Contract signing ceremony of a National Stadium construction (Video)


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42 Responses

  1. Dagna says:

    Well done

  2. Nana says:

    Dawit, can you tell to Ethiopians officials mixing English in Amharic? Their audiences are 100% Ethiopian, amharic being a national language, it is academically forbidden to mix two languages when you are address public. Leave alone to mix a foreign language, you must even Amharic that is very simple to understand by all people. This is international and scientifically forbidden. Imagine an Ethiopia mother who is following this ceremony? How would she understand what phase means ? He is saying andegegna phase, huletegnaw phase, there is amharic word for that. When one makes a public speech, he or she must prepare her speech. The Prime Minister HD does the same. Shame

    • Beza says:

      Nana, So so eyale yemikebatrew Birahun Nega Booger alelih/sh. Le su binegerw ayshalim. Yesew lay kementelatel yerasin matsdat yishalal. Kaltefa neger 1ena2. Englizgna tenegere bilo mawrat keweregnanet ayzelim. Melkam Gen a lehulum.

    • NoMix says:

      i fully second that!

      Why is the need to mix amharic with english words? Besides not thinking of their targeted audience, the funny part is most of them they say the english word and they say it in amharic again. So, why don’t you guys respect the audience and say it in amharic, the language is rich enough to express your message.

      • ethoAsh says:

        u guys English is Ethiopian second international language …every Ethiopian must know English language to advance in this world therefore it should be encouraged bedside u guys are funny u try to sneak in one language damnation by saying he must be speaking only in Amharic how about they guy who doesnt speak Amhric only understand Afan oromo why not speak in Afan oromo only … Amharaic speaker had 25 years to learn Afan oromo it would only take them 6 month to learn so get with the job of learning second language… my second point the same people who refused to learn second language they will learn English with in 6 month after coming to Ameirca why not learn Ethiopian second language they dont had they know second language i would have said they have the point but now they dont because they try to sneak their one language policy otherwise the whole Afirca give up their local language and make English their national language and they benefited a lot economically Ghana is hob for outsourcing industry so to India why because they speak English … we should not shame people who speak English we should encourage them otherwise how they going to learn … the same person when he speak English they will say he have accent now he practicing his English they say why he speak English … this shaming doesnt stop with our official even when the Student speak English we will shame them so how they going to learn … Thanks for Meles he is the one who broken the taboo… all Ethiopian leader speak with translator not Meles after that all official try their best and i see a great improvement in English speaker in Ethiopia …. i used to remember 12 grade student doesnt even speak a word in English today they speak without accent it is sky and earth the difference

        • Ermi says:

          EthoAsh, why don’t you learn English first?

          Peace to all but woyanes !


          • Beza says:

            Ante yet tichilaleh tigrigna new yemitichilew. Ye eritrean tigrigna malete new. Taliangna kilikil. Min lay komesh manin tamiyalesh. Peace and prosperity for Ethiopians.


      • Nana says:

        Speaking English in amharic is part of GTPI AND II

        • Beza says:

          Nana you seem bothered by that tultula name, Birahun Booger mentioned here. The guy is ruthless and homeless, who does not have even family. He is nothing comparing to Lower position EPRDF member. The guy is known to high jack people’s effort and to be on top and blatant lier. Because of him, the Ethiopian struggle to be competitive with EPRDF was gone down to the hill. To me by any yard stick Redwan Is much better orator than Birahun. By the way, I said Birahun not Birhanu. You ought to correct this Kita Ras Gim 7. You guys were trying to hijack oromo demand but the Gallant security forces. Dibdab.

  3. Dagna says:

    To All Ethiopians
    Melkam Ye Gena Beal Yehunlachu

  4. Belay says:

    Building stadium while people are starving???

    • ethoAsh says:


      i wish u explain what the government would have done instead of building Stadium? Government is not responsible for feeding the people, the government job is to give u peace, law and order and u should work and feed your self and pay ur tax on time

      yes the government responsible to feed u in emergency time but not all time even in America u r responsible for your well-being…Government will take care of u is a socialist time thinking old time thinking it is changed today

      now if we ask why the people starved the answer is drought… drought can occurred because of many reason but u should have been ready for it

      for example the cattle herder lost a lot of cattle because of the drought

      to fight the drought the cattle herder must stop over grazing by giving the land a break and by planting grass and tree

      second the cattle herder must pant tree that give fruit, apple tree and other tree this way they can mix their business with growing fruit tree

      another method is building checkdam this is very simple technology that ground water to recharge

      another simple technology is producing biogas if the cattle herder produced biogas they will stop cutting fire wood this also protect their land etc etc

      so when i come back to building Stadium

      we have to keep our population healthy even if we stop 50% of youth from starting drinking or smoking then we would save 300 million dollar per years in medication that Ethiopia import every years .. that can be a saving could be used to import agricultural technology ….keeping our citizen healthy is very important we can stop blood pressure , heart attack . and many other illness that come with no exercise… when people start eating healthy the farmer get income by selling their fruit to market etc etc etc

      • bb says:

        Dear ethoAsh, you don’t have to explain all this for Belay since he is one of the recipient of welfare an always waited food from the government never worked and will never will never have his own apartment or house who lives in public housing so please don’t respond for this kind of individuals who are weak since their birth.

    • Nana says:

      kkk, it does not make sense

      • Beza says:

        Nana, it seems you are the clone of Tesfa lehulum. You have no self confidence Bitasham Shimagle EPRP. You will die in your nursing home in vain. Kita ras shimagle. I know it now disregard my previous comment addressing for nana I know who you are now.

  5. us for us with us says:

    The whole environment and atmosphere in the room from start to end coming from all sides tells everything about the best, unstoppable and unconditional relationship between China and Ethiopia. The easiness, openness, trust, closeness, willingness, honesty and togetherness between the officials and people shows how Chinese and Ethiopians are related to one another including China being one of the oldest and independent nations in Asia and Ethiopia being the oldest and Independent nation in Africa both of them are using among the others own languages and Alphabets despite Ethiopia is under attacks and lots of pressures by the known none European language, alphabet. Culture and so on killers and destroyers during their more than 500 year’s era of crimes against humanity and nature.

    We all know, if china was not there, even a single progress Ethiopia has made so far would not be there. Even it was there, it wouldn’t be there with the same quality and best service delivering as the Chinese made projects in Ethiopia are started from the Tekeze dam. China is very important to Ethiopia as Ethiopia is and always will be for China. We will never forget what china is doing for us as we don’t forget or forgive what the racists and greedy imperialists are doing against us for decades continuing till today as usual the Zionists/Jews are the brains and fire starters in the name of UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and some other Western Europe nations.

    China played big roles eradicating small pox from Ethiopia in the 1970s because of thousands of her citizens came to Ethiopia to vaccinate the children working under UN. Russia/Soviet was the first nation ever made Ethiopia able to have meaningful and visible direct contacts and fundamental relationships and benefits from the modern development activities. if the cold war was not there and the Jew/Zionists USA and UK were not there to damage Ethiopia with civil wars while spreading full of lies and fictional story propaganda wars using the corporate Zionists medias and Journalists, Ethiopia today would be one of the most developed nations together with Eritrea as one nation as Eritrea was always part of the Habesha people for thousands years till 1993 USA, UK and France gave her a kind of independent with goal to block Ethiopia from the sea which is against the UN charter that says big nation like Ethiopia that are close to the sea or ocean must get the sea outlets.

    Look at among the others D. Congo, Iraq, Jordan and the like’s sea coast outlets. And look at Ethiopia that is too close to the sea but blocked from the sea since 1993 by the known racists and greedy imperialists causing all sorts of troubles and problems all over the world for the sake of their greedy interests and benefits.

    yet, these the same people that blocked Ethiopia from the sea by drawing an illegal and wrong map looking like a tiny long fence with 1200 KM long and 30-60 km wide parallel to the sea are in Ethiopia telling us they are there to help while we know what they are doing and what is their intention all about. They (the Zionist/Jews controlled USA, UK and other English speaking occupied nations after wiping out the natives) are the greatest fret and danger we are facing for decades s they are against the rest of the world including china particularly during the time when china was not strong and vigilant enough as she is today towards them or any enemy trying to affect her.

    However, this is not the 300 years long black African brutal slavery and hundreds years of inhuman colonization era but the era of the free world where everyone is relaying on itself while having the best relation with the most trusted and useful nations like China, Russia and so on including from Europe such as Italy, Germany and so on that are not controlled by the Zionists/Jews like USA, UK and France are.

    *We were very upset and also disbelieve when the wise and great Ato Redwan Hussein was no longer at his job he was doing brilliantly as minister of information. However, we are now happy to see him engaging with the youth and domestic affairs that do matters the most than talking nonsense as information minister for foreign consumption towards foreigners than have no what so ever care or respect what we say, think or do in our country but their agenda and plan to be implemented using lots of damaging instruments, tricks and weapons including corrupting and bribing the officials, spreading the evil Jews/Zionists propaganda wars, trying to create chaos and conflicts in the country where the racists are acting as if they do care about some Ethiopians than Ethiopians among each other.

    This is just the start as it was the case with other projects including the Chinese Gift for Africa which is the AU headquarters and Light train in Addis. Lots of huge projects and development activities are on the pipe lines Ethiopia and China going to bring them in reality including in the manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, IT and heavy industry sectors. Ethiopia needs to work hard acting bravely and responding wisely in order to decrease her imports by producing the products at home.

    The country is the best place for production and distribution activities including heavy industry products. Ethiopia needs at least 3-5 million tractors in the next 10 years in order to modernize her agriculture before anything else knowing the country is the best place for agriculture and agriculture is the base, body and roof of the society and development activities that needs to be always in the front in order to guarantee the nation existence and future. The country needs millions of cars in the near future. The country needs tens of millions of wash machines, fridge, TV, computers, furniture and so many products that need to be produced at home instead of importing them.

    So, Chinese, Russians and others from the east and countries like Italy and Germany need to move to Ethiopia their companies that are producing those products Ethiopia and the neighboring nations need them with millions instead of trying to export them. Ethiopian weather, location, work force, resources and landscape are the ideal place to reduce costs and maximize products. Ethiopia has huge potential to produce 100.000s MW Energy from clean sources in the coming near future including hydro, Wind, Solar and geothermal.

    Countries like China, India, Germany, Italy and the likes need to Engage facilitating the Ethiopian government policy of developing clean energy based on state owned energy sources knowing this is the fundamental national wealth and asset always need to be in the people hands particularly Hydro energy as it is the case with banks, Telecom, land, railways, Aviation, water and so on. Death to the health risky, the enemy of environment and pure money making criminal looter companies such as coca cola, BAT/Tobacco, Monsanto, Mc Donald, breweries and so on coming from……

    Viva China. Good to see Ato Redwan doing the jobs he deserves, likes and can do which is serving his nation the best ways. We are certain about his best job results in the future regarding towards the nations tens of millions of Youth that is the present and future of the nation that needs the best guidance and directions protecting from the damaging foreign influences and inhuman behaviors coming from the Zionists/Jews controlled west including UK and USA.

    • Bedada says:

      You are crying on Jews/Brittons/Americans for landlocking Ethiopia? well, your woyane told us a port is a commodity or for camels? Your woyane argued that Ethiopia does not need any port? Even during the Negotiation with Shabia , the EEBC wanted to raise the issue of the port for Ethiopia to stabilize the problem. Meles Zenawi said Ethiopia does not need any port. During the Eritrean indepedence, EU opposed Eritrean indepedence by clearly stating that the separation of Eritrea from Ethiopia is not in the interest of both people? Woyane said, no, Ethiopia colonized Eritrea and must be indepedent? Your woyane singled headedly lobbied with Egypt and Sudan by asking them to recognize Eritrea as a country? Your woyane is the first which gave recognition to Eritrea to be indepedent and Egypt, Sudan and Arab countries forced by woyane to recognize Eritrea? What does a Jew has to do with Woyanes betrayal, traitorship? It is your woyanes crime. It is far fetched to blame Jews, Europe, America, … for your own crimes and follies. May be you are 18 years old ? you were not born when Woyane was doing all those dirty jobs.

  6. Observer says:

    ባንድ ወቅት የቀድሞው ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ስታዲዮም ለኣዲስ ኣበባ ህዝብ ቅንጦት ነው ማለታቸው ት ዝ ይለኛል አንዲሁም ኣንድ የውጭ ሀገር መንግስት ጥቁር ኣንበሳ ሆስፒታልን በዘመናዊ መልክ ለማሻሻል ያቀረበው ሃሳብ በኝሁ ግለ ሰብ ገንዘቡን ስጡን ለሌላ ክልል አናውለዋለን ኣለበለዚያ ተውት ብለው ቅድመ ዝግጅት ከተጅመረ በሁዋላ አንዲቆም ኣድረገውታል።
    ዛሬ ይሄን በመስማቴ ደስ ብሎኛል፣ጥቁር ኣንበሳ ሆስፒታል አድሉ አንዲያመልጠው ቢደረግም፣ቢያንስ ኣንድ ሪፈራል ሆስፒታል ለኣዲስ ኣበባ ህዝብ ሊሴራ አንደሚችል በተስፋ አጠብቃለሁ።

    • Beza says:

      Yane kililoch hospital alneberachewim. Ahun gin stadium im bihon Bahirdar layAwasa lay stadium tesertual. Weldiya sayker so Ethiopia has money and want to build world class stadium by our own money,

      • Observer says:

        Beza ,please do not waste your energy to convince me with your futile argument .
        I know in details about the case.
        If you were in his place , would you allow the upgrading of the much damaged and least equipped hospital that catered the much needed medical services to the AA residents at no single cost from the government or threaten the donor country to keep away their money ? History will tell.

  7. Dagna says:

    <>. The government must made it mandatory for its officials to speak Amharic when addressing the general Ethiopian public. Thanks mentioning the PM in this matter, because when HIS ECXELENCY Addresses the international community and global leaders gatherings as the head of the state of our homeland Ethiopia, he seems he goes to a great length to avoids speaking Amharic at all, whereas those countries with rich history and culture like Ethiopia are proud to address their audience in their native national language. I do not care if he speaks Wolamo, Oromo, Somali, Afar, Agew etc. as long as if any of them are the official Ethiopian language.


    NOTE: Speaking any language mixed with English doesn’t make one to be considered educated, it is rather a handicap that indicates inferiority complex.

    Like Nana, this a positive criticism
    Be proud to speck simple and untainted Amharic, Oromo,Tigre, Hadiya, Gurage, Gambela, as long as it is Ethiopian.


  8. Dagna says:

    Nana I totally agree with you……

    . The government must made it mandatory for its officials to speak Amharic when addressing the general Ethiopian public. Thanks mentioning the PM in this matter, because when HIS ECXELENCY Addresses the international community and global leaders gatherings as the head of the state of our homeland Ethiopia, he seems he goes to a great length to avoids speaking Amharic at all, whereas those countries with rich history and culture like Ethiopia are proud to address their audience in their native national language. I do not care if he speaks Wolamo, Oromo, Somali, Afar, Agew etc. as long as if any of them are the official Ethiopian language.


    NOTE: Speaking any language mixed with English doesn’t make one to be considered educated, it is rather a handicap that indicates inferiority complex.

    Like Nana, this a positive criticism
    Be proud to speck simple and untainted Amharic, Oromo,Tigre, Hadiya, Gurage, Gambela, as long as it is Ethiopian.


  9. Mekuria Adamu says:

    you guys are discussing a silly issue of mixing Amharic and English which is off topic and not worthy for our nation’s future. Why don’t we instead share our insights on the bigger issue of improving the sport sector?

    • peter says:

      It is not off topic. It is based on a speech made by the Minister Redwan, we are not attacking anyone. Whether you like it or not, this is international norm, you do not mix two different languages when make a speech. I live in multilingual city. It is officially sanctioned not to mix any language. If someone is speaking or making speech in Amharic, it is must be Amharic, and simple Amharic so that every audience can get understand the message. You do not Speaking English Amharic to Amharic audience? There is no such language. Either you speak in English proper or Amharic proper but you must mix any two or more languages. This is has nothing to do with Dr. Birhanu, or anyone. This is the norm everywhere. Speaking English does give you civilization. You do not need English to civilize, develop , … Russians did not English to go to the moon. They did not need English to be the top High tech country in the world. The Same France, Israel, Chinese, Koreans, Iranian, Scandinavians countries, Germany, Ethioash, Beza. … you both do not what you are talking about. But I know why? You have access to internet, but you no knowledge .

  10. Sintayehu says:

    I used to miss Redwan for a while since he took his new position. Thank you so much Awramba times for bringing him back. Hope he will as usual do his efforts to transform this sector to a better stage.

  11. Henock Kifle says:

    የገናን በዓል አስመልክቶ በአዲስ አበባ የሽንኩርት ዋጋ ከወትሮው በተለየ መልክ ከፍተኛ ጭማሪ አሳየ፡፡በሁሉም ዓይነት ሸቀጦች ላይ ጭማሪ መኖሩ እንደተጠበቀ ሆኖ የሽንኩርት ግን ከወትሮው የተለየ መሆኑ ተገልጸዋል፡፡ ምክንያቱ ምን እንደሆነ ተጠይቀውም “ከቦታው ስለማይገባ ነው Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) ሽንኩርትን በሙሉ ሞኖፖሊ አድርጎ ከገበሪ ወስዶ ሲለሚችበችብ ነው:: ነጋዴዎች ሽንኩርት የሚገዙት ለECX ጉቦ ከፈለው ነው :: የሽንኩርት ገበሪው ለአዳማ ECX እንዲያስረክብ ታዙአል :: ECX ለገበሪውም የከፈለው ዋጋ እና ነጋዴው ከሚያተርፈው ትርፍ ዋጋ ተደምሮ ብዙ አይደለም :: ዘረፋው ለECX የሚከፈለው ጉቦ ነው:: ECX የሚወስደው ዋጋ ለገበሪው የሚከፍለው ዋጋ እና ከነጋዴው ትርፍ ለECX የሚከፈለው ጉቦ ተደምሮ በአምስት እትፍ በላይ ነው ሲሉ ተሰምተዋል ::” በዚሁ መሰረት የአበሻ ሽንኩርት በኪሎ ግራም ከ27 እስከ 30 ብር ፣ የፈረንጅ ከ10 እስከ 16 ብር ፣ ነጭ ሽንኩርት ከ50 እስከ 55 ብር በመሸጥ ላይ ነው፡፡
    ዋጋው እንዲህ ከመናሩ በፊት የአበሻ ሽንኩርት ለረጅም ጊዜ በኪሎ 12 እና 13 ብር ሲሸጥ ነበር፡፡ የዶሮ ዋጋ ገበያ ለግምት አስቸጋሪ ዋጋ የሚጠራበት ሲሆን ወንድ ዶሮ ከ250 እስከ 600 ብር ፣ ሴት ዶሮዎች ከ 170 እስከ 400 ብር ዋጋ የሚጠየቅባቸው ሲሆን ፣ በግ ከ 1700 ብር እስከ 6500 ብር ዋጋ እየተጠራባቸው መሆኑን አስተውለናል፡፡ ፍየል ከ3500 እስከ 7000 ብር ዋጋ የሚያወጡ መሆናቸውን ለማወቅ ችለናል፡፡
    አንድ የፈረንጅና የአበሻ እንቁላል ከብር 3 ከ60 እስከ 3ከ 85 ሳንቲም እየተሸጠ መሆኑ ታውቆአል፡፡ በሰሞኑ የበኣል ገበያ ከሽንኩርት መወደድ በስተቀር አብዛኛዎቹ ሸቀጦች ዋጋዎች ካለፈው በዓል ብዙም ለውጥ
    እንደሌለው ተጠቃሚዎች ተናግረዋል፡፡ ይህም ሆኖ ዋጋዎቹ ከሸማቹ አቅም በላይ መሆኑንም ጨምረው ገልጸዋል፡፡
    Henock Kifle, Chief Development Strategist at the International Fund for Agricultural

    • ethoAsh says:

      Dear Ato Henock Kifle,

      i might not be educated like u but as lay person i can see what u did not see in your article that u took time to write

      first since i am not knowledgeable that the ECX force the farmer to sale their onion to them i will pass this one

      but for sure the Poultry Farmers are not forced to sale their chicken to ECX therefore let talk about chicken and egg price

      i dont know about u but if i am poultry farmers if the chicken sold for 600 birr i will be very happy farmers i dont see the downside of the price increase for the poultry farmers which is 90% Ethiopian population… yes city dwellers and city slicker might have suffered because of price increased but they are 1% of Ethiopian population they had enjoyed low price for to long at the cost of the farmer now when the table turn u cant blame the farmer for getting what he work hard for … i dont think price control will ever come back to Ethiopia therefore what is the next choice forfixed income city slicker ,,,

      here is my answer let say if 1000 city slicker pool 250 birr they can start Poultry Farm, just like Idra they can get together and start poultry farm … today we have a lot of condominium residence those people might not have space to keep hen at their backyard but they can get together and start poultry farm this culture must be adopted … it would have taken them only 3 month to get matured chicken if they start with one day chicks

      this tradition of keeping hen is forgotten otherwise how come we have ሴት ዶሮዎች price cheaper then
      ወንድ ዶሮ,,, in fact ሴት ዶሮዎች should be outlawed to kill for meat, only ወንድ ዶሮ, and old ሴት ዶሮዎች which finished laying egg should be sold for meat in fact this law must included all farm animal

      why kill Adult Female sheep that Used for Breeding (Brood Ewe) only Young Male Sheep Ram Lamb should be killed for meat this way we will sure the production of more sheep supply

      beside of Ato Henock Kifle,study one farmer sale 1000 roosters. per years and sold them to middle men for only 100 birr that means he make 100,000 birr per years that is very good income

      now one farmer sale 100 Ram Lamb per years and make 1500 birr that means he make 150,000 birr per years

      this price leave doesn’t hide the opportunity of new enter in to business and make more profit i dont know why no one see this opportunity then saying the living cost is to high why not jump in to the business make a killing is beyond me beside some use it to advance their political agenda i see it as glass half full

  12. Bedada says:

    How is the market about Men prostitution? I just heard Addis is swamped with new type prostitution : boy prostitution sex tourism is something I have heard today. Someone came from addis and told me Ethiopia is dying in all aspects today. Boy prostitution in addis ababa has become normal and supported by Movies, dramas, … as an eye witnesses say. It seem Ethiopia is developing extremely fast? May be by the end of GTP II, Addis will be the capital of the world homosexual sex tourism. I think TPLF is rotten to its core.

  13. Kassahun says:

    @Bedada, this is purely unfounded. Where did you get this garbage information. Is this the only wish you have for your motherland?

  14. Bedada says:

    It is not wish, go Sheraton hotel, where small boys are sold for homosex. Ethiopians rotten. Woyane is alien to Ethiopian culture, norm, value,… may be Woyane came from ????

  15. us for us with us says:

    When China says 900 days to finish the job, she is always telling the truth mentioning the maximum time she needs to finish it with no delay even a second. As the experiences are telling us, most of the times they are finishing the jobs before the planned date. That means they could finish the job within less or more than 800 days and certainly within 900 days.

    When Chinese are promising to deliver aid or assistances for free, they are always mentioning the minimum amount and delivering it on time based on the government and people needs giving full rights and responsibilities to them in their own country for their own matters. Chinese are not using aid, assistances or anything look like coming for free for their own advantages as those known are doing for decades. Chinese are not even to much interested about others to know how much aid they are giving to others during bad times every nation could face time to time mostly caused by natural disasters such as flooding, famine, earth quake, storm, snow, Tornado, fire and so on.

    But those known are using so called aid and assistances during bad time for their own advantages acting as opportunist killers and destroyers the people/nation that are facing difficulties caused by nature. they are mentioning aid with the kind of amount that would never be materialized but talking about it loudly and repeatedly with the messages implying as if they are giving additional/extra while it is about the same thing when every time they are opening their hell mouth and moving their always lying tong.

    About 100 million Dollar in Ethiopia is like 400-500 million dollar in the west. The land where the facility is going to built on, labor force, materials including cements and stones, water, energy, the weather and so on do cost in Ethiopia less than 1/5 in the west. Labor force cost including in the construction sector in Ethiopia is about 1/10 of in the west. The best Ethiopian weather demands no additional energy to warm or cool off the work place and workers as it is in the west and cost lots of money.

    Therefore, we can say this stadium standard going to be that of in the west cost them half a billion dollar. Chinese are known with the best building before anyone else including the Chinese wall with hundreds of thousands KM long and still is there after many hundreds years. The Bird nest stadium is one of the many testimonies how Chinese are advanced and committed with quality buildings and best designs.

    Chinese have built the best building in Ethiopia about 4 years ago and that is the African union headquarters china gave to Africa for free.
    The light rail and many other Chinese built development activities in Ethiopia are the living testimonies telling us about this Stadium design and quality and that is going to serve for generations as the symbol of the best and unconditional ever lasting relationship between Ethiopia and china.

    It will be finished before the planned date. We know how disciplined, hard working and integrity the Chinese are. They are the people promising themselves before promising to anyone else. And when they don’t keep their promises (they never do), they feel it as if they do to themselves than to others.

    That is why, they are always promising the things they are 100% delivering which is unlike those easily and quickly are promising despite knowing they will not keep it. They are soulless, deniers and liars based on their own benefits with no respect, feeling or whatever humanity approach towards others they victimizing for their own agenda, plan and benefits for the sake of money, influence, power and domination.

  16. us for us with us says:

    The Anglo-American corporate Zionists Medias and individuals are funny people behaving as if they are from another planet. The cost to build the stadium is more than 2.4 billion birr which is more than 120 million Dollars.

    yet, because of they are having the policy, commitment and one line job principles against Ethiopia which is among the others denying, discrediting, ignoring, hiding, minimizing or doing anything similar about anything good and positive in Ethiopia while magnifying, repeating, laying, fictional creating, exacerbating or doing anything similar about anything bad and negative in Ethiopia, this time as well almost all of them are saying nothing about while one or two here and there are trying dark painting with intention to discredit and lay about mentioning the costs less than 100 million dollar. These rats are in Ethiopia in order to cause the troubles they are doing and came there only for this kind purpose. When is enough becoming enough with these demons?

    We know anything bad, negative, wrong, lies, propaganda, inflammatory, interference and so on in the form of writing, talking, TV, Internet and so on against/about Ethiopia by foreigners is the most part if not all it is done by the Jews/Zionists in the name of journalism, scholars, ….. Agencies, right groups, democracy, organizations, Politicians, volunteers, UN, UK, USA, South Africa and so on.

  17. Dagna says:

    Ok Beza ,

    Next time I will spell it Speck, oops I diid it again I mean Speak. Like the Minister I have deficiencies, however the error you are fond of to yo correct is meant to be in english for my comment in english unlike the good minister, I did not mix two languages to address the great majority of the public the includes the poor farmer and his house wife, you got it Beza, By the way I signed of as Ganga instead of my usual Dagna , Beza you failed to mention that. Now I have to go and get laid sorry, please don’t pick on me now OK beza.

    God bless Ethiopia and its people and culture

  18. Ermiyas Abule says:

    Most ethnicities in Ethiopia demand to hear the plan Redwan Hussein , the Minster of Youth and Sports got to balance the chance of all ethnicities succeeding in the military of Ethiopia so the protests stop , So far it is known as the Tigrayans one small ethnic group dominated the whole military from top to bottom including spying for the last 25 years.

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