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23 Responses

  1. bb says:

    Thanks Dave! I believe you did a great job and continue doing in the future.

  2. Ezra says:

    Dawit, CPJ, Human Right, Amnesty, international, … are not after human right. They are neoliberal soldiers. They were established to work for neoliberal starting from washington Consensus. They get paid by American government. It is not only CPJ, HR, AI, … but also VOA, Naturalized Ethiopians who works for USA diplomatic offices, Peace corps, … and many others under different name. It would be good to give them back their reward or prize because it is evil undercover plan.

  3. Ezra says:

    To know about CPJ, HR, … read this book by Thomas Friedman, book title: The Lexus and the Olive Tree, after that you will understand CPJ, and …

    • Alula says:

      Thank you Ezra. I have been telling about these organizations and their missiob, but some people just like to go where the wind blows at,unfortunately . So, yes ideed, they are the best instruments for neoliberalism propoganda and the globalists ( the so called world order)

  4. Abebayehu says:

    In a country such as Ethiopia where a little piece of land is a valuable source of life for many, it is absurd for developed countries to possess lands for recreational purposes under the cover of drone base , livestock research and so on.

    Another huge land the international community need to let go is the http://WWW.ILRI.ORG compound located in the heart of Addis Ababa which is estimated to be 10 times the size of EAL Addis Ababa International Airport.

    ILRI has brought a lot of good not only to Ethiopia but to science and livestock knowledge for scientists everywhere. In Ethiopia, for example, partners at Debre Berhan Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center in New York have worked since 2007 to strengthen Debre Berhan’s capacity to provide medical and psychosocial care for people living with HIV. Located 143 kilometers northwest of Addis Ababa, Debre Berhan cares for a large number of HIV-positive patients. As a result of the partnership, Debre Berhan created the position of nursing supervisors to oversee nursing education and introduced 8-hour shift schedules to improve care quality and efficiency.If you are saying does ILRI need to hold all that land in Addis Ababa? the answer is NO . Anyone that seen the inside of ILRI compound in Addis Ababa can testify there are huge empty fields within the compound. Maybe 1/5th of the total land is put to use. The rest is empty field the size can be between 2 or 3 times the size of the current international airport in Addis Ababa. So reducing the total size of ILRI should be an option but that don’t mean ILRI didn’t bring any good so far.





  5. Mek1 says:

    Dawit I apreciate your honesty, you received the award when you were siding with the oppressed people, but now that award is meaning less because you switched sides, you aligned your self with the oppressors indeed now it does not represent what you stand for, candid admission!!!

    • Ezra says:

      CPJ does not stand for anyone. You have know clue. All the awards given to Ethiopian journalists are not meant to side with any Ethiopians. They are designed to brainwashed Ethiopians. Even I was to agree with you, how do you think CPJ an help Ethiopia? how? you do not bring change or peace by threatening, intimidating,… any human being whether the other side is wrong or no. In short, you have knowledge, CPJ is on mission of political ideology and have nothing to do with anyone’s right. What they say is not their real mission, what they is called mission statement or marketing strategy. I suggest you read the book I have mentioned above to understand. Do not even believe me or Dawit, just read that above mentioned book and it will open your eyes. There is no country that violates human more than USA on our planet. This is the bare truth. However, this does not mean Americans are bad, no, American people are open minded people as well know nothing even about their own government. The people and the government are different. For example, Obama is now the most hated leader in USA and the white house is now called house of lies. No American is happy about white house right now. But still they project themselves as important than anybody.

  6. Ezra says:

    Awramba times, you are not doing good job, because you are telling this: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2016/1/4/ethiopias-drought-ignored-as-aid-funneled-to-more-desperate-crises.html, some woyanes are hear lecture us about the water need of Egypt while they can not fend their own people? This is why I hate all woyanes. They kept us in war for 17 years in the name of their war front? Today after 24 years, they are lecturing about countries problem? A cursed, twist minded, bizzare minded, weirdo people Ethiopia has ever gave birth too. Imagine Woyane cadres lecturing on the water need of a country that is 2213 km away while their own people dying of hunger, and thirst? Shame woyanes, … woyanes only struggled to landlock Ethiopia and to buy ports and spending so far 48 billion dollars to buy ports? Now people starving , thirst, the weirdo woyane come to teach me about other countries water needs? This is mysterious twisted mind I can imagine in human history. No one bleed himself like Habesha people. Shame , Dawit, you only do politics journalism? You do not care about the people? Why people dying of starvation, a lot of money is wasted with Egypt for an un-necessary meetings ? Alas,

  7. One Ethiopia says:

    Prof. Al is the most pessimistic person ever. Always talk about dooms day in Africa.

  8. Dagna says:

    From Addis Fortune Via Allafrican.com

    Ethiopia: Poultry Association Clucks About Imported Chicken
    The Ethiopian Poultry Producers Association in collaboration with the Ethiopian Meat & Dairy Development Institute called stakeholders to a meeting on Thursday December 31, to discuss ways and means of enhancing productivity. One of the bottlenecks President of the Association, Fanta Terefa presented, was the presence import of chicken.
    The imported brands, according to Fanta’s assessment of the market, cost twice as much as the local produce, and are sold in select upscale supermarket, which, according to Tekeba Eshetie (PhD), Deputy Director General and Meat and Feed Processing Sector Coordinator at the Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute brings to question whether there actually is competition.

    The above story is only a section of it, but it tells on how the government and its selected crooks are robing Ethiopia.
    The most disgusting thing about this story is that “Ethiopia is actually importing Chicken” where unemployment of the youth is a norm, here goes the thugs EPRDF land policy depriving millions of Ethiopians to farm and to be independent, Ethiopia should be a major Exporter of poultry and other meat and dairy produces.

    Ethiopia is suffering from sever foreign currency shortage, and why the hell is the government is allowing the import of food that is only sold at “UP SCALE SUPPERMARKET” to serving only the corrupt rich.

    The real actual story is not the chicken is coming to Ethiopia but the going out of Ethiopia in alarming rate and the crook and corrupt government supported flight of the countries hard currency.
    Like they say follow the money and you will know who the people are actually robing the country mercilessly.

  9. Be ewnetu says:

    The main Ethiopian Enemy shelter is Eritrea next to US.
    Like Jawar and Tesfaye Gebrebab are friends for ESAT. Egypt & Shaebia dogs are messed up our nation by coverd in US citizenship. probably time will come /after Obama and EPRDF/ for everything.. .

  10. bezawit says:

    There are three forces at play in Ethiopia namely region-1 force, region 3 force and region 4 force.

    The reality and the realm of the country changes with the dynamic of these forces. These forces have been at play for hundreds of years if not thousands. There can only be stability and relative peace when these forces balance each other. When there is imbalance in these forces the effect is easy to see…, Let us see real life scenarios

    1- When region-1 and region -3 aligned and work together: this is the most stable union, this union tested for thousands of years—the result of this scenario is during the era of Emperor Thedros and Yohannes

    2- When region -3 aligned with region-4: the result is Shewa empire time of Menlik to Emperor Haileselase

    3- When region -1 aligned with region-4: the result is the very first years of EPRDF, when OLF was legal and in charge. The result was the rise of inflated tribal identity. (Zemene mesafinit)

    The three above scenarios show imbalance in the country, what is the scenario in the current Ethiopia? Are the forces balanced, how are they aligned?

    These three forces have been at play since the conception of the country and a wise leader need to note this dynamics. The stability and peace of the country can be achieved only if these forces are balanced and in harmony. They don’t need to be meshed and diffused but they need to be aware of one another and respect the forces in each other. That is important.

    What kind of scenarios we need to create? Can we create balanced forces in the country? Here are some tips restoring balance

    1- Creating Multilingual society
    2- Allowing/Encouraging region 4 force to engage in the realm of Ethiopian politics rather than regional poltics
    3- Getting rid of corruption/ tribal favours
    4- Dropping sneaky 18th century divide and conquer mind set and creating a new political realm for the country.

  11. bezawit says:

    People may or may not like the late Meles Zenawi but most people respected him. This mental position in people mind is not something that can be acquired by the barrel of a gun or systematic manipulation. Melese earned it, you can’t demand respect, you can only earn it. I remember in Addis every Minibus taxis tuned their radio to listen Melese’s parliament speech and every passenger listened in serious silence —you can’t buy that with money. That respect earned Melese and his party a strategic mental position in people’s heart.

    When he died many thought the partly was dying too but the party resurrected itself and able to rule the country, that again earned the party a great respect from the people.

    Some advice to the party

    1- Mental position you have in the people mind is dwindling—do something about it.
    2- People still have good mental position for the party but only just enough, it isn’t too late to earn more respect
    3- A party can continue in a country if it only have strategic mental position in peoples heart, once that is gone, forget it –no amount of skilled army can save the party
    4- Take a lesson from Mengistu DERGU, people lost respect for him, he lost the most valuable strategic position—people’s respect. The rest, the defeat of his army was easy.
    5- Good mental position needs potent symbol, what is the current symbol of your party? Melese was the symbol of the party. You need charismatic, young leader that will have a good grip in people’s mind. A young leader who can talk the language of the generation.
    6- People are sick and tired of 18 century sneaky divide and conquer mentality, don’t act like a conqueror, act like a leader.
    7- Due to social media people awareness is expanding very fast, you need system, leaders who can update with the current system. Devise a new political realm to accommodate this.
    8- Pardon political prisoners that will earn you good mental position. Melese used to pardon political prisoners. Develop regular pardoning period.
    9- Show kindness not theatrical compassion, people sense that. People know what is real.
    10- Make people proud of their country, create a system that encourage Ethiopian consciousness/identity
    11- People are the happiest when they feel harmony, encourage level of satisfaction in social relation/ between ethnics.

  12. Ezra says:

    The local poultry should be expensive because they are organic or natural breed. Whereas imported genetically engineered and grown by hormone. It is just Ethiopians love anything that is imported.

  13. Mebrat Sebari of IHAPA says:

    Professor and his rich diaspora hypiocrite friends in USA were asked to donate money to TPLF in the 1980’s to help buy weapons during the TPLF-Derg war, Professor and friends said no. But when TPLF got to power the Professor and friends wanted to share power with TPLF but TPLF said no remembering that they didn’t help to overthrow DERG. Professor became disgruntled because TPLF didn’t share power with him and went on propoganda warfare ever since..

  14. ESHETU DABA says:


  15. Ezrat says:

    Woyanes are affraid of everyone now. They even persecuting an innocent Teacher Girma Wondmu for no reason, just by they ride a devil.
    1. Corruption
    2. Bribe
    3. Civil servants on meeting, on coffee, sick, one appointment after another, ….. Aye Habesha

  16. Fox Tiger says:

    To Bezawit tplf will not get respect from the Ethiopia people in million years.

  17. Moges says:

    መንግስት በሰፊው ከህዝቡ ጋር ስለ አዲስ አበባ ማስተር ፕላን ጉዳዩን ለዘመናት ሲወያይበት ነበር:: ገና መለስ ዘናዊ በህይወት እያለ ጀምሮ መለስ ህዝቡ በዘር በሃይማኖት ሳይከፋፈል በሰላም በአንድነት የሃገሩ ዋና ከተማ እንዲያድግ ብዙ አመታት የፈጀ ውይይት ተደርጉዋል:: ::


  18. Saho says:

    These stupid and ignorant criminals, failed and worthless immigrants are the hopes and main weapons to the USA and UK lead greedy imperialists and hateful racists in the west including Norway and Sweden working together in Africa with the Apartheid South African none Africans and in the corrupted Kenya to destabilize Ethiopia the ways they did/ are doing against other nations including the Middle east and North Africa.

    Ask where are these failed immigrants sheltering and why? Who is supporting them and for what reasons?

    if you are wise enough doing the media jobs for the Ethiopian benefits, then don’t give them any media coverage for foreign consumption but none stop exposing them at home in front of the Ethiopian people using Ethiopian languages.

  19. Nana says:

    But TPLF is needed anymore by the Ethiopian people man. Landlocking, EEBC, Algers, now GERD is given to Egypt and Sudan? Woyane is dead but not buried yet. It is sick man. There is nothing that forces to support woyanes anymore. Alas, fait accompli. GERD can not be filled if Egypt can not allow? TPLF FM TA printed his finger, and Power generated to be given to Egypt and Sudan? What is left? Poor Ethiopians built GERD for Egypt? I wanted to see woyane wiped out not from Ethiopia, but from our planet, rfraf, banda

  20. Kinan says:

    The Nile river is not Etrhiopia’s only. Every country in the area Like Yemen, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are rightful owners of Nile too. Yemen need to be brought into the discussion as much as Egypt or Saudi Arabia at once to make sure everyone is at the same page.

  21. Girma says:

    These guys accusing others of hate while they are full of hate. Why are they talking about the two guys, Al Mariam and Jawara, while ignoring about the 0ver 150 people killed by Tigrians Army and order of Tigrians generals. this are crap. Dawit said he is contemplating to return the awards he received. I hope he has a plan to make money from TPLF by presenting him self as ardent supporter,

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