Ethiopia heads to the sky with drones to fight insect-borne disease (+Video)


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  1. us for us with us says:

    Italians, Spanish, France (when not run and controlled by the Zionists) and Portuguese are Latin people with very old and civilized history that changed the rest of Europe to be civilized and become the way it is. They are the sun’s accepted and embraced part of Europe together with Greek which is unlike to the rest of Europe. They are too different including naturally from the rest of so called Western Europe in many ways including their relation with the rest of the world.

    Look at Italy for instance. They invaded and badly affected Ethiopia because of the time was different and being part of the Western Europe campaign/war /colonization against the rest of the world. But when comparing Italy with others like the tiny evil England that is owned, controlled and run by the Zionists/Jews, the damage Italy did to Ethiopia is much less than what the tiny England did to every country she has been. Italy is also a country naturally close to Africa than lest say North Europe.

    Although Ethiopia has no long history of having relation with Spain (which is the best thing to do than having the Tiny England around for decades to affect us in many ways using the Zionists/Jews monopolized media, politics as far as to UN, EU and money they are looting and printing with less effort and cost than a toilet paper), the two nations can have the new and workable relationship in the future.

    The Zionists/Jews Globalization agenda and plan in Ethiopia is getting very active behaving demonic and satanic to change us in our country the ways they would be the winners in the end. The so called aid agencies, Charities, NGO, volunteers and so on from UK, USA, Benelux, Canada, Australia, Norway and so on are sending their evil look like merciless and clueless solders to attack and change our society which is to destroy what Ethiopians is in Ethiopia the way they did to all natives in Australia, the Americans and so on. They are telling, manipulating and also forcing Ethiopians including the illiterate seniors to learn English and use Latin Alphabets than using their own that is advanced and older than their shit English language form that evil dirty far away island.

    What Ethiopia needs is not the Zionists/Jews Globalization agenda tools and those acting as savage solders to change Ethiopians in Ethiopia by attacking what Ethiopians is following the footsteps they have done to all natives they have been including the aboriginals in Australia since 200 years ago. Let’s expose their evil agenda and plan against us in our own country. Let’s fight them together and stop those are in the name of NGO, Charities and Volunteers while doing nothing but to destroy what Ethiopians, Africans and black people are. They are feeling they are superiors to us and we have to accept what they have or do while ours must be destroyed and forgotten. They have no what so ever respect, sympathy, empathy or feelings towards others mainly Africans including in Africa but always about them and their agenda and plan implementing on others.

    Let welcome the new ones and work together like these Spanish ones that are doing real things and bringing practical changes dealing with the real issues affecting us in many ways. Ethiopia needs no one that is coming to change them the way they live, speak, talk, walk, dress, sing, write or whatever, but those assisting them with development activities like this Spanish one is doing. Ethiopia needs Experts and scientists in the Agriculture sector in order to develop the 21-century agriculture system in the country. Ethiopian’s problem is not what the Zionists/Jews Globalists are having in mind in our country for their agenda, but feeding herself with quality, variety and plenty on time and wisely using her huge agriculture potential which is the second biggest if not the first (after D. Congo which is too hot and low land with swamps) thanks to our best weather, abandoned fresh water, fertile soil and best landscape.

    From Europe, Ethiopia needs the Italians approach engaging with fundamental economic activities i.e. engaging with production and construction which is not the nature of the English and its look likes that are among the others monopolizing our country breweries and looting the nation with 100s of millions of dollars every year without delivering anything in return such as with employment, paying Tax, buying the huge amount of water they are using or using domestic raw materials such as barley and so on.

    They are not also ready for a knowledge transfer which is the tactic they are using to keep the population dumb in order to protect their criminal monopolizing market as long as it takes. However, beer brewing is the easiest and simplest thing to do including in the family level and if the government takes the necessary measures towards, the entire Ethiopia beer consumption can be produced by Ethiopia including in small scale levels all over the country. This is the best way to protect the most profitable branch, make these evil foreign breweries out of the market and clean them out of country in order to stop the lootings without giving anything in return. Chinese, Japanese, Italians and so on are changing Ethiopia for the best in many ways including with very important and skillful Knowledge transfers that matters to Ethiopia the most.

    What Spain is doing is the small step forward towards the right direction which is engaging with the things matters to Ethiopians which is unlike from others that are telling us to learn English in our country; a language that is not Ethiopian, African or black people. We also know how they are treating blacks in their own countries despite they are speaking the languages. So, what is the reason to tell us to learn their languages in our country as they do when anyone goes to their country? They are feeling superiors to us this level in our own country, too.

    Ethiopia needs to have China closer to her than ever before and work together all directions and at all levels. Ethiopia needs Russia, Japan, Italy and the likes closer to her than ever before. These nations can assist her in many ways practically without affecting her society in any form and way which is what the English, USA and their allies are doing in the country for years. They are busy implementing the Globalists Zionists/Jews agenda on us in our country which is destroying us and the world for their benefits. Ethiopia also needs to continue playing the biggest roles in the peace, unity and prosperity of Africa starting from the Neighbors.

    Developing agriculture up to its potential is the only choice and way Ethiopia has in order to solve all her problems related to development. The greatest Ethiopian current as well as part problem is related to the agriculture sector which is the shortage of food, drink, cloth and so on the Zionists/Jews west is using as best opportunity to affect us the way they are for decades. Our weaknesses is serving them as best strength and weapons to treat us the way they do and affect us in many ways including coming in our country pretending differently which is the rule of the game they are known and good at.

    If Ethiopia uses her agriculture potential at least its 50%, for sure she will solve all her problems and the problems of the neighbors related to the agriculture activities. if Ethiopia use her agriculture potential 100%, she can feed not only herself but also big nations like china that are losing their agriculture land for industry, and its farm land is becoming unfertile because of climate change, drought and so on.

    That is why Ethiopia and China future co operation has to concentrate on agriculture as they are doing with manufacturing, construction, energy, infrastructure, IT, education, and industry (in the near future). Ethiopia needs to have state owned huge commercial farming by hiring and working together with foreign experts and scientists such as from China, Japan, Italy and so on. The best educations system and levels is nowhere but in China, Japan and the east. Ethiopia must wake up and equip her students with the Chinese, Japanese and the likes educations systems and knowledge rather than being stupid and rotten by the racists and rotten English type of education and school material written for others that are not Ethiopians, Africans or blacks.

    Japan territory is the same us the Ethiopian highlands with hills, mountains, Gorges and valleys getting lots of rains. Japan is using the natural gifts like these for the best agriculture development activities with thousands years experiences. If Ethiopia has determined leaders with brains and people with humanity, she would not only politely ask but also kneeling down to beg Japan to work together in the agriculture sectors mainly to develop the rice framings and Honey productions.

    So, what Spain is doing is what Ethiopia needs and is the right approach which is unlike form those so called NGOs, Charities, Volunteers and so on coming from England, USA, Canada, Australia, Benelux, Even the apartheid side of south Africa to change us in our country the ways they wants us to be including telling us to learn English which is not Ethiopian, African or black people. Let’s go to hell the demons like these that are coming in the country to destroy us in many ways targeting Christians, women, girls and children. Their aim is not to do the right things based on what we need the most but to destroy us the ways they have done to all the natives they have been including the natives in Australia and the Americans.

    from Europe Italy, Spain and also Greeks are the oldest and most advanced nations with tropical agriculture and food processing including different types of fruits and vegetables Ethiopia can learn lots from which is what she needs now and the most than the real enemies that are acting as organized criminals by being in the country in the name of NGO, Charities, Volunteers, Peace corp. and so on from the far away Tiny England, USA, Canada, Australia, Benelux, Norway and so on are doing to change us in our place by destroying what is ours and what we are as Ethiopians, Africans and blacks in Ethiopia. The highland Ethiopia is targeted by them for so long and is infected by them reaching all over the places to destroy the natives in their own homes, villages and towns. Who is going to stop them, when and how?

  2. us for us with us says:

    225 MPs skipped Uhuru’s address in Parliament

    This is how looks like and works in reality the very much praised, highly appreciated and totally supported by the west western style democracy in Kenya they are forcing all Africans to adopt it.

    3 April 2016,

    “225 MPs skipped Uhuru’s address in Parliament

    Official parliamentary records show that 225 MPs either failed to register in the daily attendance list or did not show up at all.
    The list shows that there were 151 MPs and 40 Senators in the joint sitting of Parliament against a total membership of 416 of both Houses.
    Nearly half of the Senate — 27 Senators—skipped,”

    Yet these trash, stinky corrupted and criminal so called parliament members and the brainwashed, lawless and wild animal criminal citizens are talking about dictatorship against the best African leaders in Ethiopia if not the world alongside with Chinese leaders. Ethiopian leaders are the least corrupted, the most admired, wise, intelligent and part of the citizens. They are earning the lowest amount of salaries than any leader in Africa despite they are leading an ancient and big nation that was an independent nations for centuries while the rest of Africa was created from nowhere by the colonizers for the last 50 and 60 years.

    So, there is no surprised Kenya is becoming the headquarters to many African and particularly Ethiopian enemies that are looking to affect her because of they are having plan to destroy the continent by corrupting and using the trash and criminal so called leaders and representatives like in Kenya are doing. All anti Ethiopian criminals are coming through Kenya. The Zionists/Jews and English establishments are using Kenya their main base and treating as personal property to destroy Africa targeting nations like Ethiopia that are independent, strong, wise, not corrupted and doing the best for their citizens.

    They don’t want to see good example of leaderships and achievements for the common people as Ethiopia is doing for her citizens which is against the greedy and evil Globalists doctrine they have in the world for their benefits at the cost of the rest.

    There is no wonder why Uganda and Tanzania are now avoiding Kenya having any significant political or development agreements knowing how the leaders and so called members of parliament are corrupted, dishonest, incompetent, dangerous and criminals while the citizens are engaging with criminal activities and the nation in general is a lawless nation run by criminals that are badly influenced by the west.

    Kenya is the worst corrupted nation in Africa followed by Nigeria. It is the second aids infected nation in Africa after South Africa. The security situation in cities like Nairobi is one of the worst if not the worst in Africa. Villas, homes, shops, businesses and those feel rich individuals must hire well armed private securities against organized criminals and gangs.

    The point is that there is no wonder why Kenya is serving all anti Ethiopia elements those having base there or coming through including the Zionists/Jews globalists like Soros, JP Morgan, Rockefeller, NGOs, medias, so called Journalists, spay agents and so on.

    Are we going to see a country called Kenya in the coming 10-20 years if things are not totally changed there? They must stop serving the anti African none African enemies that are targeting the nations like Ethiopia in order to destroy the whole of Africa by targeting those doing well and serving their citizens equally as Ethiopia is doing.

    Do we really need a kind of democracy like in Kenya that is making the nation the way it is and the worst yet has to come in the near future? Ethiopia must no expect anything good or positive from this kind government, officials and the nation in general but doing her things by herself to guarantee the peace, security and safety of her citizens and the sovereignty of the nation. All anti Ethiopia elements mainly those from the west are located in Kenya or coming through that lawless and corrupted nation where her future hanging is on the balance.

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