Opening Ceremonies Kick off All Ethiopian Games in Hawassa (in Pictures)


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9 Responses

  1. Solomon says:

    Banda’s banda shabia (riferaf) Tesflhulm ,were are you now,?how do you like Ethiopian having so good time.
    This isn’t your boss banda shabia Italian cock sucker essayass,
    I know you like to see Ethiopia safer,
    Because you are an evilsh mind,just like your boss banda essays.
    I know Ethiopian have a lot of prablemes including the drought,
    Death to banda essayass sooner!
    Death to banda’s banda Tesflhulm!
    Death to shabia kitergna banda Brhanu nega!
    Looong liiiiive Ethiopia!

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      Alekocheh bande bekul bekolo yelemenalu ….bande bekul million birr yebetenalu….can you see the twist? I bet more than 300 million birr spent for this DISCO in a country where human-right is grossly violated, poverity is chronic, and the regime fills most of its budget deficit from foreign aid. Do you know why weyane and its puppets like such a lavish party and show? It’s for a cheap propaganda consumption and it is also an easy way to steal money. Many corrupt officials makes millions. Who will audit them?? NO ONE. It is like EFFORT money. It will never be audited but it is blood money stolen from the poor’s mouth. This money is the tax payer citizines money hijacked by LEBA, ZEREGA & NEFSE GEDAY weyane!

      God bles Ethiopia!

      • Solomon says:

        At least Ethiopian government have been doing everything in it’s power to feed it’s people.
        But banda minlke and little miget h/Selassie hide Ethiopian droughts .
        And your boss banda essays hiding Eritrean hungry people because your boss banda shabie essays care about his image than his banda people.

      • Solomon says:

        Banda shabie telalak kitergna Tesfalhulum.

  2. us for us with us says:

    Simply saying “It is perfect”.

    The Ethiopian territory is more than 9 times England or Germany, Italy, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland), Ireland, Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg), Switzerland, Australia, Slovakia and Hungary in combined. Ethiopia is much bigger than Nigeria (175 million people), Pakistan (200 million), Egypt (the same us Ethiopia while 95% Egypt’s territory is empty and deadly desert), and so on in terms of territory while have the best locations and rich with natural gifts including abandoned fresh water, mineral rich fertile soil and the best weather throughout the year that needs no radiator to warm or air conditioning to cool it but naturally done perfectly.

    This means Ethiopia has a capacity, ability and huge potential to facilitate its population the best ways if/when the citizens are doing the 21-century human activities by themselves quickly and wisely responding the dramatic changes in the world where china and the likes from the east including India are taking the lead to shape the future of humanity and earth.

    Ethiopians must wake up, widely open their eyes, get some homemade brain, get free from the English types of none stop influence, interference and brainwashing us for decades including using their shit school materials that are working for them and written by them based on who they are and what they want and achieve at home and abroad. Ethiopians must understand who they are and they are the only ones making their situation better by getting totally free from any bad foreign interference and influence coming from the west mainly England and USA that are working together. Ethiopians must free their mind from the idea of getting/begging free foreign aid while living in their God given nation. Instead they need to get organized, always getting busy doing the right things effectively and on time and in general the citizens need to get new brain that makes them able to have totally in charge in own country and citizens matters in order to deliver the best jobs with useful and adequate results for the sake of the common good in our own home Ethiopia where all of us equally belong to.

    Ethiopians need no one to tell them how they and their country been selectively targeted by the western institutions and Organizations including in the name of media such as Evil BBC none stop and intentionally tarnishing the country image and undermining the citizens for decades. Not because of our situation was/is worse than others but they know Ethiopia is the only African nation they didn’t totally destroyed her by destroying the society including its culture, tradition, values, religions and so on as they did to the rest of the world including all African nations. In order to do that, they are none stop tarnishing the country image and trying to undermining the citizens; thinking the Ethiopian people will lose it brain and direction in own country and they will get the things they are planning for centuries just like that.

    If they still are thinking this way, they are mistaken. We know who they are, what they do, why they do and when and where they do. The evil Zionists/Jews and English establishments from England, USA, France, Canada, Australia and South Africa are behind all… we have been through using our weaknesses, ignorance and stupidity as best opportunities to attack and affect us. As long as they are keeping coming in the country in the name of media and journalism, aid agencies, NGO and so on while we know they are not, they will continue without interruption tarnishing our country image and undermining us.

    Ethiopians must confront and stop affecting us these evil criminals; not welcoming them, co-operating with them or treating them the way it is going on while they are there purely for satanic activities to affect us. There is nothing but all bad and negative contribution the so called western Medias and the criminal journalists are doing in Ethiopia starting from BBC, Guardian, Reuters, Bloomberg and you name it almost all of them do own and run by the Zionists/Jews together with the English establishments.

    This an all Ethiopian game is one of the answers our enemies must understand about the true nature of Ethiopians. Ethiopians might get some quarrel among each other within Ethiopia as it is happening between the same families, too. But when it comes to their common home/country and their relations among each other within the country, no bad foreigner is able to make them hurting each other that would affect all of them in the end while the foreign enemy will benefit from. The 120 years old Adwa is the greatest example how Ethiopians are always getting united and become as one determine and strong force to fight their common enemy and keep their common country free, independent and 100% belonging to all Ethiopians.

    Nice picture. Awramba deserve appreciation and respect for its job concentrating in Ethiopia with/by Ethiopians which is what matters. If/when we do our jobs in our country the best ways, we need no one from abroad mainly the bad ones to undermine or tell us what to do or not in our country but working and benefiting together with the china types. We have to behave as the true ancient human beings do having own ancient alphabets, languages, culture, tradition, history, values, norms and everything good we have with 3500 years recorded history.

    Ethiopians must stop mirroring/ comparing themselves with other nations that are created by the colonizers 50 and 60 years ago and never ever been as independent nations before and had nothing to identify themselves as human beings there before they have been enslaved and colonized and that made them lose everything including who they are as human beings individually and communities together.

    Ethiopians must mirror themselves and compete with ancient nations like china, India, Iran, Japan, Italy, Greek, Egypt (although 70% Egyptians today are not native Egyptians), and so on; and they must do their jobs to be like these ancient nations. Only our attitude, knowledge and good jobs are shaping our nation’s future; not bad foreigners that are working hard to keep us weak, ignorant and dependent on them in the name of aid,…. which is the best weapon they are using to influence and interfere in internal matters.

    Never forget; Ethiopia is 9 times of the tiny England that is at the northern corner of the earth suffering from the life time none stop punishment through cold, fog, cloud that is not getting away after raining, bad environment, too many people(56 million and rapidly growing in a tiny country) and so on. So, let this tiny island go to hell and finally leave us alone after 150 years of none stop attacks and hurting including blocking our ancient country from the sea since in 1993 because of the case started by her 100+ years ago.

  3. bikila says:

    we are going in the right place. you are looking the stadium of hawassa not eurpe so what you want above this? we reached also others tomorrow . please all bandas that fallows the son of isayas the so called brhanu nega . be taker we are in a good progress our government going be fast. death for all banda!!!! and birhanu nega!!!!

  4. robbel says:

    as for us with us,

    according to your comments,size matters.England is smaller than Ethiopia but in a different world of its own when compared to your Ethiopia and Ethiopians of your like.
    I have met some intelligent Ethiopians who are the victims of their own brothers.your problems are home grown not the work of the proverbial white man.

  5. AAA says:

    Us 4 us
    I really like your comment. P/s let be Seaview list let’s comment on the Eash met on the drive, all on the person who gave the Comebt. Insulting the person it doesn’t mean anything.for thmater of fact it shows us how much we are Matured enough politically,economically,academically
    Let us be on the issue.

  6. ABEBAW YILMA says:

    mr. us for us with us,
    please do not blame the west for you problem do what you need to do to build your country. if any problem raises within the country there is only to blame your government who thinks won 100% election which is unheard of so change comes from inside not from outside you better push your leaders to democratize and help them out of the ocean of corruption.
    thank you and god bless Ethiopia and its people

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