GERD Tripartite committee Begins Meetings in Khartoum


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2 Responses

  1. us for us with us says:

    What Ethiopia needs from the Hedase dam is only producing Energy. What Egypt needs is water. What Sudan needs is water and Energy plus flood control that is happening in Sudan time to time because of Abay (Nile) from Ethiopia.

    The Dam is the best and only answer of all the needs the three countries have from the Nile. Ethiopia knows about all along when she started to build the dam. Sudan and also Egypt know about how important and problem solving is the dam the sites between the three nations related to the Nile River.

    The question is why Egypt is using the dam 100% only for political reasons while this dam is the best and long term solution for her enough and sustainable water need. There are some retarded and hateful so called Egyptians don’t want to see peace, development and benefit in Ethiopia despite they know the dam is going to benefit her only with energy supply while Egypt is going to benefit not only getting more water but also cheap but clean energy from if she wants to.

    Egypt is building 4 nuclear reactor sites for energy production. The Russians are going to build them with 1200mw capacity each which is the total of 4800mw with tens of billions of dollars in the form of debt. Even a school boy/girl know the difference between these nuclear energy sites and the Ethiopian dam in terms of safety, security, effectiveness, advantageous in terms of money, benefits and so on which is the dam is ways ahead the best solution not only to Ethiopia but Egypt and Sudan, too.

    Yet, while they are building their dangerous and dirty nuclear energy reactors with debt money without any objection, they are trying to cause problems against the construction of the Ethiopian dam on her own territory. What kind world and in which century are we living? It is better to die while fighting the enemies than continuing living with sufferings, humiliations, shortages including energy, water and food staffs and treated by others as if we are nothing while they are everything including about issues related to us using our weaknesses as their best advantages.

    There are also forces behind Egypt using her to affect the region particularly Ethiopia knowing this could be one of the weapon they have to try to use in order to stop her from development as they are trying with other tools to affect the country unity, peace and prosperity including playing Ethnic and religion tricks despite all Ethiopians are from the same race and lived together for centuries.

    The vast majority Egyptians including the president (he is the best president Egypt ever has), Scholars and the Medias (most of them are damaged by the Zionist-English establishment criminal media activities and old and retarded school of journalism) know the dam in Ethiopia benefits Egypt in many ways. They also know Sudan is the only nation they have to worry about and deal with concerning the Nile water share. Some of them are talking openly about Sudan future plan using the Nile water for huge irrigation where the wahabbi (source of troubles in today’s world) Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and even Bahrain are in talks with Sudan for tens of billions of dollar investment in the agriculture sector. Egypt and Sudan also have very serious issues related to Egypt’s occupation of the huge Sudanese territory mainly since 1994 and other territories since 1956. According to Sudan, Egypt is occupying the total of more than 27,000km2 of land (which is a lot bigger than Israel or equivalent with the size of Belgium) belongs to Sudan including the Ethnic Beja areas in north eastern Sudan red sea coast.

    So, instead of dealing with Sudan about the issues she is having including the occupied territories and Nile water that is going to be affected in Sudan because of the GCC wahabbi dictators are going to throw billions on the Sudanese agriculture sector (because of they don’t know the value of money as they are getting it for free so far hoping the oil and gas price will continue heading towards deep in the ground because of the international community awareness about the climate and the great Chinese, Indians and others are on the unstoppable move to rule the earth with solar and wind energy technology and sources), Egypt is using Ethiopia as scapegoat and playing ground for her benefit goals in Sudan.

    |What Egypt is doing is in order to stop Sudan using the Nile water and deal with issues she is having with Sudan, she has to stop the dam in Ethiopia. This is disrespecting and undermining Ethiopia, no more or no less.

    Egypt and Ethiopia as well as Sudan working together is the only answer about the whole issues concerning the Nile water in Egypt. Ethiopia will not stop even for a second from the construction or reduce a mm from the original size of the dam because of Egypt is having something in mind that is not really related to her water share but other things including her mockery relation with Sudan. Instead of approaching UAE and other GCC nations to use them against Ethiopia, why is Egypt not telling them to stop about their relation with Sudan only Saudi Arabia is agreed to invest more than 16 billion on the agriculture sector?

    Egypt needs to stop acting childish but responsible and wise behaving appropriately based on the realities and facts on the ground. What they need from the Nile is water. The dam will increase the flow of water and guarantee its continuities. They know that. It is better for Ethiopians dying while committing for something that is intended to benefit them with development and guarantee their future than begging for food and waiting for help because of draught or shortage of water. Who is affected right now because of the shortage of water? Is that Egypt that has no rain at all or Ethiopia who is the mother of the Nile water in Egypt?

    One thing has to be clear to Egypt or anyone else. Ethiopia will never even think to stop the dam for a second or reduce its size by a millimeter because of she knows it is going to answer the best ways all the questions, difficulties and mistrusts between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan. Egypt needs to deal about the Nile water issue with Sudan not with Ethiopia knowing Ethiopia will not use even a drop of water for any irrigation activity but rotating the turbines before it leaves entirely the boarder.

    What Egypt must not even try at once let alone to be part of it is having any negative and bad engagement towards Ethiopia in any form and type. This is the 21-century where nothing will be done secretly against Ethiopia with direct or as they are expected indirect involvement as it was the case in the past including using proxy elements or internal divisions. If they think less than 0.001% out of the entire group is behaving like wild animals and causing some material damages is the sign of the position of the entire group, they must think again what is going on within their own country and elsewhere because of some sick and mad elements among the normal citizens.

    Their two presidents and the entire cabinet and many religion leaders are among the many thousands languishing in Egypt’s jails. So, Ethiopia is no different doing such things against those causing any trouble against the country for any reason in any form. The government and securities do have the 100% mandate from the Ethiopian people to eliminate any fret and trouble coming from anywhere starting within.

    What Ethiopia has to do is keeping Ethiopia safe and well functioning within at all levels targeting and eliminating any element that is used by foreign enemies to destabilize Ethiopia through unrests, unlawful demonstrations and so on. Ethiopia has no shortage of human beings that are patriotic, useful, hardworking and in love with their country.

    Therefore, when/if anyone is trying to affect Ethiopia in any form in the name of anything supported including by foreign enemies must be eliminated immediately without merci and delay using any force and measures necessary. Ethiopia will never give reason or take time before eliminating these kind rats no matter who they are, who is behind them and what could be any consequences coming from foreign enemies that are pretending friendly which is the rule of the game they are playing for decades and is already known and exposed. Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians and she must be protected by Ethiopians eliminating any fret coming from anywhere starting within.

    So, if Egypt or anyone else is thinking they can destabilize or affect Ethiopia in any form as they did in the past, they are wrong and living in the past. Ethiopia has 99.9% patriotic, useful, hardworking and totally in love with her citizens while being always ready to crash her enemies. So, if any foreign enemy thinks they can affect the country using any reason to divide the society, they must think again which is no racist and evil foreign power will come between Ethiopians that are naturally the same people living and doing the national matters together for centuries including during the Adwa war which is unlike to Egypt and many more nations.

  2. Visitor says:

    ክቡር ግርማ ብሩ የኢትዮጰያ ተወካይ
    ማዕረግህ ታላቅ ነው በሀገርህ ሰማይ
    ለምትወዳት ሀገር፡ ለምታከብረው ህዝብ
    ሁሌም ዝግጁ ሁን ታታሪ እንደ ንብ፡
    ማንም ስደተኛ ሰውነቱን ያጣ
    ተባይ እንደ ነፍሳት ያነሰ ከጦጣ
    ሆኖ የሰው ቅሬት ሲቀርብ የሚገማ
    እንኳን ልትረዳው ጩኸቱን አትስማ

    በአሜሪካ፡ አውሮፓ ሆኖ የከሰረ
    ህይዎቱ ያለቀ ከበታች የቀረ
    ለመኖር ሲያቅተው ባዶ ሲሆን ተስፋው
    በሀገር ስም ቢጮህ ሀገር አትሰማው
    ኢትዮጰያዊያን ከውጪ የምትኖሩ
    የከንቱዎች ጉዳይ ይግባችሁ ምስጢሩ
    ቦታ አስትጧቸው፡ ናቸው ስደተኛ
    በስጋና በነፍስ ያለቁ ጉደኛ
    ሀገር፡ ሀገር ቢሉ ሀገር ግን በቅቷታል
    እንኳንስ ሊረግጧት መቼስ ይነኳታል

    የሰሞኑ ሁከት ህይዎት፡ ንብረት መጥፋት
    ደስታ ሆኗቸዋል ህልም የወደፊት
    በኢትዮጰያ ጠላቶች ድጋፍ፡ ይዘው ተስፋ
    ተሳካ ይላሉ ሀገር ስትከፋ
    ታዲያ እንዲህ አይነቶች የጠፉ ጨርሰው
    ከውጪ ቢፎክሩ ማን ነው የሚሰማቸው
    የጣረ ሞት ህይዎት፡ እየጮሁ ውሸት
    ግባቸው ጉድጓድ ነው በውጪ ሀገር መቅረት፡
    የኢትዮጰያ ወሳኝ ሁሉም ከኢትዮጰያ
    አጥፊን እየቀጣ በጥቅም መለያ፡፡

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