Al Mariam Duped by Tamagn Beyene (Genenew Assefa)


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23 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    The day-dream of Gim7 group intention can’t impliment practically. For Sure,
    The foolish politically road map of diaspira extremests is
    1.hostility” will not take the to achieve their wish.
    2. Depend on Ethiopian enemy is not acceptable at all by real Ethiopians.
    3. The upspring of Libya starts from Bengazi. Syria from Homs, Egypt from Cairo … but the foolish community wants from DC /10 thousands km/ away. Or from Eritrean territories under control of TpLF. Which is Woyane and Shaebia commanders are looks like Jews and US…..
    So the “እርስዎም የሞከሩ” diaspora politics is not wised. Just for disturbanc… …

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      The distinguished scholar, Professor Almaram, is increasingly becoming a lethal treat for the minority junta. The professor’s knowledge and fact based articles are enlightning many and shaking weyane’s propaganda and lie machine.
      It looks that Weyane stooges are coordinating and are in a full swing to a run a smear campaign against him. Of course, it is doomed to fail!

    • YIDNIE says:


  2. Warda Seleshi says:

    I read the article and found it to be well written. However, based on what I read, what does Tamagne got to do with this article? Is the heading deliberately chosen so as to get peoples attention in reading the article? And what does the word “denenumout” mean. Genenew seem to be more interested in showing his colleague learnt language skill than communicating with the average person using simple vocabulary.

    Good try Shakespeare. But, did you mange to get the intended audience in viewing the play?

    • Beza says:

      Warda Sileshi. What do you mean when you say “But did you MANGE to get the intended audience in watching the play?” Would you explain that, please?

      You have watched it, but when u appreciate the talent Genenew has, you did not say a thing about Almariam shortcomings of his prediction. He was duped by tamagne, that was the reason why this ruthless professor, tried to poop on every Media. The end of story is he keep dreaming EPRDF will move to the final goal, ending poverty. Tamagne and Almariam they keep their dreams for themselves and their likes.

  3. bb says:

    Well written article but the truth is that Al Mariam problem is not with EPRDF government if you read all his articles it is clear that he is one of racist individual who have hate towards the Tigrian ethnic groups . I believe hate is dangerous and we should fight it.
    Good bless all

  4. Shalom says:

    The English he used aside, I really admire this writer for taking on the invincible “professor”.
    The ‘professor’ has become one big thug in the hood feared by everybody.
    I’m really sorry that EPRDF couldn’t find an intellectual as prolific as this arrogant professor is.
    Somebody with good command of the English language and with real knowledge of the current Ethiopia should confront him.
    I know the ‘professor’ has been writing these hateful pieces for the last decade or more with no result of his desire though.
    He is nutty and he is a blood-thirsty vampire roaming around to suck the blood of Ethiopians.
    He is wishing and waiting for that one time when people of that great nation go crazy and slay each other.
    He is an openly racist person who hates everybody but his race. He hates one race specially, the Tigriains.
    Blinded by the hatred he harbored and nurtured for years in his crazy mind, he is trying in all his capacity to create havoc in Ethiopia and benefit out of it.
    He doesn’t care if millions including children sacrifice as long as that serves blood for his thirst.
    Somebody has to stop him. Somebody should tell the truth for every lie he is fabricating and show that this is a lunatic ‘professor’ with evil intentions.

    • El Tigre says:

      What is so prolific about this professor lol.Teaching basic courses at a university is not a big deal.does not make you a genius or a leader.

  5. Babylon says:

    That is it my friend? Did someone help the writer or he came up within this all by himself? Ato Dawit everytime you quoye your friends you seem to expose them for what they are – empty vessels travelling without sail, the prevailing wind seems to be their guide.

    Yilma Bekele on Facebook

  6. Abe Kebede says:

    Here is a quote I never thought would use lately from an academic book…”Word-watchers, verbivores, and sesquipedalians love a challenge.”… Lol Mr nothing but wordsmith

  7. Optimus says:

    I am not necessarily a supporter of any political group, in our country, however, professor Al Mariam is an insult to all academics, he is a big time IDIOT. The only thing that is profoundly sad, to me is that, you guys are giving him the attention that he is seeking and or dying fore.
    my suggestion to everyone, simply ignore this IDIOT, that is; do not read his articles, or respond to them, then you will see, where he will end up being.
    No matter what, an IDIOT will always be an idiot.

  8. Teklay says:

    With Genenew now an official regime foot-soldier alongside Developmental-media leaders, Dawit Kebede and Mimi Sebhatu, it seems a new war was now on. But didn’t Zenawi’s successor, Hailemariam Desalegn, publicly say that his regime’s number one enemy is poverty? Al Mariam and OLF guy, Jawar Mohammed, are now officially a big stick in the eye of the regime and its supporters, but problem is: this is a war of ideas that the REGIME HAD LONG LOST. Gossipy busy buddies!!!

  9. Birabiro says:

    Thanks Genenew. Ejeh yibarek abo. Yehe Almariam yemibalew sewye semonun tinesh koltotal….you nailed him down and you really made my day.

  10. Agere Kubre says:

    Thank you so much ato Genenew. Keep exposing those idiots

  11. Elias Amare says:

    Thank you Ato Genenew, and keep on doing the good work. You do follow logic and factual evidences on the ground and you are a prolific writer in challenging and exposing of Al Mariam’s pure lies, toxic hatred and distorted propaganda, specially aimed at the resolute and patriotic Tigrean people. Al Mariam hates the steady socioeconomic development of Ethiopia and it shows in his penmanship. Al Mariam has never ever written a piece of good news about Ethiopia in the last 10 years. His brain is infested with some sort of malignant Tigrai-phobic terminal cancer.

    The fact of the matter is TPLF/EPRDF has done an outstanding and extra-ordinary economic progress in 20 years that the combined regimes of Mengistu Hailemariam, Emperor Haileselassie and Menelik had not done in more than 100 years. Can you imagine what Ethiopia would look like if the EPRDF/TPLF ruling party stays in power and leading our beloved country for the coming 50 yrs; let alone 100 yrs? Whether this sick professor likes it or not, the Tigrean people are proud and patriotic people and it is rooted in their DNA and history that starts from the Axumite Empire to this date. All Ethiopian people are proud of their country and history and they will march into the highway of prosperity and democracy among all nations and nationalities; and paper tigers like Al Mariam and his cohorts will eventually take their last breath of life and wither away in their diaspora homes.

  12. Ashebir Destahun says:

    Viva Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people!
    Death to all Ethiopia haters and enemies!
    Logic and facts always win! and not lies, hatred & distortions!

  13. Sam says:

    I do not understand why some Ethiopians– especially those in the diaspora– waste their time to figure out what Al Mariam has said or not regarding Ethiopian politics. Yes, Al Mariam studied political science, and, in fact, teaches political science in an American university. I do not question his being book smart. Political smart? That is totally a different question. One getting a PHD in political science does not mean he masters politics personally. In fact, Al Mariam is the best example for that being true. Al Mariam does not, and will not, understand the current Ethiopian politics. He does not understand Ethiopian politics because he is highly partisan. Being partisan is not a political crime. One hardly find an Ethiopian who does not take side in the current Ethiopian politics. But those are average citizens. Those people have not written every week about Ethiopian politics. Even if they have political beliefs of their own, they do not believe to have the intellect to convince others to believe as they. They are average Joes. Al Mariam is different. He is a learned person. And he believes he has the intellect to convince others to his side of an argument. Such a person , you might think, be careful how he argues his case. Well, not Al Mariam. When Al Mariam writes, he takes away his intellectual cloth, and wraps himself with a propagandist one. To those who believe politics is just throwing slogans against an “enemy,” he is a hero. But for those who see politics is an art that needs a lot of give and take , he is a demagogue. There are many Ethiopians who have not finished high school, but understand the current Ethiopian politics much better than Al does. As I said, to be a smart politician you do not need to have PHD in political science. History proves that fact to be true. Kruschev, who came to power after Stalin, had , by his own admission, a 4th grade education, but he was as smart political animal. Lumbuma led the Congo rebellion against Belgium. But he had a sixth grade education because the Belgian colonizers did not allow their subjects to have more than an elementary school education. Even Hitler who was a political animal did not graduate high school. But Goggles who got his PHD at the age 26 served Hitler as his propaganda minister. What am I trying to say here? I believe in you figuring this out.

  14. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    Aganenkew Asefahew, here u go again buddy. Nice way of using the English language to write two articles about Ethiopia’s hero Dr Al Marian. U mean u can not think of any constructive article on.current situation in Ethiopia? Or is it to divert attention from reality? Al has become a strong voice in exposing the thieves that r ruling our Ethiopia. His recent articles have been strong and effective. The fall of EPRDF inevitable. Every Ethiopian except hard core woyane supporters and the uneducated ruling elite are convinced that this hard fall will come sooner than most expected. Hey mister, keep on writing about our hero Al while the world zooms by u. kikiki

  15. Habtamu S says:

    Nice article as usual. Al Mariam is the typical instance for writers on Ethiopian politics on issues they don’t know. The dispute that Weyane left weeks or days on power has been on print media from the day of the beginning of privet journals. For me, it is not an important thing. What matter most is how the power should transfer, if there are any groups to take over responsibly. But I don’t think any. What most problems of the opposition thinkers are undermining EPRDF which gives the latter long time to enjoy power politics in addition to own strength. You know politics need real articles, real talking, real views real….based on facts. When politics fail on the hands of “witchcraft” politician whom they predict the unpredictable, it becomes an issue of common people like a soccer in which the wise and an ignorant give analysis equally. Thanks

  16. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    Nonche $$, no benzine, no diesel, no rain, no food, no electricity, no freedom, no free thinking, no free press, no independent court, no qualified leaders, no independent political parties, no opposition in parliament…’s no Brainer, the end is near. The theater will end soon. The young will fly high, free from the oppressor called EPRDF.

    • bb says:

      Dear Gemechu, it seems to me you are one of the day dreamer diaspora waiting for change while eating hamburger in open field. Keep dreaming until you turn over 60 like your master dreamer the so called professor looser who start screaming since 1990 and still continue to do it guess what his getting old without even go an inch.

  17. Fox Tiger says:

    To SAM because all tplf people are 4th grader you are telling the Ethiopia people tplfs are good poleticians.

  18. abebech says:

    One can write good sentences using hard and funny words. But one has to make sense. Here is a nice sentence that does not make a sense at all: Please describe the smell of envy.
    That is perfectly written sentence, but it has no meaning. It is similar with that of Gennennew’s recent article. it is readable with no sense at all.
    Why is Gennennew only responding to articles that are critical of EPRDF? Can he scribble something that is reflective of Ethiopian reality?

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