US Sends Elite Disaster Experts to Ethiopia to Tackle Drought


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11 Responses

  1. solomon says:

    Banda’s banda Tesfalhulum were are you ? Are you happy and congratulations Ethiopia are hungry.
    Banda shabia ketrgna Tesfalhulum ,this is very good for your poltices.
    and bend down to your banda essays boss.
    Death to banda essays!
    Death to banda’s banda Brehnu nega essays listro.
    death to banda’s banda Tesfabiss Tesfalhulum.

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      Yes, hungry again…and begging for a western mercy as usual….where’s the 12% fake growth you were singing ??…All this is the outcome of your late pseudo-visionary leader failed strategy and weyane’s incompetency. Bunch of failures and MORONS!!! A few months ago your bosses were bragging on the media that the famine is under control. Now the truth prevails. The 24 hours propaganda of pro-weyane medias outlets as you see is hollow and nothing more than cheap propaganda. You and your bosses steal millions of dollars while the majority of fellow citizines languish in chronic poverty and famine.
      Solomon (korokonda cadre), you support the regime because of your ethnicity. No more no less! But remember country comes first. You better stand with the people before it is too late. Learn some lessons from people like Abraha Desta. Otherwise, you will bear the consequence of your action like your LEBA, NEFSE GEDAYE & ZEREGA bosses at 4 kilo!!!
      God bles Ethiopia!!!

      • Solomon says:

        Shabia Telalake Banda Tsflehulem ,I don’t have a boss and you don’t even know my ethnicity
        I can tell your hate to anther really Ethiopian ethnic .
        But if I have a boss my boss are Ethiopian .
        Your boss is Banda shabia Essaya .
        And soon you and Banda Essaya will pay the consequence .
        You sell ethiopia to Banda Essayas just like Banda Minlke sold Ethiopian Tigray land to Italian .
        Are you happy ? I am sure you happy .
        No matter long live Ethiopia.
        Death to Neftgna hodam .death to your boss esayass ,
        I know you cry when we (Ethiopian )say death to Banda Essayass .

  2. us for us with us says:

    It is easier, cheaper and successfully to control and destroy a country with peaceful approaches pretending as NGOs, Media, Journalists, Charities, volunteers, friends, allies and aid providers than waging wars the way it is going on including these days in the ME. What we have been through for years including recently in some Oromo region is not really happened by accident with home born and grown brains behind but totally planned and orchestrated by foreign conspiracies they are working on it for years and will continue doing so if Hilary is taking the office as she is already selected by the evil elites/criminal establishments and Trump is stopped.

    So, these could be another opportunity they are using to be there and reach all over the country including beyond with drought affected areas despite Ethiopia is capable of doing the jobs by herself if they give her just the resources from their heart and positive mind without attachment to worsen the existing problems and create the new ones. We know them who they are, what they do and how they do for real than they think of about us for anything.

    “US Sends Elite Disaster Experts to Ethiopia to Tackle Drought”

    Are you sure they are who they are and they are coming to do the jobs for real?

    This is drought caused by El Niño which is a natural phenomenon. What kind experience do have these so called elite disaster experts caused by drought? They have no skill or experience at all to make them being called elite related to drought.

    Does Ethiopia need any foreign Disaster expert like them to tackle the drought? No. She doesn’t need foreign personnel but resources she can manage and administrate it the perfect and workable ways by herself for her own people benefits she do care and know to the very details about them. If Ethiopia needs any foreign so called elite Disaster management for anything including caused by Drought, she needs to have them from the great China.

    China is the greatest nation on earth has lots of experiences tackling disasters caused by drought, earthquake, wars and so on for thousands years. China has the easiest, quickest and cheapest best solutions for any human tragedies/difficulties than anyone else.

    So, we can conclude here by saying this is another trick they are using difficulties, weaknesses, shortages, sicknesses, poverty and so on as best opportunities to be there and act as if they are the only best closer to God if not God himself and the rest must accept and treat them that way.

    Ethiopia needs no one from their types to tackle the difficulties she is facing with any kind including drought but real experts/scholars that are free from their government/embassies and racist and greedy imperialists Global agenda to affect/destroy her being there in the name of helping and solving the problems while we know their main intention to be there and the results they are causing in the end.

    Why don’t just give the resources (these so called experts are going to use with plenty and luxury acting as Gods in the middle of poor and skinny citizens they have nothing in common with, know nothing about and have no respect or feeling whatever towards them) to the best and citizen serving responsible Ethiopian government to use it for own people with own knowledge that is working perfectly because of they know it from inside out including the causes and solutions.

    The government and people do lack no knowledge, skills, experiences or willingness but resources. If they have resources without any foreign condition attachment with it to complicate their jobs and worsen the situation, we can see the solution taking positive effects right away.

    So, give the resources in full you are publicly announced to the most beloved, respected, trusted, admired and responsible government on earth which is the Ethiopian government without any attachment with it to influence or interfering in internal matters that is the governments’ jobs and responsibilities as others do in their countries including USA and the Tiny England. If you do that which is unlikely, you would be seen the first time ever as the best and genuine foreign ally and friend with more respect, appreciation and admiration towards you. Your so called elites are just…., and you know now if you think we don’t know about everything going on behind it from your side.

    Tropical rain is raining everywhere in Ethiopia for weeks and it will rain more and more till October as the rainy season is approaching. So, bless, trust and have all faiths on the God’s gift which is rain than the GM products coming in the name of so called aid from the west.

    In 2008-9/2016 will rain in Ethiopia more than 40% rainfalls than the average or 70% more than it was in 2007-8/2015. So, we need to be well prepared before hand for flood management while using these blessing for development activities through highly water management skills including filling the dams. Tell about this good news to Egypt and Sudan because of we are using the Ethiopian water together.

    Egypt contributing recently one million dollar for the Ethiopian drought victims is historical and needs to be appreciated. This has to be the real start for the long and useful working and benefiting together while tackling human made or natural difficulties together in Ethiopia as well as in Egypt. Good relationship with our brothers in Sudan, Egypt and others along side with China and the likes worth million times God and forever diamond that having any made up or fake elite pretending tackling drought no one knows better than Ethiopian themselves.

    God bless the Ethiopian people and government. The Ethiopian government is the best started from its head which is PM Hailemariam Desalegn. We must take always full responsibilities and own total rights for everything related to us and our country. Safety and Security are above everything must be always protected and guaranteed with 100% certainties.

    Death to BBC and the entire English language western corporate Medias that are suffering from deadly cancer that is weakening and diminishing them every day from international arenas . For sure, they will be gone soon together with the evil so called journalists (spay agents) most of them are the Jews/Zionists who love to talk all none stop lies after lies about others causing lots of damages with propaganda wars while hates and fights back when someone talks the truth about them.

  3. ethoash says:

    to Tackle Drought

    we should mimicking nature

    we should plant grass as first defence with in 3 month the grass matured and start protecting the top soil

    then we should plant tree native tree fruit tree and so one

    we should stop using firewood for cooking start using biogas we have million of cattle to start biogas cottage industry

    stop using or reduced using artificial fertilizer and start using natural fertilizer

    and so on

  4. Yirgu Wolde says:

    In USA Immigrants from Ethiopia are being encouraged to apply for housing choice voucher program between 3/7/16 and 3/9/16 at the following link . IT TAKES LESS THAN 5 MINUTES TO APPLY.


    Currently most immigrants in USA are being forced to choose between paying rent or buying food , since they cannot afford to do both. Let us get a stable housing by taking advantage of this chance.Spread the word .

  5. us for us with us says:

    President D.J Trump is coming and we are eagerly very much welcoming him.

    If/when he is elected by the people and the people choice is respected, Trump will be the first US president ever doing the presidential jobs based on the election promises since the Great person and president JFK. As an African, Ethiopian and Black person with brain, I prefer any republican president and administration than anyone in the name of the Democratic Party.

    Regan gave amnesty to millions of immigrants. Regan appointed blacks in to the highest positions. Bush senior appointed blacks to be part of his cabinet including General Colin Powell as chief of Staff to the US military. Then Clinton came with almost 100% blacks’ votes thinking he would be better than others in the Republican Party. But it was a big mistake. He is the one introduced the mass incarnation bills where blacks became today 53% of the USA millions of prison population despite they are about 21% of the population(Black Americans=African Americans-slave originated + black immigrants ).

    Because of the Clinton rules in the 1990s, black Americans family life tradition is destroyed and they became like the lawless and lost citizens. Bush senior started and Clinton fully implemented the destroyer, killer and disaster Neo Liberal capitalism system in the name of free trade and Globalization that is destroying the world from all fronts happening till this hour. Few became on the top of the mass.

    Neo liberal capitalism is making the Jew/Zionists that are about 2% of USA citizens able to control everything good with high position, lots of institutions, NGOs, Lobby groups, law firms, wall streets, financial activities, lucrative businesses, corporate Medias, huge wealth and so on. They are the ones spreading the false, wrong and criminal idea of Globalization, privatization and free trade in order they be able to control, rule and ruin the world as they are in USA, UK, France and so on together with few white criminal elites serving them for leftovers.

    Bush junior from the Republican Party is million times a better president than anyone from the Democratic Party except JFK. Bush junior appointed blacks the first time in the white house including as chief of staff, two foreign ministers and so on. Bush junior came to Ethiopia for visit twice as president and civilian behaving truly showing he had some respect towards us and our own things…. including his wife. He was the one started a good relationship with Ethiopia based on respect and understanding appointing the first black American and also Japanese American ambassadors in Ethiopia and they did the best ambassador jobs.

    Then Obama came with lots of promises and also expectation not only in USA but also all over the world. He as a person without politics is a nice one. But as politician? O boy. Those snakes, rats, evils, pigs and hyenas brought him to power to use him for their project not only in USA but also all over the world. They are treating him as if he is their CEO they can hire or fire him as they wish. We can feel and understand his position as a black person surrounded by these evils thinking they are the deciders about what is going on in the world and have the power to own or destroy it which is they are doing very aggressively and actively since Obama using him as a cover for their evil agendas, plans and crimes.

    We know who are those surrounding him in order to use him for their evil agendas, plans and benefits. Among the others, they used him to destroy the Middle East they have been planning about for 70 years in order to impalement the 1982 plan which is greater Israel from the Nile-Euphrates. Egypt needs to worry very much about and well prepare for it rather than none stop suffering from a nightmare about the none existing situation/problem related to the Nile in Ethiopia. Ethiopia will continue giving her uninterrupted more free Nile water and clean energy for generations to come when the dam is built and starts the clean and clear service to the three nations.

    If Hilary becomes USA president, then her presidency will not be about the USA citizens but those using Obama to fulfill their final chapter they are having in the world using her totally and completely which is not happened with Obama as he is sometimes resisting and rejecting them ( despite they are surrounding him behaving as enemies while giving him the feeling he is helpless less and has to kneel down under their Satanic plan, agenda and activities) including invading Syria and so on. But, with Hilary, she will be the main part of them; among the main brains and fire starters.
    And their next agenda is not secret but openly and aggressively destroying Africa the ways they are doing in the Middle East in order to declare they are the NWO leaders and deciders while the mass have to be like herd of animals they own it as private property and can do anything they want against it.

    Using the natural disaster like El Nino for political, racial, economic and social agenda they are having in Africa and against all black people targeting nations like Ethiopia that has own strong administration with thousands years of existence and experience is part of their plan and agenda they are having. Their main goal is killing patriotism and nationalism by targeting the youth in order to get the nation without anyone that has feelings and unconditional relationship for the nation and citizens. Creating conflicts based on religion, race, Ethnicity and so on is their main strategy to destroy unity, security, patriotism and nationalism in order to get that nation without strong and united citizen to challenge and stop them.

    This is one of the main reasons why the Zionists/Jews creations and operations in the name of NGO, Think Thanks, Institutions, Charities, aid agencies, HRW, CPJ, peace core, volunteers, investors and you name it are busy with none stop attacks, wars, humiliations, lies, misinformation, distorting facts, denying realities, fictional stories and so on against our country with goal to destroy her and the citizens in order to get her weak and to rebuild her based on their evil agenda and plan for their own benefits. The Zionists/Jews and English establishment corporate Medias including BBC and the criminal so called journalists (almost all of them are the Zionists/Jews) behavior against Ethiopia for decades is part of it.

    We are hoping and also confidence, president D.J. Trump presidency will concentrate first and foremost in USA and region while leaving the rest of the world alone including Ethiopia. Brainless Blacks must get some brain and this time they need to vote for trump in order to save themselves and Africa, too rather than continuing behaving as brainless slaves serving the master that owns them as private property as they are doing with the Clintons. If trump is not elected, USA will burn by itself as other nations have been burning for decades because of the evil USA so called politicians from both sides mainly Democrats. There are more than 350 million guns including military stiles in the USA citizens’ hands. If things started once, there will be no force to stop it. Those have everything need to worry about not the mass that have lost everything and nothing left to lose if/when things gets nasty there because of the evil elites and establishments not respecting the people wish and choice they have with Trump and also Sanders as next president.

    Trump is the only one able to stop the Zionists/Jews and English establishment crimes against humanity and nature going on for centuries and the worst has to come yet, if Hilary is appointed in the name of she has been elected by the people despite she is already selected, trained and prepared by the few since few years back. . Africa is their next main target and will be destroyed under her administration where the Zionist/Jews will be totally ruling the white house in her name as they are doing with Obama with some limitation because of he is trying his best fighting them back although unsuccessfully.

    These so called elites for drought disaster…. are one of the many tricks they are using them as forces to be there on teh ground for their agenda and plan, not for the things they are saying publicly about. Their main goal is to magnify and none stop propaganda war talks about it than it is for real in order to damage the nation image and undermine her citizens as they are none stop busy with for decades mainly since 1974/1984. Instead of talking about the truth saying “it is now raining and the rainy season is approaching and the situation will get better although the people do continue seeking assistances until the next harvest”, these so called elites are spreading lies about saying “it is getting worst in the coming months..,…” KKKKK.

    Lets these evils go to hell. Never trust, relay or believe them for anything as it is the case with others related to them, too. They are not coming or will never come for good reasons but always for bad, negative and disaster ones to worsen the existing situation while creating the new and worst ones while pretending differently playing the dump black brains that is still unable to say enough is enough and doing its human jobs by itself behaving as humans do in the 21 century. This is the way how their brain thinks, heart feels and hand works towards us.

    Welcome Trump to save not only USA but also the world from these evils that are controlling the world wealth and population. 62 richest criminals wealth is more than the 3 billion world poor population wealth in combined. Yet, they are telling how it is working the best their system and the rest of the world has to accept it in the name of Liberal democracy which is in reality liberal capitalism eating and destroying everyone and everything from all sides being in the middle without having clean cut about own true identity and sides. Death to the Zionists/Jews and English establishment criminal agendas, damaging influences and centuries old conspiracies, lootings, exploitations, humiliations, discriminations, racism, wars, killing and destructions.

    Ethiopia needs herself not these….. Lets them go to hell and leave us alone to deal with our situation by ourselves while working together with the best nations like china. We don’t need these…. to use us for propaganda wars against our nation based on their agenda and plan. What kind experience and knowledge do they have for drought presentation? Nothing. They are not what they are saying they are but we know who they are and why they are here. We have to protect ourselves including our dignities. We must not allow the racists to discriminate, hurt and use us in our own country based on their agenda, plan and benefit. It is enough what they are doing against us in their countries. Blacks must get some brain to act as humans do at least in their own countries and continent.

    **They entered to central and south America in the name of fighting against drug traffickers.
    The result?
    Ever since Latin America became the headquarter of the drug cartels, main production, processing and exporting block. Thousands are dying/killed in the region every day related to drugs the situation exacerbated ever since USA entered there in the name of fighting it. The situation in USA related to drugs also became life in hell to millions USA citizens and the main reason why Millions Blacks are languishing in the USA privately owned corporate prison system created by B. Clinton.

    ***They entered in Pakistan to fight communism in Afghanistan. They created mujahidin with Arabs, Afghans, central Asians and Pakistanis fanatics and brainless religion animals financing it with the wahabbi Arab dictators oil money including the absolute dictator Saudi Arabia the west is still in love with and protecting it while accusing and affecting other nations because of they are not conducting the perfect democracy process that serves the USA and west interest instead of own citizens.
    The result?
    The mother of all terrorists they created i.e. mujahidin gave birth to Al Qaida, Taliban and so on and is getting many grand children every day like IS, Al nusra, Al shebab, boko haram and many more. Not only Afghanistan but also Pakistan became in reality failed states as a result which is USA involvement back then pretending to help and benefit them.

    *** They entered in Haiti in the name of helping them during the earthquake.
    The result? We know what is going on there from day one their arrivals and the situation to the Haitian people becomes from bad to worst despite lots of pledges and promises from the international communities.

    *** They entered to the ME to fight against the Sunni/wahabbi Islamic terrorism they have created to use them against others.
    The result?
    Many stable and rich nations became failed states and tens of millions of displacements and refuges with losses of millions human lives and destruction of trillions of wealth. And there is no end to feel even from a very far distance but will get worst including against other nations; this time the wahabbi Dictators that are part of the problems working together with the USA and England agenda and plan to destroy the region including Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

    ***They entered to Liberia, Sierra Leone and guinea in the name of fighting the microscopic Ebola virus with thanks, war planes, bombs, mines and guns sending thousands of military forces while nations like Cuba did sent 300 medical personnel including hundreds of doctors.
    The result?
    USA in Liberia, English Establishment (Not UK) in Sierra Leone and France in Guinea are now having military bases and presence behaving as colonizers/occupiers after using the tiny Ebola virus to come in.

    This is what is going on in Ethiopia right now using drought as a reason despite Ethiopians are million times capable, ready and effective to do the jobs by themselves if they got the resources they are needing. Their presence will solve nothing but worsen the existing one and create the new ones as their true nature and history is telling us about their presence in other countries in the name of…..
    That is why we are asking the government to expel the so called NGOs including Oxfam and Save the children which is the English establishment plan and agenda tools knowing they are there to worsen the situation and create the new and damaging ones they are busy with while doing everything to prolong their presence as long as it takes by worsening the situation and conducting none stop propaganda media wars as they used to presenting the situation worse than it is in reality and it needs their help. KKKKKKK.

    However, Ethiopia is different and they will not succeed in the long run (despite they don’t think that way because of they think they know us down to the ground associating us with dirt, dust and trash while in reality they know nothing about us how we do behave and act when we say enough is enough and decide to …..) what they are planning and keeping it in secret while working on it pretending differently and camouflaging behind anything else sounds good and positive playing tricks with the stupid blacks worthless brain that is unable to be for itself including in the 21-century very much different world which is the best for everyone that is smart, brave, wise, strong and hard working.

    D.J. Trump is the answer for many things in USA and all over the world to minimize or stop these evils that are causing every bad thing with no respect, remorse and with impunity feeling they have the absolute rights and are powerful to do so without any challenge from anyone.

  6. “The worst impacts of this drought still lie ahead,” USAID said in a statement. “The scale and severity of this crisis is expected to far outstrip available resources.”

    • Kitcho says:

      Naturally, then Tigre will go around begging for AIDS and at the same time loot the country blindly, as their midget Melese did, who managed to deposit the ill gotten money in foreign bank. Of course, if any ethnic groups stand in their way to stop them from looting, naturally, they will be eliminated, as they have done it before.
      Seems, these agamie forgot that their land being infertile and bone dry, they use to be hit with famine. But now, not only they are feeding their people as the expense of other ethnic groups, they have managed to create millionaires than the rest of Africa

  7. bikila says:

    thanks for the government of USA. US helps more aid for the drought of our country. but bandas are saying many things please by this drought affects your family so how can you saying US stop to support Ethiopia? sorry are you Ethiopians? but you born but not support the country. sorry politics is not food for the people so remember from wher you are from?

  8. Dave says:

    The current Ethiopian government’s questions remind me of an Ethiopian individual that used to hang around infront of Ethiopian restaurants in a city within USA asking other people to pay for his food while he got a pocket full of cash.

    In USA Clinton is considered the wealthiest living president and among the top-10 all-time wealthiest, with the Clintons’ combined net worth at about $55 million, according to the website 24/7 Wall Street, which started evaluating the net worth of presidents in 2010. On the other hand Ms. Azeb Mesfin and TPLF officials are worth more than 55 billion dollars. The current Ethiopian leader need to direct his request for food aid to the government officials people from Tigray region not to foreign countries.

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