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5 Responses

  1. Erta says:

    Somali region in Ethiopia can be a testament what peace can bring to a society. Thanks to Ethiopian armed forces and responsible Somali region administration, Somali people’s success story can be up lifting to other Somali ethnic in the region that are marred with political and religious conflict. Somali people has been told for a long time by some Arab surrogates that their problem was being an Ethiopia. Now, we understand that Somali peoples’ problem had been the same people who told them being an Ethiopian was a problem to exploit conflict in the region to undermine their and Ethiopia’s interest. Well done Somali region, and thank you Ahmed Deeq Hussein fort he report.

  2. Beza says:

    I will be so exited when I see such kind of development in every corner of Ethiopia. Somali region, what was 25 years ago. What is there now? Wolkait sugar factory is pain for G7 supporters, but it is the bright future of the hard working Tigreans in that region. Somalians are beneficial from this factory. The Gojam e’s will be beneficial from renaissance Dam too. Gambela will b beneficial from investors in the area.

  3. Homeless Somali from Washington DC says:

    most of the buildings in the HARAMAYA UNIVERSITY in Somali region BURNT DOWN today 4/5/16 .

    School is canceled for the rest of the year by the DEAN for safety reasons.

  4. AHMEDNUR says:

    THE DELIGHTES WILL CONTINUE. horaa loo soconayaa.

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