President Obama sends high-ranking government delegation headed by USAID Chief Gayle Smith to African Union summit


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2 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    US is helping Ethiopia next to IS in Syria and Egypt. The Saudi 60 billions spent for weapon to Saudi military and Daesh/IS in the last 2 years is a big money for African countries.
    Most the weapon was bought from US. The amount of investment in Syria is good enough for the El Nino effected countries in Africa. To save lives. Instead of to destroy lives in Syria and Yemen. But should watched behind the aid team….

  2. Truth says:

    Gayle Smith must visit the Northern parts of the county, where she used to work as a US journalist during the 1985 terrible famine occurred in that part of the country. It is also a good opportunity for her to witness the courage and the people’s desire for peace and stability that the people now is making use of it. Than you Gayle Smith for all your good work you did for Ethiopia and for the people. Thank you, USA, as well! The strong relationship between Ethiopia and the US shall continue for ever in such reliable bond!!

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