No mercy, no pity to bad governance actors says Debretsion


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31 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    Debretsion Gebremichael,
    1. Coordinator of Finance and Economy cluster with the rank of Deputy PM minister
    2. Minister of Communication and Information Technology

    We don’t need further proof that HMD is just a puppet…..kkkkkkkkkk

    • Solomon says:

      Banda shabia Telalake Tesflhulem ,
      Worry about you Banda boss Essayass .
      Tesflhulem let us Ethiopian worry about Dr .Debrsion .
      He is one of most Ethiopian
      educated .
      Unlike the elitret your Banda fake king H/selass,mangestu ,Banda minlk .

    • Beza says:

      Tesfa bis, kentu EPRP, get a life please. Kita ras Shimagle.

  2. Observer says:

    Dr. Debretsion , thank you for your timely interview .
    በሀገራችን ያለው የሙስናና የመልካም ኣስተዳደር ችገር በጥገናዊ ለውጥ የሚስተካከል ሳይሆን ጠያቂው አንዳስቀመጠው ‘ መቆ ራረ ጥን ‘ ይጠይቃል። ችግሩ ስራታዊ/systemic/ ስለሆነ።
    ለዚህ ነጥሮ የወጣ የኣመራር ቲም ያስፈልጋል። ትናንት የምናውቃቸው ኣመራሮች /except very few /በምንም ታምር ስር ነቀል ለውጥ ሊያመጡ ኣይችሉም። ኣመራሩን ለተማረ ሁለተኛው ትውልድ/ young and educated / መስጠት ይጠይቃል።ችግሩ የትውልድ፣የኣመለካክት አና የአውቀት ልዩነት ነው ።
    የበረሃ አና ግራ ዘመም ኣመራሮች ስይመሽ በክብር ቦታቸውን መልቀቅ ይኖርባቸውል።

    • Observer says:

      ትንሽ ተጨማሪ ኣደራ ላክል። ቀደም ሲል ብፕር /BPR / በሚል ስያሜ የምንግስት መስሪያ ቤቶችን የስራ ሂደት ለማቀላጠፍና ስራና ሰራተኛን ለማገናኘት በሚል የተኬደበት ኣሰራር በጅምሩ ኣካባቢ ይበል የሚያሰኝ ውጤት ኣሳይቶ ነበር። ለዚህም ዉልና ማስረጃ፣ኢንዱስትሪና ንግድ ሚኒስቴር ለኣብነት መጥቀስ ይቻላል።
      ውሎ ኣድሮ ግን ቢፕር /BPR /ልምድ ያላቸውን ሰራተኞችና በተለይ የኣንድ ብሄር ተወላጆች በማተኮር ከስራ ለማፈናቀልና ልምድ የሌላቸውንና ካድሬዎችን መሰግሰጊያ ሽፋን ሆኖ መስራቱ የቅርብ ጊዜ ትዉስታ ነው።
      ኣሁንም ሙስናንና ኪራይ ሰብሳቢነተክን ለመዋጋት ቃል የተገባው ይበል የሚያሰኝ ሲሆን ይሁዋላ ዋላ ግን ዓላማውን ስቶ የፓልቲካ ተቅናቃኞችን፣ ሰሞኑን በኦሮሚያ ለተነሳው ግር ግር ህዝቡን ሊያፍኑ ኣልቻሉም የተባሉትን መምቻ መሳሪያ አን ዳ ይሆን ስጋቴን ኣስቀምጣለሁ።

      • Observer says:

        Dr. Debretsion , you got the right book with you.You can find your leadership style in it and learn from others.
        I highly recommend anybody to read ‘ why nations fail’ book and assess our leadership strengths and weaknesses. The root cause of our backwardness and remedies to really conquer our poverty.

  3. Bedada says:

    Dear Dawit, bad governance is not an accident or an incident. You can solve bad governance by investigation or arresting individuals. There must be a political, professional, ethical, … administrative structure. I do not see how one can solve corruption of at national level by investigation. TPLFI is using that Gimgema? that is not useful to be used to administer a country. What is needed is not investigation, but a governance structure that with constitution that outlaw Corruption.

  4. Dd says:

    I hope it’s not a empty promise. You got lead by example, it’s true there a lot of individuals who used the government for their personal gain. Talk the talk walk the walk. Make it count nobody is above the law or the country

  5. Robel Gebreselassie says:

    This all way too complicated and will take years to make any real change. Simple and effective solution – once caught, throw all such criminals in jail and take away all their property/assets. This should be done first in all big/major corruption cases – essentially, give the message to all that anyone who is corrupt doesn’t have a place in Ethiopian society. Hey, if after taking millions in bribes / corruption money my only punishment is losing my title / post…it’s too good a deal for anyone to pass.

  6. ethoASH says:

    What do that mean No mercy, no pity to bad governance actors…i think Ethiopia will suffer a lot by declaring war on corruption without know the root cause of the problem … American government declare war on drug … but i dont think American wining the war on drug the same way we going to lose the war on courrupiton if we dont know the root cuase of corurpiton

    1st corrupiton exist because we dont pay our offical the real makret vaule of their work they might be CEO of one billion dollar instutiut we want to hire them for 3000 birr per month

    2nd we going to lose great people for corruption Ethiopia doesnt have skilled people if we start arresting highly qulifed people because of courrpition we lose people for example let us take Ato Melaku Fenta he was responsible for restructuring effort of the Authority previously known as the Ministry of Revenue. He had been quite successful in revamping the tax and revenue collection system of the country, by arresting him we ; lose out not gain … i am not claiming he is honest all am saying is u will not throw the only captain and caused the ship to sink
    so what is the solution
    1. we should start paying our official million of birr per year or 1% of capital they run or profit earning
    if the company earn one billion profit u give them one % of that profit which is 10 million birr per year
    now if they are governor of one region if they collect one billion they going to get ten million birr

    what is the advantage of paying our official is they going to work hard to make more money so that they can be rewarded
    another advantage of paying our official million is they have something to lose therefore they will not risk corruption to lose their million birr income
    if they are running billion birr company then they will try to make the company 2 billion so that they going to get 20 million or make it 100 billion birr company so that they will make billion birr

    we Ethiopia should not be afraid of paying our official… the more we pay them the more we benefited because they will not eat the money they will reinvest and they will create more employee

    i thinking it is much better then jailing or killing our official because we cant afford to kill or jail our elite or educated people

  7. Ali Baba says:

    I am just tired of “transformation”

  8. dude says:

    he himself needs to check himself in to prison. he is the biggest thief

  9. bezawit says:

    The nation seems to suffer from schizophrenia. ጠባብነት/ ትምክህተኝነት split . The policy in place doesn’t help either, the government accusing people narrow racism or too much patriotism leads the society into cognitive dissonance- the inability to perceive reality as it is. መቀበዣዥር አለ። Region 4 elites say “yep we embrace Ethiopianism” next thing the Schizophrenia kicks in and they declare “We are under Ethiopia colony” and the patriotic declare “ we support region 4 protest” and next when the schizonphy kicks in they recoil, not sure what to do anymore. Most of us no longer (can) deal with reality. Our county and its problem has become too big to realize.

    Social media isn’t helping as much as it should. The social media in Ethiopia seems taken by few players who keep cross referencing each other. Any computer programmer can tell you ‘cross referencing’ in a programme can make the whole system freeze even worse can make the system explode. Or another analogy for cross referencing is like “a snake eating its tail” infinite loop of misinformation. Social media have a lot of potential to transform developing nations, it effectively decentralized the flow information. A young urban Ethiopian is now exposed to the country’s information/intel more than Col. Mengistu Halimariam the ex President did. But the social media players in the country lack diversity and friction of ideas. Instead most of them suffocate the platform with cross referenced tweet/retweets.

  10. us for us with us says:

    The 2016 El Nino effect in Ethiopia changed the Ethiopian farmers’ attitude for the better making them engaging with modern agriculture activities using irrigation rather than looking for aid while sitting on the ground that is filled with short distance abandoned ground water. Ethiopian farmers are actively and successfully defeating the El Niño effect producing the food items they and the country need to feed themselves. The government needs to play the leading roles actively hare and make sure the farmers are getting markets on time. We are witnessing farmers are not getting markets in the ways they are not even able to sell 1 KG best quality banana with 4 birr which is less than 20 Dollar cents.

    When individuals in personal levels or citizens in the national levels behave normally, problems are becoming the reasons for the best solutions as sicknesses are the reasons for the creation of medicines. El Nino in Ethiopia is serving Ethiopia to transform her agriculture in order to become one of the best agriculture systems with high capacity in the world because of Ethiopia is the best place to achieve that.

    What makes the biggest difference between nations, regions, citizens, individuals and so on is not coming from nature but Human beings/citizens that are having the best leaders being as best examples with Good, positive and usefulness. The political and economic policies the nation follows based on the country circumstances and citizens abilities for the benefit of the majority is more than anything the country could have by herself or get for free from nature. Even one good and competent leader worth more than any natural gifts that is wrongly and unwisely used like they are doing with oil and gas. When a nation gets groups of wise, intelligent, smart, cleaver, determine courageous, strong, confident and brave leaders and citizens always committed for the good of the nation and its majority citizens that is everything what that nation and citizens do need.

    Life and humanity in general do have always direct and fundamental relation with basic needs associating them with nature and life in general. The most fundamental and decisive to humanity, development and its achievements for sustainable development are weather, water/rain and fertile land. Ethiopia has with abandoned these three together in the tropic. What Ethiopia needs to have is her citizens to use them the best ways without affecting nature and worst than that without infected and affected by the evil outsiders that are none stop looking to cause troubles including targeting the youth, corrupting officials and dividing the society to become against itself for the sake of the racists and greedy imperialists agenda and plan in the country they have nothing to do with or have no what so ever right for anything as they don’t give anything to others mainly blacks in their countries but treat them as criminals, garbage and wastes while putting them in jails, prisons and ghettoes looking like concentration camps infested with crimes, diseases, ignorance, joblessness and sinking swimming with the wide and deep ocean of poverty and hopelessness.

    The criminal era of oil against nature and humanity is over. It was used to destroy nature and humanity causing wars and destructions all over the weak, poor and innocent nations supported by the west. It was there actively only about half a century and will be gone forever soon no matter how the imperialists are trying to keep it alive because of it is one of the dirty and criminal tools they are using to loot the world with high oil price despite it is free from nature like rain/water is. Thanks to china, India and other nations and some world citizens, the dirty and criminal oil will be history soon destroyed by the future abandoned clean energy coming from Solar, wind, Hydro and geothermal. The western banks and financial systems criminal eras also will be history soon. It is causing one economic crisis after the other every few years causing damages against millions worldwide.

    Everyone knows, the Anglo-American lead western economic policy and political system are shams and disasters against the majority in the countries and world in general. Everyone knows it is not working but acting as if it is working while the few are controlling everything and getting all the benefits. Western citizens do not trust the so called their leaders but they see them as enemies and criminals being part of the few evil imperialists based in New York, Washington, London and so on.

    What Ethiopia needs is no one but herself meaning her citizens that are behaving bravely, wisely, hard working and useful. Ethiopia needs no one from abroad that is behaving like the English, USA and so on are behaving coming by themselves for the implementation of their agenda and plan on us which is destroying our/us as they did to hundreds of millions of natives in every none European nation they have been and allowed to do so. The Zionists/Jews control west including their weapon of mass destruction corporate medias and their spay/mercenary so called journalists are the greatest frets and dangers they must not allow in the country as they are there by themselves for bad and negative reasons. None of them has any single contribution to our country but they are there for bad and negative reasons. Let’s fuck off all of them out of our country in order to stop their damaging evil things there.

    China is and always will be the greatest example Ethiopia has to look at, learn from and relay on. China’s great development is the only human development in human history achieved without causing any crime and damage against any other nation. Russia and to some existent German are also closer to the Chinese ways. But look at origin and sources of the English, France, Spain and so on so called civilization and development started 500 years ago at the same time when they started to sell humans/Africans as objects/products, invade and occupy other nations and continents like the Americans, Australia and New Zealand wiping out hundreds of millions of natives. Zimbabwe became independent in 1980 while South Africa in 1994 despite it is still controlled by them including the land, Mining, banks, media and so on.

    Therefore, china is and will be always the best example how to live and develop with own means and abilities without affecting other nations but working together for common interest and benefits. If China was not there today the way she is, the chance would be great and the action unstoppable that the greedy imperialists would try directly to colonize and enslave Africa and the rest again. But thanks to china, Russia, India and the likes, that kind crimes against humanity is over and will not come again the way it was happened despite they are still there trying with different tactics and approaches including in Ethiopia thinking about it and wishing to bring it back. Do you think among the others BBC is there by itself for the Ethiopian sake?

    What Ethiopia has to learn from china, Russia, Japan and others and immediately apply them in Ethiopia based on the Ethiopians situations is being vigilant and stop the negative and bad foreign influences and interferences almost everything comes from the west with the English and USA/Zionists and Jews main leadership and source of brain. What Ethiopia has to learn from china and others from the east is being smart, cleaver and hard working started from young age at school engaging with practical and useful studies and job activities such as math, engineering, IT, science and new technology coming from new thinking. Doing jobs on time with quality service delivering is one of the main sources for development. Producing products on time with quality, quantity and variety with the best distribution system including infrastructures are the key for development and success.

    Ethiopia is the best place to develop and have good time and life. Ethiopia has the best weather throughout the year no nation has the way she is. Ethiopia is the best place to achieve results with maximum and less costs but high and continues efforts. The so called foreign aid coming in the form of feeding the starving is something designed by foreigners to keep us weak and feel that way which is the best for them. Even the naturally born to kill wild animals that are killing other animals to eat are always looking to attack and kill the weak and those are not fighting back but running away. The none stop talk about famine in Ethiopia is nothing but well thought and design tool to damage the country image, undermining the citizens, making them fell they need help instead of doing their things by themselves by avoiding the evils that are coming in the country to worsen the existing situation while creating the new ones.

    Great respect to the Ethiopian farmers that are engaging for 365 days with farming using irrigation including during the time when they knew the El Nino effect would affect them and the nations. There is more than one million hectare farm land covered with food items actively using irrigation right now. The country has the potential of 6-8 million hectares naturally ready for irrigation farming right now but lacks facilities coming from the citizens’ efforts to make it working.

    Ethiopia has lots of underground and river waters. So, instead of being the toilets and garbage to the so called aid agencies from England and USA/Jews and Zionists and they are using the situation to affect the nation and society badly, the Government must work with the farmers to produce the food items that need only two and three months. This is also the time the Chinese and other farming experiences to be actively implemented in Ethiopia based on the Ethiopia situation(human made and natural including wealthier and topography)

    We are witnessing how fathers are producing lots of potatoes, onions, fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, and so on using irrigation. It is clearly to see how the Ethiopian farmers are becoming part of the modern world with their thinking and abilities engaging with the things that are answering their problems caused by nature or human. El Nino effect in 2016, seems serving the best to Ethiopia making farmers to use irrigation instead of waiting foreign aid that is coming not to help but for the implementation of its agenda and plan using the bad situation as best opportunities.

    The government need to stop spending its time, energy and resources looking so called aid from abroad mainly those pretending to help while their aim is keeping the society weak, ignorant and dependent on them which is the best for them to be there and acting as if they are God. Ethiopia needs the unlimited and generous help from china, Russia, Japan, Italy, Germany, India and so on in order to become self sufficient in everything created by own citizens. The fertile and green Ethiopia with the best weather needs no food aid from the known part of the bad world but knowledge, experience and supports from the east where china and others are there unconditionally.

    Ethiopians must free their mind coming from the oldest and darkest side of the world including avoiding some useless and brainwashing studies like western written History, Sociology, psychology, politics and so on that is telling all lies and misinformation based on their benefits. We also know the western economic system and model is not working for the majorities benefits but the system where the minorities are using for their benefits causing economic crisis by attacking and inflaming the situation with none stop propaganda wars/lies based on the benefits they are getting from. Ethiopian students must learn Mandarin, Russians, Germans and so on in order to get useful and practical foreign educations with principle to copy and paste them in Ethiopia in the Ethiopian ways using Ethiopian languages.

    Ethiopians don’t need a far away none Ethiopian, African or Black people languages like English to use it for communication reason in Ethiopia but to learn or get education for copy and paste reasons in Ethiopia in the Ethiopian ways using Ethiopian, African and black people languages we have in Ethiopia. The era of learning English is over as new knowledge to learn and copy from are nowhere but in the east and elsewhere. This is the time to learn Mandarin, Russian, German and so on in order to get education and experiences from them and translate them in the Ethiopian ways in Ethiopia.

    Dr Debretsion needs to clean his office from lazy, incompetent and trouble maker workers. Ethiopia needs hard working and service delivering on time workers where IT, energy, Transport and banking are among the very basic sectors always must be available with high quality service delivering. Good governance and zero tolerance towards corruption are among the things the government must always aware of and be sure about they are not there with visible character and damaging behaviors. We are the once making or breaking our situation. So, be vigilant and keep the foreign enemies away including those in the country in the name of media and aid. They are spay agents and troubles makers have no what so ever positive leverage to Ethiopia.

  11. Bedada says:

    This is a systemic problem. You can not solve this problem by investigation or monitoring or commissioning, arresting, imprisoning, punishing, … people. If EPRDF trying to solve this problem by arresting individuals? then it has not known the cause of the problem and it has no solution either. You will never solve this by campaign, commissioned Investigation or arresting or imprisoning. If you know corrupt people and it will not solve the problem.

    The durable solution is :
    1. Full democracy: if there is full democracy, efficient, ethical and investigative journalism,… people will be educated their rights. If people know their rights, they will not pay bribes or tributes because they will know public services is their inalienable constitutional right. If people know their constitutional right? they will not pay bribe.
    2. To have ethical and professional, demostic free press
    3. To Establish Professional practice councils, or associations at national, provincial, regional, awraja, wereda, kebele level. This means yoiu organize each profession at national level. Then every professional person works or practices his or her professional by adhering to the National, provincial, awaja, wereda level professional standards, code of ethics. For example, a nurse’s professional practice or whatever she must do with her nursing profession must be standardized and constituted by law at national, provincial, awraja, wereda, kebele level. If she violate the professional practice standard or ethical codes,… he has to face legal.
    4. After all the professionals are organized with their respective professional councils, each profession must have professional courts or tribunals. Professionals who violate their professional standards must be dealt by professional courts or tribunals. The professional courts must be organized at national level , provincial, awraja, wereda, kebele levels. In this way, corruption can be eliminated 100% because anyone who violate standard professional practice will be dealt immediately and the punishment could include monetary, suspension from profession or sacking from job, stripping of professional practice license or certifiicate. For example, if a doctor violates doctors standard professional practice, either he will be given punishment in the form of money, suspension from job or practice for given time or imprisonment or taking away license. The same for every profession. In this way, they system regulate itself, PH HD can not oversee each office, each company, … thus this is systemic problem and can not be solved by investigation or commission.
    5. The people must be educated their rights that they must pay bribe for any services in any office.

    Anything short of the above will not do anything good .

  12. Bedada says:

    The country also needs National permanent registry based on ID and the government can control or have access to everything and know who got what and how he or she got it. Everything transparent,…. banks, health services, … must use the National id of the registry to authenticate any person in the country. This can also allow to control any counterfeiting of money laundering and other trafficking transactions because every transaction done by an individual must be profiled on his or her National registry. This will require at three years and will require money to invest

  13. Woubshet Nigatu says:

    2015 ደግ ዘመን ነው። ስማቸውን የረሳናቸው እነ መኢሶን እንኳን መግለጫ አወጡ። የመኢሶን አርማ መቀየሩ አሁን ነው ልብ ያልኩት። ማጭድና መዶሻው በአበባ ተቀይሯል ። ሶሻሊስቶች ማጭድና መዶሻን ጣሉ እንዴ? ። ስለ ድርቁ መኢሶን መግለጫ ያላወጣው ማጭዱን ከአርማው ስላነሳ ይሆን? የገበሬው ጉዳይ አይመለከተኝም ዓይነት! ጋሼ ነገደ ጎበዜን ማጭድና መዶሻውን እንዳይጥለው በቅርብ ስለማገኘው እነግረዋለሁ። የካፒታሊዝም ወዳጅነታችን ካከተመ ምናልባት ተመልሶ ፍለጋው እንዳያስቸግረን ባይሆን በቅርብ ያስቀምጥልን እንጅ ። ዓርማው ላይ ስለሚታዮት 13 ከዋክብት ትርጓሜም ቢነግረን ደስ ይለናል ። እኛ እንደሁ አንዱም አልሆነልን።

    ያም ሆኖ ግን እኛም እኛ ነን ። ከ1991 እስከ አሁን ምንም ያልተቀየርን ። ይችም ታዕሳስ ግርግር ሆና ስንት አዳዲስ የፖለቲካ ድርጅቶች አየን። ስንት የመሳሪያ ትግል የጀመሩ እንዳሉ ሰማን። ከሁሉ በላይ ደግሞ ታሪካዊው ነገር 56 ድርጅቶች አንድ ላይ ሆነው መግለጫ አወጡ የሚለው ዜና መስማታችን አስደሰተን። እስከዛሬ ከተፈጠሩት ሕብረቶች ሁሉ ከፕሮፖጋንዳው ጥቅሙ አንጻር ግዙፉና በዓይነቱ ልዩ ነው መሰለኝ ። በተግባር ወደፊት የምናየው ነው ። ብራቮ! ጥሩ ጅምር በ2015 ።

    በመግለጫው ውስጥ በእከሌ የሚመራው ኦነግ ፣ በእከሌ የሚመራው ኢሕአፓ ፣ በእከሌ የሚመራው የአማራ ድርጅት፣ የሚለው ግን “ደስ አይልም” ። 2015 ትልቁ ግባችን ይህ ነው መሰለኝ ። ወደ መሳፍንት ዘመን ለምናደርገው ጉዞ ከአሁኑ ደጅአዝማቾቹን ፣ ፊት አውራሪዎቹን ፣ ቀኝ አዝማቾቹን፣ አጋፋሪዎቹን እና ሌሎቹንም እየተዋወቅን መሄዳችን ጥሩ ነው ። ስለድርጅቶች ስናነሳ ለአማራ የተቋቋሙ ድርጅቶች ፣ ለኦሮሞ የተቋቋሙ ድርጅቶች . . . እንደው ሌሎቹም፣ ሌሎቹም… አንድ ላይ ወደ መሳፍንት ዘመነ መንግሥት ጉዞ እየተጣደፍን አይመስልም ። ሥልጣን ላይ ቢደርሱስ እንዴት ነው የሚስማሙት? ሁሉም ክልሉን ይዞ ሊታኮስ?… ስለ ኢትዮጵያ አንድነትና ሉዓላዊነት ጉዳይ ወያኔ ከወረደ በኋላ እንወስናለን የሚለው ነጠላ ዜማ የማይጥመው እዚህ ላይ ነው።

    እኔ እንደሚመስለኝ በ2015 ግለሰብ ሆነን የቀረን በጣም ጥቂት ነን። እንዳንዶች ድርጅት ነን የሚሉ ከግለሰብነት አያልፉምና ይህ ቀልድ ሊቆም ይገባል ። አለበለዚያ በቅርብ ጊዜ ወደ አንድ ሚሊዮን የሚጠጋ ድርጅት እንዳይኖረን ሰጋቴ ነው ። .. እየተስተዋል እንጅ!

    2016 ቀልዶቻችን ትተን ወደ እኛነታችን ተመልሰን ያላረስነውን ለማፈስ፣ ያልዘራነውን ለማጨድ እንደ ሰሞኑ መግለጫ ባንሞክር ጥሩ ነው ። በሕዝባችን ላይ እምነት ጥለን ፣ ከሕዝባችን ጋር ተደራጅተን መታገልን ነው መመኘትና መሥራት ያለብን ። ቆቡን ጣለ እንጅ መኢሶን አንቅሮ የተፋው መፈክር ዛሬ ነበር የሚሰራው “ ለነቃ ፣ ለተደራጀና ለታጠቀ የሕዝብ ትግል” የሚለው። ይህ መፈክር 1967 አይሰራም ነበር ። ጠንካራ ሠራዊት ፣ ጠንካራ የሠራተኛ ማህበር ፣ መኢሶን ፣ ኢሕአፓ ፣ ደርግ ፣ኢዲዩ ሌሎችም በነበሩበት ወቅት ጊዜያዊ ሕዝባዊ መንግስት ሊሠራ ይችላል። ዛሬ ሃገሪቷ በክልል ተከፋፍላ፣ ተቃዋሚ ድርጅቶች በደከሙበት ወቅትና አደገኛ አዝማሚያ ባለበት ሁኔታ፣ በሕዝብ አመጽ ብቻ ወደ ሕዝባዊ መንግሥት መጓዝ አስቸጋሪ ሊሆን ይችላል ። ይቻላል ከተባለ ቀመሩን ምሁራን ሊያሳዩን ይገባል። እኔ በበኩሌ የሽግግር መንግሥት ፣ ጊዜያዊ ሕዝባዊ መንግሥት የሚለው በዚህ በለየለት ከፍፍል ወቅት ይሰራል የሚል እምነት የለኝም ። ምክንያቱም በድርጅቶች መካከል እንኳን አንድ ዓይነት ዓላማ አይታይም ።

    በአንድነት ላይ የተመሰረተ እምነት ያለው ንቃት ፣ በዚህ እመነት ላይ ዴሞክራሲን ግቡ ያደረገ ድርጅት ወይም ሕብረት ፣ በዚህ ድርጅት ወይም ሕብረት ሥር የሚደረግ የመሣሪያ ትግል ብቻ ነው መፍትሔው ። ይህንን ወደ ጎን አድርገን በየጎጡ ፣ በጎበዝ አለቃ የሚመራ ፣ ወደ መሳፍንት ዘመን የሚመራ ትግልን መቀስቀስ ሃገር ከማፈራረስ ባሻገር ምንም ፋይዳ አይኖረውም የሚል እምነት አለኝ ። … ልብ ያለው ልብ ይበል !

    ስለ ሃገራቸን በጎ የሚያስቡ ሁሉ መልካም ዓመት ይሁንላቸው ።

  14. Addis says:

    Ethiopian Airlines is going to Plan B seeing Arba Minch , Ethiopia as the better solution to construct big sized international airport since the Addis Ababa Master Plan got canceled by the Federal government on 01/13/2016.

    • Leba says:

      Thanks, this is the fruit of Woyane racist or ethnic federalism. The next demand of Oromo will be other Ethiopians to vacate from addis ababa? Just my Oromo friend told me, the next big step will be expel other Ethiopians from addis ababa? I swear this their next plan. Death to woyane, now every Ethiopians in addis feel a foreigner? Thanks to woyane racist and barbaric brain.

  15. Less talk more action says:

    Of course BBC was there from the start including since in 2014, not only to stop it but also using it as the best opportunity to crate unrests and inflaming them with propaganda lies till it achieves its goals which are causing destructions, killings, displacements and refuges. Ethiopia is sheltering the biggest refuge numbers in Africa. But they will be happy to see Ethiopians to become refuges which is their wish and nature towards black people and they are always working on it.

    The known racists and hateful greed foreigners that are in our country coming by themselves only for their own damaging agenda and plan including pretending they are there to invest, as tourists, Journalists, diplomats and so on mainly from that tiny Evil England, USA and other nations where the Zionists/Jews alliance with the English establishments are in charge including France.

    We know what the English…. in Ethiopia secret plans, tricky games and ultimate goals are including by interfering in the Ethiopian internal matters such as being against the nation efforts for nation building and development. They even are acting as advisors for good while playing tricks and out smarting the dam officials for the sake of for their damaging plan and agenda. The Addis Ababa and surrounding joint development plan was, is and will be the only option Ethiopians must do everything together to implement if they are mature enough, wise, and determine to prosper the nation for the citizens’ benefits.

    If it is not, no one benefits from but the foreign enemies that are trying everything to stop development and strong society in any black country where they are targeting Ethiopia for decades knowing she is the only nation to achieve that. All Ethiopians must understand that what these evil foreigners are doing is not for any Ethiopian sake but their agenda and plan which is keeping the nation in constant frictions, disunity, difficulty, under development and so on.

    Abandoning the very important issue like this is the greatest mistake and biggest damage all Ethiopia will suffer from in the long run knowing the issue will not go away until it gets implemented but for the time being the evil foreigners are dancing around and feeling happy and satisfied about their evil job to stop it being behind the group they are pretending helping while they are helping themselves against that group in many ways in the country of many that are united about.

    We know they are created Mujahidin in Pakistan with Arab money and man power to fight another Muslim country which is Afghanistan and Russia that is a European nation was helping Afghanistan. Look Afghanistan today it became and how it was back then before they waged war against the government that was secular and progressive. They are in constant war and attack against Russia because of their greedy for money, power, domination and politics as they are constantly trying with China.

    On the other hand look at them towards the gulf absolute dictators where democracy and human right are not allowed there even by name and are punishable with capital punishment. The English are fully participating in the war against Yemen as their FM did say many times. Look at Yemen because of them. This is what they want to see elsewhere including in Ethiopia using Ethiopians against Ethiopians taking sides with the one they can use and cheat it in order to achieve their goals that is affecting all of them.

    Mujahidin became the mother of all Sunni and wahabbi terrorist groups including Al Qaida, Taliban, Al Nusra, Boko haram, Al shebab and many more terrorists’ cells in Asia. They are talking about Oromo in Ethiopia despite Ethiopia has 80 Ethnic groups. And for sure, later on they will talk about within Oromo dividing them based on religion, tribes, clans and sub clans. As we know 75% within Oromo are Muslims. They are also 75% the Ethiopian Muslims.

    There are 29 clans, thousands sub clans and many more sub-sub clans. There are also many other facts making them different to one another within. Yet, right now the evil foreigners are using ethnicity to cause troubles despite they know about huge issues within the Oromo than any other Ethnic group in Ethiopia. the Oromo must be smart and wise here rejecting these foreign evil conspiracy against them in the long run while pretending they are working for them which is part of the game they are playing.

    Muslim brother is created by the English in 1928 against the Egyptians that were fighting for independent. Hamas is created by Israel to use it against PLO that was strong, united and able to stand for the causes. There are many examples they have created them to cause troubles within and later on they will fight them back.

    These greedy and racists evil English and Zionists know how this matter is important for Ethiopia and Ethiopians that are blacks in Africa and we know what kind crimes they are committing against blacks and Africa for 500 years. They did/will continue doing to make sure Ethiopians will not have the best and long term Economic policy and working agenda and most importantly these evil racists will continue doing with propaganda wars based on lies and misinformation against the country including creating divisions among Ethiopians that are blacks and the same people.

    Just look at BBC, the Zionists and Jews owned and controlled criminal Medias and evil so called Journalists activities related to the matter from the start and other issues. They are feeling they have succeed stopping the government policy related to the capital intended to benefit all Ethiopians and guarantee the nation sustainable and strong development. What happened to Ethiopians allowing these criminal evils to behave the way they do against us? Are Ethiopians lost their balls that kept them being the only independent nation in Africa always winning the battle against foreign enemies?

    There is no one but the English establishment and Zionists/Jews alliance all sides’ attacks and secret wars including in the name of media, Journalists, UN and aid agencies, NGO and so on are the worst foreign enemies Ethiopia is facing. These evils criminal era in our country must be over now without delay. Individual Ethiopians must play the roles to deal with these enemies; not only waiting the Government to do all the jobs.

    These are among the few evil English establishment and Zionists/Jews criminal Medias and so called journalists that are at war against Ethiopia for so long being in the country by themselves. They are worse than any enemy including the terrorists we are facing.

    -Ethiopia Abandons Development Plan for Capital After Unrest (Bloomberg)- by William Davison
    -Ethiopia Halts Regional Plan After Protests (New York Times)-By JACEY FORTIN
    -Ethiopia scraps plan for capital area that sparked protests (Thompson Reuters Foundation)- -Author: Reuters.

    Don’t forget BBC even for a second being the mother of all crimes and the leading evil. VOA, Deutch wale(Part of VOA), Al Jazera(BBC) and many more coming from England, USA, France, South Africa and other occupied English speaking nations are worse than any enemy Ethiopia is facing. We also know 99% those behind are the Zionists/Jews working together with the worst empire ever lived on earth in Human history which is the Tiny English establishment that is still there despite the countless and horrible crimes it committed against humanity and nature for 500 years.


  16. meles says:

    ወገናችንን የሚገል የትግሬ ወያኔ ንብረትይወረስ፥ይቃጠል ፥የሃገራችን ጠላት የትግሬ ወያኔና ደጋፊዎቹ ናቸው። ይህን የሰው በላ መንጋ በምንችለውና ባለን አቅም ለማሶገድ እንቀሳቀ

  17. meles says:

    ወገናችንን የሚገል የትግሬ ወያኔ ንብረትይወረስ፥ይቃጠል ፥የሃገራችን ጠላት የትግሬ ወያኔና ደጋፊዎቹ ናቸው። ይህን የሰው በላ መንጋ በምንችለውና ባለን አቅም ለማሶገድ እንቀሳቀ

  18. Less talk more action says:

    Felix Horne, Researcher(evil and racist terrorists), Horn of Africa
    Watch out this wolf terrorist and follow him closely what is he up to in the name of so called Human Right Watch. Do you think he does care about any black person in Ethiopia? We know how they are treating blacks in USA or elsewhere this evil is feeling at home.

    So called Human Right watch, Human right and whatever name they are having is just the name where the evil racists and greedy terrorists are using it to cause wars, conflicts, destructions and so on in other countries mainly Asia and Africa. This is part of the many Jews projects including corporate Medias, NGOs’, Institutions and so on they are using them to destroy the world with civil wars.

    Ethiopians need to be tough against the evils like this one and those ignorant Ethiopians herded animals willingly used by them to affect their own country by listening and trusting the evils from USA, UK and other English speaking nations where the Jews are in control including France.

    Don’t give any attention towards the so called human right watch, Human right, CPJ and whatever name they are having in order to cause divisions, conflicts, wars, destructions, killings and so on in other countries. Criminal individuals are behind those names for money financed by criminals that are controlling USA and UK. Never trust or respect them for anything but treat them as the worst enemies and fight them back. Never allow them in the country.

    They are part of the foreign enemies (Jews conspiracies) looking to cause troubles in Ethiopia because of Ethiopia is not allowing them to have her as private property and the citizens as herds of animals the way they are doing all over the world including in Kenya and South Africa. The Good news is that the International community is massively getting momentum and exactly knows the crimes they are causing all over the world including in USA, Europe and so on. The Time is not far away to deal with them started in Europe, ME and Asia.

  19. ዳንኢል ሳህሉ says:

    በአዲስ አበባ ካለምንም ቅድመ ማስጠንቀቂያ የመንገድ ዳር ንብረቶች መወረሳቸው የከተማዋ ባለስልጣን በመንገዶች ዳርቻ ያሉ ዓመታዊ ግብር ተከፍሎባቸው የቆሙ ቢልቦርድ የንግድ ማስታወቂያዎችን ለድርጅቶቹ ምንም ዓይነት ቅድመ ማስጠንቀቂያና ተለዋጭ ቦታ ሳይሰጣቸው ሳይሰጣቸው ከተለጠፉበት ማንሳቱን ንብረታቸው የተወሰደባቸው የከተማዋ ነዋሪዎች እንደዚህ ዓይነት ሕገወጥ ድርጊት በሕግ ሽፋን መፈፀሙ እንዳስከፋቸው እየገለፁ ነው።

    • Beza says:

      Daniel, yantem tenestual ende? This is one of aspects of the Master plan of Addis. Anyways the street vendors should go and plow the lands is in oromia and Gambela instead of being the dirt on the street of Addis. Addis should be world class city. The master plan of Addis will be done without including oromia.

      • Leba says:

        You are so stupid, you jump everywhere

      • Semere says:

        Why don’t you invite the vendors them to Tigrai and feed them what you stole from Ethiopia for the last 30 years rather than sending them to Gambella and Oromia where the people being looted by you . you banda shele woyane BEZA

  20. shiromeda says:

    he was the one strongly antagonizing the eradication of poor governance program led by the prime minister. this one seems face saving . too many lies

  21. us for us with us says:

    The whole world knows about the most horrible, gruesome and evil nature of the English establishment and its 500 years crimes against humanity and nature. It is also known the criminal English empire establishment that is still here acting as holy and the Zionists/Jews centuries’ old cooperation working together ever since the Jews allowed buying their presence in England since 1679. They were expelled from England in 1290 and never allowed a single person among them being in England almost for 400 years.

    The funny thing is that how is possible a tiny island like that isolated even from Europe and far away from the world small territory called England with countless crimes against the world is still allowed to continue with the crimes against nations and citizens in the 21-centurty world?

    Everyone knows that tiny island is a killer and destroyer cancer against anything peaceful, good and important on earth started from humanity and its creation. That aids virus look like tiny island is losing her place in the world she has created because of the crimes she has committed for hundreds years. Yet, still she is trying to continue being evil against other nations targeting the innocent, weak and poor nations because of the strong and rich nations and Muslims nations are treating them as worthless, dirty trash, dangerous garbage and human wastes .

    The English establishment agenda and evil actions that are run by the Zionists/Jews and their allies in the name of ….many are the only fret Ethiopia is facing. They are so evil and pathetic getting busy to create divisions, conflicts, war and destruction in Ethiopia thinking Ethiopians that are blacks will give even a single chance to the racists and evils agenda like them to be implemented against their own country that was always free and independent because of they are always fighting together the foreign enemies like the English are the record holders worldwide being against other nations. .

    We know the Zionists/Jews from USA, England and France working together with the Ethnic English that are part of the criminal establishments created civil wars in Ukraine based on Ethnicity which is between Ethnic Ukrainians and Ethnic Russians. And the result? Look at Ukraine today. This is what they are always doing in other country where Africa and black people are their main targets and easy scores committing including 300 years long slavery, colonization and neo colonization still is happening in some countries.

    The criminal English establishment and their evil media establishment that is serving the imperialists agenda are working together and getting busy in Ethiopia with goal thinking they are in the position to create civil unrests between Ethiopians. BBC which is the mother of all evil English establishment and Zionists/Jews meads is getting busy and taking the lead with propaganda wars including using dumb Africans while we know the story is totally the savage imperialists and their servants.

    They are still thinking that Peace in other country is war in theirs. Division in other country is unity in their country. Poverty in other country means prosperity in their country. Under development in other country means development in their country. They are always working for centuries long for the worst and negative of others in order to get benefit from. This is the only principle their so called development and civilization has and relaying on for its existence. However their evil economic system and damaging political policy is totally exposed and failed ever since the international community becomes awoke, wise, intelligent, bold and hostile against them when they do try to behave the way they did against them but not fully confronted in Africa, yet.

    Peace, unity, development, strong, wise and organized society is what they don’t like to see happen in Africa and they are fighting against it using lots of tricks, tactics and approaches for the same reason which is targeting the nations that are having their situation under their own ways for their own benefits. No one destroys a nation but the citizens themselves when they allow the racists, criminals and evils like them to play dirty games against the nation creating evilness among the same people and citizens.

    Evil Racist like the English establishment that has committed the worst and longest ever crimes against humanity and nature worldwide including wiping out hundreds of millions natives must not get any reason to be trusted, respected or allowed for anything in the country. BBC and other English establishment weapons of mass destruction Medias that are totally under the foreign ministry, securities and spay agents and embassies must be criminalized and the criminal so called journalists (spy agents) must be seen as the worst enemies and very dangerous racist criminals.

    The good news is that the whole world knows who they are, what they do and why. The people they are trying to make them create civil unrests in order to topple the people government that is working for the citizens benefits unlike the current Zionists/Jews Conservative English government that is hated by the people because of it is against the citizens is, are no longer sleepy but watching everything with open eyes.

    The Ethiopian people, region and Africa in general must awake and rise up against the English establishment and Zionists/Jews secret agendas and co operation against Africa/black people including in Africa as they have been for so long this time as well targeting the nations that are peaceful, doing well and have the best government working for the citizens, region and Africa which is being against the English establishment and Zionists wish and agenda in Africa. The reason why they are looking to leave Europe is because of in Europe they are the most distrusted, disrespected, hated people and getting in the back sit. That is why they are looking towards Africa thinking the situation there is the same as it was between the 16 century till the 2000 before china and others came to rescue Africa and work together with respect and mutual benefits.

    Death to the evil English establishment and Zionists/Jews mass destruction corporate Medias. Don’t allow, trust, believe or respect them for anything. They are enemy number one even worse than the Islamic terrorists. Fight them back till they are no longer there anymore. , They are criminals, racists and hateful towards black people. Death to BBC and all other establishment and Zionists/Jews Medias that are there for the good of the devil they are known with and good at. The embassies and others are using them to affect others.

    BBC world service is under the English foreign ministry, MI6 and embassies always serving them for the implementation of the evil and damaging agenda and plan in other country. All propaganda trash and evil English and Zionists/Jews Medias are part of the imperialist establishments 500 years old criminal principles they are using them against the world for their own interests and benefits.

    BBC has got 2 million Euros from EU the last 3 years while US state department is financing it too. Why they are doing it? Because they are using it for their damaging policies in other countries targeting those are doing the best for their country and people having own economic policies and political system that is worki

  22. El Tigre says:

    I believe TPLF should work hard to industrialize Tigray and work on Incorporating the Afar region and secede from Ethiopia. werk biyanetfulet fandya a Kemil hzb gar eske meche? We Agazians are being bogged down with the muddy bunch

  23. Semere says:

    In 2016 Over 100,000 representatives of TPLF from all over Ethiopia’s Kilils held an emergency conference in Mekelle to discuss on governance. The conference was part of a campaign by the government to address the prevailing issue(s) with governance which was discussed during the last TPLF congress. They all agrred that the Ethiopian people need to practice obeying what Tigrayans tell them to do more and also Tigrayanas were urged to practice ordering more in the coming year.

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