Ban Ki-moon Visits drought-hit region of Ethiopia


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2 Responses

  1. Melaku Kebede Birru says:

    Did Ban Ki-moon PLEASE go to the drug farm in Oromia and see the cause of it all.
    There was this person who was working as a gardner is Marin county , California USA until the fall of the Derg regime . After Derg fell this person which I don’t want to mention name went to Ethiopia and was given a post to work as an an Ambassador for short period of time but could not keep post for lack of educational background. Upon loosing his job in the Ethiopian foreign Affairs he started planting drugs in Oromia saying they are flowers and last time I went to Ethiopia a few years ago he offered me a taste his krak cocine he is manufacturing in Ethiopia..I declined his offer since I only smoke weed. Then he asked me to oversee his drug farms in Oromia and distribution network I said “NO”,since I was planing to quit drugs. He was angry at me and told me to advertise his products to diasporas vacationing in Ethiopia. Instead I started exposing all of his networks in Oromia but ended up being thrown in jail by the Druglord President Alemayehu Atomssa’s order. What I am trying to say is there are drugs being manufactured in Ethiopia flowing in and out of Oromia and beyond freely by diplomatic cover, military cover and so on.

  2. lalaland says:

    If woyane has magic to landlock our country and force our poor people to buy ports by billions of dollars? why woyane has no magic to feed the people? why beg? Dedeb denkoro, Reesidengola

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