Skype users in Ethiopia could face 15 years of jail time


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4 Responses

  1. LEMMA says:

    what ever the kchat addicted dictator zenawi does, he cannoy hide his crime from the world. He could jam, ban, harrass and block VOA, DW , ESAT and now SKYPE we will still be able to know about woyane’s attrocities.

    why are the woyane trying to do everything behind close doors?
    WHY DO THEY HATE the social media? It is simply because they are criminals who do everything in the dark, without anybody else knowing about it.

    The crimes of the woyane recently reported about the corpses being dragged in the street behind municipal vehicles in Gondar are horrendous indeed. IT WAS ONLY FASCIST MUSSOLLINI WHO DID SUCH A BARBAROUS ACT IN ETHIOPIA. These are the types of crimes the woyane do not want the world to know about.

  2. Teddy says:

    I am sure if you are a TPLFite or a TPLF stooge, it’s perfectly fine for you to use Skype or anything that would work for you in Ethiopia’s stone-age internet service.

  3. A. says:

    Who ever proposes this law, they r sick in their head. ..Lemme c who it could b … I bet zenawi and bereket Simon. And u know what? These ppl r sick in their head, literally. Zenawi has a brain tumor n bereket is mentally unstable. That’s exactly what it takes to write such a law.

  4. Wore says:

    Skype, Yahoo msger, Gtalk(g00gle)all have voice cominication through internet
    Now Ethiopia down all meadia commincation through News paper, Internet radio, VOIP it worest now my country.
    i pray Everrything is back. in New Ethiopia

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