The HIV/AIDS Pandemic Re-emerging in Ethiopia, says minister Redwan Hussien (Video)


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5 Responses

  1. Optimus says:

    In my opinion, the reemergence of HIV aids has been on the verge of at catastrophic level, due to the high consumption of alcohol, elicit drugs being available in Bole zones and other Addis Abeba’s red light zone districts, as well as prostitutes roaming the city’s after hour bars and soliciting sex.
    First and for most, the authorities must and should step up majors that will outlaw prostitution and solicitation of sex by the street girls and prostitutes, arrest those who are looking to have sex with prostitutes and street girls, give explicit HIV aids education to the public at large, via public media outlets and so forth.
    Even though authorities may not say it out loud, it’s as a matter of fact, that enemies alike are creating mechanisms and ways of methods in transmitting HIV aids, in to societies to eventually weaken and decapitation of nations, societies as well as countries, and therefore government like ours, should be vigilant, to protect our nation, society, young men and women. HIV aids is a matter of national security. The fact is that, HIV aids has been created as a weapon of mass destruction directed at the so called ” third world countries”, until the whole scenario of the implementation of HIV aids turned around in to unexpectedly different directions, either by virtues of luck or act of God.
    It is not always that, the governments of countries that must be vigilant to protect the public and the nation, the public at large must, should be at the highest level of alert, vigilance and fully cooperate with the authorities.

  2. us for us with us says:

    One or few useful members of the society are the ones playing the overall deciding/game changing roles in the country and society at large. Good leader(s) and useful members of the citizens are the ones shaping the nation for the benefits of all.

    But this happens only when they use tirelessly and effectively their rights as citizens, good knowledge, skills and gifts for the good of the nation. This also happens only when they become totally free from any foreign conspiracy that is trying to buy, influence and use them for bad foreign /Globalists agenda and plan in the country brainwashing their low level IQ dumb head, corrupting them with dirty money attacking through their weaknesses that make them less than human look like by nature(as most blacks look like that way) or/and bribing them to get their dirty feet in the country and criminal hands in our society and economy in the name of assistance, aid, (bad)investment and ……

    Ato Redwan is one of the few knowledgeable, patriotic, hard working and confident leaders we have and he is very much trusted, admired and can deliver the jobs the best ways in any position he is taking the responsibilities of an ancient country with 100 million people. He was the best information minister we ever had for the last 25 years.

    Ato Hailemariam Desalegn is another one with useful knowledge, has unlimited respect towards his people, very much eager and determine to deliver results, is clean from any dirty activities using and abusing the office against the interest of the nation and citizens as we are expecting and also know about some in the highest positions that are acting as if they are foreign agents (English establishment and USA that are run and owned by the greedy Globalists, disrespectful and dangerous Zionists/Jews).

    we could have unlimited trust PM Hailemariam while relaying on him if those few dangerous, dirty and brainless around him are stopped influencing him with the decisions affecting the country for the interest of the evil Globalists that are acting as vultures and looking/treating our country as defenseless, weak and dead animal with meat while planning and preparing to eat her to the bone and affect the society in many ways including destroying the human/Ethiopian values, norms, patriotism, Ethiopian own things and so on.
    Those few domestic criminals that are acting as agents as if they do have secret agreements with leftover for serving the foreign interests must be identified and stopped as we know they are there in the decision making and highest positions. .

    The Ethiopian foreign ministry needs to serve 100% the nation interest and future. If not it needs to be closed. Viva to china while go to hell the long standing and leading obstacles, trouble makers, wars, destructions, poverty and sources of all damages, killings and difficulties we have been through which is the tiny English criminal establishment through the influence of so called development assistance, aid, lies, terrorism, manipulation, corruption, bribe, brainwashing and so on while using the criminal medias like BBC and others to damage our nation in many ways. As long as they are around the way they are because of some so called officials are serving them, things will get worst not better.

    They(foreigners-English, USA -west) are saying “we have our man(men)” referring those secret agents serving them with leftover rewards while taking responsibilities to lead their nation the best ways as much as they could behaving the perfect human being in human standards starting with foreign relations.

    They (bas foreigners-not china and her look likes) are the reason way we are continuing facing difficulties, shortages, divisions and so on. Avoid them by targeting first those serving them while sitting in the high positions secretly serving/working for foreign agenda and plan including granting them bad contracts, visas, allowing them to implement damaging activities and bad polices, giving permissions to do anything they want in the country reaching all over the places and meeting anyone they want and so on. .

    Good Job the great Redwan. The worthless Ethiopian Medias including those shits so called private Medias need to get some brain and start serving the nation talking, warning and teaching about the real issues in order to solve them by our won efforts and capacities including HIV/AIDS.

    To stop the spread of hiv/aids you need no any foreign organization or individual but you can do it easily, quickly and effectively by yourself. You need no the English establishment/Zionists types of foreign assistance, investment/investors (that are coming with dirty cash they are looting and stealing from all over the world by millions every day) to do the nation jobs that are there waiting to be done.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need to create jobs but doing the jobs that are there created naturally and waiting for hundreds years to be done. Creating new jobs is not for the Ethiopia current situation but the so called west that is already finished working the nation existed/natural/essential jobs and since decades it needs to create new jobs (some of them are unnecessary and worthless just to keep the society getting busy while others are the best money making tools to the few criminals on the top that are the criminal Globalists) in order to give jobs for the citizens.

    Good Job the great Redwan. You need no money or foreign assistance to fight against poverty, backwardness, and diseases like hiv/aids but the nation can do it by herself talking and teaching about and moving the citizens in the right directions. This is what Ato Redwan is doing. Nothing is too late. You have to continue doing so on daily basis until everyone gets it and the alarming situation is solved.

  3. Mekdes says:

    EPRDF members you have to be careful especially, from Eritreans and G7 members they are talking to infect you by HIV; because they couldn’t win you politically and militarily. I am serious you got be careful, because their plan is this. You don’t have to be in their trap. Ethiopian s wake up and you got to be serious in your see life. They are trapping who are married. EPRDF MEMBERS ESPECIALLY, OROMO AND AFAR, YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL. WE NEED YOU FOR THE FUTURE OF ETHIOPIA. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK IN THEIR MIND, THEY WILL DO ANY THINGS TO MAKE ETHIOPIA DOWN. ETHIOPIA’S BRIGHT FUTURE DEPENDS ON YOU.

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