Eritrean Regime kidnapped eighty five Ethiopians: What if this happened in Israel? (+Audio)


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43 Responses

  1. Ezana Sehay says:

    Hi Awramba Times,

    First of all, thank you for all your credible reporting.

    However on your latest post [ about the Isayas regime’s abduction of ethiopians]…. Do you have to put the best picture of the man [Isayas you could find]? I am sure you know what the man looks like now.

    Thank you

    • The Observer says:

      President Isaias Afewrki is one of the best looking and most intelligent leaders in the world. Your search will not help because his worst picture will still show a man better looking than any of the leaders you’ve ever seen.

      • bb says:

        Dear Observer, you said ” most intelligent leader in the world ” wow! You are so lucky to have that kind of President for your Country Eritrea . You are so blessed to have that kind of President for your country and don’t forget to pray for your President day and night to continue doing what his doing now. You deserve to have a president like him because Observer you are also the same as Issaias.

      • Observer says:

        Ato Dawit
        Do you have any mechanism to differentiate those who write under same pen names ? I

    • alex says:

      Ezana, well in fact you have a valid point….I have noticed there is a general imbalance between the way Eritreans throw all their weight on degrading Ethiopians and Ethiopia’s counter attack or lack of it…for example. even on the government level Ethiopian government and their media affiliates love romanticizing Asmara and always display the Italian built city on any news related to eritrea while eritreans have always made sure Ethiopia is not portrayed in a good light and they even use a photo of a shanty suburb like Cherkos and mock Addis ababa for being a capital of Africa,….I honestly don’t understand where this imbalance emanates from but I guise it all boils down to the fact that Eritrean identity is built on undermining everything Ethiopian and it can only be sustained by undermining and hating Ethiopia…

      • Erta says:

        This is a very good comment. I usually visit some Eritrea’s website. I found out that 60% of the news one Eritrean websites is about trashing Ethiopia. I sometimes even try to balance it by throwing back some trash back. Ethiopian medias are political inclined than national sovereignty motivated. Every information revolves on political survival in Ethiopia. That political survival most of the time goes beyond and above Ethiopia’s sovereignty. For example all political parties in Ethiopia particular the opposition want to become to power even before they have an office with internet. Since some of Ethiopia’s enemy understood that they attack the federal government to make sure it is weaken before an equivalent, powerful, legitimate oppositions exists. Today an enemy of Ethiopia portraying the EPRDF as being anti Ethiopian people is not doing any favor for Ethiopian before Ethiopian people have a party that can take power while defending the country and defending tits party existences. There is a good reason for Ethiopia’s enemies supporting power transfer by force because that creates a power vacuum that makes them reshape Ethiopian’s sovereignty. It is why I always a advocate to separate internal politics from outside influence.

    • wedinkafa says:

      Ezana Sehay the esteemed woy-ane stooge, I did not realise that you are that stupid. I have always doubted my self but now confirmed/.

  2. Solomon says:

    This Banda y Banda lige has to die.
    We Ethiopia need to kill this son of bich.
    This Banda Italian slave has to pay for his crime.
    He always working agnist Ethiopia
    I want to see him dade like his husbend Gadaff on stree been slabs bagging for his life.
    Banda is always is Banda .

    • Haben says:

      In your dream to see Isiais dead (note dade), you have killed the English language mercilessly. RIP English.

    • Kalashin says:

      Solomon Agame you might end up getting Killed S O B

      • Solomon says:

        Banda kalashin,I rather be Agame then been Banda Ertirea Hammassen (homosexual )who sold his ass to Italian and Arbes for left over past.
        That is you history.
        Agame give you culture and language .
        Did your dad told you what he used to say when the Italian fuckd him ( Ankora )
        Kalashin, Ertirea have no language and cultur .
        You cultur is selling your body and your sole to white Italian and Arbes.

  3. Erta says:

    I don’t believe this is an isolated incident. The Ethiopian government has been mum about past similar incidents. According to VOA report and information gathered from defected Ethiopian oppositions soldiers, kidnapping of Ethiopians by Shabia have been going on for a long time. I am puzzled for what reason the Ethiopian government has been covering the Eritrean government’s crime against Ethiopian. Most likely the Ethiopian government understood that how the Ethiopian people are fed up with Eritrea’s behavior against Ethiopia and reporting and responding to Eritrea’s kidnapping of Ethiopians infuriate Ethiopians excepting their government to respond appropriately which in return might lead to war; a war the Ethiopian government is not ready to wage. What a shame!

  4. woinai says:

    It is immaterial what the man looks like. This is a grave security and safety Crack caused by the inaction of the leadership in power. Our abducted citizens must be freed at any cost.

  5. us for us with us says:

    First of all the life time rebel/terrorist Issayas is not looking like the same right now on the Photo that was taken 25 years ago when he was still in the bush/sand and Eritreans were relatively free and hopeful for their future without him. He is at least 75 years old. When the USA and UK/CIA and MI6/ Embassies in Addis Ababa groomed him in 1963/64 to become part of EPLF with the idea to counter ELF that was created in Egypt in 1963 as a Muslim rebel/terrorist group, he was a 24 years old student in Addis Ababa University. His father, uncles and so on were public servants in Wollo, Gonder, Tigry and Addis Ababa. His origin is Enderta, Tembean and… (in Ethiopia).

    Ethiopia is sheltering at least 170.000 Eritrean refugees right now in camps and the number is growing every day by more than 150 including children, solders, students, farmers, laborers, mothers and you name it. There are thousands Eritreans in Ethiopian universities while there is no university education in Eritrea.

    Giving education, accommodations and work permit to the skilled Eritreans that are free from any criminal history and activity is the best thing to do knowing these people were part of Ethiopia for at least 3000 years recorded history before they cheated/forced to separate from Ethiopia in 1993 with tricks coming from abroad in order to block Ethiopia from the sea and affect and weaken the Habesha people that is living in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    However, the Ethiopian government is doing nothing or very little to deal with the bunch of criminals that are imprisoning Eritreans and causing troubles in the region including Ethiopia. Old issayas and his groups are cruel against the Eritrean people but very few in numbers and desperate needs a little push to through them away from the Eritreans heads and shoulders. The Ethiopian government has lots of possibilities and also capabilities to deal with that old terrorist using Eritrean refuge solders (10s thousands) and others that are in Ethiopia; supporting them fighting for their rights in Eritrea.

    Of course the Ethiopian government and people of Ethiopia are very much responsible and worry about the Eritrean people what would happen when/if this rebels leave by force. Tiny Eritrea has 9 Ethnic groups. 60% of Eritreans are Muslims where some of them are too fanatics. The chance Eritrea become another Somalia or any failed state is huge and Ethiopia needs to worry about that for the sake of Eritreans and also Ethiopia because of mass refuges that would be worst than what we are witnessing when thousands Eritreans are flee the country in all directions and Ethiopia is their main destination.

    Eritreans are leaving Eritrea by thousands every week through all directions. Eritrea will be soon an empty shell without residents. So, Issyas has to kidnap/find from abroad to compensate in order to stay on power. If there is no one left in Eritrea, he has no reason to be a dictator or whatever he is. However, 80 kidnapped Ethiopians don’t much even Eritreans that are leaving/running away from Eritrea to Ethiopia to escape the issayas brutality and horror.

  6. us for us with us says:

    “Eritrean Regime kidnapped eighty five Ethiopians: What if this happened in Israel?”

    Please!!!! What did you say or what are you suggesting?

    We taught we are visiting a blog where the reasonable, wise, intelligent, knowledgeable, energetic, determine, fearless, hard working and hopeful individuals are behind to make it serving/working the best ways for the sake of our Ethiopia. How is it possible someone with … is trying to associate Ethiopia for anything with Israel that is created by England in 1948 on the Palestinians territories, homes and existence? Don’t we know/ witnessing what is going on over there every day against the Palestinians?

    What is Ethiopia doing against Eritreans? She is welcoming them with open arms and warm hearts despite they decided to break Eritrea way from Ethiopia without any legitimate and right reasons and justifications but being the western empires and racists play grounds foolishly hurting against each other for the sake of their agenda and benefits in our places and continent. Imagine about the tremendous achievements and good life they could achieve together if Ethiopia and Eritrea become closer and work together as one people for common destination.

    Stop associating Ethiopia with Israel for anything. We have nothing in common with the present people living there but ancient 12 tribe Israelis with black and brown skin and brown eyes. Those are associated with Israel from the west are the only problems we are facing for decades as the rest of the world is including those so called journalists, NGOs, right(wrong) groups, institutions, organizations, Charities, peace core, politicians, business people and you name it. Do you know who controls the VOA and what is its main purpose talking about other nations that are too far away from New York and DC? Eritrea declared so called independent because of the Zionists/Jews like devil Herman Cohen and the likes were actively participated in the civil war and politics including at UN which is in New York; a city they are in total control about everything happening there.

    Eritrea is not Palestine or Ethiopia is not Israel. Ethiopians and Eritreans are the same people having lots of things in common including the same old history and ancestors. Their so called difference is created by European colonizers 100 years ago and Eritrea is declared as an independent nation because of 41 years Italian colonization. The Europeans (England, USA and France) declared her as an independent nation in 1993 despite Russia was unstained and china was fiercely against. If it was today, Russia would be very much against. Eritrea is an Italian name given to the then Bahire Negash province of Ethiopia since they came there to colonize Africa and undermine and humiliate blacks including in Africa.

    They did the same with Djibouti despite Djibouti that was called Afar and Isa given to France in the form of lease for 99 years by Emperor Menilk with signed document and after 99 years Djibouti had to be returned to mother land Ethiopia as Honkong did to china after 150 years English empire colonial rule. They changed the name from Afar and Isa to Djibouti and declared her as an independent nation illegally.

    Ethiopia gave afar and Isa to France in the form of 99 years long lease because of France needed a presence in east Africa to counter her long time enemy England that was controlling/colonizing, exploiting and looting east Africa while France was in North, east and central Africa. In exchange France paid nothing for the lease but agreed to build the Djibouti -Addis Ababa rail ways took 17 years (1894-1911).

    Ethiopia has still a legitimate right to question about the Djibouti unilateral declaration as an independent nation by France and of course England and USA were the brains behind as punishment against Ethiopia because of Ethiopia became part of the soviet bloc since 1974. It is the same with Eritrea, too. According to the UN charter, big and ancient nations like Ethiopia must have a sea or ocean coast line. However, when we see the Eritrean map, the country was created as a fence parallel to the sea intentionally to block Ethiopia from the sea coast. This was/is the worst enemy job from the start which is the English before gave Bahire Negash to Italy as bribe to have her as an ally in order to counter the French. And Italy gave her a colonial name called Eritrea in 1902.

    We also know who is behind all this from the start and that is not Italy but the English establishment. Italy was just dictated, used and followed what that little and evil empire was suggesting and offering in order to get Italy away from France and become allies to her despite France and Italy are the same Latin people. Dividing the same people and concur all of them is the main reason and foundation for the west/English establishment for the last 500 years and still is going on.

    When we come to Israel and Palestine, we see nothing in parallel or in common what is happening between Ethiopia and Eritrea. No matter what bunch of the issayas groups are thinking/feeling/talking, the Ethiopians and Eritreans people are not hostile against one another but one and the same people eating together, dancing together, singing together, worshiping together, wearing the same traditional cloths and look like naturally the same people.

    So, what is going on between Israel and Palestine has nothing to do what is going on between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The time is not far away, the two nations will become one again and this time with fully and totally togetherness coming from both sides for the same and equal common destination in Ethiopia as well as Eritrea. Eritreans are now realized Ethiopians are their closest people and unconditional brothers and sisters when they face bad times and the bad times in the Tiny Eritrea with big Ethnic as well as religion differences is there under carpet waiting to explode. The solution will be achieved only when Ethiopia and Eritrea become closer and work together for common destination without boarder or obstacle between them.

    The 21-centurty region as well as world situations demand that unity and togetherness including for survival reason to both sides. Eritreans know that except bunch of the old rebels leading by old issayas. Hoping for old issayas near and eminent sickness and death to make things better and working between the two that are one and the same people for thousands years. Among the others The Ethiopian Highland, Nile river and best natural gifts together with the Eritrean red sea outlet are the greatest gifts the two must work together to become the greatest again as it was the case in the past.

  7. Jumbo says:

    You know what you call allegations without evidence? Lies. Poorly written article

  8. Sewit says:

    What the hell is doing the Ethiopian army, which we are always told is ready for any action, when all this happens ? why do the government of Ethiopia choose to be silent while holding the responsibility of protecting its people from such dangers? am speechless and frustrated as many Ethiopians share. we need answers from our government…..why do you allow the Shabiya regime to continue destabilizing Ethiopia?????

  9. Be ewnetu says:

    Generally Ethiopians /particularly Tigreans are in dangreus situation for long time by Addis and Asmara Shaebians. The “100 yrs home work” for Ethiopians become real by Eritrean-EPRDFits. Our comment was voiceless by blinded EPRDF supporters. From the PM wife untill around him aka advicers are Eritreans. Niway /financial/. Debretsion /Dupty/ Bereket /Bank/. Samora /army chief/. Sibhat./peace adviser/. Tsegai Berhe wife the sister of Sibhat /security adviser/
    In Tigray. Tedros Hagos . Arefaine Hagos full Eritrean. Abay woldu half Eritrean. And so on…
    So why not distructed the nation. Killing and kidnapping for long time… and coverd by these Shaebia agents officially. Now promised to hand over badme to Eritreans by H.D.

  10. adefres says:

    Is this website created for retarded or morons? Look at their writing . And they unashamedly call themselves Ethiopians, when the rest of Ethiopians call them barbaric Agames.

  11. adefres says:

    My comment is always meant for you coward moderator to read. Not for the public. You are disgusting scum of the earth.

  12. Abraham says:

    Do it and you will see the consequences to your fragile Ethiopia, you will see where Eritrea is standing after the final spot, War mongers you think this is a simple issue to throw lies and do a push factor to the innocent people of Eritrea, you know Eritrea is destined to Eritreans only far more the Weyanes are bullying the people of ethiopia as usual but this time no way for your lies and if any there comes a new shift in geopolitics of this horn of Africa and its good for the weyanes to end their rule as they are incapable of leading Ethiopia and have brought a lot of mess around this region.

  13. Girma says:

    Who is to be blamed – Sabiya?! Hahaha… Dawit, you’re blind to the situation! Well, we’ve concluded that the Eritrean regime has always been working against the Ethiopian regime, or okay let also include the Ethiopian people! If that is the case and if a group of Ethiopians are abducted, who is to be blamed? Shouldn’t it be the Ethiopian regime that failed to protect its territory and people?! Wouldn’t that imply Shabiya-backed soldiers could infiltrate into the mainland Ethiopia anytime, do whatever the like, and return without encountering any incidence?! How come a group of 80 armed people travelled all the way into Ethiopia and caused all the ordeal undetected by any of the security apparatus, be it the national intelligence, the defense force, or even the local police?! Oh, I see! All these institutions are busy hunting down civilian protesters in the rural Ethiopia!

  14. Mahmoud says:

    ከባለ ራእዩ መሪ ጠቅላይ ሚንስተር መለስ ዜናዊ ሞት በሕዋላ መሪው ድርጅት ኢሕአዴግ እውር ድንብሩ የጠፋበት ይመስላል።
    1ኛ ከውልደቱ እስከ ዛሬዋ እለት ድረስ ለኢትዮጵያ በጎ የማይመኘውና ከተቻለ ለማፈራረስ ሌት ተቀን የሚሰራው የሻአብያ መንግስት ብዙ ችግር በሀገራችን ላይ ሳያስከተል ማስወገድ እየተቻለ ራሱ በራሱ በስበሶ ይወድቃል፣ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂም ለመሞት የቀረው አንድ አርብ ነው ሲባል እነሆ መለስ ዜናዊ የሚያከል መሪ ቀብሮ፣ ኢትዮጵያ የማፈራረስ ሕልሙ እውን ለማድረግ ዛሬ ከማናቸውም ጊዜ በተሻለ ቁመና ላይ ይገኛል። አልፎ አልፎ በሀገራችን የሚከሰቱ ግጭቶች ሻዕብያን ተጠያቂ ማድረጉ የአሳያስን ምንነት ከማግዘፉ በስተቀር ለውጥ አላመጣም። አነስተኛ የሕዝብ ቁጥር፣ የደቀቀ እኮኖሚና በአንድ አምባገነን መንግስት የምትመራ ሀገር ይህነን ታደርጋለች ብሎ የምያምን ሰው አይኖርም።

    2ኛ በዓላት ማክበርና መዘከር የነበረ፣ ያለና ወደፊትም የሚኖር ጉዳይ ቢሆንም እንደዚህ አመት የተንዛዛበትና ብዙ የሚነገሩ ጉዳዮች እያሉ ሰው ስልችት እስከሚለው ድረስ በሚድያ የተዘገበበት ወቅት የለም። የብአዴን ይህ ቀረሽ ክብረ በዓል ከወር በላይ ተነግሮ አበቃ ስንል የኢትዮጵያ ቴሌቪዥን ሃምሳኛ አመት በማስመልከት ህዝቡ ከጫንቃው አውረዶ የጣላቸውን የቀድሞ ነገስታት እያነሱ በየቀኑ ማላዘኑ ማነን ይጠቅማል?

    3ኛ ኢትዮጵያን ለአመታት በፈላጭ ቆራጭነት የመሩት፣ ብዙ ግፍና በደል የፈፀሙ ሰዎችና ልጆቻቸው ዛሬ ከተሰደዱበት አገር እኛ ያልገዛነው ሀገር እድገትና ልማት በአፍንጫችን ይውጣ ብለው በዘረኝነት ሀገሪቱን ለማፈራረስ ሁለመዳያዊ ትግል በሚያደርጉበት፣ ከውጭ ሀገር ሌት ተቀን የውሸት ፕሮፖጋንዳ ዘመቻ በከፈቱበት በአሁኑ ወቅት፣ አባሎቻቸው በቀድሞ የኢሕአፓ ሰንሰለት አይነት በየመንግስት ተቅዋሙና ህዝባዊ ድርጅቶች አሰርገው በማስገባት ህዝቡ እንድያማርርና ለሕዝባዊ አመፅ እንዲነሳ በሚያሴሩበት ወቅት፣ ጀሌዎቻቸውን መመንጠርና ማፅዳት ሲገባ እነሱ ባጠመዱት ወጥመድ ገብቶ ሆነ ተብሎ እየተፍፀመ ያለውን የመልካም አስተዳደርና ሌላም ሌላም ቸግሮች እያነሱ መለፈፉ ለእነዚህ ሰዎች አፍ መክፈቻ ከመሆን በስተቀር ሌላ ለውጥ አያመጣም፣ ሆን ተብሎ የሚሰራ ሻጥር ነውና ።ብርሃኑ ነጋ በቅርብ ጊዜ ዲስኩሩ; ” ከአሁን በህዋላ ሰሜን መሄድ አያስፍልግም፣ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ነው የምንንቀሳቀሰው” ያለው ፈሪ ልቡን ቀይሮ ወይም ከአሜሪካ የሚወረወር ጦር አዘጋጀቶ ሳይሆን በየቦታው የተሰገስጉ ጀሌዎቹ ማለቱ ነው።

  15. Eshetu Ghebremedhin says:

    Shewit, can you go to the Bordering escarpment and do what you said on internet. How easy do you think going there and paying life for such false rumors.

  16. seyoum777 says:

    itrea’s Dictator Accused of “Nation’s Near Death”
    August 31, 2015 7:11 pm , Russom M

    FB_IMG_1434149984593Isaias Afewerki has achieved the dubious distinction as the “most hated” leader in Eritrea. According to three locals who were interviewed for this article, the Dictator is now consistently despised across the Eritrean landscape.

    During a wide-ranging interview, the three citizens stated that there’s a universal hatred of the tyrant and that the Eritrean people consider him the cause of the nation’s “near death.”

    The interviewees, Solomon, Ahmed and Eyob lived in Asmara, Massawa and Keren, respectively. All used aliases and spoke on the condition of anonymity. They also requested that the medium of communication remain confidential.

    They ranged in ages between 30 to 59 and belonged to various professions. All had at least BA degrees. One currently works for the PFDJ.

    The three were selected at random and seemed eager to discuss life under what Ahmed referred as the “age of darkness.” All seemed relaxed and at ease and showed little concern for their safety. When the medium we used to conduct the interview was interrupted momentarily, Ahmed profusely apologized. “This happens all the time,” he said in frustration.

    The interviews took place during the course of six days and on various hours of the day. Although they lived in separate cities, their replies were consistent, indicating a widespread disapproval and resentment of the Isaias regime.

    “Things are getting out of control,” Solomon said repeatedly throughout the interview. “The situation is getting unbearable.”

    The three reiterated the prevalence of “instability at the highest levels,” with “frequent and, at times, daily reshuffling of senior and junior military and civilian personnel.”

    The oldest of the three, Ahmed lamented “the greed” in the country, which he noted was “unprecedented.” “I have never in my entire life seen anything like it,” he said. “These people [PFDJ officials] are vultures.”

    On the government’s development policies, Ahmed said “we’re hundred years behind.” “They’re incapable of building a basic train system,” he said. “There are existing tunnels and infrastructures in place that could have easily been widened or modified.”

    “News from the Diaspora about holding the government responsible for human rights violations was welcome and encouraging,” Solomon said. “Tragically, he added, the whole nation still remains in shock at the “constant drownings of Eritreans [in the Mediterranean] in big numbers.” He said that “Isaias [Afewerki] is squarely responsible for their death.”

    On the current economic hardships, Eyob pointed out that food, water, electricity and gas were always in short supply. “We just don’t know what to do,” he said in resignation. “We can’t even build a shelter to live in because they will demolish it. We build, they destroy.”

    Asked if he is afraid of consequences for speaking about the regime’s failures, Eyob said that “most people have now started to speak up.” Though he cautioned that “there’s still fear” when discussing why there’s not been a popular uprising.

    All agreed that the only solution was to leave the country, with Solomon stating that the regime should still be “dealt with the sword that it deserves.”

    The government’s destruction of their homes, the drowning of so many youth and the lack of basic supplies were the most consistent grievances leveled against the dictatorship.

    In what must be a new source of trouble for Isaias and the PFDJ, the trio indicated that the regime’s own supporters have now for the first time begun to express bitter criticism toward the Dictator and “his generals.”

    As to why its loyal followers have now joined the ranks of the disgruntled, Solomon said that “they can’t tolerate hardship and have turned against him [Isaias Afewerki].”

    When comparing life between pre- and post-independence Eritrea, all three were in full accord that the nation fared worse under the current dictatorial rule than at any period in the past, including during its darkest years under the Ethiopian Dergue. Expressing deep anger and bewilderment at how things have deteriorated, Solomon said, “We’re thirsty, dirty and smell.”

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  17. Jerry says:

    Enough is enough. The Ethiopian government has to overthrow this idiot Banda Eritrean dog

  18. Fissaha says:

    What we heard from the VOA witnesses are very devastating to all Tigreyns, that shabiya is trying to kidnapping/kidnapped Tigrayes youth who try to support only themselves by collecting golds. Now this is horrible story that it had been continuously this way for so long without even the regional state of Tigray authority doing nothing to stop it. This is too bad to wait for this much long. we have to voiced out and stand together and demanding to our government to take decisive actions in no time now. I understand the consequences if the war started there would be some side effects specially when Ethiopian economy progressing remarkably way as the world witness it today. But at the same time, There is a cancer called shabiya around us threatening us on our daily activities, then we have no options but taking once for all decisive measures and ride off the cancer for good. Taking action now is the timely matter. Taking appropriate measures is an old slogan doesn’t work at all at this time. The government of Ethiopia should have changed the old non existed slogan like taking proportional measures strategy at this time. God bless Ethiopia!

  19. wedinkafa says:

    Woy-ane are running out of lies or they are running out of time battling poor Oromo instead of manufacturing one, I though we heard their news some time ago perhaps two years ago?

    Truly so woy-ane is slowly bust surely is dying slow death like their chuwawa leader.

    • Solomon says:

      Wedinakfa way don’t go to Banda Ertirea midia .
      Go to your Banda midia and write about your Banda country ..this midai only for pure Ethiopia .
      Go sell just like your grandfather and fathers your ass to Italian and Arbes .
      You remember you are indpendet so call country .
      Wedinakfa remember ,Banda is always Banda .it is in your blood like HIV . It will kill you.

      • wedinkafa says:

        Solomon let along to kill me I doubt you have the enrgy to squash a ripe tomato, just bluffing typical Woy-ane Stooge like the dergue fukera fukera

  20. Tehagos says:

    How naive do you think people are to believe this story, absolutely blasphemous. There are a lot of holes in this fictional story that you just tried to pass as a blog. First of all, why would they need to wear Eritrean soldiers uniform in Ethiopia land, where they can just wear civilian clothes, Second of all, Eritreans are not the only people that speak tigrigina, just because they spoke tigrigina that doesn’t mean they are Eritrean. You are a sorry excuse for a news-outlet, with this fake article with no credibility.

  21. Ephrem Tessema says:

    Even if it is a serious case EPRDF should
    refrain from taking any forceful action now .
    Because they are some push here and there
    Ethiopia will not be benefited from the war
    no matter how we are superior to Shabia .
    There are also external push don’t believe
    those are advocating for full flagged war

  22. Ephrem Tessema says:

    You are absolutely right . To begin with Shabia
    has nothing to lose there is no development
    nothing . War is not a simple thing it is total
    disaster I support the policy that is already in place
    by Meles ” Equivalent and critical action ” like it
    had been taken on the Gold mine .
    I understand comments that are delivered in good faith and
    a deliberate deceptive advices from the another side .
    The Ethiopian government is a very smart one we how
    cornered Eritrea from the rest of the world .

  23. Optimism says:

    If what is being reported is true, why in God’s name a degenerated regime of eritrea and a monotonous man by the name of Issayas Afeworki wants to kidnap Ethiopian citizens, unless other wise he wanted to do a Nazi Hitler type experimentation on them, just like the Jews were experimented on, by Nazi Germany. Ato Hilemariam is really serious on implementing Meles’s foretold policy on Ethio-eritrean relationship.

  24. Bereket says:

    Is that how the weyanes lie for their failire in internal affairs and wrong policy of governance, I think this time no way they have made their final whistle of the fall of the eplf and time for a new unified and inclusive of all Ethiopian sects! Success to Ethiopians come on!

  25. Be ewnetu says:

    First of all any Eritreans should stay in refugee camp. Clean from Mekelle and Addis for Security.

  26. Andargachew says:

    As for me I don’t believe in taking harsh action
    in hasty manner war is not a simple thing that we speak out
    emotionally . Of course it is time to do the diplomatic
    works exhaustively and the internal situation should be
    calm and stable including all negative repercussions should be assessed
    Let leave issues like this to those who rule the country and
    professionals engaged with it .

  27. mulugeta says:

    I would. Like to begin by saying to dawit and other independent media it is yor duties to tell the government when fail the people whom they suppose to protec i for one i have been huge supporter this government for all my life but when i see theings like this happen to our young people and their government is looking the other way it make ask myself if supporting this government is helping my people getting skilled and kidnapped

  28. Semir says:

    The Ethiopian government have responsibility to protect its people. This Arab and Italian Slav issyass try to take some advantage what is going problem in Ethiopia. The other thing shaibiya parasites like G7 and olf they have no army there , just by name . Field marshal Molla asegedom take all his fighters to Ethiopia. So now shaibiya after kidnap these poor young men , want them to put them under G7 or OLF uniform . That is shaibiya dirty trick . The Ethiopia govenrnment have to take very wise and carefull surgical action . First distroy the Bisha mine where hard currency come from . Then sawa rape come , where there those little chiken pasta reds come from , and then go after hideout of those known enemy spot in border area . It will be not more tha 4 hour operation . Use all the plane you had . Try to avoid not many civilian get hurt .shibiya understand is only force . This is not gorella war . This is conventional war . Just go to any economy and military target in
    Asmara .once you do that , all those SEWA chiken will get chance to run to Sudan or Ethiopia . So Ethiopian gov. Wake up and it now .if you be late every thing will explode on your face.

  29. Gideon says:

    My dear friend Be ewnetu, no eritrean is in refuge camps , they are at Addis Abeba’s University and Mekele University campuses, studying whatever major they wish to study, fully paid including 100% leaving expense by the tax payers of Ethiopian citizens. How would you like that!

  30. Be ewnetu says:

    The citizens should do save themselves .
    Half of them are Sawa trained.
    Who knows if they get weapon from warehouse, it’s dengerous at the chaos time…

  31. bikila says:

    ow am sory am reade all comments but this is not the right one because the tow brothers country peoples live togather when the fall down of the dictatorian. this is my argument am not politician but I know what the ertrean laied on your sholder that is the cause. I am not prayer to daid you presedant because he is human being but am always pray for the country to change the government. the way is up to you. thank you all. the ertrean we meet one day on the same way like Djibuti.

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