VOA Spending American Tax Dollars in Fomenting Unrest in Ethiopia (Fetsum Berhane)


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40 Responses

  1. Erta says:

    It is interesting to read this kind of article from some Ethiopian commentators. Two, three years ago, I mentioned this problem in different websites that have comment sections. My point raising the issue was that VOA and DW are not serving the majority of Ethiopian people based on content. These two news medias reported more incidents that they think has a shock value to their diaspora community than educational programs to Ethiopian people at home. Based on what values these two medias bring to Ethiopian at home the Ethiopian government should have been asking the American and Germany government to revisit these medias importance to Ethiopian people and how they are relevant. I completely agree VOA has become a mouth pace of the oppositions and the Eritrean government. the radio stations has more interest in political unrest in Ethiopia than anything else while focusing on issues that can’t be resolved right away and fomenting these issues and reporting them to be the base for unrest without suggesting how to move forward in a positive way to resolve differences. Ethiopian VOA listener at home should ask themselves what are the values these two radio stations are bringing to Ethiopian people, how are we getting the best out of these medias? Besides the Ethiopian government should privatized TV and radio stations and give a lot of licenses to flood the market so that VOA AND DW can’t have a big market share in Ethiopia. Ethiopian go to VOA and DW because there are very few private media outlets that give alternative to Ethiopian listeners. Particularly radio and TV stations need to be increase in Ethiopia until the market consumers listen to one stations and leave other based on content. The Ethiopian is to be blamed to some degree for VOA and DW spoiling Ethiopia’s air waves and using these two stations to hurt Ethiopia than help it progress. In August 2014, VOA’s director for public relations, Kevin Lynch had pointed out some of the problems of VOA’s reporting.

    • Beza says:

      Ert you are right these idiots are the derg era journaliats. They have ill wish for this government. They will try anything to down the government. I have heard, they were doing the sme thing when EPRDF was struggling to overthrow the government of Mengistu. But, don’t forget VOA is not the part of American government only get fund. But the Ethiopin government should talk with the government of USA, because one way or another the board is getting money from the government. Most of them are sentenced by the government by their engagement of destruction of democracy. I have seen Addisu Abebe taking paper from Mulugeta Lule at the Starbucks of silver spring. They are working with ESAT. The government has to prove it though.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Beza, you write, “I have seen Addisu Abebe taking paper from Mulugeta Lule at the Starbucks of silver spring.”……really ?? Can you produce any evidence? You learn deception from your god after, the rotten tyrant Meles KeZenaw! LIARS!!!!

        • Beza says:

          You Shimagle Eprp, when something happens you struggle to write some from your nursing home bed. It can be taken by video, if somebody want it. But, there is no need to do it, because Ethiopia has strong base so their conspiracy doesn’t do much. Tesfa Bekele negn keVirginia eyalk leflif. Kita Ras Shimagle.

    • kumssaa says:

      Illiterate tigres lecturing about free press..who the hell you think you are?
      “”far right “socialist” government (it claimed to follow “Ethiopian socialism”, a hybrid of non-multicultural Ethiopianism and Stalinism) weren’t mentioned in all this coverage.””

      what is this supposed to mean?? digay ras village idiot.

      It is up to the public to make their own learned decision regarding journalist’s reports.
      If TPLF is fair then there should not be such report in the first place.

      regarding wolkite ,ask madame AZEB MESFIN(the wife of the dead fascist).
      keep your dirty hands off oromo people and their land.
      ቁልቓል ለቃሚ ትግሬ በወተት በቅቤና በስጋ ካደገ ኦሮሞ ጋር ምን ጉዳይ አለህ?

      ምቀኛ ትግሬ ደምህ ሳይፈስ ወደመጣህበት ተመለስ

    • meseret says:

      This is what TPLF does……

      newspaper editor Dawit Kebede, an International Press Freedom award winner, fled Ethiopia. Sadly, Dawit’s Awramba Times is the latest in a long list of Amharic-language private publications to vanish from the market following the incarceration or flight into exile of their editors.

      you have no moral right to accuse VOA.

      please,let’s teach our young generation the truth.I am sick and tired of what TPLF is doing to youngsters in Tigrai.they are so brain washed to the point they perceive Amharas as monsters,all other people in Ethiopia need the guidance of TPLF,anything negative about TPLF is the work of jealous neftegna amharas.oromos are stupid,there is no Ethiopia without Tigrai,most educated and intelligent people are from Tigrai,etc
      TPLF must change or the future of our people is in serious trouble.

      again Mr Fitsum,please stop your lies.

  2. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    Abo Fistume, it is not as bad as Agazi shooting Ethiopians with weapons and bullets bought and paid by Ethiopian tax payers. I bet u did not look at it from our prospective. Let the free media say, so listeners will decide the truth. I know u Agazi supporters don’t like free media. Abo Fistume keldihin akuma. U ain’t fooling no one anymore especially the Oromo People.

    • Fetsum says:

      Ageazi wasn’t the one shooting in Oromia. But I bet either your racism or the false propaganda you sucked from Jawar will block you from seeing the reality.

      • Roba Ismail says:

        VOA is not friend of Ethiopians. It has its own Agenda and that’s to serve the Interest of the US. That being said, not all issue it raises are false.

        Wolkait has always been part of Gondar. And like you already mentioned, it should not matter to what region [Gondar or Tigray] it should be associated with, what matters is Ethiopia. I hope Fitsum will support Ethiopianism and fight ethnocentrism too.

      • Deriba says:

        VOA is not in the realms of woyane(TPLF) otherwise all (the derg era journaliats)LOL will be behind bar.
        Fetsum is angry VOA is not TPLF mouthpiece

        racism? I thought we belong to the black race.
        ethnic(tribal) animosity is what you are referring to.
        are you not the champions of ethnic federalism and article 39?
        “Ageazi wasn’t the one shooting in Oromia. ” whoever was shooting ,it is newsworthy .why kill unarmed civilians?
        why displace farmers from their land?
        it is concern for Ethiopians,even though it is not for thieving TPLF cadres and Tigraye stooges.
        The oromo people do not want any TPLF cadre to tell them how to live.
        Fetsum,you should mind your own God forsaken Tigrai than oromo land.
        VOA report is fair .

  3. Anbese says:

    Land use rights in Ethiopia had been wrong since 1889 . All Ethiopians didn’t get a fair land management policy for close to two centuries.Land policies were always designed to benefit whoever holds the political power. So Why is it the protest about the land use reaching this level now in 2016 as if it is a new thing? Many say it is because TPLF wants the young to protest so they can arrest the new generation those young up and coming intellectuals of Ethiopia ,so TPLF cadres intimidate the bright minds of Ethiopia into obeying anything TPLF requires them to obey for the rest of their life ,NO QUESTION ASKED.

    If we know TPLF stays in power by intimidating the young why is the young giving the TPLF what they want by protesting in public as if TPLF will not shoot them or arrest them. Didn’t they learn anything from the last twenty five years or what?. 1991-1995 TPLF used to shoot and kill people who TPLF soldiers claimed were suspected persons/guilty who commtited a crime,the crime could be stealing a loaf of bread and people were being shot and killed ( in Merkato Addis Ababa for example) in broad day light in the middle of cities just to intimidate the people. These type of killing was put on hold for 10 years 1995-2005 due to many international visitors but 10 years later in 2005 they did the same to the new up and coming Ethiopians that were protesting the election results shooting them on broad day light in the middle of the streets . Now 2015-2016 the TPLF once again go around killing and detaining the up and coming generation. The TPLF tried putting them in intimidating classes sending TPLF cadres to classrooms in high schools and colleges for the last year or so which fired back at TPLF tremendously so now the TPLF are putting these students people in concentration camps and taking their manhood by sodomizing them . TPLF wants to identify and squash the disgruntled farmers through any means necesaary according to the word that leaked out from dizerting soldiers sodomizing , raping and torturing is being regular duties of the Agazi soldiers to keep the new generation obeying them. From what we understand the Tigrayan drums makes these soldiers act as if they are possesed by demons doing unimaginable dirty torturing methods on these students that are detained.


    During Imperial regime 1889 – 1974 : MOJAS

    -1974-1978 50,000 red terror vistims died 1974-1978 over land and other resources disagreements. TPLF was created during this time.

    During Military regime 1974 – 1991 : Military committee (Derg)

    During TPLF regime 1991 – current : TPLF

  4. muleta says:

    Mr fitsum..pointing fingers on others won’t solve the problem…but you are one of the degenerate mouth piece this impecunious regime hired..you are impecunious ..you mentioned all the problems Ethiopia has and you shifted the blame away from these incompetent leaders and blamed the opposition and VOA..really..?..impecunious…love to say it…impecunious..thats what you are..impecunious leba..aqatary….
    you should have felt the pain ordinary Ethiopians face in everyday life..from the draught you mentioned..bad governance..unemployment..racism..imprisonment ..hopelessness…how shabia and the Eritreans infiltrated the Ethiopian government ..and report on those challenges ..but you selfish infidel.. you accuse the victims….wake up men..that country is polarized more than ever ..sooner or later it will engulf to the point of no return ..unless..you start to think out of the box ..your Berhea..hagos skin..

  5. yonas zewdu says:

    Dear Festum,
    well done!! I have no words to express my appreciation and Thank you for taking the lead in this matter.
    Thank you again.

    • kumssaa says:

      Underestimating people is not a wise thing to do.
      A piece of advice for Fetsum Berhane and likes: Ignorance and arrogance are deadly mix and enhance only dysfunction.

  6. Borbor says:

    Dear why is the Ethiopian government do not like to see independent media. If they are all trash let the people give them so.

  7. abysinia says:

    the most arrogant biassed retarded argument ((((….. are supposedly claiming “they are not Tigrean even though the speak Tigrigna”, (FYI their name, the villages and even the mounts all bear Tigrigna name )))))))….

    ……if an oromo having an amhara name with amharic language does he make him an amhara person. all hawassa pepole speaks amharic does it mean they are amhara .. if that is the reason then all most all ethiopia belongs to amahara only …you dumb ass woyane

    • Fetsum says:

      People speaking Amharic, which was a mandatory for a century, isn’t the same with speaking other languages. When you get an example in which Oromo people give amharic name for their villages and mountains, we will continue this.

  8. Shewa says:

    Shame on you, Dawit.
    VOA had been on the forefront to defend your causes all the way since your 2005 unjust incarceration. we all knew that you were one of those few regular attendants of the Amharic program and I even remember your first interview with Tizita Belachew when you flee to Washington in 2011. Now, after your mysterious return from US, you came up with this nasty material of this TPLF puppy to defend the undefendable regime that had been hunting you and still continue to hunt your colleagues.
    Shame on you again (post this comment if you have the gut to do so)

  9. selefgna says:

    Dr friend, journalist r ethically corrupted. one time I criticize the government on mal administration on VOA. and post it an other time I criticize VOA for propagating identity of wolkait but not aired the mass rely by wolkait termed as today and tomorrow we r tigrians. so this media can’t represent the civilized and power full nation on earth. but eprdf should work hard to bring good governance. every body should abide by rule and regulation. but most of eprdf cadre , manager’s and local administrators r lawless and dictators.

  10. Dawit Kebede says:

    Shewangzaw, my former “comrade” from Dallas, cool down pls. Your comment (better to say insult) is posted as you can see it above. As a matter of freedom of expression, it is my belief that any one is entitled to bark on any subject matter. BTW this is one of the things you guys (G7) should learn from others if you really believe in civilized political discourse.

  11. Zeberga says:

    Many people have already commented on your article and hence I don’t want to repeat. Anyways, your knowledge about Wolkait or the protest in Oromiya seems to be very shallow. You are either too young or you don’t read history books or you don’t make any research but you are blindly guided by your masters.

    • Beza says:

      Kikikiki,zeberga, is ther anything you tell us about the history of Wolkait? Let’s know please. This young man has researched about Wolkait better than you. You better tell us bout Gurge instead of Wolkait. In the struggle of TPLF, for 17 years, they are the core supporters of TPLF, including the late prime minister Meles Zenawi’s wife, Azeb Mesfin. Do you think Maitsemri, Adigoshu, Adimilach, Edaga Hamus, Adi Remets and etc are Amharic name? If those people are Amara, the people who are in Wolega can say they are Amara. It is not only the name of the place but their name is also Tigrigna. Their accent also Tigrigna. I don’t care if they become to Amara region, but they should be based on reality not by few paid individuals, in illusion. Some of them are retired TPLF fighters. They are Tigres, so that plan didn’t work. Tomorrow you Gurages will claim that you are Eritreans because you came from Eritrea the place called Guraaä. Dedeb kita Ras G7

  12. ger staunton says:

    The united states government and congress are monitoring eshat and ecadforum for tactically and persistent propaganda against public peace, social cohesion, coexistence and propagating hatred among peoples of Ethiopia. The united states congress under the direction of president should establish special tribunal to investigate by special investigators against eshat and ecadforum and their collaborators. the united states should wake up to the information revolution that criminals like eshat and ecadforum or changing tactics of media outlets to deter crime against humanity.

  13. Ali says:

    VOA amharic is the voice of G7
    They are not professional journalist at all. They’re think like 16 or 17
    Off courses not all of theme but most of theme

  14. us for us with us says:

    VOA is a CIA media propaganda weapon run by the Zionists/Jews as they are controlling and running the USA foreign policy including the state department, spay/security agencies, embassies, foreign assistances and so called aid agencies such as USAID and many others

    The Zionists/Jews came up with the idea of creating VOA during the cold war against the soviet bloc. Its main objective was making the citizens rising up against the so called communism that was working the good of the citizens which is against the Imperialist and since 1990s’ Globalists agenda at home and globally. DW of West Germany was /is part of VOA targeting eastern Germany with in the line the CIA and USA-UK imperialists’ savage governments agenda and plan there as since 1945 Germany is occupied by USA and UK forces.

    BBC is the first and oldest evil so called media the Zionists/Jews and the criminal English establishments are using for decades to destroy other nations by creating disunities, quarrels, uprisings, civil wars and destructions. BBC which is the mother of all evil imperialists/Globalists Medias is looking to have an Amharic language channel for bad and negative reasons as VOA and all the Zionists/Jews owned, controlled and run criminal Medias are doing. The money and resources they are using to affect our country is always called “aid given to Ethiopia” including school materials written by them to brainwash and destroy the young generation love, respect and patriotism for own people and nation.

    Not Only VOA but all the Zionists/Jews and English establishment medias that are operating from Ethiopia, have base in Kenya, South Africa or at home such as UK, USA, France, Canada and so on have no what so ever positive leverage to Ethiopia but all bad and negatives. It is about their criminal and racist governments plan and agenda that is designed by the secret societies, dark forces and shadow Governments in those countries responsible for all conflicts, wars, destructions, killings and assassinations including JFK for the last 70 years.

    The question is not about the evils like VOA, Bloomberg, Reuters (Thompsons Reuters), Guardians, BBC, the Economists, FT, AFT, AP, Yahoo, MSJ, IBTime, DW and many other English language western criminal medias that are run by the Zionists/Jews and none stop committing the mass destruction media wars against our society and nation, but our stupidity and ignorance not confronting and stopping them at least in our country.

    All the above mentioned Jews/Zionists run and control criminal Medias do have the hateful and racists so called Journalists presence/agents in Ethiopia. In reality they are not journalists but spay agents and trained to destroy savage and clueless forces against our nation without any feeling, sympathy, empathy or respect towards us. They are living luxury and peaceful life in Ethiopia while they are worse than any enemy Ethiopia ever faced. They are worse than the Sunni terrorists this world is facing.

    The answer is clear, simple and known. Stop them without any delay at least from our country using any means necessary knowing they are the enemy number one we are facing. Agree peacefully or deal with Kenya and South Africa knowing they are sheltering and facilitating them in Africa against Africa including Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Medias, scholars, teachers and so on must educate and tell to nation the truth about the evil nature of these people and those behind them. The people must know about the evil behavior and damaging activities when they are allowed in the country, reach the places they want and contact the people they seek.

    Among the very important things Ethiopia has to do now and first is being free from the idea of western aid, NGO, Charities, Think Tanks, Institutions, peace core and volunteers that are organized by their embassies. The criminal Medias and these criminals with different names for the same objection/agenda and plan in our country are working together. We know that. The drought in Ethiopia was caused by nature and it is not bad as it is in Kenya where 15% the population seeks help. Yet, they are using our situation for political reasons; talking lots of shits and lies about reputedly using the evil Zionists/Jews criminal Medias and so called journalists. Ethiopia must work hard and good developing her agriculture sector in order once and for all to free our nation and people from these savages that are using weaknesses and natural disasters for their advantages against us. .

    All the issues maters to our nation are totally depend on us. Yet, the 21-century world demands to have friendly, useful, trustworthy, respectful, workable and reliable allies with others like China, Russia, Japan, Italy, Africa and so on. Having China and Russia as trustworthy and strong allays worth million times than having anything to do with the devils from the west that is controlled and run by the Zionists/Jews and English establishments (which is also filled by the Zionists/Jews).

    The Ethiopian government, scholars, Medias, teachers and the people in general must wake up and know the enemies to the very detail in order to confront and stop them. Those brainwashed and with monkey character so called Ethiopians that are serving the enemies to destroy the nation must be the first to be targeted and stopped. If they are not getting supports and treatments from Ethiopians including some government officials, believe me, these foreign evils would be gone from our home since long ago. Ethiopians must stop serving these enemies including those so called journalists, NGOs, Aid agencies, Charities peace corp., Think Tanks, and so on from the west but reject, expose, confront and stop them.

    Ethiopians need to do their country jobs by themselves while working together with the useful friendly, respectful and trustworthy nations like Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Italians and so on that are creating the real economy foundations in our country and equipping the society with knowledge transfer. By allowing the criminals to loot the nation including by monopolizing the entire beer market to the 100 million consumers is really the biggest crime the Ethiopians are doing against themselves. How come they are becoming so blind and stupid giving away to bad foreign looters the nation breweries that are generating billions of turnovers every year?

    Ethiopia must reverse the nation breweries from being under foreign monopoly which is very bad and dangerous and instead bring them under the Ethiopians hands/ownerships or jointly with Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Italians and other useful nations and allies that are benefiting Ethiopia greatly without affecting her in any form or way.

    Ethiopians must talk loudly, openly, unreservedly, frequently and directly about the foreign so called Medias and journalists that are in Ethiopia conducting different kinds of wars to destroy our country. It is the same with those so called NGO, Aid agencies, Charities, volunteers and so on coming from there. It is better and the right thing to do first to fight and clean them from our country than sending our solders to Somalia to fight the terrorists. These are the worst and very dangerous terrorists we have to deal with first They are the once working savagely and none stop to cause divisions, hostilities, insecurities, wars and destructions in the country acting as if they do care about some Ethiopians than Ethiopian among themselves.

    This is how they are destroying nations and dividing the society elsewhere and at home in USA, UK and so on using race differences and class system, in the ME east using different religions, sectarian differences within the same religion, race and ethnicities. In Africa they are using religions and Ethnicities. But it is all about for the same agenda and plan which is creating civil wars that would destroy the nation as it was/is the case in many nations including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine, Pakistan, Sudan and so on.

    * Is that because of blacks are naturally stupid and with low IQ or the inhuman and racist treatments and activities against us for centuries do make us/ blacks the way we are including unable to stand for ourselves doing our things based on our benefits?
    -At the end of 2015, the high officials including ministers and business people more than 70 in numbers went to London for business and trade visits and agreements. This was organized by the then Zionists/Jews UK Ambassador in Ethiopia who is responsible for so many damages against our nation never been done before against her by any other embassy ever. He is already gone. But the poison plant he planted between 2011-2015 will live on in our country affects us badly in many ways unless it is confronted now and destroyed from its foundation; showing the red lines any embassy or foreigner cannot cross.

    The funny and also saddest thing was witnessing the treatments the so called officials and business people got there. They treated them as if all of them were bunch of stupid and ignorant human wastes can do anything they are told or asked against their own nation interests and benefits. The UK Zionist/Jew Ambassador told them among the others:
    “My good friend well come to your second home in London.” He was talking about the Ethiopian foreign mister we all have some…. about him from the start as health minister and also as foreign minister.

    The questions is how London is became his second home? Is he working for his first home (no one knows where it should because it was not said about at the time) or for his second home which is England that is none stop giving birth and producing evils against our nation and the world for centuries? Do you think they are in and around Ethiopia for the sake of Ethiopia and Ethiopians? Nooo.

    They are the root causes and main reasons about everything bad and negative Ethiopia has been through for the last 150 years started with the Killing of Atse Theodross, destruction and looting of the nation/Meqdella, the issue of Eritrea during Atse Yohanes; they used and then lied him by giving Matsawa to Italy, the 1929 Nile River colonial paper, the civil war between 1974-1991, the media war since 1974 mainly since 1984, Ethiopia losing her millennia old sea coast rights where England plaid the biggest role at the UN permanent members voting in 1993 despite China did what she could to stop them(UK, France and USA) blocking the big and ancient Ethiopia from the sea. They did it to make the Arabs happy and get more weapons trade contracts to kill people. Look at the north eastern part of the Ethiopian map and you will notice the intentionally created boarder as a fence parallel to the sea to block her from the sea.

    Is that made naturally? Is that done because of to help one or all sides or hurt all sides? Who is benefiting from this? The English establishment/English are evils have caused lots of hardships and damages against Ethiopia for so long. What is the reason we are having them at home this time? Are we too stupid to this level? Avoid them completely. They are useful and good when they are not around for anything but stay away from our country and people forever.

    When they were treating in London the officials including the Foreign minister, Information minister, minister of tourism, minister of energy and so on as herds of backward and brainwashed animals they can do anything they are asked including signing any document in the name of trade and business agreements, in Ethiopia they were getting savagely busy waging political and mental wars against Ethiopia using the famine caused by El Niño as best opportunity to affect the nation as they did during 1984. The worst drought in the country was/is elsewhere. But they were/are talking and also reaching the places they are having in mind to use them for political reasons to achieve the savage goals and agendas they are having in our country.

    Ethiopians must stop tolerating these savages. They must stop being passive and reluctant towards them. They must not talk to them. They must not treat them friendly while we know they are there to affect the society and nation including those in the name of aid, NGO, charities and so on. They must see them as racist and greedy enemies worse than the real terrorists.

    The Anglo-American multiple types and kinds of wars against Ethiopia must stop by confronting and exposing those in the country where almost all of them are the Zionists/Jews committing crimes against the innocents for the sake of their Globalization agenda. The apartheid South Africans are also serving them. They must stop reaching villages, towns and so on targeting innocents knowing the Zionists/Jews are the enemy of Christianity, Islam and humanity in general.

    Fetsum Berhane:

    This is the good start. Continue doing so especially using domestic Medias to reach the Ethiopian people which is all about, matters the most and make the difference. Ethiopian Medias, scholars, securities, teachers and all the citizens must talk about these enemies openly, loudly, frequently, unreservedly and to the point in order to expose and finally stop them. Ethiopia will not get peace and unity and also will not be built by these savages including that are in the country in the name of aid coming from the west but they will continue affecting her as they are for decades if we don’t say to them enough is enough and good bye, we don’t need you for anything.

    keep in mind;

    90% all troubles, setbacks, and obstacles we are facing in the country and abroad for decades will be solved easily and quickly if we deal with the Zionists/Jews and stop them at least from our home those are in the country and those coming for bad reasons and went back to lie about us and cause difficulties internationally including image damaging.
    The remain 10% we are facing because of foreigners will be solved if we deal with the worst ever criminal establishment in Human history which is the English establishment that is still here because of the Zionist/Jews need it badly and are running it being the main part of it.

    So, we know who the enemy is and we also know how to deal and stop it. We acting accordingly and talking about openly, loudly, frequently, unreservedly and to the point among Ethiopians and with the rest of the world is the first very important step. We must confront and expose them at least those savage enemies that are in our country for bad and negative reasons against us in our own home pretending differently which is the rule of the game they are playing against us. They are pure criminals and worst enemies we are facing them for decades. This is also not entirely only about Ethiopia but China in Ethiopia and Africa as they did during the cold war because of the relationship with the Soviet Union.

    Instead of coming to Africa/Ethiopia talking about us or pretending as if they do care about us, they are here to help or acting as if they are humans towards blacks, they need to talk first the truth and real issues matters the blacks in their countries because of them. Coming to Africa and act as if they are peaceful, friendly and doing things to help blacks is telling how they underestimate blacks and disrespect them thinking we don’t know all about what is going on against blacks in the west. Of course the help they are talking about is to destroy the society and worsen the situation they are responsible for 500 years in Africa and against black people.
    They must be stopped since long times ago using any means necessary starting from informing, telling and teaching the citizens about the true nature of these people including in their country against blacks and the blacks situation in the west.

    Fetsum Berhane:

    You are the best. Never stop until the problem is solved with our efforts and determinations fighting back and stop the worst enemies like them. Talking about them openly, loudly, unreservedly, frequently and to the point is the first and best step. Ethiopia needs Ethiopians like you and others to stand for her by fighting the worst enemies we are talking about them here. They are the root causes of the bad and negative situations we have been through/ facing at home and abroad. We have to stop them at least from our own home. Those brainwashed and sold out for leftovers so called Ethiopians that are serving them and treating them differently than as enemies must be also stopped.

    Without domestic help and assistance, they will do nothing but stay away from our country. They are using bribes, corruptions, manipulations, lots of lies, brainwashing and other evilness to weaken, defeat and get those stupid in their sides to serve them against own nation and people including some so called private Ethiopian medias that are useless and acting they are there for money and being against the nation serving foreign enemies to achieve their damaging agenda and plan in our country.

    Ethiopians must learn Mandarin, Russians and the likes in addition to their own languages and Alphabets that are Ethiopians, Africans and black people. This is the 21-century world needs the 21-century human thinking and activities at home and abroad having teh new foreign and workable relations based on the benefits the country is getting. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It is already setting deep dark in the west and we need to concentrate in the east in order to get the coming sun towards Africa where Ethiopia is the getaway to the African sun that rising in the east and coming to Africa to deliver the brightest light, clearest sight and warmth.

  15. Geytse Siyum says:

    ”An old dog usually barks but have no teeth to bite the heroic people of tigray” Pm Meles Zenawi

  16. Dereje Seifu Itafa says:

    What a pity! America should put all these journalists behind bars under the anti-terrorism law. Then, find or create evidence so that they languish in prison for the rest of their life. The problem with the US is they are too stupid to understand developmental state and revolutionary democracy. They are so naive that they believe in presenting all kinds of points of view in a balanced way. However, with such an excellent piece of journalism and Ethiopian Government revolutionary democracy leadership, they will get it sooner rather than later; otherwise, the Ethiopian Government should send Agazi (the most efficient killer army) and teach the US a lesson.

  17. AdiHaki says:

    Read my lips! There is no different between VOA and the Sheabya’s Amharic radio so called ESAT(G7)!!! They both working so hard to make Ethiopia just like Syria!! Wake-up people!!!!

  18. Muchie says:

    The voice of America Amharic Service has started broadcasting hate ideas and inflammatory statements against the Woyane since their birth in the bush. Until the gallant EPRDF forces reached at Arat kilo, those former EPRP were reactant to accept the victory or deliberately under mines the success in whatever way they can. Although, the government attention is diverted fighting poverty and back wardens. VOA Amharic service still continues to disseminate a calculated lie, fabricated story and hate ideas every day. Which subsequently caused the Ethiopian people to develop hate. I am wondering when the government medias are talking about Ethiopia and American’s alliance all the time while the all the propaganda war against WOYANES is still developed and waged from this country.

  19. Laloo says:

    The writer, Fetsum Berhane, is an Ethiopian blogger, economist and researcher based in Addis Ababa, really ????????? Fetsum stop writing this kind of analysis. you are not up to the game on this find some other stuff that can fit you good. may be right about Agazi killing , rapping , ……….all those good things that Fit the Tigray people………..

  20. Habtu says:

    In computer science there is an important concept called GIGO (Garbage-In-Garbage-Out). This article is exactly the same garbage recycling now and again. Just one question: almost all the people who claim that Welkaites are Tigrians are only those from Tigrai. I have never heard any Welkaite even an EPRDF members and even the cousins and brothers of W/O Azeb Mesefin to say they are Tigrians. Why don’t you go to Ohuo-Columbus or Melbourne-Australia and you can meet thousands of Welkaites and almost 100 % of them will tell you they are Welkaite-Gondere. You can’t find a single Welkaite to say I am Tigrai. I know all Tigrians including the writer of this article as well as Dawit Kebede know this fact very well. The Tigrians want Welkaite not because they believe that QWelkaite is Tigrai but they just need only the fertile land to restlle thousands of famine-stricken peasants from central Tigrai. No more no less!! If you guys are confident that Welkaites are Tigrians, why don’t you give the referendum only for the real Welkaites? On the other hand, the socalled demonstrators who are daily shown on the ETV are not the indegenious Welkaite but all are settlers from central Tigrai. It is a matter of time and when justice prevails, Welkaites will choose wherever they want to live with. Without doubt, they will join their Gondere brothers and be able to be liberated from internal Agame colonialism.

    • Alemayehu tade says:

      Habut my man well said even Azeb Mesfin don’t believe they are Tigres. Never her families all say that they are from Gondere they are.

    • Beza says:

      Habtu, They have identity crisis like you Haiti is Tigre name, at least all the people I know by this name are Tigres. You are talking about the Welkait in Ohio and Australia. We are talking about the people who are living in Welkait. Azeb Mesfin doesn’t and claimed she Is Amara and her Tigrigna accent doesn’t support that. For that mother the people who are in Ohio and Australia don’t sound Amara too. I have Gondere friends true ones, they are saying these people are Tigres, not only them the people from Gonder if you guys further to their grand parents you can find their line of Tigre. I am not Gondere but Gonderes are nor pure Amara too.

  21. Alemayehu says:

    I want to reiterate what was written by Habtu.
    You can’t find a single Welkaite who Identify himself/ herself as Tigrai. I know all Tigrians including the writer of this article as well as Dawit Kebede know this fact very well. By the way in Wolkit and Tegede, Telemt when a person dies, who is the petrosn who dies….. is it a human or Tigraye? ( Sewnew Woy Tigraie new Yemotew?) you can confirm that for your self. I have been working in that Area since 2000. No one Welkite has been appointed even as head of the kebele in Adi Remete, dejena Mai gaba….. All are Tigari invaders. The Tigrians want Welkaite not because they believe that Welkaite is Tigrai but they just need only the fertile land to resettle thousands of armed TPLP supporters from Tigrai. No more no less!! If you guys are confident that Welkaites are Tigrians, why don’t you give the referendum only for the real Welkaites? On the other hand, the so called demonstrators who are daily shown on the ETV are not the indigenous Welkaite but all are settlers from central Tigrai.
    By the way I am puzzled by this media, it is a TPLF mouthpiece and it calls itself as Awrambatimes, Awcall yourself FeriwoniTimes.

  22. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    VOA = Freedom. ESAT=Voice of Free Ethiopians. Free Ethiopians will help liberate Ethiopia from Agazi loving woyane. Woyane = Repression. Repression will b defeated by Freedom. I am glad USA land of the free people are financing VOA = Freedom

  23. jambo desta says:

    The only chance U have is barking again & again loudly . U R alread buried in a very deep grave by the innocent & number 1 heroin peoples in the world for once & ever in 1983 E. C. U & your like are one of the persons who don’t want the country’s peace & development . Your day & night dream is to grab power illegally like those of your boss G7 & other terrorists . U & your like R one of the little individuals who sold thier mind & soul for money . No one can confuse & follow your dirt idea . U doesn’t seem true Ethiopian , who wish the unity & integrity of this great country . Realy , do U have a right mind ? or U R mentally retarded who couldn’t give a balaced sugestion ?

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