Ethiopian Inaugurates new Aviation Academy


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6 Responses

  1. bb says:

    Job well done EPRDF!

  2. Observer says:

    Great job.!
    Reward honestly those who contributed to this huge success of this organization.
    Selection process to be carried out by independent people who have no ethnic or political affiliation or bias.
    Make the reward that can really change life not nominal or ceremonial.
    I believe Ato Girma Wake would be in the list .

  3. Fox Tiger says:

    In a country where 20 million people are starved the priority should be feeding the people not building luxury thing,

  4. Job well done says:

    I hope they also strength the security of the aviation giving the circumstances of the world we’re living.

  5. ethiio says:

    who cares about millions of people starving to death right? comes around, goes around! your time will come up soon. you call this success? what a joke!!!!!

  6. ethoash says:

    i always think we should teach our Ethiopian students to supply African job markets …just like Indian export teachers we should start exporting pilot and airplane technician to middle east and African job market … to do that each student must take loan from bank a student loan we can set the fee to 25.0000 dollar per student if we have 4000 paying students then we cover our 100 million dollars investment ….each region can send their students and each region can subsidized the students fee but this should not be free for Ethiopian or African student they should pay the same amount of money but the Ethiopian get students loan that can be recovered once the students graduated….

    if we trained one African pilot he might pay us one fee but if we educated our Ethiopian students and if this students goes to another African county and become a pilot Ethiopian make money for next 40 years ,,,, this EAL Aviation Academy must be seen like oil and gold and must be protected i am not saying we dont teach the African all i am saying is i 70% must be Ethiopian students

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