Government Suspends Gibson Youth Academy License


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16 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Again ,Please leave this kind of reporting to Addis Zemen and ETC.
    It is not educational nor stirring debates.

  2. lalaland says:

    This happens in the corruption capital of Ethiopia

  3. ethoAsh says:

    here is where i small jealousy and corruption…. my question is who shut down the school ? only should the court have the right to shut down the school.. if govt. official shut down the school citing irregular activity then they should present their evidence to court they should not allowed to shut down a school just because they feel like it …to me if the school collected 100 million birr that show it is very successful at doing what they doing this is not collage where u need highly qualified people the kids are learning the basics… this is out reaching their power whoever shut down this school must be investigated and make him pay for damage to school image did. Ethiopian constitution said everyone is honest until proven guilty so the school should be considered innocent until proven guilty … they school should not prove anything the govt. official should be the one who must be forced to provide evidence… in Ethiopian it look like u r guilty until proven otherwise ……..

    look the damage done to this school the kids now have no school they should have been given time for the kids to find other school their money might not even recovered too what will happened to 100 million birr if u make the school bankrupt

    • lalaland says:

      you must part of the school scum.

      • ethoAsh says:


        fine now prove it that i am part of the scum … as i said i am protected by Ethiopian constitution to be considered innocent until proven guilty …. i hope u understand this concept after living in American for over 45 years

  4. Solomon says:

    The government need to take quick actions.
    Let some local Midia report on issues like this.
    The corapited will stares to scare the not the government.
    The government deeds to investigate every aligation because some Midia can become a hit Midia.

  5. ahmed says:

    There is also some more dojy school’s to be suspend their licence

  6. Lofer Mursella Jobr says:

    Redwan Hussein, the BEST Minster of Youth and Sports of Ethiopia YET is doing a great job in protecting the next generation from being brain washed by terrorists.

    Thank you EPRDF you are the the best !

  7. በለው says:

    ዛሬ ብዛታቸው 17 የሚሆኑ የዓረና ትግራይ አባላት ዛሬ በወረዳ ቃፍታ ሑመራ ከተማ ራውያን ታሰሩ። የድርጅቱ የህዝብ ግንኙነት ሀላፊ ዓምዶን ገብረስላሴን ጨምሮ ያለ ምንም ምክንያት የታሰሩ ሲሆን ዓረና ትግራይ በራውያን ፅህፈት ቤት ከፍቶ ሲያደራጅ …ለምን ሳታስፈቅዱን ፅህፈት ቤት ከፈታቹ…ለምን ሳታስፈቅዱን ህዝብ ታደራጃላቹ የሚል ምክንያት በማድረግ ታሰሩ።

    • ethoAsh says:


      u lived in USA for more then 42 years u might know this pls tell us in usa CAN U open AG7 OR any organization without registering or telling the good AMERICAN government can u do that pls tell us

  8. Sorry says:

    I smell jeolousy too. I attend the school and we go to classes. We just finished first Sem. Check your facts

  9. GSS Parents Group says:

    This is absolutely and completely a lie. The author of this page did not agree with the policies of the school and has made his entire life’s energy to defame the schools. Gibson School System is the best in the country and we love the schools. We have 12 branches, each with their own licenses. When you say the bureau shut down the school- which bureau and which branch since each campus has its own license and its own bureau. There are more than 2000 schools in Addis. This means schools for any kind of person or child. If you do not agree with the schools, search elsewhere and go about your business. There is no reason to do these types of attacks. Even he was passing out flyers saying the same things outside one branch, and we reported this to the administration right away. Our kids love the school too. This is a very bad tactic. If our kids do not go to Gibson, we cannot send them anywhere else. There is no school doing what Gibson does for us and our students. The schools are going strong and there is no campus that has been closed. Time tells the truth.

  10. Getachew says:

    Glad to read what is written by the GSS parents group. my boys are attending school at this school for last many years, I am happy with the progress they are making. So If the city administration has found any fault, should consider the value this school is providing to our children and act responsibly.

  11. Dagmawi says:

    Gobson School Systems is real school in Ethiopia.
    Instead of bleaming or blindly accusing, come and get many important lesson for your private school.
    If you have good comment also, come and suggest us.
    We are working for one country. ETHIOPIA.
    Julousy has no value. Let us work hard and liftup our country.

  12. Worku says:

    If you know the school well you would know a lot of findings by the bureau are spot on.

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