Kebri-dehar: From a Military Base to a hub for institutions of higher education (Ahmed Deeq Hussein)


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5 Responses

  1. Aden shine says:

    Thanks bro Ahmed Deeq for your brief and detail on historical background challenges we face and our current progress and achievements in your article

  2. Nimaan Hamarrie says:

    It is in fact a vivid description of the evolution of Q/Dahar from millitary base into a host city for higher learning institution!bravo,dear Ahmed ,well done.I look forward to your more informative articles soon.

  3. jambo desta says:

    All the acievements obtained in the Ethiopian Somali region were a result of peace & security . Let’s increase our effort to sustain this condition & obtain another additional great successes & achievements . Thank U Mr. Ahmed Deeq Hussien for your brief & detail analysis .
    jambo desta from Tigray

  4. Gideon says:

    It is as a matter of fact that, patient is a virtue in most cases. With that being said, Ethiopia is most definitely one growing country, in all aspects of growth. However, we Ethiopians must learn how to appreciate and cherish our achievements and go fore the stars, not demoralize ourselves, fight at one another, and destroy what we have built. Do not allow our enemies to come in between us and make us fight, UNITED WE ARE, WE WIN, DIVIDED WE ARE, WE LOOSE, the choice is ours. Do not allow our traditional and historical enemies to tell us who we are.
    We have enemies from within and without that wants to phase out the land of Ethiopia from the map of the world and this is the fact and therefore, we must safe guard motherland Ethiopia as our forefathers did and passed her on to us, likewise, we have huge responsibilities to safe guard motherland Ethiopia and pass her on to our children.

  5. Deriba says:

    Paul O’Keeffe, a researcher at La Sapienza University of Rome, who specialises in Ethiopia’s higher education system said,
    “A lot of the time the universities are merely shells. They do not function as universities as we would expect and are poorly resourced, and in some cases shoddily built. It would seem that they are built almost as a token where the EPRDF can say to hostile regions ‘look we are doing something for you, we’ve built a university’.”

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