Arsenal Legend Ray Parlour set to visit Ethiopia


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2 Responses

  1. us with us for us says:

    “Arsenal Legend Ray Parlour set to visit Ethiopia”


    What makes him to get that title? How many goals did he score in the league and national levels? How many prizes did he win? What kind player he was in terms of technique, tactic and behavior? They know what they are doing behind this but you don’t. Is he among the legendary and best players like Inn Wright, Dennis Bergkamp, Therry Henry, Patrick Vera Sol Campel or others known internationally as best players from Arsenal and in the national levels representing their respective countries? No. he is not one of them.

    This is how the Zionist/Jews and English establishment (exists only because of the Zionists) propaganda works. They turn nothing to something or something to nothing with propaganda wars, fake awards and so on based on the benefit they are getting from. This so called visit is nothing but pure for business reason intended to brainwash the Ethiopian youth to make them watching their football which is no more a game with free and faire principles but pure money making business/company, buying items belongs to the club and telling our youth to drink alcohol/beer the English so called investors are owning and selling in our country just adding something in the huge amount of water they are getting almost for free.

    Did you see any English club winning the European Championships for the last few years? Did you see any of them in the last 4 last year? The best players and games are in Spain, Germany, Italy and France. Yet, for instance in Germany the entrance fee per game including between the best teams such as Bayern Munchen, Borusia and so on cost only 14 Euro. While in England it is the average of 114 Euro per game.

    So, how is possible a worthless team like Arsenal that didn’t win any measure championships in European levels except the little years during the Terry Henry, Bergkamp , Vera era and Sol Campel and didn’t win even the English premier league for many years is trying to brainwash the Ethiopian youth pure for money reasons? That Zionist Ambassador who is now thanks God at least physically gone but mentally will stay around Ethiopia for bad reasons till his death, was busy doing including this kind and other things in the name of that evil tiny island in our country while our so called ambassador in London is acting as if he is their agent doing all sorts of services for them including spreading misleading propagandas against Ethiopia using Ethiopian medias.

    First of all, football is no longer a free and fair game but a money making business empire privately owned by the capitalists most of them are the Zionists/Jews from USA and England. It is unbelievable people are still sitting too long in order to watch and supporting it when football is no longer the game of the people but a big business bringing millions per game to the private owners.

    There is no doubt, watching, supporting, buying its staffs, drinking alcohols or doing anything in any football company name mainly from abroad will be over soon. Football was the best game bringing people together for pure joy. But football today is no longer a game but big business doing propaganda wars in the name of advertisements as other businesses are doing in order to get money for free from those coming in the stadiums, watching through TV, buying items and drinking alcohols. /beer in its name. This is bulshit. Only the lost generation/society behaves this way.

    The best football imperialists companies (not football clubs anymore) to watch or associated with them if it is for free must be from Italy, Spain, Germany and France not England that is operating with none stop media coverage for business propaganda reasons in the name of advertisements while the games and achievements are lagging behind comparing with other nations. Did anyone see England wins any measure game such as World or European cup for the last 50 years? But Germany, Italy, France and Spain did many times. This by itself shows where is the best football to associate with beyond football propaganda bombardment and invasion coming from that tine England.

    Arsenal Legend Ray Parlour is not legendary but one of the players arsenal ever had. His visit is pure for business reason in the name of Arsenal that didn’t win even the English premier league for many years.

    There is nothing against the player but the reasons and meanings behind all this that tiny far away island- England- is busy with including this way in our country. They really will not stop unless they are confronted decisively by the victims happening against them in their own country.

  2. Sema says:

    Ethiopians need to wake up and do the right things now before it is too late.

    William Davison from Bloomberg( a billionaire Zionist/ Jew savage media from New York), the one from Reuters(another billionaire Zionist/ Jew media from Canada), and other evil Zionists in the name of anything are the worst terrorists and greatest dangers against the world including Ethiopia they are operating freely and openly for the implementation of the Zionists/Jews one world order agenda they are looking to be the leaders and decision makers after destroying governments and nations making the citizens fighting and destroying against each other because of the evil Jews Tricks that is going on for centuries by targeting and destroying the white race in many ways before moving to the rest of the world. .

    In USA, they are none stop creating divisions and hate and inflaming conflicts using their Medias between the citizens based on race. In the Middle East, they are creating and inflaming conflicts in the name of Islamic sects supporting both sides. They are creating divisions and inflaming conflicts between Islam dividing them between Wahabbi, Sunni, Shia and so on.

    In Africa including in Ethiopia( they are getting to busy these days thinking they do see some potential for Ethnic violence doing propaganda wars to inflame it) they are trying to create divisions, conflicts and inflaming it in the name of Ethnicity thinking this way they can destroy the nationhood which is the Zionist agenda all over the world targeting first weak and stupid nations that are allowing them in the country as Ethiopia is doing allowing the Zionist/Jews criminal medias and savage so called journalists like those in the country in the name of Bloomberg, Reuters, mail & Guardian, guardians and so on.

    The questions is for how long the Ethiopians including Muslims (where more than 70% oromos are Muslims) are keeping quiet and letting them continuing doing these internationally known savages and demons affecting humanity for centuries where the white race is the longest and worst victims of them till this day as they are directly controlling USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia and South Africa and many nations indirectly?

    The good news is that the whole world is on the move to confront these savages again knowing they are the root causes of all troubles going on in this world. These so called journalists and medias owned, controlled and run by the Zionists/Jews including Bloomberg, Reuters and so on must be criminalized and expel from the country which is part of defending the nation from the internationally known savages, demons and trouble makers including against the millions Palestinians that became stateless for 70 years in their own ancestry land.

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