Mulubrhan Fisseha’s Best Music dedicated to the Fallen Heroes of TPLF


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  1. us for us with us says:

    But, this is another era facing us with other challenges as usual coming from abroad conducted by the same people.

    We have to always wake up, stand up, think wisely, get busy doing the right things the best ways, work hard and achieve results engaging in all directions matters our nation and people including security. Foreign enemies are the root causes of the bad securities including those are in the country acting peaceful but doing secretive damaging activities the only reason they are here for.

    Ethiopia needs to give the biggest priorities to her securities, military and awakening/informing the citizens about the foreign enemies’ conspiracies that are causing troubles in the country. Working closely and together with China, Russia, neighboring nations and so on including on military and security issues is becoming the must with no delay even for a second. Only force and being totally independent from them stop and defeat them. This has to be clear.

    Remember: security is above everything and must be totally and always guaranteed by Ethiopians full control, abilities and responsibilities while working together with trustworthy, useful, reliable and best ally nations like China, Russia and others and working for peace and mutual benefits with all neighboring nations that are the targets to be used, influenced and controlled by the known racists/black people enemies mainly Kenya by bribing and corrupting the leaders and brainwashing the society.

    Get over from the idea of Dergue that was gone 25 years ago even before PC, Mobile phone, Plasma TV, Internet and many others have been in the mass use. The time and situations is demanding more and worst than the dergue era caused by from foreign enemies that are destroying our society and nations including being in the country in the name of NGO, aid agencies, charities, Investors, thinks thanks, institutions, peace core and so on.

    Ethiopia needs to have the strongest and modern armies and securities of this time that matches her standards and the situations she is facing. She is capable to have those and she has and always will. 100 million Ethiopian will never ever be defeated by any foreign enemy no matter what kind forces and tricks they are using to defeat and destroy her. However, we know who are those foreign enemies, how they are operating, for what reasons and using whom? They are few and the known monsters and they will never get their way in Ethiopia but will lose the whole continent and region including the ME.

  2. Solomon says:

    I love Ethiopian all culture specialy I love tigringa .
    I think Tigray culture is one of the best if not the best culture of Ethiopian .
    Tigray 5000 -10000 years Ethiopian history ,Tigray Axumawit Ethiopia .
    But for Ethiopia to advance Ethiopian gavorment have do two things .
    1 has to help Ethiopian drought victims in ever Ethiopian corner .
    2 the most important is to destroy Banda shabia Ertirea .kiill the uglyist so called leader Banda Essayass cut his neke or cut his throat and through his neke less body on the street of Banda country Asmera .
    Make those Banda Ertirea sell their behind to the Italian and Arebs just like their for fathers.
    As long as Banda Essayass is around Ethiopia will neve be safe no matter who is on powe because Essayas don’t care who is on power rember 25 years a go ,he used to spread hate agenest Amhara because he used to think and consider Amhara as Ethiopia intest keepers .
    Now he spreading hate agenest Tigrayan because Banda Essayass believes tigrayan are Ethiopian interst keeper . Even though I don’t believe tigrayan are the only Ethiopian interst keepers.because I believe all Ethiopian are Ethiopian interst keepers.
    Banda Essayas believes the Tigrayn standing between his interst in Ethiopia and him .
    Essayass interest is to see destroyed Ethiopia .
    Long live Ethiopia !
    Death to Banda Essayass !
    Death to Banda’s Banda Brhanu !Essayass’s Listro Brhanu nega.
    Death to hodam Esat Ertirea amaharic radio.

  3. abebech says:

    I saw two pictures on this issue. One is The Fallen Heroes of TPLF showing women combatants marching. The other picture is one showing a woman doing Iskista with Haile Gebreselasie. I do not know exactly why but I kept thinking that the women combatants died for the sake of Iskista?

  4. DAGNA says:

    I never watch the video, because I am waiting to see the TPLF (Tgrian people Liberation Front) liberated Tigrai and get out of Ethiopia. Thank you Awramba times
    for swallowing the inevitable.

    Bad boy bad boy, what you gone do, waht you you gone do when they come to you. Got anti Ethiopians like TPLF an Ginbot 7

    • Solomon says:

      G7 is Banda’s Banda shabia Telalake kiteragna .
      Ms BAGNA if you love G7 you can go to banda country Ertirea and join banda Brhanu Essayass Listro .
      You must be banda Ertirea I don’t believe you are Ethiopian .
      You know who isn’t Ethiopian Banda Minlke who sold Ethiopian lands and ports to white man Italian and French .
      Tplf are the really Ethiopian who are the Childer of kings king Yohans and ras Alula .

  5. Fesseha Afewerk says:

    The T-TPLF are currently buying all the food in Ethiopia and storing it in secret warehouses so they can sell it when there is nomore food on the market. I urge all ethiopians to BOYCOTT Ethiopian Airlines not only because it is a T-TPLF controlled discriminating organization but to give a fair competing advantae for all Ethiopians from all Ethnicities to be able to buy food at a price they can afford. Nowadays the T-TPLF cash cow companies are the only ones who can pay their employees enough salaries so the employees feed their familes. None Tigrayan people are being forced to adhere to T-TPLF demand because the T-TPLF is controlling all the food, selling the food at a price only T-TPLF affiliated juntas can afford..The malnutrition in Ethiopia is at 80% of the total population right now. I am unable to teach students at Addis Ababa University College of Commerce as I did for decades because currently many students cannot focus or stay awake in classes due to the severe malnutrition they are suffering. On the other I hear from my former students that are working for T-TPLF business people that they are busy going around cornering the food market making it impossible for average middle income Ethiopian to feed it’s family..

  6. Belete Tom says:

    I wish a million TPLF soliders fall. What are TPLF for Amaras? The answer is child killer, looters at the gun point, occupier at the gun point. Do you know a hundred thousands of Amara kids with out father sine their fathers either killed or jailed by TPLF murdered. No one likes TPLF example: Eritreans, people of Oromo, and Wolkaits. Let them go to hell your fallen murderes….let a million fall. Who cares for child killers.

  7. Belete Tom says:

    TPLF you are rich with robbery at a gun point from Amara, Garage, Oromo, and Eritreans. You don’t have a business mined so that you can’t be rich eith hard work. Does it make happy the money stolen from poor farmers by land grabbing. Pease learn how to get money from hard worker Eritrean people. Stop stealing from poor farmers.

  8. habte weld(simun keyire new) says:

    dil le G7ena lhulum chikun ye ethiopia hizb enimegnalen !!!

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