[Breaking News] Neamin Zeleke was sacked as ESAT Managing Director over disagreement with Isaias Afeworki


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37 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    He might the first man moved away alive from IsayAss. No ‘excuse’ in isayAss doctrine. How many Ethiopian lives lost only after independency? 17 From Arbeegnoch. Unknown from OLF. Few from TPDM killed by col. Gitdum. Around 700 imprisoned with out any charge or term. Now Most of them aren’t alive. In 1991 and Bademe cuptured soldiers are Are massacred with any human right defend when EPRDF released immediately cuptured Eritreans. When Djibouti blame to UN, EPRDF never ever. Meles and Sibhat erect stutes in Arusi about Minilik not iasYass in Aider. But no problem after EPRDF we will erect his body at the gate of the school. So like Neamin Mesay Birhanu …Isayas dogs there body will dump in red sea like Biladin for they selling thier Dignity to anti Ethiopia /Egypt and IsayAss/ for daily bread.

    • robbel says:

      You should worry about your own “independency” Lol. that will be forced upon you. banana republic of Tigraii is coming soon,Ethiopians are tired and soon Tigres will be forced to end dependency.

  2. Beza says:

    Neamin Zeleke was sacked because they want to put the Newly claimed joiner, Reeyot Alemu GEDEBO to be on the top. They know she will not go to Eritrea to fight so she will stay here to fight on the money. Rikashoch eko nachew. Any ways they will make either Serkalem, the wife of Eskinder or Reeyot Alemu GEDEBO will take his position.

  3. Michael says:

    What a shameful man.

  4. Mahmoud says:

    ድሮም የከሃዲዎች ዕጣ ፈንታ ይሄው ነው። ላለፈት 50+ ዓመታት በሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን የሞቱት፣አካላቸው የጎደለውና የሀገራችን አንጡራ ሀብት የበላው ኤርትራ የተባለ ምድርና በኃላ የተፈጠረው ሻእቢያ የተባለ ድርጅት ምክንያት ነው። እነሆ ኤርትራም አገር ሁና ከተፈጠረች በኃላ ኢትዮጵያ አንገቷም አልተቆረጠ፣ ይልቅስ አንገትዋ ቀና የሚያስደርግ እድገትና የሻእቢያ መቀኘነትና ሴራ እንዳለ ሆኖ ሀገራችን ካለፉት ግዝያት የተሻለ ሰላም ሰፍኖባት ይገኛል።

    በአንፃሩ የዚህ ሕዝብ እድገት እንደእግር እሳት የሚበላቸው በተለይም በድሃው ኢትዮጵያዊ ሃብትና ጥሪት ተምረው ውለታውን ሳይከፍሉ አሜሪካና አውሮፓ የሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን መልሰው የሰው በላው ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ጀሌ በመሆን የገዛ ሀገራቸው ለማጥፋት ሲሰሩ ማየት በጣም ያሳዝናል። ኤርትራውያንም ሆኑ ኢሳያስ እነዚህ ሰዎች ለአገራቸው እንካን የማይጠቅሙ፣ ለጥቅም ያደሩ መሆናቸው አውቀው የኃላ ኃላ ተጠቅመው እንደኮንዶም ይጥላቸዋል።

  5. AleQa Biru says:

    How can this trash rumor be a breaking news? it is not even a news.

    Instead why don’t you report on local issues from Ethiopia to make yourselves useful? We have enough junk from the diaspora.

  6. Amor says:

    Lol…well you will be disappointed if you see Neamin making a visit to Asmara… seriously I feel sorry for you. I am enjoying the competition between you and Ben of ethiopia first ..who could jump higher in the lie manufacturing department…..both of you are really beings devoid any integrity and self respect.

  7. Amor says:

    By the way he is still in office untill new year…the reason he minimized his role with Esat is opposite to what you proclaimed to know is to make more frequent trips to eritrea…mark my words. You just depleted to the little left integrity your media has..BTW, you picked the wrong time go back to ethiopia and jump on to weyane wagon…all the writings on the wall show that weyanes lease on life is expiring slowly but surely!!

  8. bb says:

    Well to me this is not a news! We should not talking about the dead fish who are happened to be barking while they already dead the so called opposition diaspora has been lost from day one, it has been 20 plus years with FUKERA and never gained other than filling their pockets

  9. Yilma says:

    Is this a news? Low life Woyane Shiftas have gone crazy? Whose attention are you going to divert? Disgusting low life drunkard!!!

  10. Solomon says:

    Banda shabia Telalake Neamin gat what he deserve .
    Banda is always Banda .
    Death to Banda Essayass !
    Death to Banda Brhanu
    Death to Banda niamin !
    Long live Ethiopia !

  11. Sol says:

    Congratulations you all! Now we now directly who own ESAT

  12. abe says:

    This will be true if Berhanu and Neamen are not going back to Eritrea again.
    If they return , they will prove everyone wrong, If they do not return, we will conclude ,the political life of Berhanu/Neamen and Ginbot 7 legally dead.

  13. Bonsa says:

    so what?

  14. Semir says:

    Neamin said he had more confidence with shabiya leadership than ethio gov, may be he has beef with ethio gov, but how he can say that the he had confidence with mafia and terrorist gov, like shibiya? How you will hurt your own people by standing with issyass, this is criminal and opportunistic , political prostitution .

    • Beza says:

      Semir, of course he has a grudge with Ethiopian government. His dad used to be one of derg, who used to kill people, watch the Gambela officer talk to Mengistu on YouTube. He was saying that ” we don’t know who had spoken here on the same democratic forum, as same as this one.” That was his dad. Dr. Kassa Kebede also had spoken that he is Oromo. May be he had been contacted by OLF and being told by Esayas to change the party. Anyways, they have shown us that ESAT is the wing of Gurage 7 Bet. Let him do his building painting job. His job is painting buildings and he underestimate the Ethiopian youngsters by saying cobblestone antafiwoch. Kikikikikikakakakkakakak a.

  15. hagos belete says:

    Who helped TPLF to survive and evolve while they were in ambush??? Where were TPLF chose to go when they were desperate?
    Whose fighters was escorted them yo Addis palace?
    History wont be erased the way you wanted it
    Tigre maleeet amedaaam lemagn neew

    • Beza says:

      Hagos yeredachew enathin agbto Anten yeweldew Wetader abatih new. Mesariiya a teshekimo eyameta tilo.eyeaheshe, lezach leshabiya enatih mata mata yewetaderun mistir eyakebele new yerdachew. Temelwselih? Kita Ras.

  16. Amor says:

    Dawit….for god sake…why go through all this…just to make a living? Don’t side with wrong side of history…I am sure ..deep inside you know you are simply promoting propoganda..but the problem is this type of propaganda is also deceiving the very people you intend to serve:the people of tigray! The people of tigray are better of knowing the truth about the current status of the nation not the falsehood ..if you keep preaching that the current uprising is instigated by few terrorists, if you keep preaching EPRDF had won 100% of votes…if you keep preaching that TPLF is not immersed in deep corruption and if you keep preaching that the hearts and minds of the oromos and Amharas are with TPLF led Eprdf? Then you are doing disservice to tigrayns people because you are hiding the truth which will prevent them from finding the real solution to Ethiopia as a nation that could help them coexisted with oromos and Amharas peacefully. The current state of affairs of the nation is very troubling. TPLF can not continue rule oromo and Amharas by the barrel of the gun in the name of Tigrayans! On the contrary, TPLF modus operandi to stay in power is putting tigrayan people in a very precarious situation! The recent oromo uprising is the tip of the iceberg and the sleeping giant is awaking…Dawit play your role for national reconciliation instead of devoting all your energy to keep TPLF hegemony over the 86 million Ethiopians!!
    Don’t see the monthly check …see further than your nose..

  17. TOLA 25 says:


  18. Nabot says:

    Let’s go weyane . Nover and ever learn for the past .

  19. slick says:

    Mr. Idoit Aka Dawit seems to follow G7 and ESAT move closely in order to give fabricated stories for woyane thugs. What he doesn’t know is ESAT and G7 are far too complex and sophisticated. Dawit if you have the gut and a drop of bravery report the killing of innocent oromos. Trash!

  20. yohannes says:

    What really surprises me about these people is the confusion they are in. They forget that Isayas is typically Machiavellian in dealing with them: “Be a lion or a fox as to circumstances”. He fought for independence as a lion. He tried to repeat this in Badme. This time, it did not work. So, he thought of posing as a fox (relatively harmless, but crafty) and use unpatriotic and unsuspecting fools. For these people Isayas has abandoned his dreams of becoming a Horn of African strong man, with an industrialized core in Eritrea and a divided and conflict-ridden Ethiopia as a periphery, supplier of resources and a huge market. This is not about EPRDF. This is about Ethiopia we should be talking about. If you are really patriotic distance yourself from Isayas. Had he been genuine about Ethiopia isn’t it better for him to do a government to government talk about cooperation? Is it easier for him to cooperate with Ethiopia by overthrowing the government of Ethiopia and go through an endless civil war of “transition” to a government that Isayas would be ready to talk?

  21. Hana Tamrat says:

    Preparations to host Ye Eyasu (Joshua) Generation Inaugural Award, along with several other events . in Washington D.C is underway.

  22. Dagna says:

    Awramba times this is not a breaking news, it is just a story of one dirty mans employment history and gossip. Their are many stories in Ethiopia, that matters for Ethiopians that needs your service, Food Shortage, Public frustration on the governments land policy, National security issues, issues about SHABIA agents within EPRDF, Exposing OLF Members functioning legally inside Ethiopia like Merera Gudina, GINBOT 7 agents like Semayawi party leaders, AND MANY MANY OTHER BURNING ETHIOPIAN ISSUES INSIDE ETHIOPIA THAT ARE ARE LEFT OPEN FOR ENEMIES OF ETHIOPIA, SANCTIONED BY EPRDF TO DESTROY OUR NATION.

    do a journalist job with your site not gossip fanning.


  23. nesanet says:

    mot le hager shacch tplf ethiopian yale port yaskere ethiopan ke shabia gaar hono ye ethiopian hezb yefejee tplf ye shabia ashker tplf out of Ethiopis Ethiopia Le Ethiopiyawyan Becha No TPLF woyane no EPLF Shabia !

  24. alex says:

    I notice some people have bought Riyot’s joining of joining G7 as a genuine political move, …well in fact the only way the lady could stay in the US is by voluntarily and publicly making herself a member of a banned political group…remember her visa granted on medical ground for a limited period..

  25. Ibrish says:

    No wonder two million illegal immigrants from Ethiopia mostly Oromos prefer to live homeless on the streets in Khartoum rather than return to Ethiopia.



  26. Merdassa Chali says:

    You fucking woyane tultula, you did not know that he is leaving his position because he wanted to focus on the struggle of removing your masters from Ethiopia? You broadcast this as a breaking news? It is breaking news but to increase his contribution to the demise of Woyane. Dawit, you are really a silly son of bitch aren’t you?

    • robbel says:

      There is no mention of the source .it seems any woyane who can type few sentences is allowed to come up with their “breaking news”. pathetic.
      TPLF is full of village halfwits and deficient (poor) in knowledge,integrity and humanity.
      BTW I am not a fan of both varieties of Tigres.the sooner we get rid of them the better.

  27. bela says:

    don’t get confused people we all are Ethiopians no matter what happens between as “we stick together we survive” first let’s build this feeling

  28. warka says:

    Eigther G7 nore ARBRGNOCH GINBAR leaders are re a politician. They are just modernize business people. Because they have a few fulish folowers!!!

  29. bubu says:

    Dawit zeregna derom esat lemeselel neber aletesakam zeme beleh terki merki neger atawera Lemangnawm yemengenagnbet geze eymeta new yane weyanena zeregnoch ye endemigbu enayalen.

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