Can Africa Realize the Commission’s Dream Through Agenda 2063?


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  1. us for us with us says:

    “Can Africa Realize the Commission’s Dream through Agenda 2063?”

    The quickest and right answer to this… is another question and that is “Why not?”

    But it will happen the best ways and beyond expectation only when the Africans changed from their damaging past and present behaviors and attitudes and become the way they have to be the 21-century world human beings.
    1. They must reject and stop any foreign interference, involvement or influence in internal as well as regional and continental affairs. Instead they must unite in national, regional and continental levels in order to do the jobs together by themselves based on the African circumstances. That means Africans/dark Africans must free their brainwashed, damaged and overtaken brain by the centuries old slave traders, masters and colonizers that are still here to affect the continent with different approaches but for the same reasons.
    2. Africa must know how great and big are its potentials i.e. Human powers as well as natural gifts including huge space, row materials, good weather and location.
    3. Africa must know the main reasons that are causing its problems and that are by enlarge divisions and conflicts created, influenced, imposed and inflamed by the known foreign enemies that are suffering from hatful and deep rooted black racism and selfish greediness. That means Africa must stop the Anglo-American Jews lead western all out centuries old attacks, destruction and fear of influence and remain itself in order to develop by itself based on its benefits.
    4. No nation develops by itself in the 21-century as it is not damaged or destroyed by itself. 300 years long slavery didn’t happen by Africans but western Europe under the Jews rules and laws of slave trade that became the reason why they are who they are ever since. That means Africa needs to have close and useful relation with good and useful nations like china, Russia, India, Iran, Japan and the likes.

    Bye bye Kenya.

    It is now official and not secret anymore the Zionists/Jews are using Kenya as their main base alongside with south Africa to destroy Africa as they did during slavery using West Africa as a base. The worst human being ever lived in recent history including before Hitler Era is now operating openly against Africa/black people from the base in Kenya. We are talking here about the evil Zionist Soros who is the Cheer leader of the packs in the Obama white house. G. Soros destroyed many nations including Georgia and Ukraine working together with the white house politics, wall streets, the city London and with so called USAID which is another name to the CIA.

    As many saying he had involvements with the 2007 Kenyan Election unrest that caused thousands death and almost a million displacements. He was involved in the D. Congo uprising last year. He is busy doing the same thing in Burundi. Now he is in Kenya not only in the name of so called open democracy he has been there for years enslaving about 50 Bantu Negroes to work for him including against Ethiopia but this time in the name of investment.

    What these evils are doing by camouflaging behind different names and reasons is all about money profit, influence and being in control. G. Soros who profited more than 4 billion dollar during the USA house crisis in 2008 because of speculation that made many homeless, is now in Kenya exploiting and looting Kenyans in the name of investment in the Insurance sectors. He is targeting the poor and uneducated million of Kenyans knowing the officials are already corrupted by them and became too weak unable to stand even for themselves let alone for their people.

    Evil G. Soros, JP Morgan, Rockefeller, corporate medias, Human right watch, women affairs, Children, Right (wrong) groups, open democracy, CPJ, corporate medias, financial institutions, lots of NGOs, Charities and so on from USA, UK, Still under Apartheid South Africa and so on are now comfortably controlling Kenya and looking to target the rest of Africa where Ethiopia is in their evil mind and bloody eyes. 99% of them are the Jews/Zionists where 1% are the brainwashed and ignorant Negroes and white people serving the Jews/Zionists for money or stupidity unable to understand the evil nature of the money minded Zionists.

    If the Zionists/Jews were not there, for sure slavery, colonization and everything happened to Africa for the last 500 years would never happen the way it did. It is the same what happened to the rest of the world including the Americans, Australia and New Zealand 100s of millions natives. Read among the others Luis Farrakhan books about the Zionists/Jews involvement in slavery, colonization and everything bad and negative happened to Africa, black people and the world at large. They did all for money, power, influence, domination and control as they are doing today, too.

    They are here again feeling bold, determine, in control and well equipped acting nothing would stop them from their campaign against Africa this time in the name of democracy, human right, rule of law, media, NGO, volunteers, institutions, UN, EU, IMF, WB, WTO, Globalization, investment and privatization. They destroyed Europe and anything related to the white race including the white people culture, traditions, dignity and so on and they turned them to be the human beings with no human norms, rules, values but behaving like the worst creatures on earth including with no God related faith and unnatural sexual activities and behaviors.

    If Africa stops the Jews/Zionists involvement coming in the name of USA, UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Benelux and so on, the continent will start right now enjoying from its brightest future. The continent must work together within and other useful nations like China, Russia, India, Iran, Japan and so on. As we have been classmates, roommates, friends, colleagues, neighbors and so on with white people, those are not infected by the Zionists/Jews doctrine of greedy and doing anything to achieve that, are the very nice, innocent and important part of this world.

    Those from Europe engaging with real economy creation investment activities i.e. production including in the manufacturing, agriculture, industry and so on sectors, must be part of the nation building in Ethiopia including German, Italy and so on but not the Jews/Zionists controlled England that is the root cause of all troubles and setbacks Ethiopia has been through since 1868 after the death of Atse Theodros, the looting (including more than 300 very old, big as much as 25 kg and historical manuscripts written including in the 6th centuries) and destruction of Meqdella took place/burned for three weeks.

    But those damaged by the Zionists/Jews way of doing business in the name of foreign investments while engaging with banks, financial activities including equity and hedge funds, medias, telecom, and so on to loot the nation with manipulation, lies and so on, must not welcome. Africa/Ethiopia needs foreign knowledge, skills and experiences not trash money that is just the low quality ink is painted on bad quality paper but they call it hard currency because of it is from them.

    If Africa finds itself and stops foreign enemies influence and damaging interference coming from USA,UK and so on that is the most part orchestrated by the Zionists/Jews, there is no doubt the 2063 goal will be achieve in 2043. But countries like Kenya and Southern Africa including South Africa must be free from the Zionists/Jews English establishment influence including in the name of media and NGO they are having basses there to destroy the rest of the continent.

    Africa must be free from so called foreign NGO, Charities, corporate medias, those criminals coming in the name of investment, tourism or whatever name they are having, volunteers organized by their embassies and so on mainly from USA, UK and so on. They have nothing to add but badly to affect including the spy agents are using these names to do the damaging jobs being in country and moving freely.

    If Kenya is not stop being the lawless and nomads land but the Zionists/Jews base from USA, UK and so on are in full in charge being there in the name of anything with goal to destroy the rest of Africa targeting first those strong, well organized and ancient countries like Ethiopia, be sure in the end Kenya will be the worst victim and loser.

    When it comes to Ethiopia, this is a nation has more than 3000 years of continues government, laws, regulations, administration, surviving capacities and determinations. Do really they think these evil Zionists/Jews, they can make Ethiopia defeated and kneeled down to them or anybody else this time for any reason they are coming up while she was the first nation ever defeated a well organized European force with face to face war in Adwa? During that time Ethiopia was alone, weak, undeveloped, less organized but always determine, distrustful towards foreign enemies and fearless.

    This time, it is like the old Ethiopia glory is back again. Ethiopia is no longer alone, weak, isolated or disorganized but all Africa is with her, feeling strong and very well organized. If they think they are achieving what they are trying to achieve in our land at our cost with the power of propaganda wars based on lies and misinformation for the sake of image damaging and undermining the ancient and beautiful people, and exaggerating the situation million times as bad and damaging than they are in reality including this time using the drought as best opportunity in order to destroy the nation in the name of aid they have to be in charge in someone’s country, they are very much mistaken as usual when it comes to Ethiopia.

    We are watching them closely every move they are making including towards our youth giving them time to stop by themselves. But we know everything is under our control to act when enough is enough. No one would come between Ethiopia and its people’s at least three thousand years of total bonding and connection as one. Ethiopia is not like Kenya or others created by the colonizers 50 years ago from nowhere but has more than 3000 years old continues history done in ancient times including when Europe was still cold and dark and the Americans and Australia were the nations of the natives.

    So, no one would get its way in Ethiopia other than Ethiopians and her best friends and allies like China, Russia and so on. This must be clear to the evil Soros and all the London and New York Wall Street Jews/Zionists that are in the mission to destroy the world as they did including to Ukraine with ethnic violence between Russians and Ukrainians. Look at Ukraine today because of them. Be sure, they are busy doing the same thing to Ethiopia from the base in Kenya and using those are in Ethiopia in the name of… we know them who they are. Ethiopia must protect and highly controlled her Boarder with Kenya including weapon smuggling with goal to cause civil unrests as they did but failed few weeks ago. We know they are behind all this.

    Do you think they have any stomach to do anything good and positive to any black country? Nooo. Look at the blacks situation in their own country which is USA, UK and so on despite they do have the same citizenship rights and also look how the Jews/Zionists are living there despite they are very few in numbers but controlling everything that affects the rest including blacks. They are here and there in Africa and around black people to destroy and for their own known greedy benefits. Stop them first in order to achieve what Africans deserve at least in Africa. As long as they are around as they are in Kenya and South Africa, the misery in Africa will continue even worse than what it is till now going on because of them.

    However, the 2063 African vision will be achieved. There is no question about that and Ethiopia will be one of the main if not the main and first to play that role. The question has to be how hard, bad or difficult will get the journey because of bad foreigners involvement trying to hijack for their advantage or stop it by those we have been mentioned them here above and known all over the world with these kind Satanic and greedy related behaviors.

  2. Fikreiyesus Mesfin says:

    Many Architects are leaving Ethiopia to find work in other countries since the Master Plan of AddIs Ababa is not enforced.

    The Medhanealem Funfair is a cultural recreation ground for the people and an entertainment and educational center built by the great loving care and benevolence by Emperor Amha Selassie and Prime Minister Bulcha Demeksa who were always considerate of providing the Ethiopian people with more affluent and highly civilized life.

    Covering 70 hectares, the funfair has the first-phase funfair built in a Field and the second-phase one and a wading pool built on an expansion basis in Bole Field.

    The funfair has made positive contribution to the entertainment of people and school youth and children for decades.

    He looked round various places of the funfair to acquaint himself in detail with its management and operation.

    In front of the swingboat in the second-phase funfair, he, pointing at the seriously broken pavement in the compound of the funfair, asked officials when the road was last re-paved. It is regretful that the road has not been managed well, he said.

    Putting his finger on the faulty arrangement of the bases of Oriental arborvitae and Sabina Chinensis, he said it would be good to have gravel stones planted in various shapes around the trees.

    Seeing the weeds grown in between pavement blocks in the compound of the funfair, he, with an irritated look, plucked them up one by one. He said in an excited tone that he has never thought that the funfair is under such a bad state and a proverb that the darkest place is under the candlestick fits the funfair. He scolded officials, saying why such things do not come in their sight and querying could the officials of the funfair work like this, had they had the attitude befitting master, affection for their work sites and conscience to serve the people. Plucking up weeds can be done easily with hands as it is different from updating facilities, he added.

    Saying that the amusement facilities have been put into operation with the paint scraped off, he noted that the officials and care-takers of the funfair have below-zero spirit of serving the people. This is not just a business issue but an issue concerning ideological viewpoint, he said in a serious tone.

    He dropped in at the fountain pool where he stressed the need to tidy up the place even though it may not go operational for this or that reason.

    Officials should draw a serious lesson from the tour of Medhanealem Funfair, he said, adding that this occasion should be taken to issue a serious warning to the officials so that they can have proper spirit of serving the people.

    He called for sprucing up the Medhanealem Funfair as required by the Ethiopian Renaissance . This process should be made an occasion of removing outdated ideological point of view from the heads of officials and ending their old work-style, he added.

    He set forth the tasks for sprucing up the funfair.

    He gave Berhane Deressa, mayor of Addis Ababa, the task for sprucing up the funfair as required by the new millenium by dispatching strong construction forces of the Municipality .

    The officials of the relevant fields including the Construction Committee of the Municipality, ministries and national institutions should fulfill their duties and responsibilities in sprucing up the funfair to implement the Municipality’s intention of serving people in practice.

    Venus Jewellery? Really, they couldn’t even bother to check the spelling of Jewelry before making a sign for it?? Nobody working there, the owner, the copywriter (yeah right) or the maker of the signs noticed this error? Wtf? It’s like those stupid hyphenated “wel-come” signs that dot the entry of every town and city in Ethiopia.

    We are so ******* lazy it’s unbelievable.

  3. Amor says:

    Look the picture…Hailemariam cico is taking well deserved nap lol

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