities must learn from others including North Africa and ME about the start of the violence, the passive and late response of the government and its securities and allowing foreigners that were/are behind all these. The west mainly USA and UK direct being presence in the country using spay agents and securities and indirectly using some citizens mainly the youth in the name of activists, bloggers and journalists involvement was the reason to all these chaos, killings, destructions, mass refugees and so on happened in the name of democracy and delivering aids and supports.

    watch out those foreigners that are in the country in the name of pedophile and money minded religion, teachings, aid agencies, media, Journalism, volunteers, tourists and so on they could be behind any unrest, conflict and so on in the country. The Ethiopia military and securities need to be very tough here crushing all trouble makers for sure foreigners including those in the country could be behind them. They are the centuries old known racists against all blacks all over the world including in Africa and Australia against the natives. Yet, they are using Ethnicity among the black race to divide and make them destroy against each other based on these racists’ trick satanic games against all blacks.

    Iran and Saudi are both Islamic nations. Both are too different to one another with race and also Ethnicity. Yet, they are using sectarians which are Shia or Sunni to make them enemies and fight against each other. In Iraq, they are dividing them based on sectarians despite all of them are Muslims and Arabs as they are doing in Syria because it is working for them this way while in other countries including Ethiopia they are using so called Ethnicity or religion based on the situation that makes them achieving their damaging goals which are destroying the state institutions, the nation and the total suffering of the citizens as we are seen all over North Africa and ME because of them.

    Watch out some foreigners in the country that are acting peaceful while they could be behind any unrest in the country. We know who they are and most of them are from USA, UK and their allies’ nationals and embassies.

    The Zionists/Jews handing over so called rewards after rewards in the name of activists, blogger, journalists and whatever name they are giving to some brainwashed human things saying they are Ethiopians while they are the run away animals is telling what they are cocking behind against Ethiopia. The good news is that they are not in the country and the vast majority Ethiopians do see these animals as foreign enemy servants and collaborators against the country.

    As long as the Ethiopian government and security forces are getting tough and taking quick and decisive decisions against those few trying to create unrests in the country because of some foreigners are secretly behind them, the Zionists/Jews and English establishment satanic work against Ethiopia will not hurt Ethiopia and the citizens even for a second with anything. The reason they are targeting Ethiopia is not secret but they are desperate to stop China, Russia and others influence and good work in Africa where Ethiopia is the preferable nation and seat of the African union. .

    The Zionists/Jews are feeling safe and getting good treatments only in Ethiopia when it comes to Africa; of course they are in control in South Africa and Kenya. However, they are behind almost all the troubles and damages we have been through for long times working together with the English establishments.

    • Sema wondem says:

      You shit,where did u copy this garbage from.I know it is not urs,please give us the link to read it from the source.

  5. concerned citizen says:

    please !! The picture is “Yamuna Express way ” In Delhi, India.

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