Ethiopian PM Vows ‘Decisive Action’ Against Oromia Secessionists


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20 Responses

  1. Gideon says:

    It is clearly understandable, why the government of Ethiopia is not jamming in to conclusion to fend off eritrea’s provocation and aggression by virtues of war. It must be understood by both parties that, patience is a virtue, but then it has its own limitations and therefore, the monotonous dictator of eritrea Issayas Afeworki and his gangs must understand that, Ethiopia’s resolve is as clear as it has always been and precisely clear on its past historical facts on how it has dealt with her its enemies and defended its national integrity and severity. The destitute dictator of eritrea Issayas Afeworki and his gangsters should now better than provoking Ethiopia with its gallant army. This time around, if Issayas Afeworki and his gangs does not stop provoking Ethiopia, rather very quickly, the fate of Issayas’s mafia government and the godforsaken eritrea will be, pretty much on the hands of Ethiopia, to do what it wants, period end of the story.

  2. mulugeta says:

    The source for all thise instability in the horn is one and only one person that is isais no development no growth is sustainable building infrastructure manifacturing doesn’t mean anything to have it distroy by isais hullugans isais is telling the world weyane is just talk only it is time to show him the Ethiopian government is not going to tolerate the kidnaping of it’s citizens and causing distraction at home the government need to show him it is not just talk their is consequence for his action so far isais is wright our government is talk only no action

  3. us for us with us says:

    Here you have another Jew painting his Jewish hateful shit about Ethiopia at the Zionist monopoly Medias including

    Conor Gaffey

    “Conor is a reporter for Newsweek based in London. He covers technology and science, with a side of religion and sport.”

    What he does know about religion and what religion it is? Is that a Jew talking about Christians or Muslims? He is doing damaging satanic politics in the Jews ways about the nation and citizens he has nothing to do with for anything except to affect them as worst as possible.

    He is just another one who is part of the merciless and inhuman enemy forces doing the same thing they are known with internationally none stop talking about others with goal to create internal frictions and wars that would be the best for them. He is in the region/Kenya acting worse than any enemy or terrorist does; targeting the nations these kikes are not able to control and blunder them the ways they are doing against the world for generations including USA, UK, France, Canada and so on.

    Watch out this evil criminal Zionist acting as journalists but we know what are his main jobs and objections are in the country and citizens he and his kikes have nothing to do with. We are witnessing when the silence is already getting broken in the west including USA and the people are starting openly talking about the crimes they are doing all over and that will follow by practical measures/reactions against them if they are not stop what they are doing including our country they have nothing to do with.

    Who are they and who gave them the right to behave the way they do against Ethiopia with goal to destabilize the country? They are evils getting lots of satisfactions and benefits with billions from the wars, sufferings, killings and destructions of others caused and inflamed by them.

    We are waiting and hoping to see happening what they are doing against other turning on them and it will happen just the matter of time.

    99.9% all bad and negative topics/media coverage about Ethiopia in the name of journalism, scholar, NGO, Think Thank and so on are done by the hateful and racist greedy Zionists/Jews. The corporate Medias covering those damaging propaganda lies are owned, controlled and run by them including They are the ones behind all Ethiopian’s enemy so called Ethiopians in the west.

    It is a big wonder to know what is going on in their head, mind and blood making them behaving this way. It must be something coming from the biggest and worst Satan they are surrendering to. They are really the chosen people but not by whom they are talking but by the one making they behave satanic. Good God cannot chose monster creatures like them.

    By the way HRW is a private institute like many other Jews/Zionists created, owned and run western NGOs, CPJ, charities, institutions, Thinks Thanks, lobby groups, law firms, peace core and you name it. They are using them for their personal agenda and plans in other country with goal to own or destroy that nation if they are not in charge and total control about everything worthy there.

    Only Amnesty international that is under the Zionists/Jews control UN have the rights to talk about Human right in the member nations, not the Zionists/Jews private things they are naming them tactic fully to mislead as if they have international and independent character which is not but they are using them for their own plan and agenda in the world where the Middle east is practically gone because of them and Africa is next by targeting nations they think are challenging their evil agenda and plan in Africa. And Ethiopia is the one alongside with some nations in North Africa such as Algeria, Egypt, Sudan and so on.

    They also will not get their ways in Tanzania because of 55% Tanzanians are Muslims and we know the relationship between the Zionists/Jews and Muslims since the P. Mohammed era and the teaching about them. The Zionists/Jews talking about the oromos that are the majorities Muslims must be the joke of the centuries no one accepts it as they are intentionally talking about for nasty reasons boiling in their evil head and cocked in their dark heart.

    Trump in the WH is the only answer for these evils none stop criminal activities they are causing all over the world for so long.

  4. Gideon says:

    correction- ” jamming” should be jumping and “severity” should be sovereignty

  5. Observer says:

    በሀገራችን በተለይም በኦሮሚያ ክልል የሚታየው አመጽ በሀገር አቀፍ ላለው ችግር ጠቁዋሚ ( tip of iceberg) ተደርጎ ተወስዶ የሚሰጠው መፍትሄ ማስተዋልን ያካተተ ,ምክክርን የጋበዘ ,አጠቃላይ የፓለቲካ መዋቀሩን …ወዘተ የዳሰሰ መሆን ይጠበቅበታል.
    ‘የአዲስ አበባ ማስፋፊያ ፕሮጀት እንዲቆም ተደርጎ አዲስ አበባ ብቻ የራሱዋን ለማት ትቀጥላለች ‘ ከመንግስት ይህን የመሰለ መልስ ተሰጥቶአል.
    በዚህ መሰረት የአዲስ አበባ ተፈጥሮዋዊ እድገት ሊገታ ነው ? በብዙ ሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ ኑዋሪዎችን ባለ ቤት ያደረገው የኮንዶሚኒየም ልማት ሊታጠፍ ነው? ለሩቅ ምስራቅ ሀገሮችና አካባቢው ለተፋጠነ እድገታቸው መሰረት የሆነው የኢንዱስትሪ ፓርኮች ሊሰረዙ ነው ? እንዲህ እያለ ይቀጥላል…
    ሀገራችን ባላት ሁዋላ ቀርነት በግብርና የሚተዳደረው ከ80% በመቶ በላይ ነው ,ሩቅ ሳንሄድ ሻል ያሉ አፍሪካ ሀገሮችን ስንመለከት አልጀሪያ 68% ,ጂቡቲ 77%, ጋና 53% ,ናይጀሪአ 47% የሚሆነው ህዝባቸው የሚኖረው እና የሚተዳደረው በገጠር ሳይሆን በከተማ ነው .
    ስለዚህ የከተሞች እድገት ከሃገር ልማት ጋር እጅ ለጅ ተያይዞ የሚሄድ ነው.አዲስ አበባ ልዩ ልትሆን አትችልም.
    ዬሳት ማጥፊያ ወይም ማደንዘዣ መፍተሄ ቁዋሚ ለውጥ አያመጣም.
    ስለዚህ መንግስት በተለይም ገጂው ፓርቲ ቆም ብሎ ከህገ መንግስቱ ጀምሮ የመሬት ,የእኮኖሚ ,የአስተዳደሩን,የህግ የበላይነትን,ይብዝሃ ፓርቲውን ማጎልመስ,ብሄራዊ እርቅን,ሀገርን የማቆየትን ..ፓሊሲዎች በመሳሰሉት ክልብ መመርመር ጊዜው ሳያልፍ ቢያረግ ለሁሉም ይጠቅማል.

  6. us for us with us says:


    How evils they are getting and can become using with this kind word in the place and situation has nothing to do with even for a penny? Do they have any historical, practical and/or right reasons or justification for positive and best outcome to all sides and for long term perspectives when they are talking out of the blue the stinking shit like this? No, they have no any reason or justification because of there is nothing there to support it.

    Do they (does this Zionist from London)) know what does it mean when it comes to the Ethiopian situation and most importantly about the people they (he) are talking about although there is nothing maters to them what are facts and realities on the ground or not but what they are looking to achieve behind this is all about for any cost to others they see them less than them?

    They just need to fuck off, sit down silently and learn what we are teaching them about us based on facts, realities and history they know nothing about but being evils as usual thinking they can do anything they want as they wish in any place they are reaching for their own benefits at the cost of the rest.

    What are the justifications for the session? There is nothing to mention even for making reasonable jokes about.

    1. Ethiopia is one of the few oldest ancient nations in the world and one of the two in Africans together with Egypt.
    2. Modern Ethiopia with her current boundary is the oldest nation in Africa; at least 100 years older than any African nation as Ghana was the first nation became fully independent in the 1950s. Egypt became fully independent in 1956/59 defeating the English with symmetric war and declared the ownership of the Sues channel.
    Modern Ethiopia is from 1855, while nations like Italy is from 1861 and Germany 1877.
    3. Ethiopia is one of the few Africans and none African nations with few number Ethnic groups based on the population proportion and almost all of them looks like the same naturally and lived together longer than any nation in Africa fighting their common enemies together including in Adwa in the 1890s.
    In Africa; countries like Kenya that is half of Ethiopia with territory and population size has more than 60 Ethnic groups, Tiny Uganda 57, Tanzania which is less than Ethiopia more than 130, Sudan about 405, D. Congo 700+, Nigeria 500+, Cameroun 250, and the rest with plenty Ethnic groups but with the same race. Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and others in Africa do have different human races and lots of ethnic groups each.

    In USA are living all human races, Ethnics, religions, cultures and so on speaking the English language belongs to the Tiny England. India has more than 2151 Ethnic groups and different human races as it is the case in many nations in Europe, Asia, Latin America and all over the world. Countries like Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and all central and south American nations do have hundreds of ethnic groups each and different human races. In UK like the city of London are only 37% natives while the rest are so called emigrants/minorities despite they are the majorities with thousands ethnic groups, all human races, religions, culture, language and so on speaking English language as common language making them to communicate .

    So, what is their justification talking about secession in Ethiopia while it has to be started first and for most in their own countries since long times ago. USA is created as united states from 51 different states that had been once separate and independent nations each with own flags. UK is the union of 4 different nations with rich history, culture, tradition each and once were separate nations. What are they doing in Australia; a continent 200 years ago was totally a black continent lived there black natives speaking more than 450 languages.

    Just come to their belonging which is Israel. Israel is created in 1948. Before 1948 lived there Arabs, Palestinians, Druze, Muslims, christens and so on for thousands years. In Gaza which is the biggest and longest open prison and the only one is human history with this magnitude are living almost 2 million Palestinian Muslims and Christians. In the west bank are living about 4 million Palestinian Muslims, Christians, Druze and so on. In Israel are living about 2 million Palestinians Muslims, Druze and Christians feeling they are not accepted as human beings. There are many Arab Bedouins in southern Israel. That means the total of more than 8 million Palestinians without own home state since 1948.

    But when we come to the Jews, they are always trying to tell and convince the world Judaism as if its followers are from the same race or Ethnicity despite it is a religion like any other religion such as Islam, Christianity and so on with all human races, ethnics, culture, languages, traditions and so on within as followers. There are huge race, ethnicity, culture, tradition and so on differences within the Jew than among anyone else. But, they are talking about others differences within and trying to use it as an opportunity to create conflicts while pretending as if there is nothing wrong within themselves. They are the known and world class racists.

    They are causing wars and destructions in the Middle East based on sectarian differences within the same religion like Muslims against Muslims and between different religions like between Muslims and Christians. They are using ethnicity between Arabs and Kurds or Kurds and Turks to make them fight despite all of them are Muslims with the same sect i.e. Sunni. They are causing conflicts within Sunni in the name of wahabbi, Ismailia, Sufi, and so on that are more than 100 sects. And of course between Shia and Sunnis despite they are from the same race and Ethnicity like in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and so on. .

    They are trying to do the same tricks among Ethiopians based on religion or Ethnicity despite we all are blacks and lived together as a nation more than any African nation or many others worldwide.
    They are talking about Ethnicity thinking this way they can create conflicts among the citizens in order to destroy the nation because of the country is not allowing them to have and own her as private property as they are doing in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa.

    Even if they succeed which is never going to happen, they will start making the oromos fighting among each other using religion differences such as between 70% Muslims and 30% Christians which is the fact among them. Then, when they succeed that, they will start making the Muslims fighting against each other based on sects within. There is also another big thing within the oromo that is not the case elsewhere among other Ethiopians except within the Ethiopian Somali and Afar which is clan differences. oromos are divided among 29 clans, lots of sub clans and plenty sub sub clans down to the village and family levels.

    So, what is their reason and justification talking about the oromo sessions? Was there ever down to history an independent nation called oromo or with any other name? Where is the boarder? The boundaries between Ethiopian regions today are not boarders but temporary administration boundaries can change any time based on the country development activities and necessities. It is from 1995 and can change any time based on the overall Ethiopian situation to benefit all the citizens and guarantee the future of the country for the benefits of all based on equality and respect.

    So instead of none stop shit talking about Ethiopians that are blacks and have nothing in common with the evil Zionists/Jews, why don’t they give freedom and independency to the Palestinians that are more than the entire Jews populations and they have the historical right for own independent nation in their historical land. They are calling including the none believers among them as if all of them are Jews and pretending as if all of them are the same and one people naturally which is a total lie and fictional story, while they are always looking differences using microscopes among others including those look naturally the same as Ethiopians are.

    USA, UK and many other states and people s have the legitimate rights and constitutions when they emerged to be dissolved any time as they wish and each nation can go their separate way as separate state as all of them once had been separate states. But in Ethiopia, there was no a separate state ever belonging to a single group but all Ethiopian together with the Ethiopian current boundary since 1855 which is more than 100 years before a single Africa nation emerged as an independent nation.

    In short, these evils need to shut up their stinky mouth and firing tong about something they know nothing about but always looking reasons for divisions, conflicts, wars and destructions for the sake of their satisfaction and way of life. It is good to hate and stop them starting within our own country and then the whole continent. Don’t blame the innocent and long time victims of the Zionists i.e. the white people because of these demons are coming from there and acting as if they are one of them which is not true. The situation towards them looks like 1930s is coming back which is history is going to repeat itself. Instead of wishing and working hard to destroy others, they need to worry about themselves.

    They must leave us alone and we have no problem with them. If not, we will fight them to the end and in the process they will know about the true nature of Ethiopians that are the only free and independent African nation for thousands years. They are satanic and enemies number one we are facing. Ethiopians must talk about them openly and totally rejecting them knowing what kind damages they are causing against humanity throughout history. They are the main players and the brain behind about everything going on in the ME and elsewhere as they have been for slavery, colonization and occupations of the Americans and Australia. Apartheid South Africa was fully supported by them and they are still there behaving differently but for the same reasons and outcomes adopting with the situations.

    One thing is certain and that is we will never allow them to get their ways in our country with everything satanic in their head and darkness filled in their sick heart. Ethiopians are known throughout history getting tough, becoming merciless and united when things are getting serious and they do face foreign enemies to affect them in their own country. The evil Zionists/Jews from the west are becoming the worst nightmares they cannot get even a breath for a second but smelling blood, looking for destructions and chaos in our country thinking we are stupid like others are getting burning and heading towards hell because of these greedy imperialists and evil Zionists/Jews are the players and fire starters from behind. They need to tell us about the Palestinians before anything else let alone coming far away to Africa/Ethiopia they have nothing in common with anything human made or natural.

    The best weapons against them are boycotting or rejecting anything related to them, never trust them for anything. Never allow them for anything. Never believe them for anything and most importantly never allow them having any permanent presence in the country in any name or form. Keep them always in check or away which is the best weapon to stop and defeat them. The world is none stop talking about them and it is getting hotter and wider every day and for sure soon will explode.

    If they don’t stop provoking peaceful nation like Ethiopia; a country love to pay any sacrifice for the sake of her unity, integrity and dignity, things will get out of hand against them coming from the free and peaceful innocent world victimized by them in many ways and forms using including medias as weapons of mass destruction spreading lies, inflammatory stories and misinformation intentionally to hurt/affect others including in USA and west in general.

    We are asking and also telling them to leave us alone. We also telling them they will never get their ways in Ethiopia with our costs in our own country where the only place we can 100% feel at home and completely free which is unlike elsewhere because of racist and discrimination they are world class champions and very much familiar with.

    Lots of love, respect and admiration to our great PM Hailemariam Desalegn.

  7. Erta says:

    The prime Minster shouldn’t say a word about attacking Eritrea for its menace actions against Ethiopia. At this time of Ethiopia and Eritrea relations the prime minster should have been in a position to strike Eritrea without advance warning. Ethiopia is still on a planning stage how to contain Eritrea after 20 years of back and forth political maneuver one trying one outdo the other in the political scene and game of wars. Since Ethiopia’s swagger is out dated and Ethiopia prime minster advance warning took away the elements of surprise to counter attack Eritrea Ethiopia will not go ahead and do anything about Eritrea at this time, Ethiopia knew it and Eritrea understand it very well. Since that is the truth, the Ethiopian Prime Minster coming out and talking about revenge without actin, minimizes its credibility in the future and encourages Eritrea to behave as it wishes to make Ethiopians life miserable. I wish the prime minster had just kept quiet.

  8. ethoash says:

    i am the only one thinking this way

    how this working for EPRDF TAKING Decisive Action’ Against Oromia Secessionists AND arresting 5000 oromo does this look good on EPRDF GOVT.

    THERE must be other method to take Decisive Action’ Against Oromia Secessionists here r few of them

    1. from 2017 oromoia state budget we should dedicate to pay prototype damage and pain and suffering kassa money to all those who lost their property by riot and looting

    2. increase tax for everyone in oromia region to pay future property damage

    3. released all 5000 prisoner instead of jail time give them fine this way we can hold HRW at bay and instead of feeding them for free they will feeding us

    4.start student loan program everyone will get loan but with one or two reference it could be their student parent this way if the student default their student loan we can go after their parent

    5. anyone catch in riot and looting might be fine 100,000 birr no jail time … they dont have to pay in one time they can pay it off in 30 years

    6. to catch the looter and the rioter we need security camera… i was so mad how in hell 100 million birr company doesn’t have 1000 dollar security camera … had the factory and the hotel that was destroyed had they have camera by now we would have been busy hunting down the looter just because no camera the looter goen free unpunished

    7. this should not stop us from hunting down the criminal we should set up HOTLINE where people report criminals and get reward …

    8. anyone who report on looter even if he was in riot he will get amnesty for reporting on his accomplice

    9. did i say security camera in collage …. Boston bomber identified with security camera not for the camera we would not have known who did the bombing therefore we should start instilling video camera without delay

    10. all police interaction must be video tape and posted on you tube so that EPRDF must have the control of the narrative… otherwise OLF will control the narrative…. the tell us police kill this or that person if the police doesn’t have their own evidence then who is going to trust the Africa police

    11. anyone who let their 12 years kids to take in protest they should be losing their children and this children must be given to adoption and their parent must be arrested for child abuse (no arrest but big time fine )

  9. slick says:

    The Head line was expected to be….”The Tigrian Liberation Front TPLF vowed to take decisive action. We already heard that Under marshal (TPLF) law, Oromia will be divided in to seven region and led by 7 Agazi 7 high ranking TPLF solders. We have witnessed the game now is between the Great Oromo people and the invader TPLF gangs. We will see if the Tigrian force use air force to defuse the uprising !! Their plan to operate underground is minimum because they don’t have force to cover the vast land of Oromia. Finally the vision and plan to suck Oromia Resource has to come an END. Also the wishes TPLF has for many years to out source Oromia resources and build Greater Tigrian seems to be SHATTERED!!! Building Greater Tigrai by the Blood and resources of other Ethiopians is not gonna Happen!!!! Hailemariam the torjan of TPLF can echo anything but we know who is saying all this nonsense behind Hailemariam! VICTROY to OROMO PEOPLE !!

  10. adigrat says:

    I just read an article the people who were kidnapped by shabia are released to sudan by the help of sudanise government thise is the last straw fo me if thise was not reported by voa no body would’ve now about it the government did not tell the people our citizens were kidnapped. If it was not for voa we wuold not have known about their disappearanc they would have been disappear in to thine air that could have been any of us I am ashamed of myself for supporting this government

  11. Beza says:

    Thank yo pm for controlling the riot of anti peace elements in oromia.

  12. DAGNA says:

    Be an Ethiopian first and put your ethnicity last in aback burner.

    Mr. Prime minster, answer only this question who crafted this secessionist problem? you are the prime minster of a country, where your government is infested by secessionists, and work day and night to weaken our fathers and mothers Ethiopia using what you and your separatists call article 39.

    Who built Ethiopia ?
    Who fought for Ethiopia ?
    Not EPRDF or sessetionist TPLF.

    We Ethiopians who believes and die for one and greater Ethiopia will build Ethiopia whether you like it or not, we will restore Ethiopia’s territorial integrity from sea to sea and from coast to coast.

    Their is no multi ethnic or multi nation .
    Their is one Ethiopian origin and one greater Ethiopia.

    Every Ethiopian who is an Ethiopian first knows that , your government is handcuffed by by an enemy within, like Sebhat Nega a staunch Eritrean defender, but how long will that be?
    Open War is not a good option, however putting a dedicated agenda and a never wavering plan in dividing Eritrea in to pieces is a must and a wise decision.

    The EPRDF will never take action against Shabia , and it make no sense and has no reason at all for the EPRDF-Eritrean’s to confront Shabia -Eritrea. A well fed fat dog never attacks another well fed fat dog . Only a Geographically (not ethnically) federated Ethiopia can defend its sovereignty and its people interest.

    Be an Ethiopian or else>>>>

  13. DAGNA says:

    Be an Ethiopian first and put your ethnicity last in aback burner.

    Mr. Prime minster, answer only this question who crafted this secessionist problem? you are the prime minster of a country, where your government is infested by secessionists, and work day and night to weaken our fathers and mothers Ethiopia using what you and your separatists call article 39.

    Who built Ethiopia ?
    Who fought for Ethiopia ?
    Not EPRDF or sessetionist TPLF.

    We Ethiopians who believes and die for one and greater Ethiopia will build Ethiopia whether you like it or not, we will restore Ethiopia’s territorial integrity from sea to sea and from coast to coast.

    Their is no multi ethnic or multi nation .
    Their is one Ethiopian origin and one greater Ethiopia.

    Every Ethiopian who is an Ethiopian first knows that , your government is handcuffed by by an enemy within, like Sebhat Nega a staunch Eritrean defender, but how long will that be?
    Open War is not a good option, however putting a dedicated agenda and a never wavering plan in dividing Eritrea in to pieces is a must and a wise decision.

    Be an Ethiopian

  14. Lemabegebeya says:

    Woyane is calling secessionist to others does not make sense. Woyane is engineer of secessionist article 39. In short, woyane is evil secessionist. Dawit Secessinist, Islamicist

  15. us for us with us says:

    This is End of NWO- Globalization and begging of co operations among nations based on respect, understanding and mutual benefits.

    This is the beginning of the eminent end to the 26+ years old NWO(New World Order) operating worldwide with impunity as one of the merciless and unchallenged imperialistic forces since the fall of the Berlin wall. The damage it has caused so far is the worst of all ever happened in human history. Few became on the top of the population of Billion human pyramid treating humanity as herd of animals belongs to them and they can do anything they want the way they have been causing none stop so many crisis, divisions, wars, destructions, lootings, exploitation and so on all over the world without challenge to stop them.

    There is no doubt Globalization that is one of the main NWO agendas tool is already exposed and soon will be finished. Globalization is killing human identities, dignities, values, Norms and future. Globalization is the reason why few in the west became billionaires and milliners while 99.9% human population is living in the oceans of poverty, hardships, shortages and sufferings. Those calling themselves rich and are billionaires became the way they are is started since the 1980s following the NWO agenda started fully operational against the world. So called billionaires and many milliners in the world are criminals need to be in jail instead of see and treat them differently including thinking they will benefit anyone else other than themselves including when they are coming around in the name of investment or aid.

    End of NWO means the end of Anglo-American lead English speaking criminal interferences, influences and crimes against other nations mainly in Africa, ME, Asia and Latin America. USA, UK and their allies are the reasons why nations are under multiple and endless sufferings because of they are creating divisions and conflicts among the peaceful citizens supporting and inflaming wars within. We know USA, UK and so on are right now secretly using the so called Ethiopian oppositions (fake ones) in the country financing them and telling them what to say and do using as propaganda machines USA, UK and others financed so called private medias in Ethiopia in the form of aid and promoting……

    This is the time the Ethiopian government needs to get totally waken up, getting tough, quick and become merciless against anyone that is getting any support or having any connection from abroad including embassies in order to destabilize the country. The Ethiopian people are asking and begging the government on daily basis to take severe actions and completely eliminate those very few criminals affecting the country with foreign supports including those so called NGOs.
    Ethiopia needs no so called opposition parties that are relaying on foreign powers for idea, money and anything else in order to cause troubles based on their foreign masters’ plan in our country.

    The recent shit talks and activities coming from the none existent (western created fake oppositions) so called opposition parties is nothing but the shit talk, idea, and anything else is given to them by their foreign masters using them to affect our country. Ethiopia needs no oppositions that are talking trash and behaving doggy dog like them but 100% guaranteed security first and for most to all, then jobs in order to satisfy needs and necessities and then freedom. Without 100% guaranteed security, there is no job activities and freedom of….. Without security and job, there is no freedom of any kind except for the criminals. That means, as usual Ethiopia must do anything to guarantee 100% securities in the country in order to able the citizen get jobs and have freedoms in life.

    However, thanks to the dramatic change in the US political arena that is looking like the biggest ever earthquake is happening in politics from the Top of the world mountain, the NWO crimes against the world will be defeated forever. There is no any reason to believe or accept the few racists, greedy and criminals so called politicians, scholars, rich and influential because of they are evils and busy with crimes against humanity including using weapons of mass destruction Medias operated by the Zionists/Jews, to continue doing the things as business as usual without challenge to stop them or with impunities.

    Western so called Medias and criminal journalists free ride to do anything they want in the name of their privately owned Medias against others must be over ever since it started. That means, they must not get away with the behavior they are busy with but treat them as the worst terrorists, criminals and enemy of humanity and citizens. The English language Medias including BBC are pure criminals and their so called journalists/spay agents must not allow in the country but must be treated as the worst and merciless enemies in the country they have no right for anything and have nothing in common with the society.

    Everything associated with human/life is temporary; will end soon or later. This is the end of the of the NWO that was officially declared by G. Bush senior and it is also the end of Globalization operating in the form of NGO, charities, aids, volunteers, Institutions, Think Thanks, inhuman privatization and so called investment; influencing the society/ government policies and buying and owning like that the nation economy, workforce and consumers/market because of they have trash money with no value in it.

    Thanks to the native English people in England Like Jeremy Corby and his associates, all the Scottish people, Wales and so on, the people are rising against the Zionists/Jews and English establishment long standing marriage and cooperation of looting and eating the mass English people and the rest of the world including Africa they being on top of the class system which is unnatural and inhuman only the criminals and evils do behave this way for their own advantages.

    Thanks to the brave and fighter Donald Trump and innocent and honest B. sanders, USA criminal political foundation and imperialistic system is badly shaking from the bottom to top with causes coming from the mass grass roots. The mass in USA is rising up against the few that are not only controlling USA and the west but causing all sorts of troubles, conflicts, wars and crimes all over the world where Africa is the longest and worst victim going on till today. What is going on in Ethiopia is not domestic but they are behind it for generations.

    It doesn’t matter whether D. Trump is going to be a president or not because of they will do anything to stop him, their criminal era without challenges and with impunity is over forever. The criminal banks, Wall Street, and other financial sectors that are the root cause of everything, era will be over. The Jews owned, controlled and run weapon of mass destruction media will not continue the way it has been as it is part of the NWO and the biggest criminal organization causing lots of damages within and worldwide.

    In Germany people are rising up against the USA-UK military occupation for 71 years in the name of NATO. The Great and hard working German people are demanding the full sovereignty in Germany among all 5 federal states to become free from USA-UK dominations. Instead they are demanding Germany to look in the east towards Russia understanding Russia as the savior of Europe and white people and Christian traditions and values. It is the same in eastern and central Europe. France and some other western nations citizens are doing the same thing because of they already had enough with the NWO that is using Globalization as it main weapons to achieve its objectives against the world mass population for the sake of the few agendas, plans and benefits acting as if they are the masters, Gods and powerful can do anything they want all over the world without challenge.

    Advise to the Ethiopian government:

    Stop being passive, reluctant and reasonable while you know who is behind those few silly and weak criminals in the country and what is their objective to achieve and what are the consequences to our country because of we are not acting quickly and decisively to eliminate them before causing any damage. This is the time we are really missing the Great Meles. We know US-UK and some others are behind including the Zionists/Jews so called journalists doing the propaganda jobs for the few and trash criminals that are good at only to cause damages as the hooligans do everywhere. But the west treats them as oppositions with some objections which is a big lie but using them based on their agenda and plan in our country as they did/doing when destroying many other nations.

    Instead of doing our things by ourselves in our ancient, naturally gifted and big Ethiopia, still is continuing having anything to do with that Tiny England which is the size of Eritrea so called NGOs, Aid agencies, politics including embassy is one of the biggest mistakes this Government is doing. Ethiopia needs nothing from that far away tiny and evil island but completely avoiding and not allowing her having anything to do in our country. We are hoping the dramatically changes happening in USA will not stop only USA crimes but most importantly the English Establishment that is the main cause of the troubles happening in our country and Africa for generations working together with the Zionists/Jews.

    OXFAM (oxford famine, ox farming, ox family…) is one of the very essential and main tools the English establishment is using it for its objection in abroad. It has no what so ever in its mind to help others but to destroy and shape them for the sake of the establishment agenda and plan. Allowing OXFAM to become between China and Africa relationship shows how blacks are stupid and worthless including leaders. It is also telling how china is changing and becoming part of the Little English establishment allying with the criminals to do things together against Africa which was not the case with china in the past. OXFAM becoming between china and Africa or around our government and society is nothing but to sabotage and stop the good things; for sure not to facilitate for good and positive outcomes.

    Death to among the others the BBC and all English criminal Medias and evil Journalists (spays), OXFAM, save (kill) the children and other criminals that are part of the establishment working for the establishment agenda and plan in abroad.

    Trump for presidency. Even if they are going to stop him using any means necessary as we know how capable they are including toppling leaders in other countries, they will not stop the earthquake types of mass movement in USA. For sure, NWO is in a great trouble and Globalization is in a great danger will be defeated soon. Few criminals have no what so ever power and right to continue behaving the way they are doing all over the world. When the mass is uprising, it is becoming like the natural Tsunami, no one stops it. And this is what is going on in USA and soon Germany, France, UK and the rest in the west will follow against the few criminals including those so called politicians and rich people/investors and company owners.

    Trump is the answer in USA, Europe, Africa and elsewhere. No one will hurt Africa the ways the NWO-Globalization is doing for decades with impunity and without any objection or opposition. Western Banks, Wall Street, financial institutions, hedge and equity funds, pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto, Mc Donald and so on criminal era must be over in order to save the planet and bring some meaningful peace on earth.

    Lots of love, respect and administration to the great PM Hailemariam Desalegn. The people are waiting and expecting the prime ministerial jobs from him because of they have full confidence, trust and faith on him.

  16. bezawit says:

    The party have enough power but not enough energy. It is tired, tried to the extent of exhaustion. In an attempt to conceal this, the party apply more power to stand tall and strong, it only drains more energy.

    When you have power but not enough energy, you may broadcast far but fail to cross the message; You can send powerful radio waves, but the message comes out as white noise, You can be loud but can only hear few audible words; You can have full coverage but fail to transmit; You will have many kadres but few principled members; You can have skilled paid army but not an army willing to risk its life

    Energy is a limited value, it runs out. It is only natural and a cycle of life. Members are chocking on their own self-preservation scheme, comfort, luxury. There is no passion, not any quantifiable love for the nation or the country. The symptoms are easy to see

    The country needs injection of raw energy. Who is bursting with life energy? The young. Not the 40 something “I am young” joke. The country needs 18-26 years full of energy, passionate players in the field .Give them nice name like ታዳጊ ሰራዊት, or the young Savior army or save Ethiopia army.., they can set example from cleaning the city to organizing festivals, more of have civic feel than political feel. To be the member of this ሰራዊት, you don’t need to be the member of the party, make the requirement as anyone who love their county and want to make their own impact for the nation can be enough. It doesn’t need to be a political army, it can be civic army that suggests and guides society to stability and peace.

  17. Chanblala says:

    Killing is not answer for everything. Hailemariyam said what he been told, I feel sorry for this guy. How long they treat him like this? If I was him,I rather go back wolayta zone leader than the PM position. Some one should tell him to give up his position to the one behind him that told him what to do. I would like to see some one from TPLF hold that position just because that’s were the true power held. Any way Ethiopia will never be same again after woyanne departed,

  18. samora says:

    take yemayadagim eremeja onto your temebara eyeni bemejemeria

  19. bikila says:

    you are in the right truck our PM. god blees you. you are strong to control those who are corrupters. just mobilaize the people and attck. we are foolw your government no shall come more than EPRDF. long live to eEPRDF.

  20. dergu temelese says:

    ሪፖርተር + አውራ አምባ ታይምስ = ህወሀት
    ሁለቱም የፕሪንት ሚዲያዎች በነጻ ሚዲያ ስም የቁርጥ ቀን የህወሀት ልሳን ሆነው ያገለግላሉ፡፡

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