Remarks by Gayle Smith on US government’s commitment to rescue victims of El Niño weather phenomenon in Ethiopia


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  1. O says:

    International Community is not really responding for crisis as it used to anymore.

    Please rad below Remarks of President Barack Obama in 2016 – at the State of the Union Address.

    President Obama said “We also can’t try to take over and rebuild every country that falls into crisis, even if it’s done with the best of intentions. That’s not leadership; that’s a recipe for quagmire, spilling American blood and treasure that ultimately will weaken us. It’s the lesson of Vietnam; it’s the lesson of Iraq — and we should have learned it by now.”

    • lalaland says:

      The professional beggar woyane is spending billions of dollars to buy port by refusing Ethiopia has to be lanclocked? Ethiopia does not need aid, Ethiopia needs leaders, not professional and international beggars who forcibly landlock 100 million people by telling us a port is for camels logic? The money spend in the past 25 years could have been used to do farmings for the past 24 years. Beggars

  2. us for us with us says:

    ***AU Chair Robert Mugabe address: 26th AU Summit***


    Where is the great and hero of Africa Robert Mugabe’s historical speech at the 26th AU summit in Addis Ababa? It is all over the world and African Medias in all 53 African nations with translations except in Ethiopia. Why?

    Anything you are thinking, talking, feeling and believing related to the so called the west that is controlled by the US, England and other English speaking criminal and privilege whites and the source of evilness Zionists/Jews including in South Africa when it comes to Africa and particularly Ethiopia since the Zionists regime is started ruling UK in 2010.

    This is not about Ethiopia or any black person but they see El Nino as the biggest Gift to them from the kind of Satan they are always worshiping and its demon is all over their body and existence. More spays, organized criminals, mercenaries, trouble makers, language and culture destroyers, Homos, Pedophiles, racists, greedy imperialists, addicted and likes are celebrating the El Nino effect because of they are using it to come in the country in the name of NGO, aid agencies, Volunteers, Charities, Missionaries, advisers, medias and so on reaching any place they want, meeting any group criminals they want to organize them and interfering in the national maters to influence the decisions based on the agenda and plan they are having in the country.

    They are coming to implement on us the scripts written about us in London, New York, Washington and all over the places these evil racists are. It is like making the film on us based on the scripts written by them about us and our future that has to be their future, not us including in our own places.
    So, USA, UK, and whatever these people are coming under the Zionists/Jews leadership and brain doctrine for anything, it is all about them not us. When they know we are getting weak, stupid, ignorant, disorganized, defenseless, and respectful and honest towards them and relaying on them, that is seen as the perfect time for them to act against us in order to finish of what is ours and us in our own place. They are telling us to learn English not only in their country but also in our country. This one by itself tells lots of things about them and their evil agenda and plan on us in our own place we are having for thousands years including during the time they were part of the ice age being cold, dark, backward and primitive savages.

    They said Semien Mountain must be free from human activities and settlements. And it was done by relocating the residents from the place they lived for 1000s years. It was supposed to be protected only for wild Animals and Ethiopians have to develop the area for tourism, bee keeping and so on benefits. The greatest benefit the area has to Ethiopia is being the source of rain, Good weather and mineral rich abandoned water that reaches as far as Egypt and the Mediterranean.

    Instead, the English and Zionists are started to owning and running the great and most important to all Ethiopian and Africa which is the Semien Mountain and the surrounding. They are acting as if they discovered the new place and it belongs to them. It is like they are building permanent settlements and basses soon they will start doing the same thing what they did/doing to the natives in the Australia, New Zeeland, Americans and every place they have been and are. And God knows what they are doing right now and the plan they are having in Ethiopia from the base there. Who knows they could be engaging with illegal mining, drug plantation, looting from the residents and inhuman and criminal sexual activities against the natives.

    The reason why they are targeting the Highland mainly Christians are many including because of the area is not hot. The sun is burring and damaging their skin making them suffer and die as a result. They are also managed to corrupt some officials in the area as they are in the Government including in the highest offices related to foreign matters. We know their man is there in the highest ministerial office to serve them since 2012. They are not giving only money to bribe and corrupt them and manipulating their brain until all is washed out but also handing them over unlawful degrees and titles including PHD and MD in exchange they have to serve them as agents as it was done during the slavery and colonization area.

    Do you think those so called Drs in the government and politics (except Debretsion) became doctors because of their study results in England and so on? The economist that is owned by the Zionists and English establishment was/is one of the enemies to Africa and Ethiopia as well. It was the number one enemy to the Great Meles Zenawi. Some Ethiopians are today serving as slaves that evil English establishment criminal media plan in Africa and Ethiopia, too. why? We know the answer and who they are those involved with it.

    The reason why they will not have future in hot areas including in Australia in the long run is because of the sun is getting hotter because of they are affecting the environment with pollution and becoming being the greatest fret and worst natural enemy for them despite, the sun is the centre of creations including the earth. The sun is the God to all the solar system and creation and existence on life on Earth. When the sun becomes the natural enemy, there is nothing to say about those hated, attacked and destroyed by the sun power. Yet, they are doing what they are doing against the world including Africa at least for the last 500 years.

    So, USA, England and whatever west aid, support, assistance and whatever name it has is nothing but is all about them to destroy, control and becoming sure they are always in charge in someone’s country against the people they have nothing to do with but hate them based on race. For how long are the English establishment and Zionists/Jews talking about aid in Ethiopia? What effect they had so far except all bad and negatives for the last 30 years? They are there/here to make sure the country is not getting out of their hands and feet because of having own development activities and good relations with other rich, useful, respectful and genuine nations that are plenty these days including china, Russia, India and so on.

    Those responsible continuously and savagely damaging the Ethiopian images, undermining her citizens and interfering in the country internal matters are the Zionists/Jews and English establishment from England, USA and other English speaking occupied nations since recently the Zionists/apartheids in South Africa, too working together with their cousins against Africa/black people.

    What Ethiopia has to do is cleaning her dirty and dump mind and act as normal humans do doing the time such things are occurring. They must develop and modernize the agriculture sector working together with nations like China, Korea, Japan, India and others that had similar situation not long ago as Ethiopia is today and solved the situation by their own efforts. Ethiopia must use her ground and surface water for irrigation. Wabishebele and Genale are the only rivers Somalia has. These two rivers are from Ethiopia with more than 1000 kM long while in Somalia is about 130 Km. and the water is from Ethiopia. Omo, Awash, Dawro, Baro and thousands of rivers in the highland, 100s of lakes and so on are more than enough to do modernize the agriculture sector in Ethiopia.

    Yet, the lazy and damp head so called leaders, officials and scholars are looking to beg food from those are making them to continue begging and being less than human because of it serves them in many ways. The Zionists/Jews and the evil English establishments are all over in Ethiopia to implement the agenda and plan they are having on paper and that could be…..aid is one of the best weapons they are using to be there and doing what they are doing and known with.

    So, one of the answers to any USA/England Zionists/Jews movement and activity in and about Ethiopia is what Mugabe had said about them and Africa on the 26th AU summit. Don’t expect anything good and positive coming from them for long term solution but all bad, negative and damaging in the end. This is what is always in their mind when it comes to Africa/Ethiopia while pretending differently to achieve that.

    Go to:
    YouTube: “AU Chair Robert Mugabe address: 26th AU Summit”

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