Human Rights Watch and Oakland Institute exposed themselves at the Paris climate conference, says Getachew Reda (Video)


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9 Responses

  1. us for us with us says:

    This is one of the many diseases they (the Anglo-American establishments/Zionists) managed to infect the rest of the world in the ways they could control and own the world based on their damaging agenda, plan and benefits. Talking anything about them makes no difference but taking practical actions. The first and best one has to be starting from their communication systems/cartels i.e. the English establishment English language so called medias and Journalists and almost all of them are owned, run and controlled by the Zionists medias in USA, UK, France, Australia, Canada, Apartheids from South Africa and even from the colonized Kenya.

    The corporate and political affiliated medias from England, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa(Apartheids), France and others from the west are the communication centers where the spays, racists, greedy imperialists and so on are using them as the worst mass destruction weapons. They are coming in the country in the name of Journalism, NGO, Volunteers, missionaries(mercenaries), peace core, assistances, aid agencies, scholars and so on while their main and only agenda, goal and plan is know and already exposed but not yet fully confronted and stopped.

    These are evils and racists causing lots of damages against blacks in their own countries motivated by deep hates of race. Yet, they are coming in Africa including Ethiopia pretending they are there to help while their mission is creating conflicts among blacks using any opportunity including violence based on Ethnicity. Their main agenda and plan is known when Racists like them are talking about Ethnicity among black people. This is funny what we are witnessing and allowing them to behave that way including being in our country, too.

    They are undermining and disrespecting the blacks to these kind very low levels when the racists like them that are against all blacks trying to use Ethnicity among blacks with goal to create conflicts and destructions within which is their main goal to affect all blacks including in Africa. Look at the over all situations the blacks are having in their own country in USA and the likes in the so called west. Blacks are so stupid still are thinking and believing those the roots causes of all troubles, sect backs, wars, destructions, humiliations, isolations, hurts and each and every bad things happened to blacks for the last 500 years would help them to improve their lives in Africa that belongs to them and they are the only responsible to make it working by behaving normally as normal and brave human beings do in the 21-century. .

    The truth is that the Zionists/Jews – English establishments with different names, faces, reasons and approaches are on the mission for another round to re-colonize Africa and enslave black people this time behaving differently using different approaches and tactics. They are talking about democracy in Africa while their best allies and friends are the wahhabi Arabs Absolute monarchs and Democracy and the people in USA are too hostile against one another and far away from each other. Those few are buying election in USA in the name of democracy to put the sold out and puppets on power to work for their agenda and plan within and abroad. The next USA president is already known even long before the primary is started. The rest is just for the show for legitimizing it.

    Those criminals and greedy imperialists that are using democracy, Human right, rule of law, free market, Free media, Globalization, privatization, UN, IMF, WB, WTO, NGOs and you name it are on the one side of the pole while the people are on the other side being victimized in many ways. Look at the USA election candidates’ behavior within and against another party. In fact both parties are the same when it comes to be against the people. They are the Wall Street servants. They are fighting only when it comes among them to get power that would make them continuing affecting the mass as far as the rest of the world.

    The Anglo-American/Zionists/Jewish and English establishment cartel is at war against the rest of the world. The reasons are many including money, power, influence and being the centre of everything on earth. Speaking a none African, none black people and none Ethiopian language which is English in Ethiopia (a country that has more than three thousands of years continues History and owns the only African born black people Alphabet using it for thousands years) is one of the biggest justifications how blacks are worthless, brainless, heart and mind less and stupid. The reason why we need foreign language is not to use it for communications reason in our country but to learn and copy useful and new foreign knowledge, and then using those foreign knowledge in our country in our ways communicating with our own African, black people and Ethiopian tongs.

    This is a very different world than it ever has been. China is the gift of Africa/black people and the world at large. Russia and others are also the same including Indians except those worthless and brainwashed continuing serving their centuries long colonizers including in the name of Oakland institute. Ethiopians need no foreign langue in Ethiopia but developing and using Ethiopian, African and black people language alongside learning Mandarin, Russian and so on in order to learn and copy new, modern, workable and useful knowledge from them.

    Again, Ethiopians need to learn from Young age at school all over the country Mandarin, Russians and other languages from the east and need to translate education materials from china, Russia and so on while avoiding the far away tiny imperialists brainwashing, misinforming, biased and full of lies School materials intended to brainwash and destroy humanity for the benefits of the few. After all Ethiopia needs from abroad practical knowledge that don’t need much foreign language skills such as math, Techniques, Engineering, IT, medicine and so on.

    At least 80% of Ethiopian economy and the society including students must engage with practical activities such as learning and acquiring practical knowledge skills and experiences, creating the real economy and development engaging with production and engineering activities in the field of agriculture, manufacturing, industry and construction sectors. More than 80% UK economy is based on service sectors which is a lie and fake economy with no genuine and solid foundation and future at all but still is there with the power of none stop economic propaganda wars based on lies and misinformation playing with the consumers’ brain. Their criminal banking, finance, insurance, telecom, media and so on sectors are the only strength they are having making them to behave the way they do including coming to other countries acting as if they are all that and demanding others to follow their economic system that is taking them to hell which is about to happen in any time.

    As an information minister, he needs to clean his mind and act accordingly. He needs to go to china, like Shanghai, Beijing, ,….., Russia like Moscow, Pittsburg, ….., Tehran, and other nations to see and learn from the truth about other part of the world in order to heal the bad sickness of infections about lies in the west. The damaging and brainwashing education system in England is serving him like others to be have the way he is doing in his own country as an information minister. Quality speech begins by using pure language which is not infected by any other language words other than the language someone is using; for sure not cheap and street words from the far away racist and evil tiny England.

    He as minister responsible for, the government and people in general need to talk less while doing everything knowing only practical action would stop the enemies and brings us benefits. Speaking about them in any way while allowing their communication apparatus to operate freely all over the country and doing anything bad and negative they want based on their agenda and plans in our country which is among the others creating divisions, hostilities, conflicts and destructions with goal to stop development if that development is not for them as it was the case during colonization, is nothing but how brainless and very low IQ blacks are including in the 21-century.

    Stop the evil BBC, Guardian, mail, all the Zionists/Jews criminal Medias such as Bloomberg, Reuters, VOA, and many more before any talk about the Anglo-American creation enemies that are plenty. Human right watch, earth matter, CPJ, and many others are the Jewish/Zionists projects from USA, England and so on. They are using UN, EU, IMF, WB, WTO and so on to get their plan and agenda including in Africa/Ethiopia. The evil Zionists like G. Soros (who destroyed Ukraine and Georgia will never hesitate against any black country), JP Morgan, Rockefellers, many others are in Kenya using her as a base to destroy Africa. Don’t think even for a SECOND those from the so called west mainly England, USA and so on are in the country for the Ethiopian benefit but otherwise while pretending differently which is part of the game and they have trained for. Be sure about that.

    However, USA is arming itself look like for an eminent civil war. There are more than 350 million guns in the citizens’ hands and growing by a minute. Those less than 0.1% are controlling the entire nation of 330 million. 51% of black youth are unemployed. One out of four blacks born today or 50% boys will ended up in the privately owned prison that is working together with the worst racist justice system in the world. Look at the next president candidates. All of them except B. sanders are the potential candidates to start WWIII if they don’t get their ways which is the ways of the very few.

    The democrat sides are already chosen Hilary while the republicans are having four potential candidates all of them are in line with their plan and agenda in USA and the rest of the world. Cruz, Rubio, Trump and Bush will harm USA badly before they do to the rest of the none European nations (behalf Russia) including Africa. Russia and China are their main targets because of they are in the position protecting the world from them. USA is the only nation ever used nuclear bomb against other nations like in Japan and there will be no surprise if it will be the second one, too. The USA so called politicians and the people are too hostile against each other and far away from one another where the one is on the one side of the pole while the other is on the other side. Yet, they are talking about other nations internal affairs including about human right, democracy, rule of law, right groups, activists, bloggers and the racists like them that are against all blacks are talking about ethnicity in Africa/among blacks, KKKKK.

    They are disrespecting and undermining the blacks to these low levels. And of course there are the animal look like blacks hearing them, which is the main reason why we all blacks are on the tops when it comes to bad, negatives and hurting while deep down and below when it comes to positive, good and benefits. Look at prisons, Ghettoes and so on in the west including USA. And look at Wall Street, financial institutions, companies, senates, congress, Medias, politics and so on. Where we do find blacks and where we find others that are pretending towards us while it is all about them but playing games based on the end/final results they are looking to achieve.

    Death to all the evil English establishment so called medias including BBC, Guardian, mail…. and of coerce the Zionists/Jews corporate medias including Bloomberg, Reuters, VOA and so on they are using them as communication weapons/propaganda war machines for criminals including spy agents that are in the country pretending differently. 40% English spy agents are females. Don’t think those females in the country are who they are saying but …… of course the males, too.

    Death to the Anglo-American/western English speaking so called Medias. The information minister must protect and deliver the best information services for the country internal as well as external issues. Stopping the evil western Medias and criminal journalists has to be the first priority and security issue to concern about. They are there purely for their own secret agenda and plan which is against our nation including creating conflicts within pretending the racists like them that are against all blacks are trying to become between blacks that are all victims of these racist evils crimes for centuries.

    Stop them. They are enemies number one our country is facing them for decades and has got worst since the Obama election and the Zionists took power in UK in 2010. The Zionists taking power in UK is not my word but the English people that is all over to hear and read getting momentum by the mass disfranchise caused by the English establishment racists and class system. Avoid that tiny far away island that is dreaming for her evil empire legacy that is destroyed hundreds of natives all over the places they have been, and they can’t and will not behave differently this time either as it is not part of who they are and their historical nature is particularly when it comes against blacks including in Africa.

  2. Sam says:

    The minister said ” the negative perception of Human Rights Watch and Oakland Institute towards Ethiopia was exposed at the Paris Climate Conference.” Wait a minute here. The two do not have “negative perception” against Ethiopia. Against EPDRF? Well, they are very critical of the EPDRF government’s policy in many areas. Correct me if I am wrong EPDRF however is not synonym with Ethiopia. Two totally different things. It is not that they have “perception” the minster believed to have been unfair towards EPDRF. I do disagree with the two organizations on several issues in which that they were critical of the ruling party. In many areas they parrot what the oppositions are saying of the ruling party. The Oakland Institute’s “fantasy” of having reserved an ancient culture in opposition to industrial progress does not make sense in today’s world. Well, that is not to mean they want us as a museum for their tourists as the late Prime Minister Said. What it means is that they fail seeing the worlds is changing. Their old book learning should not serve the present world as it is. Third World Countries have every right to come up with ideas that will eventually elevate their people out of poverty. I rather wish the people of the third world debate the issue rather than Western Countries think thanks dictate what is good or not good for undeveloped countries.

  3. Woyanereesidongola says:

    Woyanes, the problem is you. If you were working with Ethiopian people, no one could tell you what to do in Ethiopia, but because you work all alone by isolating yourself from Ethiopian scholars, … everyone is against you from inside and outside. You are victim of your own narrow agenda. People do not know them, gin yechenekew erguz yagebal endemibalew, because Ethiopian have no way to work with you or to be heard by you, they are knocking NGOS to help them to save them from your Mussonic agenda and everyone is against you. Blame yourself

  4. Zerihun says:

    Oakland Institute is trying to do what Alemayehu Gebremariam been trying to do which is to tow readers to accept that because the dam is being built during the reign of EPRDF and the corner stone is laid by a person he opposed, it is a curse and failure. As Almariam said it is a dam of the damned. Al Mariam`s hogwash, however, serve one purpose. It once again brought the true image of an ‘extremist Diaspora’ and its perception of Ethiopia. For Al Mariam and the ‘extremist Diaspora’ Meles is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is Meles, EPRDF is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is EPRDF. For Al Mariam and his comrades the dam is a dam of illusion. For Al Mariam the dam is for Meles and it is for war with Egypt and a total destruction. The language he used to persuade his readers is targeting Ethiopians with terrorizing effect to stop them from supporting the construction of the dam due to fear of war and destruction by a country called Egypt which Al Mariam declared the winner. This is absurd. In fact, for Al Mariam he thought he was declaring war against the late PM of Ethiopia and his mates in EPRDF. But his spears are thrown against the dreams of poor Ethiopians who have wished the Nile flowing in Ethiopia. His sling is targeting those who chant and sing and pass their messages through music, tales, stories, poetry and books aspiring the damming of the Nile to quench the multitude thirsty and to feed millions of hungry. Al Mariam`s sword is out of its scabbard targeting thousands of Ethiopians working sleeplessly in the heart of Guba shouldering the rime of the night and the humidity of the day. There are thousands who educate themselves about Abbay and who dedicated their whole life to see this day come true. There are many also from the Diaspora who left the fat dollars from Western universities but serving their motherland in any possible way they can. They are doing this because they have a boundary between the ruling elite in Ethiopia and their country Ethiopia. Because this people know the difference between an individual and more than 80 million people who want to see their country to return to its glory.

  5. Bootijira says:

    A report released by Global Financial Intelligence last January 2016 revealed that $26 billion dollars left the country Ethiopia unlawfully in ten years.
    According to the report, a staggering $19.7 billion of the total money loss left through misinvoicing, mainly by exporters who overvalue their transactions and importers who reported undervalued sums . In many forms over between 2004 and 2013 with Ethiopia continuing to bleed an average of $3 billion every year.

    “The problem [illicit outflow] is there even Melaku Fanta is arrested and thrown in jail , and it is a huge challenge,” siad Ethiopian Customs and Revenue Authority Deputy Director General Alebachew Niguisse told Anadolu Agency.

    But Niguisse refuses to accept the report since he got appointed to his post recently and doesn’t have the correct figure to the past ten years but admits 3 billion a year right now is correct..


    He said a major cause of capital flight — trade misinvoicing by exporters dealing with their foreign partners has been difficult to investigate by a newly developed Ethiopian Custom Valuation System (ECVS) since they donot have enough informations about their foreign partners .. He asked diasporas to actively investigate the importers and exporters activities in foreign countries since the Ethiopian Customs Valuation System (ECVS) is limited to gathering evidences within Ethiopia and the embassies do not have the willingness of their personell to be trained to act as the whistle blowers that’s why the patriots within the diaspora are urged to be the eyes and ears to bring Ethiopia out of poverty. According to him rather than diaspora working two three jobs just to send remittance close 2 billion dollars year after year if diasporas engage in identifying and rooting out the looters that recieve stolen money diasporas would save Ethiopia 3 billion dollars each year 1 billion more than what diasporas send back home. 1 Billion would feed all the current famine victims until next year.. .

    It is known that the money stolen out of Ethiopia in ten years which is amounting to $ 26 Billion dollars would have fed all 90 million Ethiopians for ten or more years rain or shine. The $26 Billion dollars would have guaranteed No starvation regardless drought or land grab.

    26 billion dollars would have been possible if only diasporas didn’t allow the money looters hide among them depositing billions in different people’s names and corrupt diaspora Certified Public Accountants did nbot arrange the looting process for the looters.

    Shiferraw, the Marketing Department head of commerce at Addis Ababa University said that illegal currency exchange corners in the capital are contributing to increasing illicit financial outflows and business people are always on the demand side.

    If they got the currency so easily, ways for them to take it out would not be that difficult, he opined.

    To avert this problem, he said that the government inconjunction with diaspora informants should take tightened measures on culprits be they importers, exporters or individuals. He added that the intent of importers to evade tax by under-invoicing caused greater capital flight.

    Currently revenue from tax contributes 13 percent to the country’s GDP.

    members of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, plus diplomats need to encourage whisle blowers and informants.

  6. Merdasa says:

    There is no end to his lie, this stupid man. He preach to TPLF cadres and media people who have no access to any independent media outlet. He knows they have no option except taking and repeating what he says. Never seen shameless human being like him.

  7. Duressa says:

    Nobody doubts how uneducated and unprofessional the editor of this web page is. Because he/she proved by posting a long diatribe of Woyane loving cadre’s comment at the top. The content incoherent and the language bad and elementary. That shows the level of professionalism of the editor too, if anyone can call him an editor. He is rather a mere supporter of TPLF, who know deep down he is lying and to some extent hate himself for the position he is in. For you Dawit, no way out. Poor soul.

  8. us for us with us says:

    Why don’t they leave us alone?

    In their place we have rights for nothing good or positive. In our country they are behaving as if they are the ones deciding about everything. Are they too ignorant and stupid to this very low level to understand the greatest changes and realities in today’s world? This is the 21-century they are not even in the position to win against the terrorists they have created them the first place to use them against others like Mujahidin, Taliban, Al Qaida and many more they are responsible for their creation and existence including IS.

    The Stinky and satanic Zionists Graham Pebeels from England is still around telling the worthless immigrants so called Ethiopians in abroad to come together and organize in order to destroy Ethiopia based on his scripts against the country this satanic and racist Jew have nothing to do with and have no feelings at all but to damage and destroy for his greedy benefits and inhuman satisfaction.

    The recently gone Ethiopian so called ambassador in UK allowed the criminals and enemies like this evil Graham Pebeels to go to Ethiopia and reaching as far as to Bahir Dar to do what they did/still are doing in the name of NGO, volunteers and charities. This mother fucker Zionist went and stayed there for long time in order to reach and touch the girls/children in the name of Close Trust charity which is like BBC Trust; Thompson Reuters Trust and so on using the world Trust to cheat and destroy the innocents.

    The question is what is the new Ethiopian ambassador (hoping is a competent and patriotic one with integrity) is doing to stop this trash and evil Zionist looks like Hitler missed his… which is a pity to stop his criminal activities against Ethiopia; a country this mother fucker has nothing to do with.

    He and others where most of them are the Zionists/Jews are very much looking to affect our country (as usual they are doing against the rest) using Ethiopians against Ethiopians while they are the satanic creatures against humanity engaging with the horrible human devilish activities including with the African slavery and colonization.

    Ethiopians must deal with that satanic Zionist like this one from England in the name of Graham Pebeels. He has no what so ever right, reason or justification to behave the way this trash is doing against Ethiopia with goal to see our nation the way they did/doing to others including Palestinians. Creating and inflaming wars, conflicts, divisions, hate and so on among others are the ways they are living for, good at and benefiting from. They destroyed Europe and white people as they did to the rest of the world including being the biggest, longest and main African slave traders for 300 years and the brain behind the African colonization organized the meeting in Berlin in 1884.

    An Evil Jew like him is telling Ethiopians that are all blacks, christens, and Muslims to quarrel and fight against each other and destroy the nation for the Zionist agenda which is parallel to the activities they have for the world and is known for centuries including in Europe creating conflicts and wars between white people for centuries financing with illegal cash they are looting and inflaming with satanic ideas and words they are known with and good at controlling eth media and institutions.

    The Ethiopian new ambassador in UK and Ethiopians in general must not take time and give reason before dealing with the savage satanic pig Zionists like him. They are the ones behind all setbacks and difficulties we have been coming to us in the name of UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, Benelux and so on. A Racist and evil like him have no a single reason to talk about us for any reason but doing wars based on his evil transcript film written against our country in the form of horror film production making Ethiopians against Ethiopians for his Enjoinment. This is in his mind which is just a fantasy will never materialized even a single sentence against Ethiopia he is vomiting it a fire coming from his full of hell and savage humanity.

    Let’s deal with this pig Zionist from England in the name of Graham pebeels. He has no what so ever reason to say, do or behave the way he is doing about our country. He as a racist Zionist has no what so ever reason, right or justification for anything about our country or among us. Instead He must worry about his future in England as others are including about their future in the rest of Europe/world including France.

    They must leave us alone as we are saying or doing nothing about them. If not, we will continue defending ourselves with no doubt about our upper hands against them when it comes our own country and people. They are the known racists and greedy imperialists doing all this for their own benefits as killer animals are killing other animals to eat which is natural but not with these human animals/Zionists lead English establishment criminals.

    They must leave us alone. This has to be clear to them.

    • Fuckwoyane says:

      You man, you are sick because everyone is your enemy including your own shadow. You claim is everyone is Zionist? By the way, no Ethiopians hate Jews except Muslims. So you are in your own Sir. Your writing is full of shit and full of hatred, bias.

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