Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia colorfully celebrate Ethiopian Epiphany –Timket (+Video)


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  1. us with us for us says:

    Ethiopia was a Jewish follower for almost 1000 years before Christianity arrived (the waited messiah -Jesus – was arrived). Many nations in the region including Yemen, what is today Mecca and medina, Egypt, Libya, Syria and so on were also the Jewish followers. We know the story from Quran about the battles, hostilities, defeats, bad treatments and so on during Prophet Mohammed time between the Jewish in and him/his followers including around Mecca and medina. We also know his teaching about them.

    However, the people believing in Judaism at that time were not Israelites i.e. 12 tribes/Ethnic groups of Hebrew but Arabs, Ethiopians, Assyrians, Druze, Palestinians and so on. More than 92% so called Jewish people today has nothing to do the 12 Israelites but are called the 13, 14, 15 and so on converted tribes dividing them based on their race and Ethnicity. The Ashkenazi Jewish that are the majority are not from the 12 Israelites Tribes but from central Asia and Europe converted to Judaism including happening as we speak.

    We also know the Israelites including Mosses are from Africa. They escaped from Egypt after 400 years of slavery and almost none existence and reached to Israel. Israel was a promise (freedom) land in their mind for the desperate salve Israelites from Africa. The Palestinians/Flistinians and others including Druze, Assyrians and so on were the original people in the area. This is telling us about the Israelites, their origin as Africans and being the first Hebrew/Jewish believers including mosses. Nobody denies including the Torah and Bibles being the original Israelites/Jewish are from Africa who came to the promise land escaping from the 400 years long slavery in Egypt.

    It was like how desperate boot immigrants were doing back then which is escaping from Europe to the Americans, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and all over the world before they started to enslave, occupy and colonize them or since recently from the ME, Africa and Asia to Europe and elsewhere.

    Judaism is like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or any other religion where different human races and Ethnics and clans are the followers. Different races, Ethnics, clans and so on are believers in the Christian faith as it is the same in Islam, Buda, Hindu and so on. Judaism is not a race, Ethnicity, Clan, nationality or whatever they are trying to tell the world with none stop lies and misinformation but a religion as any religion does.

    Christianity came to Ethiopia in 60 AC by an Ethiopian jandereba who was Ethiopian official representative in Jerusalem. Jerusalem was under the Roman Empire at the time. In 333 AC, Christianity became a nation religion and Ethiopia became the first or second Christian nation in the world based on the story after or before Armenia. Because some says Armenia became a Christian nation in 331 while others are saying in 335 the same year as Italy became.

    Orthodox Christianity played the centre roles in the Ethiopian history. This religion was the first ever gave asylum in human history in the 7th century to those persecuted in their own country and in this case Prophet Mohamed’s followers and family members. We know how the Ethiopian religion and rulers rejected the pagan Arabs when they tried to take those asked shelter/protection by offering lots of bribes and promises for future co operations.

    The Ethiopians told the pagans among the others by saying “even if you give us lots of gold that can be good enough to be used to make a road from here to your country, we will never allow ourselves to be over taken by Satan to make us handing over these helpless and innocent people to be jailed or killed by you or anybody else. They are our guests came to our place believing in us to protect them from any difficulty and danger. They know that we are that kind human beings when they escaped from their own place fearing own leaders/officials that including the delegates as you are here in the Habesha land asking us to take them for punishments.

    Our Human life is more than any money or wealth created by human. Human conscious, dignity and integrity are natural gifts and the greatest assets any individual and citizen have to have and we are the kind of that people. We are not selling our soul and human dignity and moral with any money or benefits for Flesh benefits. That is why we are not giving these people to you to punish them but standing with them against injustice here, there and anywhere. ”

    However, after the times gone by and Muslims became able to control the Arabia and other regions, they started to attack Ethiopia/our religion despite we were the once made the situation for them to become the way they were/are by rejecting handing over P Mohammed’s two wives, Children, two sisters including the mother of Ali and jafar, and followers the pagans were planning to use them to stop/catch P. Mohammed and his followers that ware engaging with wars against the state as we are witnessing with al Qaida, Taliban, Boko haram, Shebabs, Al nusra, IS and so on action today.

    The 1529-1543, Islamic/Ottoman war against Ethiopia where the main centre of the battle field was in Shimbtrabora which is east of Today’s Adama city was conducted by the ottoman that was just started colonizing/ruling the entire Arabs. 12.500 ottomans/Arabs defeated 250.000 Ethiopian Christians because of they were savages like IS and Other Sunni/wahabbi terrorists are and used the most advanced weapon of that time. The reason why ottoman was able to defeat and occupy many regions as far as in China, Russia, Europe, ME and North Africa was because of it had advanced weapons and was too savage. As many said Ottoman was stopped by Ethiopians from occupying the rest of Africa them paying lots of sacrifices protecting their country and people.

    The savage and evil war ottoman did in the name of the Gragn war was the main reason why Islam came in mass to the southern and eastern part of Ethiopia. The war was so devastating destroyed the oldest and longest administration and government in Africa and one of the few in the world. The reason to the starting for zemene mesafint era was the ottoman war. Zemene mesafint was happened between 1550-1855 till the coming of Atse Theodros.

    The mass migration from the south including what is Kenya today in to Ethiopian highland was happened during this period. The central government was weak, the people were displaced and so on because of the savage ottoman religion war and the Nomadic immigrants used that opportunity to dig deep in the country as far as to the highland,. We know about it from the eye witnesses and history books written by the eye witnesses (not by fictional historians trying to crate fake history from fictional stories).

    Ethiopians must love, respect, admire, use, develop and own everything what is theirs and Ethiopian. Orthodox Christianity was brought to Ethiopia by an Ethiopian and the people accepted it willingly without any bribe or force. It is a Good related, happy, peaceful and respectful religion. Ethiopia was a Christian nation for more than 1000 years before nations like England, Germany, Benelux; North Europe and so on accepted it.

    But when they accepted it and written the first bible in English and other European languages in the 14th and 15 century, countries like England started to use it to enslave, colonize, occupy, loot, kill and destroy the nations in Africa, Americans, Australia and so on. Missionaries where like today’s spay agents, so called journalists, NGOs, aid agencies, volunteers and so on they used them as mercenaries to destroy the nations as they are trying today in Ethiopia using different names and approaches but for the same reasons and goals to achieve.

    Even we are witnessing Missionaries/mercenaries today coming from USA, UK and so on telling the oldest Christian Ethiopians to become another kind of Christian which is the foreign once they are using only for their advantage against others including us. This is part of the war they are waging to destroy what Ethiopians are including their language, the only African born black people alphabet, culture, and traditions and so on in order to make the nation empty, lost and worthless as they did too many nations and citizens for 500 years long.

    Ethiopians must keep, love, respect, use and develop what is theirs as Ethiopians and blacks as others are doing theirs in their own places. Ethiopians/blacks must get some brain and balls that make them to open their eyes, see and understand how blacks are treated in Europe, USA and so on which is the worst of all and the lowest. Therefore, they must treat the same way in their place those are treating them in their places.

    When we go to their place, they are telling us among the others to learn their languages and alphabets. This might be the right thing to do if they have good intentions. However, they are coming to our place to tell us to learn their languages behaving the same way they did during slavery and colonization against slaves, the occupied and colonized which is disrespecting them and killing everything good and important what African/black people has including languages, Alphabets, religions and so on in order to impose their will on the people in their own place.

    Religion was, is and will continue existing. But the types of religions will always changing. Only the country and people will remain there. Therefore, all Ethiopians must unite and keep their country safe, developed and always belongs to them feeling they are in their own home using their/Ethiopians own things instead of from abroad including from that tiny evil island called England using her language or whatever she is trying to impose on us in our own place.

    England is the first nation in the world the vast majority citizens don’t exercise or having the feeling in Good/God related faith such as Christianity but everything is about material gains, imposing influence on others, having power and money. If they do care about religion, they must start at home with their people but they don’t. It is about something else using religion as another weapon the same way so called aid, NGO, Volunteers and so on.

    Total rejection and Death to each and every imposing of influence of destruction the English and USA/Zionists are waging against Ethiopia in the name of so called aid, UN, NGO, Charity, Volunteers (peace core) and missionaries/mercenaries. Viva China, Russia and all the great nations in the world.

    Semite is a race not a religion or nationality. Semite means Black. They are just associating wrongly with the religion and the rest of the stupid world hears them. The Semite people are the Yemen, Oman, What is Southern and western Saudi Arabia, Ethiopians, Assyrians, the 12 Israelite tribes originally from Africa and so on with no religion affiliation. Religion is not a race, Ethnic group or clan thing but a human thing. That is why all human race, ethnics and clans from all over the world are Jewish believers despite all of them are wrongly called the Semite people (black people-Arabs were always called blacks including during the ottoman era) which is intentional none stop lies and misinformation.

    Congratulation for colorfully and happily celebrating the 2008/2016 Timket.

  2. gemal says:

    I watch it proudly

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