Is there a link between freedom and development?


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5 Responses

  1. derese says:

    The IMF threw away Meles’s bogus statistics of GDP growth for this year. The IMF told Meles again not to destroy the lives of the Ethiopian people by printing bogus money through the central bank he firmly controls. Printing paper money without creating the wealth to support it is tantamount to stealing money from the pockets of each person. In the IMF statement released yesterday, it reads, “…., the policy of no central bank financing of the budget should remain in place to send a strong signal of the government’s commitment to fight inflation.” Alas, Meles has been told over and over again but refused to heed the advice. There is no reason to believe that he would do it this time around. Meles has deliberately embarked on destroying the lives and livelihoods of the Ethiopian people by printing paper money to finance his bogus projects in order to use the latter as smokescreens to cover up his terrorism against the Ethiopian people. These reckless, criminal and heinous policies of Meles are wreaking havoc on the lives of the Ethiopian people and transformed them from living to bare survival. What is the use of constructing asphalt roads and buildings at the cost of completely destroying the quality of life of the people through printing paper money and causing huge inflation? By any account, this is not worth the sacrifice the Ethiopian people are paying today in their daily lives. No sane and responsible person would deliberately cause such havoc on the lives of the people in the name of ‘development’. Meles is doing this at least for two sinister motives. One is to use ‘development’ as a smokescreen for his brutal dictatorship and to also justify his long overstay in power. Second it is for wealth redistribution in absolute favor of his cronies and minions. There is no wealth creation in Ethiopia. What we see is the crime of wealth redistribution in favor of Meles’s cronies with the evil intent of controlling the economy and people’s lives. The Ethiopian people are victims of this organized and systematic heinous ponzi scheme crimes spearheaded by the ringleader Meles and are paying for it literally in their daily lives. By printing bogus paper money, Meles is transferring the existing wealth to his cronies and accessories.

  2. Alen says:

    I listned the ESAT interview with Aregawi today. he said that Meles reads only the section that enlighten him how to hung on power… how to get rid of existing or potential opposing peoples and ideas…that is what I see in his argument on this topic too.

    That is why he would not mind looking facts that link democracy and development.In case he get them he skips that part. he came to power as saviour of democracy, and after 21 years he is asking, is democracy important? oh no he said it is “bedtime story”
    For me and country like Ethiopia democracy is not a fancy word it is a demand to to speak with out fear, it is need to choose among differnet options , it is a matter of empowering the people, the people know their priorties,and it is cry for justice.
    No question the topics would have differing theories as is true to any topics on the field.
    Regarding people like Gordon Brown, I donot think they genuinely concerned to challenge his opnions and correct him.
    they propably say what a crazy leader and poor Ethiopian people!!!

  3. aman says:

    ethiopia is doing great ethio enemys are geting more and more mad about it .funny ,the only ppl who want to threw sunctions on their country.ABESHA YE SEW MECHRESHA

  4. Zelalemawi says:

    Dear Ephrem, your article smells very poltically driven than scholarly. There are so many exampls of economic success under a strong leadership. Just look Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Veitenam… all of them achieved a greater economic success without viable democracy. The argument of economic development vs democracy has no concensus until today. There are lot of economists who bombarded Mr. Sen’s theory. As an Ethiopian we know very well democracy was a far cry in our society. With the current Ethiopian situation I am advocating “tough decisions” to alivate the poverty striken country. I am not fully agains PMs idea of “Strong leadership for economic success”.

    Unless you are blinded with your polticial motivation: Ethiopia needs tough decisions at this very time.

  5. T.Goshu says:

    As I do in most cases, I have read this article by Ato Ephrem and I found it objective and interesting.

    Just as passing observation, I would like to say that to put the very title of an article in the form of question is not wrong as such but it sounds unnecessary .Because as the subject matter under discussion ( the connection between development and freedom) is unquestionable, there is need to put its headile in the form of introgative sentence. In other words, as human beings are one of the decisive factors in the process of genuine develoment,the titles of our articles and topic sentences have to be expressed in a form of statements ,not questions. I am not saying this changes the very content of our ideas ;but what I am saying is that words or phrases,or how we structure our expressions have their own purposes and some sort of imlications. So, I strongly believe that when we deal with this kind of sself-evident link between prosperity and human freedom ,our topics should be in the form of assertive statement ,not in the form of question.

    Great job Ato Ephrem !!

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