Qatari Investors set to construct a six star luxury hotel in Addis Ababa (In pictures)


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  1. Observer says:

    THUMBS UP !!!

  2. us for us with us says:

    Historically, racially, linguistically, culturally and traditionally the Habesha people including in Eritrea has lots in common with Arabs than any people including in Africa. The people of Ethiopia, Yemen, Oman, what is today Saudi Arabia(western and southern), Southern Iraq and other gulf nations have the same ancestry and history back for thousands years.

    However, this was the case before the Arabs allowed themselves continuously being colonized by foreign forces and influenced by the outsiders mainly started since the Ottoman 500 years of colonization against them and they have been totally overtaken by the English empire colonization and USA total control going on till today. Gulf nations including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and so on are created by the English empire colonization. These nations are allowed to exist by foreign powers mainly USA and England where these two nations are controlled, ruled and owned by the Zionists/Jews.

    The Arab people and the English/USA appointed and guarded family line dictatorial rulers are too different one another and too hostile against each other. If the USA/CIA, England/MI6 and Israel/Mosad from the back ground are not protecting the absolute wahabbi dictators in the gulf including Saudi Arabia in order to serve them against the Arab people interest, none of them could remain on power for a day by themselves.

    Qatar is one of the worst gulf nations causing lots of problems in the Gulf, North Africa and Ethiopia, too. Qatar is regarded as number one enemy in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq and so on. A tiny desert nation that is created by the English in the 1970s is worst than aid viruses causing lots of problems while serving USA, England and others that are having own agendas and plans in the region. Al jazera is part of the BBC run by the English/ MI6 members using it as a propaganda war machine against other nations in the region including Ethiopia.

    The wahabbi absolute dictators in the Gulf including Qatar are the greatest fret against the Arabs and Ethiopia than anybody else. The people in the Gulf particularly those are pure Arabs are very nice people. However, the Gulf nations mainly UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain are the clandestine nations the west/ particularly USA and England are using them for their agenda in the region and horn of Africa, too.

    Welcome Iran to the International community where they do belong and can play the biggest roles. One well taught and nicely executed useful development and co operation agreement with Iran is million times important than having millions of harmful agreements with this tiny Gulf desert nations created by the English and USA/Zionists designed to use her for their agenda and plan in the region and Africa, too.

    However, no matter how nasty are the wahabbi gulfs dictators against Ethiopia, the people from both sides are very much related to one another than any outsiders thinks about. Arabs, North Africans and the Sahel are among the regular Ethiopian music listeners because of it sounds the same who they are. After all we are together the same, true and ancient Semite people; not the fake ones like in Israel going on today.

    The only positive and right thing Qatar is doing is continuously standing with the Palestine.

    Death to al jazera which is another name to the BBC run by the English/Jews and brainwashed servant Negro so called journalists and media people in the name of Qatar.

    *Where is the peaceful and useful Oman her citizens have lots in common with Ethiopia as the Yemenis do?

  3. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    It’s no secret that TPLF got its money from Arabs back in the days. If they could, they will sell or even give away land to camel heads for the right $$. They already sold thousands of our women to Arabs with no hesitation. Sudan will get free land for free very soon. They were in bed with the Yemen…and look where Yemen is now? Saudi investors recently said the corrupt Eth gov officials mislead & cheated them so, they had to abandone thier investment and return home empty handed. Our boys led by Dr foreign minister r out of $$. They will do antything to sell a chunk of land to the highest bidder at any cost. The recent track record does not look very promising neither. I say to all Arab “investors”, don’t let these snake oil sales men from EPRDF take advantage of u and ur hard earned money is lost in a country where the rule of law does not exists.

  4. us for us with us says:

    Good neighbor is useful and important than a far away kind of relative. Original Arabs are not only neighbors but also relatives to Ethiopia. However, they have been not only bad neighbors but also very nasty relatives to Ethiopia allied with the far away racists and greedy foreign enemies including against them(Arabs) to affect Ethiopia in many ways engaging including with conflicts and wars.

    However, since 9/11, the region as well as the world geo politic is changing beyond recognition. 9/11, (2001) which is the Ethiopian New Year’s Day effect is one of the greatest ever happened in the world. Some of the great results from the First World War are the creation of independent nations in Europe and Latin America alongside with the first communist nation which is the Soviet Union. (USSR).

    The results came after the Second world war are plenty and budge including the defeat of the Tinny English, French and others empires and direct dominations in Asia, Africa, Middle east and Caribbean. UN, WB, IMF and so on are the results of the Second World War despite they are there and here to serve only the few and we know who they are. The Berlin wall(the division and humiliation of the proud German people), communist nations in Central and eastern Europe predominantly the Slavish people, cultural revolution in Europe including Hippie era and so on are the rest of the second world war as well.

    However, the changes 9/11 brought to humanity are the biggest of all. It makes USA, England and the west in general getting busy engaging with direct wars (including propaganda wars) against the rest in the name of fighting terrorism. But with no effect other than they are losing grounds they had been in total control and domination because of reasons from their as well as the victims sides.

    But the victims are no longer weak, defeated, ignorant, stupid and so on but strong, wise and determine believing in themselves as equal as any human beings no matter who he is or what kind skin color he does have. Barbaric Sunni/wahabi terrorists are the main reasons why the Anglo-American Zionists/Jews brain west is losing in all fronts including within. USA is number one in the world with the number of prisoners which is jailing about 3 million own citizens where most of them are blacks and Latinos. England is a tiny nation in Europe in terms if territory but leading Europe with the number of prisoners and that are about 100.000.

    The prison system in both nations looks like hell on earth and the money making institute for the imperialists. Prisons in US and UK are privately owned by the profit hungry and money lover greedy imperialists. Look at the justice system in both countries how it treats the so called minorities despite Only Blacks and Latinos in USA are more than 100 million. The so called hard currencies including dollar and pound are becoming less than toilet papers with no value on them but cheap paper and ink.

    There are more than 350 million guns in USA citizens’ hands and the number is growing by day causing about 33 thousands homicide a year. In 2015 have been killed about 3000 people civil only in the city of Chicago by gun violence. God knows how many are injured. Most of the victims are Blacks, Latinos and so on. It looks like the undeclared war against them is on the making with the police violence and brutality being part of it supported by the unfair justice system and racists. Yet, they are trying to lecture the world and coming including to Africa acting as if they do care about blacks while we know what they are doing against the blacks that have the same citizenship rights in their countries including USA and UK.

    USA, England and the west in general with more than 45 nations have been in Afghanistan to fight Sunni terrorist groups like Al Qaida and Taliban. They are using the most advanced weapons, well trained solders and lots of money that cost USA more than 2 trillion including the war in Iraq since 2003. In the end they lost not only thousands of their solders and trillions of dollars but also the war against so called terror. Instead many other terrorist groups created including Al Nusra, IS, Boko haram and so on under their watch and indirect support if not directly.

    The same time countries like china, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and many nations in the world became richer, stronger and the hope and reality of the world since 9/11. Chinese economy more than doubled since 9/11 while USA, England and others economy is continuing swimming in the economic crisis of dirty deep oceans with high rocketing national debt where USA debt is closer to $20 trillion and growing by million every hour and the tiny England debt is $2.6 trillion and growing alarmingly. .

    The 9/11 effect was huge in Africa as well. Since then Africa is enjoying a relative peace, unity, co operation and development. The Ethiopian economy is almost three fold grew since 9/11.The reason is because of the west (USA and UK) that were/still are the root cause of all troubles and setbacks in Africa including creating conflicts, wars and so on among Africans were busy dealing with the terrorists that are attacking them badly and constantly. They had/have no time to continue affecting Africa as they used to be for centuries. And Africa used that opportunity to have peace, unity, development and prosperity within the country and among the nations based on own agenda and plan.

    The new geo politics that is on the making since 9/11 is the greatest and best thing to happen to the entire humanity. Nations are no longer dictated by other nations as it was the case in the past mainly by USA and UK but working together based on respect, understanding and mutual benefits. Ethiopia is no longer the easiest catch, weakest link, laughing stock and their Serengeti zoo where the citizens regarded as herds of animals, termites or insects by the west mainly the Jews/Zionists acting in the name of USA, UK,… and since recently from south Africa by those have been the champion of Apartheids.

    No matter how much and bad they are trying to affect Ethiopia, the Zionists/.Jews from USA, England…and South Africa will never get their satanic dead against our people as it was the case in the past. The none stop propaganda wars the Zionists/Jews are none stop waging against our nation and people using the criminal corporate medias from USA, England, France, Canada, Australia, and of course since recently from the African soil in South Africa, is their true nature and desperate move brings them nothing but more hate, isolation and soon confrontation to stop them in our country and Africa in general.

    Al jazera is a different name BBC is using while most of the so called journalists are the Jews/Zionists including the trash one who is currently in Ethiopia in the name of Al jazera doing the horrible and unbelievable things in the country he has nothing to do with. Is there no one in the country who has some brain to thing and balls to deal with this evil Zionist action using another BBC in the name of the wahabbi Qatar media (al jazera) to affect our country? Do really these evils think today’s world is looking and waiting to get news/stories coming from them? They are jobless doing shit jobs with no effect at all. The era of someone coming to another country in the name of media and journalism is over and will never come back again.

    Stop the BBC poisoned child called Al jazera that is run by the Zionists/Jews including the one that is flying like vulture all over Ethiopia looking the weak, sick, bad, negative, dead and so on, and worst than that to do the most evil things we have seen how the Zionists/Jews corporate Medias and so called NGO, right groups, Organizations, politics and so on behaved/behaving including recently during the unrests seem that are the causes from behind working secretly for sometimes.

    They were/are continuing acting as if it was all their idea and secret plan to create unrests, conflicts and destructions in the country in order to stop development if that development is not in their hands coming in the country in the name of investment in the sectors they are good at to loot, exploit, manipulate and enrich themselves by doing nothing but lies after lies engaging in the sectors that are not for foreign so called investors like banks, telecom, Insurance, Media, energy/Hydro, infrastructure and so on but always have to remain in the Ethiopians hands and ownerships no matter what.

    You see the evil racists like them are in Ethiopia trying to create divisions, hostilities and so on among the same black people living in the same country. Do they think the world doesn’t know how racist and stinky greedy they are against all blacks in USA, England, … and all over the places they are living including in the black country like south Africa? We are no longer in the past centuries but the 21-century after 9/11 era.

    The point is that thanks to china, Russia, India, and many others the world geo politics is dramatically changing with very wide and fast tracks. USA and UK lead west will not have the monopoly in any country in Asia, Africa, Latin America and ME anymore. China is getting busy creating peace and respect between nations in the ME. China has been in Egypt and Saudi Arabia before went to Iran to sign the biggest and wealthiest co operation agreement ever made between two separate nations in human history worth more than $600 billion.

    Within days after the Chinese president visit, Iran took aggressive move and rounded up those responsible against the Saudi embassy. This shows Iran is looking to normalize her relation with Saudi and others. Iraq is looking towards Russia and China as others in the region are including Egypt. There is no doubt but the matter of time when all nations in the ME including Saudi Arabia will turn their backs against the west while their smiling faces towards the rest of the world including China, India and Russia. Africa will do the same knowing what the results were, are and will be when the west is around or others are including china. The free and open choices are plenty these days unlike it was the case in the past.

    The ME and North Africa mainly Egypt becoming free from the Anglo-American/Jews-Zionists domination and influence solves lots of things not only in the region but also Africa including Ethiopia. They used the Arabs to affect Ethiopia for the last 41 years including the oldest nation -Ethiopia- became land locked since 1993 thanks to the English’s and USA Zionists such as Herman Cohen and so on none stop efforts to make it happen that way. They are selectively and often targeting Ethiopia among the African nations attacking her with propaganda wars in order to damage her image and undermining her citizens as we speak. Those engaging with this kind trash evil human behavior are almost all of them the Jews/Zionists from USA, England, France, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

    The long standing question that doesn’t have the answer yet is the reason why these people-Zionists/Jews are none stop around Ethiopia, selectively targeting her for bad reasons and continuing affecting her in many ways including being in the country in the name of UN, USA, England, …., Media, Journalism, NGO, institutions, Charities, Scholars, volunteers and so on but we know all is about the same reason and which is to affect the nation in many ways? We all know from history around the world what are the consequences and results when they are around. Stopping them at least in our country is the only answer and best solution we have to start doing and have to do for survival issues.

    The point is that when the Gulf, ME and North Africa become free from the USA and England dominations, the best results are plenty and will be not only in the region but also the rest of the world where Ethiopia can benefit lots and first from. Egypt and Ethiopia are no longer the proxy tools the west is using Egypt to affect Ethiopia but doing the best things together for their common benefits. The Hedase dam in Ethiopia is solving lots of mistrusts, quarrels, divisions and most importantly eliminating the reasons the enemies are trying to use Egypt and Ethiopia to hurt each other for the sake of the enemies to both nations. The Zionist lead USA and UK get no more reason to use the Nile River for hostilities, conflicts and wars playing card in order to get Egypt under their feet for the reasons related to eth Palestinians.

  5. Dagemwe Ras Alula says:

    Have u seen the second picture? He is checking on his mobile. lol

  6. ABEBAW YILMA says:


    • ethoASsh says:

      if u want to keep Ethiopian women in Ethiopia then u need investment otherwise it would be self defeating if u ban Arab money in Ethiopia then the Ethiopian women will be forced to go to Arab and they will be a victim which u don’t like so if u really worried about Ethiopian women then u should come back and say sorry what u just said otherwise u r advancing some kind of hidden agenda….

  7. Marvin says:

    I wonder how many starved Ethiopians will sell their bodies in this hotel after it is completed.Predators heaven I assume.

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